Korg Polysix

“Korg Poly 6 Synthesizer. Bought new in 1985. This synth powers up but there is no sound. It has been unplayed and in storage for years now. I replaced 2 keys recently, 1 black, 1 white. In its day it had fair usage (mainly home) but was well looked after, though it picked up a few knocks along the way. It comes with original manual, settings charts and sounds tape. It has a few bits of minor damage, some of the laminate on the frame is chipped, a mark on one of the keys and a few screws have been replaced ( see photos). I would have loved to get it working again because it had a beautiful, fat, rich 80s sound, but i don’t have the time or skills, so would be better for someone else with the know how, or to be used for spares if it can’t be repaired.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg Polysix with Kiwisix Upgrades

“Hey guys!!! I am selling my MINT Korg Kiwisix, Polysix.

This keyboard is immaculate and as close to new as you will get.

I have owned it for 14 years, and serviced it myself.

It has the FULL Kiwi upgrade with BOTH the power supply AND cpu board.

All keys work, and it performs like new.

I am also including a ultra rare, spare keybed for the Polysix in case it ever needs it.

The keybed and Kiwi mods will ensure this synth lasts many more decades without a need for repair or service. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg Polysix

“Polysix in perfect working condition all functions work perfectly! Replaced battery and and restored keyboard with a lot of new parts by expert synth technician. Fixed up to near perfection!!! Here is a list of work done:
-No battery damage; Brand new CPU board put in from synthtronics.
-All front panel controls and keyboard body cleaned inside and out
-fully calibrated for excellent performance and tracking
-loaded with 4 banks of factory patches
-keyboard contacts, switches and screws have been replaced where needed
This synth was re-built to last!!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg Polysix

“Everything works as specified, overhauled before shipping to have long life and to keep original sounds.
Change all electrolytic capacitors and some short life transistors, opamps and logis ICs with new ones, and keys knobs, sliders, switches and jacks cleaning before shipping.
New backup battery installed ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg Polysix with Kiwisix Mod

“Kiwisix upgrade with new batter, power cord, cpu and midi in-midi out. 1981 analog goodness! Chorus, phaser and ensemble strings effects. Slight damage to wood veneer on one corner. Good playing condition. See kiwisix manual for all the cpu functions. 1000 plus editable tones, kiwisix mod sequencer mode. FYI Arpeggio latch function is modified for use as sequencer mode, in other words you have to hold your hand on the arpeggio chords the entire time, no arp hold with kiwi mod unless it’s a buried function that I have not found. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg Polysix

” Korg Polysix in perfect working condition all functions work perfectly! Replaced battery and and restored keyboard with a lot of new parts by expert synth technician. Fixed up to near perfection!!! Here is a list of work done: – thorough cleaning and repair of original CPU board, ensuring all traces and components are reliable, new battery/holder. – replaced most capacitors on FX board, CPU board, power supply – added bracket to reinforce switchboard PCB where it normally sags/warps – cleaned all pots/switches/jacks – added shielding between front panel and FX board
– full calibration on PSU, CPU board, voices, and FX board above factory spec
unnecessary detail: – PSU was wired for 100v, corrected to 120v – reglued missing laminate on front left – fixed 3 keys – repaired LED issue on switch board ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg Polysix

“Korg Polysix analogue Synthesizer. Around half of the keys and most of the sliders/ knobs work and can still be used- the broken keys could probably be fixed with new plates or the keyboard could be salvaged for parts

Likely hindered due to dust and might work fully with a bit of a circuit cleaning.”
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Korg Polysix

” Up for your consideration is a Korg Polysix in working order.
I am offering local pickup ONLY for this. I am in Anaheim, CA 92805. That’s 40 minutes southeast of LA.

Cosmetically it is in pretty nice shape. (see pics)
I say working order, but it DOES HAVE TWO MINOR QUIRKS so please read carefully:

1: MG (aka LFO) has a half second delay before effecting pitch, amp or filter, even when LFO/MG delay is set to zero.
Pitch modulation works as normal if you use the mod wheel. Not sure why it does this.
2: Two keys (see last pic) are not responsive. You can take a shot at cleaning the key conatcts or replacing those key contacts. It didn’t really bug me because it was only those two keys.

Aside from those two things, it sounds and looks beautiful. I did everything I could to make this synth work great again. Just a couple months ago, The KLM-367a board was replaced with a clone (NO MORE BATTERY ACID), and my tech went over the rest of the synth and repaired some outputs, fixed some grounding issues, replaced some fuses, and did some other minor things. I always keep my receipts for repairs, but I cannot for the LIFE of me remember where I put the receipt for the work I had done on this one… so I took lots of pictures of the inside so you can see what we did. Hope that helps!
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Faux-wood sides have some dings, the right side has a couple little bites taken out of it, but it’s not too noticeable. One of the inside hinges was replaced with a screw, and one screw that holds the mod wheel in place is missing, though it is still solid. I went to the hardware store and replaced the four bottom screws that attach the metal faceplate to the synth. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg Polysix Project Machine

