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A rare opportunity to purchase one of the best sounding analogue synthesizers ever built…
the mighty Oberheim Four Voice (FVS-1)
The new Tom Oberheim SEMs do not sound as good as the vintage SEMs. Believe me, I’ve tried them!
Excellent condition considering it is almost 40 years old
Fully operational – James Walker at SRS has recently serviced it and rectified any small issues
No modifications – it is factory standard
240v on a UK 3 pin plug
Original Instruction Manual
Copy of Technical Service Schematics
Also includes a LeCover dust cover to keep the Four Voice clean if you want to keep the tolex lid in storage
A great collectors piece that will only go up in value
There are not many Oberheim Four Voices around any longer, especially in this condition” Link

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There is a small blemish on a keyboard that has been repaired.
SEM-1 #4 has a newer rev circuit board. #1 – #3 are identical.

Updates that have been made:
Keyboard Bushings have been replaced with replacement parts from vintagevibe.com
Two power supply filter capacitors on power regulator board have been replaced.
Two external inputs for each SEMs have been wired to 3.5mm jack at back of the unit.

Updates done for all four SEMs:
Carbon track circuit board of VCO Frequency potentiometers have been replaced with board from CTS Electronic 450 series potentiometer.
VCO 1 & 2 INIT FREQ and HI-FREQ TRACK trims have been replaced with multi-turn trims.
Two power supply filter capacitors have been replaced.
0.001uF film capacitor in VCO circuits have been replaced with polystyrene film capacitors.

There are initials of previous owner engraved on SEM #4. ” Link

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fvs-1 ” The Oberheim FVS-1 (Four Voice) is a 49 key, polyphonic analog synthesizer, featuring dual oscillators (with sync), resonant multimode (low, band, notch, or high pass with FM) filter, dual ADS envelopes, an LFO, 16 presets, proprietary tape interface, and CV IO. This model includes the Polyphonic Synthesizer Programmer which stores 16 patches per voice.

Oberheim only made about 800 of these between 1974-79, finding one in this almost mint condition is rare to almost nonexistent.

This particular Oberheim was owned by music & composer genius Gil Melle, composer of more than 120 famous film scores from
The Andromeda Strain,
Six Million Dollar Man, Killdozer, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, The Ultimate Warrior and many many more (google Gil Melle movie scores).

You will be the second owner of this incredible and rare instrument.” Link

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fizmo“This auction is for an OBERHEIM SEM FOUR VOICE- Analog Synthesizer. RARE
AS IS FOR PARTS. Very nice cosmetic condition.

The unit is powers and I can hear through the phono outs. However, playing the keys does not result in the production of sound. Lid not included I had purchased to restore, but never got around to it. ” Link

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fvs1 ” Up for sale is a super rare Oberheim FVS-1 Four Voice Analog Synthesizer in incredible condition and fully functional. I would say it’s as close to mint as one can probably find. But the unit is 35+ years old and isn’t absolutely perfect. This synth was serviced in 2011 prior to my purchasing it and all functions still work perfectly and it sounds amazing.” Link

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fvs1 “Amazing sounding 4 voice for sale

100% functional no lid

Front panel great condition

cv/gate for use with external sequencer.” Link

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fvs1 “The unit is powers and I can hear through the phono outs. However, playing the keys does not result in the production of sound. All but 2 or 3 of the programmer light turn on, not sure if the programmer itself works. I had purchased to restore, but never got around to it. I had planned to have it serviced and replace the tolex.” Link

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“You are bidding on the mother of all vintage analog synthesizers the Oberheim 4 voice. These synths really are the definition of fat sounding. This unit was owned by Fleetwood Mac and used on the song Tusk to emulate the sound of an entire marching band. I purchased this unit in the mid 90’s at a liquidation sale from the Fleetwood Mac road crew/managment team. I also bought a Roland Jupiter 8 from them. Google Christine McVie in Contemporary Keyboard Magazine and read about this unit. I will Include the anvil flight case with Fleetwood Mac logo shown in photos and also the hard to find power cord. The unit is in great shape and I have been burning it in for the past week and it is functioning well except for the programmer and Osc1 of the 4th SEM have some issues. It is still very playable and sounds wonderful. There is an external CV/Gate input on back on unit so you could integrate it in to a MIDI setup with a CV to MIDI convertor and play it from a MIDI keyboard or analog step sequencer. These units take some love and care to own so please keep that in mind. But this is an Instrument owned and used by one of the biggest bands in Pop history so it will continue to appreciate in value IMHO.” Link

