CX5M, Yamaha @ 16 December 2017, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5MII/128

“Another estate find.
( I had one in the day!)

1980’s YAMAHA CX5M II / 128 Super-cool addition to your DX7 era collection

Computer powers up ( check screen shots )
In the few minutes I spent checking it …
I was able to peck in and play black a short sequence,
Got clear sound out of the FM unit’s RCA outputs
All carts seem to respond correctly

Check all pics for everything included in the Bundle

Dusty from sitting on a basement shelf since the 80’s
Leaving cleaning to you” Link

CX5M, Yamaha @ 04 August 2017, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M with Yamaha YK-10

“Yamaha CX5M is an MSX-system compatible computer that expands upon the normal features expected from these systems with a built-in eight-voice FM synthesizer module, introduced in 1984 by Yamaha Corporation

This CX5M computer and YK-10 Keyboard come in their original boxes and packing material, original Owners Manual and “The Basics” manual, plus the YRM-101 FM Music Composer program cartridge, and 5-pin to A/V RCA breakout cable.” Link

CX5M, Yamaha @ 11 March 2016, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M with Yamaha YK-10 Keyboard

CX5 ” Yamaha CX5 Music computer ,Yamaha NP55140 power supply,YK-10 keyboard,YRM -102 voice cartridge, [not tested, for parts or restoration project] buyer collects from London, Streatham SW16″ Link

CX5M, Yamaha @ 12 February 2016, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M with YK-01 Keyboard

dx5 “Yamaha cx5m music computer with yamaha FM music macro YRM-104 and the yamaha YK-01 keyboard. A couple of keys on the cx5m have come off as per photos. UNTESTED.” Link

CX5M, Yamaha @ 13 November 2015, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M

cx5m “Yamaha CX5M Music Computer with RF, Mouse and Operations manual

Condition: Pre-Owned, Computer is in good working condition” Link

CX5M, Yamaha @ 27 March 2015, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M with YK10 Keyboard

cx5myk10“Classic Vintage Yamaha CX5M with associated YK10 keyboard.

These are getting rarer by the second, especially in this condition.

Both items are in original boxes and in very good condition.” Link

CX5M, Yamaha @ 07 November 2014, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M

cx5m “No power cable so I’m unable to test this sorry, it’s also missing its f5 button as pictured

Selling as spares or repair as I cannot test” Link

CX5M, Yamaha @ 11 July 2014, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M

“1984 Yamaha CX5-M MSX Music Computer with full-size YK-10 keyboard + YRM-102 Voicing Program

Excellent condition
Fully working
Comes with all cables, manuals and original boxes

I’m including a (classic !) 1970s Waltham cassette recorder, bearing a very rare Screaming Beavers “Beaver Balls Get Bigger Every Year” sticker and a couple of cassettes. I’ll let you have the TV too.” Link

CX5M, Yamaha @ 27 June 2014, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M

“Up for auction is a Yamaha CX5M “Music Computer.” I bought this from a friend who worked in a music surplus factory for a chain music store. He got the one with the music stuff…..all I got was this lousy Word Processor!

But seriously, it’s the same computer – this particular one just comes with the “word processing” card (which I imagine absolutely no one would have any use for today). But I also imagine that if you need this thing for parts or if you have some other stuff but need this unit, it might be worth your while. Maybe you can circuit bend it or something.

Either way: THIS UNIT IS BEING SOLD AS IS. I have no way to test the musical aspects of this device.


