MU-1, RC-100, Roland, S-330 @ 10 March 2019, Comments Off on Roland S-330 with RC-100 Remote Control , MU-1 Mouse

“This package includes the classic Roland S-330 Digital Sampler as well as its accessories, the RARE RC-100 Remote Controller and MU-1 Mouse

All are in fair to good used working condition.

Sampler has a bit of rack rash on the left side but otherwise excellent shape.

RC-100 has a some light and moderate scratching but is still presentable. Works perfectly.

MU-1 has scuffs but looks good and works perfectly.

Package comes with:

Power and connecting cables

S-Video cable for OS display

S-330 Utility Disk

(2) disks with ‘Miami’ sounds (booty bass)

(2) 1/4” TSR to RCA adapters” Click here to visit listing on eBay

MU-1, Roland @ 23 December 2018, Comments Off on Roland MU-1

“Roland MU-1 Mouse for Roland samplers
it works fine
no problems it tracks and clicks OK thought it needs to press the buttons a bit.(normal for this old mouses).” Click here to visit listing on eBay

MU-1, Roland @ 03 June 2018, Comments Off on Roland MU-1 Mouse

“Up for sale is a new Roland MU-1 9-Pin Mouse ready to be shipped to your door
The hard-to-find Roland MU-1 Mouse is used with various vintage Roland samplers like the famous Roland S-760 Digital sampler.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

MU-1, Roland @ 27 December 2015, Comments Off on Roland MU-1


Good condition

Very rare and sought after accessory for the Roland S-series samplers

Allows point and click visual editing of samples and front panel functions!

Compatible with all Roland S-Series Samplers with a mouse input and video out: S-330 / S-550 / S-750 / S-760* / S-770

(*requires OP-760-1 expansion board)

The mouse is based around the old MSX mouse format developed in the late 1980s and used by select computers of the day

Item is unboxed without manual, visually in good condition” Click here to visit listing on eBay

MU-1, RC-100, Roland, S-770 @ 26 May 2013, Comments Off on Roland S-770 with 16MB RAM, RC-100 and MU-1 Mouse

“Once considered the Ferarri of samplers! Expanded to 16MB RAM. Includes RC-100 controller, MU-1 Mouse, and Digital RGB cable for connection with Atari SC-1224 Monitor. (I am selling one in another auction.) Comes with several system diskettes from version 1.00 to Version 2.25.

Unit starts up but stays in system initialize mode. Can be booted via SCSI. Could use a thorough cleaning and diagnostic. This unit needs a good home.!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

DT-100, MU-1, RC-100, S-550 @ 08 January 2012, Comments Off on Roland S-550 with MU-1 Mouse, RC-100 Remote and DT-100 Digitizer Tablet

“Listing Description: For sale is a Roland S-550 in great condition. The unit works and has been in a studio, smoke free, environment. It is extremely rare to find an S-550 with all these accessories.
Unique sounds, fine filters, easy interface. For the pro or anyone else who recognizes that these units truly enhance the recording experience.

It comes with all of the following:
Manual on disc.
The original system floppies plus 100 3 and 1/2 floppies full of samples ranging from pianos to ethnic percussion.
MU-1 Mouse
The DT-100 Digitizer Tablet (lets you draw waveforms with a stylus touch pen)
RE-100 Remote Controller. (To use the DT-100 you must have the RE-100.)
Midi cable

Here is a link that has information on the S-550

Again, it is rare to find all of these accessories offered in the same package.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

MU-1, Roland @ 25 September 2011, Comments Off on Roland MU-1

“For sale is (1) One Roland mu-1 mouse for the s samplers. These are getting pretty hard to find these days. Pulled from a working system. Might have some tape residue on it, but nothing that cant be cleaned off or interferes in anyway with functionality.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.