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“This might be the nicest Oberheim Four Voice you’ll ever find. I bought this almost 20 years ago from the keyboard player in Gorky Park, and it has sat in my professional recording studio ever since, and been used sparingly and lovingly. I just used it on a record earlier this year, and functionality was 100%. It includes the programmer, and a set of mods for each voice module, which allows you to control aftertouch, modulation, pitch and velocity. Look at the module pictures for the switches assigned. The keyboard can be used without the mods, normally, as I have always used it. The cosmetics of the synth are a 9.5, with the tolex being an 8. One case latch is missing form the front. Functionality is 100%. Pots have zero scratchiness or lack of continuity. It’s a super clean machine. Plug and play. Custom dust cover included.” Link

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“Vintage Oberheim Synthesizer -EXCELLANT CONDITION-

Purchased in Ft Lauderdale in 1973 from Tom Oberheim, one owner only, works good & well maintained thru the years.

Please note however that the case has wear. #23 made in Production.” Link

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” On auction here we have a rare Oberheim 4 Voice in great condition with the case lid intact as well as the original power cable. This particular unit was lovingly cared for and never gigged. It gleems. And of course those Oberheim filters sound fantastic. I’m selling it on behalf of the original owner who only used it in his home studio. ” Link

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“This listing is for a Oberheim FVS-1 Four Voice SEM synthesizer with Programmer.
The unit is in excellent cosmetic and 100% operational condition.
It was just fully serviced, new brushings, calibrated, cleaned and tuned.
The item will be professionally packed and shipped.” Link

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“This listing is for an Oberheim FVS-1 Four Voice analog synthesizer. The unit is 100% functional and aside from normal wear and tear for a synth this old it is in nice cosmetic condition as well. I just had it fully serviced, tuned/calibrated and all new bushings put in the keyboard. Plays great and sounds amazing.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This is the grandaddy of all analog polyphonic synthesizers. Nothing sounds as warm and fat as this guy is! I am the original owner purchasing this synth new in 1978. I have always taken good care of it and it has been recently calibrated and given a once over and clean bill of health by the only technician who has maintained it for the last 34 years. It works perfectly and sounds awesome! The case has some minor scuffs but otherwise this is in great shape. You can see in the last photo I still have the original owner’s manual, and the cassette with factory presets that came with the synth as well. Its been sitting in a non-smoking environment and is ready to make you smile every time you play it.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Up for auction is a VINTAGE OBERHEIM ELECTRONICS MODEL FVS-1 FOUR VOICE ANALOG SYNTHESIZER .This item is in excellent working condition.Storage case is rough and has issues with latches,handles and tolex as shown in pics,but is sturdy otherwise.Unit has seen VERY little use.Comes exactly as shown with power cord.It is surplus from a downsizing of the owners recording studio.Please see pictures and email any questions.

You probably know what this classic synth is all about and sounds like. These don’t come around very often but this one is in great working and cosmetic condition and as fat as they come. It’s actually 4 independent Oberheim SEMs – each of which can be programmed completely separately from the rest. – in a polyphonic set up This one has a programmer, works fine, and stays in tune very well . Pretty near as good a Oberheim 4 voice as you are going to find.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This listing is for an Oberheim 4 Voice vintage analog synthesizer. The unit is 100% functional and is in nice cosmetic shape as well. I just had it serviced and it has all new bushings, a recapped power supply and is fully functional! Programmer works perfectly as well. It sounds awesome.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This listing is for an Oberheim FVS-1 Four Voice analog synthesizer with cassette interface. The unit is 100% functional and is in nice cosmetic condition as well. The unit was slightly modded to be able to add a “modular” style interface to the synth if you want to. All documentation of the mod is included. The synth tunes wonderfully and works all across the board” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“I have been the proud owner since 1978 of one of the original Oberheim 4 Voices used by Styx. Growing up in Chicago, A musical

friend of mine was good friends with one of the rodies from Styx. It was my understanding back then that Dennis DeYoung put this

4 Voice on the side and either purchased or received 2 of the new 4 Voices with the programmers built sometime in 1976. I had

heard about this one through my friend and was able to purchase it in 1978. I have been the owner ever since.It is my understanding

now that the original models with the sequencers build in, have become the rare finds with these units. Because much fewer of them

were actually built this way.

I unfortunately do not know the history of this particular unit as far as if it was used to record any tracks in the albums Equinox (1975),

Crystal Ball (1976) or The Grand Illusion (1977), but I would think it had usage on some of the songs on these albums and I was told

at the time this was on the road mostly.