–Cord (attached)
–Word Processor cartridge


–MIDI cables
–Other cartridges
–Anything else” Link

CX5M, Yamaha @ 20 June 2014, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M

” this CX-5MU was a project of mine. when I found the Synth it did not have the any of it other parts so I had to find a way to use it. first I made a normal MIDI cable in to a adaptor for video so I can see the MSX interface on my TV. then I needed a way to get it to play sound so I took apart the FM Synthesizer Unit and soldered a small switch on the side just above the Music Keyboard port so that if in the future I got the Keyboard it could be plugged in. I have uploaded all the pics I could to show what I have done. I hope its not to much or just enough to make it easy to use. ” Link

CX5M, Yamaha @ 09 May 2014, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M with Yamaha YK-10 Keyboard

“YAMAHA CX5M COMPUTER/Sequencer/synth with Power Supply


comes with manual for YRM-101 “FM Music Composer” program cartridge

and Yamaha MSX ‘parts list’

Don’t know a lot about these as I never got round to using it myself. With the programing cartridge, you can run a sequencing programming and even an editing program for the synth module plugged in under the unit. This unit has MIDI in/out and audio L/R out as well as the keyboard connector.

As you can see in the picture, the no ‘2’ key is missing. These keys ‘click in’ so the keyboard is not actually broken, it’s just the key that’s come out and been lost. I used the blunt end of a pencil to verify that you can get no.’2′.

I’ve powered up the computer using the composite video output and it seems to work ok, though you will need the program cartridge (YRM-101 – which sadly I don’t have) to run the sequencer and on board synth. These program cartridges are available on eBay and included is the user manual for the program cartridge; the manual is in good condition though some pages have come loose from their binding.

As I do not have a program cartridge, I am unable to test this properly so please note that I cannot guarantee this is fully working. Otherwise, the items are in quite good condition. The keyboard has a couple of knocks and marks on the wood ends but nothing major.” Link

CX5M, Yamaha @ 28 March 2014, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M

“CX5M Yamaha music computer,Power supply, keyboard,Manuals
Excellent working order
Yamaha FM invoicing program YRM-102
Yamaha FM music composer YRM-101 cartridges ” Link

CX5M, Yamaha @ 14 March 2014, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M

” I am the original owner of this Yamaha CX5M music computer system. It has almost every available peripheral option. I did some work for my brother-in-law who owned Penguin Music Store and this was part of our barter deal. I only set it up and fiddled around with it for a very short time and it has been packed away in a smoke free home ever since. Many of the components have never been out of the box.

I really don’t remember how to set it up and work it. When I laid everything out to take photos, I did power up the components and they all come on. I did not hook anything up to try it out though. As I said many of the components / programs have never been out of the packaging. It appears that I have all of the manuals for the system itself as well as the manuals that came with all of the software. ” Link

CX5M, Yamaha @ 21 February 2014, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M

“Hi, I’ve Got a Yamaha CX5M – Music Computer Ordinateur Musical in dusty Condition… But Very Working :)” Link

CX5M, Yamaha @ 07 February 2014, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M with YK10 Keyboard

“Yamaha CX5M Music Computer
With YK10 Keyboard
And SFG-05 FM Sound Synthesizer UNIT II

CX5M is Missing F4/F9 Button (Stem Intact)

Functions Perfectly

Keyboard Shows Finish Wear
Computer Needs a Good Cleaning…

Was Used Continuously “Back in the Day”
In a Local Project Studio”

CX5M, Yamaha @ 20 December 2013, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M

“Some of the boxes show signs of wear.” eBay Link

CX5M, Yamaha @ 13 December 2013, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M

“Im selling this item which I came across in a house clearance, so unfortunately I don’t have much info, but feel free to ask any questions, I’ve done pick up only due to weight but I can post once I’ve worked out the price.” Link

CX5M, Yamaha @ 01 November 2013, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M

“Yamaha CX5M Music Computer/Sequencer with YK-10 Keyboard” Link

CX5M, Yamaha @ 18 October 2013, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M

“Yamaha CX5M Music Computer With All Cables Included, No Cartridge.” Link

CX5M, Yamaha @ 28 September 2012, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5MII/128

“This auction is for a Yamaha CX5MII/128 synthesizer music computer. The unit is in good to very good condition and fully working. ” Link

CX5M, Yamaha @ 14 September 2012, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M with YK-10

“Very rare yamaha cx5 music computer and keyboard. Couple of keys have come loose from the computer keyboard. Been in a cupboard since 1990. ” Link

CX5M, Yamaha @ 24 August 2012, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M

“I am selling a Yamaha CX5M Music computer.

