Kyma Capybara 320

“Some wear on outer casing of Capybara. Refurbished Computer Interface-cable from SymbolicSound

Capybara 320 complete system with Firewire-interface and refurbished D-sub cable from SymbolicSound. This is the standard version which includes 2 DSP-cards. Software included is the Kyma 5 but can easily be upgraded through SymbolicSound to Kyma X or later. Recently tested and booted but sparsely used. Sold as is with no returns.

Kyma 320 Capybara
Flame Firewire-Interface + D-Sub computer intercace cable and 8v power adapter
C13 power cable for European standard.

Symbolic Sound Kyma Capybara 320

“Kyma Capybara 320 in good condition plus expansion card, Firewire interface, and the latest version of the Kyma X software. You’ll be able to transfer registration to your name for downloads and support.

Note that a Capybara will not work without the interface, now discontinued; beware of buying one without it. The screenshot from a Windows 7 PC shows Kyma running with the extra card.

The Capybara 320 is renowed for the quality of its Burr-Brown audio converters. Note that this is a genuine Capybara 320 as opposed to an upgraded Capybara 66. This is distinguishable by the multiple XLR I/O.

Kyma is a deep and powerful sound design system which has been used on films such as Wall-E and Finding Nemo.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Kyma Paca

“I bought it two years ago. It’s been stored in a smoke free studio with no other gear above or below it it’s in excellent condition.
It was upgraded to the 4 gig unit and comes with all the original package materials, rackmount kit and the latest software and firmware.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Kyma Symbolic Sound Capybara 320

“The one and only Kyma.

The best sound design platform, capable of limitless sonic manipulation, and blessed with bomb-proof reliability.

This is the older system, the Capybara 320, expanded with 3 extra DSP cards. This makes it substantially more powerful than the base model (10 processors rather than 4) so can still pull its weight. I recently upgraded to a Paca, hence the reason for selling.

It runs with the Kyma X software and still works perfectly on OSX 10.12 Sierra. It is also still supported by Symbolic Sound.” Click here to visit listing on eBay