The inside is in near perfect condition and can’t be told from new. The graphics on the panels inside are all in perfect condition. The

keyboard is in perfect working order and all functions work as new. Cosmetically it is only missing is 4 caps on the top of 4 knobs, I

would think these would be available at any electronics surplus store. I have also found that the number 4 LED on the right sequencer

does not light but the sequencers work perfectly. I would asume an easy fix by just replacing the LED. As with all analog Oberheims,

it take about 20 minutes to “warm up” for the voltage to stabilize and the 4 SEM’s (Synthesizer Expander Modules) to become stable

to stay in tune.

I have left the outside case and covering of the unit original from its history, including scratches, mares and cover wear on 2 corners

(That someone used markers on to cover up) to preserve its history. Although the covering shows some wear from being on the road,

the actual wooden box and framework underneath is in excellent condition. The Styx logo is painted on the top half, front of the case

and was whiter when I purchased it and has yellowed over the years.

This Oberheim is serial number 049. The best information I have is that it was built around the end of 1974 or the beginning of 1975.

All 4 SEM’s were just serviced by Three Wave Music. The keyboard has all new keyboard bushings and the contacts have been

cleaned and serviced. The unit has been always kept indoors in a temperature controlled environment and has no corrosion, which

can be a problem with these old synths.

The 4 Voice has 4 dual-oscillator SEM modules each with its own filters and envelope generators and are joined together with a special

keyboard controller module that allows multiple way to control the SEM’s in split, unison or sequential modes. Along with a 49-note

keyboard with keyboard/SEM split options to give you a polyphonic/polytonal monster!

This combination gives you eight oscillators and four voices of polyphony because there are basically four discrete mono-synths all

connected together. What is cool is that this was a lot of simultaneous voices for the mid seventies and current digitally reproduction

of this synth still doesn’t even come close. The ability to craft a different sound on each voice led to some diverse and huge complex

sounds. (I.E. you can have 8 complete different pitches and sounds on one key, nothing can come close to this kind of analog power!)

Each voice also has its own independent audio output control. Another famous sound of the 4 voice was it’s ability to control portamento,

not only using it on split keyboards, but again an unmatched sound/glide quality only heard on the Oberheim.

Also include with the Oberheim 4 Voice is an original Instruction manual with programmer, an original SEM instruction manual from March

1975, very rare. An original black & white ad for the 4 Voice, an original sheet for the polyphonic programmer, an original SEM interfacing

data sheet dated November 10, 1976, and a fold out black & white add including the sequencer, 2 Voice, 4 Voice and other Oberheim

products, all paperwork is in very good condition. I also have the original power cord for the unit.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“OBERHEIM 4 VOICES Classic Powerful Analog Synth” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Up for sale is the extremely rare Oberheim Four Voice analog synthesizer that I acquired off of the original owner. It comes with the Oberheim Sequencer as well. All is included – original owners manual, original case, cord, external Sequencer, etc. Everything appears to be working just fine – I am not a keyboardist, I only know that the owner bought this in Los Angeles in the 70’s and has had it stored for sometime now. He told me that it might need an enternal battery (not sure?) and there seems to be one key that sits a little higher then the others – but still plays fine. This is the original and has not been altered in any way.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Oberheim Four Voice analog synthesizer in perfect working condition with original working cassette interface, the synth tunes great and all the SEM units are calibrated and no tuning issues. The synth has some modifications, there are two ports on the top for connecting two included heavy duty 24 pin (I think) cables which have all the inputs to modularize the synth for every parameter on every voice! You would just need to build a panel with the patch cables and connect to the cables, all the inputs are documented so it wouldn’t be hard for a tech to do – I don’t use the cables I just play it as is though I dreamed about having a tech make a panel so it would be a modular four voice. So it plays fine without using the cables, but they are there if you want to modularize in the future. It has 3 switches on each sem allowing you to drone the sems for easy tuning, I’m not sure what one of the switches does on each of the sems. All the keys work fine and the keyboard works great I think there is just one key that is slightly clacky sounding but works fine. It is in pretty darn good condition, a few scuffs on the toltex all to be expected on a vintage synth like this. It has the lid/case and everything is present, the programmer works great and so does the polyphonic glide and the voice allocation, I think the battery was changed in the programmer but I can’t quite remember, it certainly holds patches just fine. This is really one of the coolest synths and WAY hard to find, more rare than an arp-2600 etc. THIS SYNTH MUST BE PICKED UP LOCALLY in northern CA I would be willing to drive to the bay area or LA/SD for $200 extra for gas and time and $500 paypal down payment. I would consider trades for an arp-2600 or roland system gear like the system 700 or 100m.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This is a Oberheim FVS-1 4 voice analog synth. This is in emaculant condition! I am the original owner and have used this maybe 30 times and have had it in storage in my house for 20 years. All the oscillators work but need to be adjusted and I don’t know how to do that. It’s in perfect condition inside and out. The case is in new condition as well.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.