CSQ-101, SH-1 @ 04 January 2009, Comments Off on Roland SH-1 with CSQ-101

“ROLAND SH-1 (built in 1978) This is a one-owner analog, 1 voice synthesizer. I purchased my SH-1 in 1979. This line is among the first of Roland’s revolutionary SH line of synthesizers. The SH-1 analog monophonic synthesizer has one VCO plus one sub-oscillator provide you with simple but great analog basses, leads and effects. The VCO can be tuned over a 5 octave range (2′, 4′, 8′, 16′, 32′) with saw, square and pulse waveforms. A squelchy VCF filter section, plenty of LFO modulation capabilities and an Auto-bend portamento type effect. The VCF, VCA and LFO sections have adequate and flexible controls and can modulate or affect each other in some way just as on the other similar SH-type synths. The only blemish is a chip in the bender that can be seen in a photo. Since the SH-1 does not feature an on-board sequencer or arpeggiator, I also purchased the Roland CSQ-100, a microcomputer-controlled digital CV/gate Sequencer. It can only play one sequence at a time. Sequences can be recorded via an external CV/gate input or using step-time. Portamento cannot be programmed, but is adjusted manually as a sequence is being played. Sequences can be saved and loaded via cassette interface. This sequencer is very capable and simple to use with Roland SH-1. Like the SH-1, this unit has pretty low mileage considering its vintage and is still in near mint condition!!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.