Korg Sigma

“here im selling a korg sigma kp-30 analog synthesizer in very nice condition

most of these are in a terrible stae the wood and metal but this one lookg just gorgeous

it even has both original joysticks which are almost always missing or replaced

its in fully wokring order with slight crackle when turning the volume knob thats about it

it was one of the first synths with aftertouch for pitchbend and vibrato

its a synthesizer / preset two engine synth

the synthesizer section reminds a bit of the ms-20 series with dual filter

the preset section has still lots of parameters to adjusts on top

also an insane ring modulator that sounds very korg and a good amount of connectivity on the back including cv gate of course”

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Korg Sigma

“Used Korg Sigma Analogue Bi-Timbric Synthesizer. Not in the best condition, bit battered, one of the keys is a bit dicky, but clean and seems to generally work. Missing cut off and vibrato knobs, but these can be picked up from eBay. Also missing the music stand at the back. I have a video of me ‘playing’ it which I can provide. Has been sitting in a spare room for years and needs some love and attention” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg Sigma

“Its in fully working condition, having been recently serviced.
Work included power supply recap, new power cable was installed, switch cleaning, potentiometer cleaning, Pressure sensitive keyboard cleaning.

Cosmetic condition is very good, with only minor marks to the front panel and minor wear to the wooden side panels.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg Sigma

“A very special analog monophonic synth from 1979. There were only a 1000 of these units made ever. It is said to be Aphex Twin’s favorite synth. It is rare to find one in such a great condition as the one I’m selling.”
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