“This is a vintage Korg Polysix. When plugged in and connected to an amp the keyboard does make sounds and when knobs and buttons are turned/adjusted during play, the sounds appear to change as they should. Pitch wheel works. A few buttons missing as seen in photos. HOWEVER, due to the nature of this being a vintage, 50 year old electronic machine, I am defining its condition officially as PARTS ONLY so that no one who receives the machine feels burned. It’s entirely possible that this machine could have defects that are not clear to my eyes because I am not a musician. So buyer beware, you are buying an item that may not fully work as it did 50 years ago and is *NOT* eligible to be returned. If you get the thing home and it works like a top, congratulations, you just saved some money. But that is your risk to take. Machine is dusty as I did not want to clean it with synthetic cleaners and take a chance on harming it. Would likely clean up nicely. Includes original power cord and NO books or accessories.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg Polysix Project Machine

“Synth is in very good condition, serviced about a year ago, no noise, battery replaced and key contacts cleaned.

One of the wooden corners is damaged as picture demonstrates, no other issues. Top panel very clean

EDIT: I have found a faulty since last testing the synth. The programmer is switching between patches randomly whilst playing. Sometimes it does it more often than not. It definitely needs a service which was what I initially was going to do.

All of the above still stands, the synth was working perfectly previously.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg Polysix

“USED Vintage Korg Polysix Synthesizer. Selling as is for PARTS / REPAIR due to age, cosmetic condition and the issues I know of.

I purchased this synth in the shape its in now, about 12 years ago. I had hoped to eventually have it refurbished but ultimately just used it occasionally, as is.

Synth powers up and is playable ( and sounds great – in my opinion! )

Keys and mod wheels work.

All knobs and switches in the “playable section” work well. (OUTPUT, TUNE, BEND, VCO, VCF, VCA, ARPEGGIATOR, MG, EG, EFFECTS & KEY ASSIGN MODE)

Known issues:

Volume knob is scratchy when adjusting – totally fine while set.

The program number 4 button stays lit and doesn’t switch when pressed. You can still switch to the other programs.

I never messed with the tape functions so I cant speak to how well they work. However, the buttons do light.

The face of the synth has some marks, scratches and scuffs. The wood paneling has some scuffs, marks, scratches and chips. The area under the mod wheel has some wear marks.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg Polysix with KIWISIX Upgrade

” Selling a Korg Polysix with the renowned Kiwi upgrade installed. The infamous battery leakage that is all too common with these has been taken care of via the improved and stable Kiwi CPU board housing new batteries. The Polysix is also known for its faulty power supplies that cause overvoltage to the rest of its boards. This too has been remedied with the KiwiSix power supply upgrade which uses reliable components and modern voltage regulators with built in safety systems.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg Polysix


This has been fully serviced professionally with a lot of care and attention. The synth is not the best example cosmetically but is insound working condition and I’m confident it’s in considerably better working order than a lot of other polysix’s out there.

Imperfections: the output volume control is a little bit scratchy, see video. Some keys occasionally double trigger when pressed lightly.The polysix is by reputation quite a noisy synth; there is a noise floor, it is an old synth.

If you bought a car from 1980 you’d expect to pay to run and maintain it, the same applies to vintage synths. As detailed above this synth has been invested in (servicing, clone PCB, MIDI kit) so a very good deal in that respect, but I’m not selling this with any kind of long term warranty or support contract.”

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Korg Polysix Project Machine

“This Korg PolySix is for parts/needs repair. The keyboard exhibits some light wear and On/Off switch shaft for the Latch function is broken but can still be adjusted; The keyboard is cosmetically clean overall. The keyboard powers on and all parameters are working but there is a total of 9 keys that are intermittent or not passing any sound at all. Also, the badge for the MIDI Inputs/Output is missing. Selling this as is as a project synth. The keyboard mostly does work. This is a great project for a tech to get into to restore it to its full glory.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg Polysix

“Korg polysix, excellent condition, everything fully working

The only cosmetic flaws are the missing veneer on 2 of the wooden end pieces (see photos)

Battery has been replaced, by a previous owner, photos of boards showing where the old battery would’ve been

uk plug

Has midi retrofitted also by a previous owner, however they are mislabelled, I don’t know which way round they go as I don’t use midi. The photo of the wiring inside should answer it.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg Polysix

“The Korg PolySix is an amazing early synth dating to 1981. I obtained this model in the 90s from its original owner. It’s a six-note polyphonic analog beast with built-in chorus, phaser and “ensemble” effects. It’s got 32 memory slots for voices, which can be backed up to old-fashioned cassette tape. I believe this is the model they used for “The Final Countdown,” so you KNOW it’s awesome. Tears for Fears also used a PolySix, and so did Keith Emerson (who I’m pretty sure used every synth). This machine has never been on the road, it’s original owner used it for home recording and I used it for taking up space in my basement. Somewhere along the line, it simply stopped working.

This keyboard has some chipping to the woodgrain finish on the edges and corners, and is missing a few of the little buttons on the top. The buttons themselves appear to work, but they’re all sticky.

PolySix keyboards have had some reliability issues in the past, and this one needs to be serviced. It currently does not play. The PolySix has a NiCd batter that needed replacement, and it is unlikely that the one inside this model has ever been replaced, so that might be the issue – it powers up just fine, but no sound comes out. This is being sold “as is” with no returns.

Reverb dot com shows past sales of these ranging between $800 and $2000, with POOR condition examples selling in the $800 range. This one definitely qualifies as POOR; it’s yours for $700 plus shipping, which is a great price if you know how to service these (or know someone who does). This is a truly monster synth, one of the earliest affordable synthesizers.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg Polysix

“Here for Sale, I present the Fabulous Korg Poly Six! This is a 6 Oscillator Keyboard that along with the Equally Fabulous Roland Juno 60 (Which I also own) was released in 1981 and turned the world Upside Down!
Sadly, as anyone who is familiar with this Awesome Synth is aware of, it may suddenly just Stop working and No sound comes out of Output jack! And ALL of the LEDs across the Front Panel light up and stay lit (see pics). This is Exactly the case with this one. So, it needs to be serviced. For this reason I am selling “AS IS” with no returns. But, my outstanding Seller Rating (100%) on OVER 327 Sales! With a TOP SELLER Purple Star should alleviate any concerns on duplicity here.

Some of these keyboards have had an issue in the past where the little Blue battery needs to be replaced before it gives out and Damages or completely destroys the PC Board it is mounted on. This is NOT the case with this one. I have owned it for many years and NEVER had an issue with the Battery! Please, observe all pictures that show the boards and everything else to be spotlessly clean with no trace of any battery leakage. I suspect this infamous ‘battery Issue’ only applied to certain Serial Numbers?

Many of these ‘sick’ Poly 6 Keyboards have had sales in the past (and recently!) between $600 and $800, as they are Very sought after Even in POOR condition to replace Boards, Parts, Chassis, etc…on Working or semi-working ones…This one should NOT qualify as a Poor Condition Unit since apart from it suddenly, mysteriously having stopped working it still appears to be in Very GOOD Condition! It should be a Bargain for any ‘Home Techs’ out there who know how to service these. Thus, I am setting the Opening Price accordingly.

Please, note that being a ‘Go Getter’ / ‘Do it Yourselfer’ I first tried replacing the Battery with a Battery of Same brand and Voltage but a little more capacity but, that did NOT resolve the issue (I will be providing this battery as well as original battery). Then I noticed one of the 8 pin ICs seemed to be in poor shape (blackened legs?) So, I ordered a pair of replacements (sn74ls75n) But, only changed one since that also did not alleviate the issue. (I will provide the original chip plus the other 2 New ones) Then I tried replacing the CPU with a New one but, that also did not help (I will also be providing the New CPU as well as the original CPU). The CPU replacement was by far the easiest since the poly six originally came from the factory with the CPU already mounted on a Blue Plastic Socket. 🙂
I am providing all of these details to help anyone who purchases this in his/her repair work.

Please, note, there is Nothing Missing on Keyboard : All Knobs, Pots, Switches, PC Boards etc, are present.
Note also that I am a Home Musician and so have Never Gigged with this keyboards thus, it has No Road Wear such as Dents, Scratches, Dings, Cigarette Burns, Whiskey Spills, etc… ( 🙂 ) I also do Not smoke, Drink or own any pets, etc… ”
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Korg Polysix

“Korg Polysix Synthesizer. This is the one you’ve been waiting for! Excellent cosmetic condition, excellent functionality. All functions work as they should, all knobs turn smoothly, all buttons respond easily, all keys trigger as they should. The battery has been replaced with a CR2032 socket type battery and holder so that in the future, probably way out into the future, the battery will be very easy to change without having to solder. There are a few tiny scratches here and there and there is slight damage to the very corner of the wood sides. The circuit boards are clean. This keyboard was fully serviced recently and it shows in how it plays, sounds and responds.”
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Korg Polysix with MIDI

“Korg Polysix Keyboard Synthesizer w/Kenton Midi. I had this serviced last year. Tuned and original patches added. Original owner installed the midi and moved battery off of PCB. Corners of the casing have damage as pictured. Will be shipped in original case. Sold as is so ask questions before bidding please.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg Polysix Project Machine

“Original owner of this Korg Polysix Keyboard. Was put away for awhile and has minor battery problem common with this keyboard. I removed the battery and one IC. See Pic’s I was going to repair and sill might if I can not sell for a decent price. Keyboard is in very good looking condition. Includes all manual’s and program tape to reload sounds. Sold AS IS Not working condition.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg Polysix

“The CPU/battery board was replaced with a good used board. All Key bed contacts cleaned. Power supply rebuilt. Photocoupler replaced. Recapped, calibrated, cleaned and professionally serviced by Analogics in Cleveland, OH.

All functions working except arpeggiator led light isn’t. No big deal. All CV in/outs working. Arp CV syncs as expected. VCF CV works awesome. Overall great condition inside and out, ready to play and sounds massive. I love this thing but I gotta let it go.” Click here to visit listing on eBay