This is a Yamaha MSX computer with a built in FM Sound Synthesizer, which also has built in MIDI compatibility. This comes with 46 preset sounds, which can be edited with the YRM 102 voicing programmer (also included). It will come with a YK10 49 key keyboard that plugs into the computer. This package also includes a YRM 501 music composer. All the original manuals and user guides are included. Finally it will also include some MSX programming manuals and computer games.

This CX5M has the original power supply unit and the worn but original box. The unit can be linked to other midi devices, but will not include cables. It is used and has some slight wear markings only but does still work as intended. What do you get if you are a successful bidder?

Yamaha CX5M music computer, with power unit
YK10 Keyboard, with 49 keys
YRM102 voicing programmer
YRM 501 music composer
MSX programming manuals
some MSX games in cassette tape format

Please see some of the other items I am selling. (This was used with the Yamaha RX 21 drum machine, which is available in a separate eBay auction.)” Link

CX5M, Yamaha @ 22 June 2012, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M MK II

“Here is a rare Yamaha CX5m MK II music computer with full size keyboard.

This version of the CX5m contains the fm synth that allows midi to be received so you can connect this to your synths midi out or computers midi out and it will drive this synth(The first version of the cx5m and some CX5m II’s utlised a slighty different version of the fm synth and it did not have the midi in capability so it was a welcome update.Rest assured this CX5m II has the synth with the midi in capability.The CX5m MK II also has the better internal power supply so it just plugs into the wall without a bulky power supply of the mark 1 version.

The sounds you can get from this are really good and can be used from anything from Boards of Canada type weirdness and drones to tight house basses to Rhodes pianos, lovely evolving strings and digital textures.

Lots of the software associated with the cx5m comes on carts-This has two cartridge slots available.

This has lots of software already in ROM and a simple command brings up a graphical user interface to allow easy programming of the synthesiser.

If FM synthesis has ever scared you then just use a CX5m graphical user interface to program with ease. It is all graphical and layed out in front of you-Nothing could be simpler.

All in all it is a great bit of kit and they are getting more sought after, especially the MK II version.

This one is in great condition and works perfectly. The keyboard also has a nice action to it and connects via it’s own special lead(supplied) to a port on the side of the computer leaving the midi in and out free for other uses.

If you have always wanted a CX5m then this is the one to get-MKII version and is in like new condition.” Link

CX5M, Yamaha @ 01 June 2012, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M

“Everything is here except a monitor (which did not come with original purchase anyway). Been stored in plastic in cool dry place since mid 80s when it was purchased new. As far as my knowledge of these instruments it’s working great. Took good care of it. Plugged it in after 20+ years and tried the voicing program (keyboard sounds) and all keys work and voices work. Bought it for help in programming a Yamaha DX7 but never used it for that. Used simply as a performing synthesizer. All manuals come with. So, what this auction includes:

1) Yamaha CX5M computer (located within the qwerty keyboard unit).

2) Yamaha YK-10 musical keyboard (plugs into the puter)

3) Yamaha RF-02 modulator (for plugging into monitor, *note* I did not use this and have not checked it.

4) Three (3) programs: voicing program (sounds), DX7 voicing program, composer program (never used).

5) All manuals (5)” Link

CX5M, Yamaha @ 11 May 2012, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M

“Attention all retro computer / synthesizer aficionados!

This auction is for the Motherlode of CX5M Stuff. I have tested some (not all) peripherals and they work. I have included some screenshots in the pics. The unit powers on and the cartridges load. Here’s a list of what is included:

CX5m Computer – the SFG-05 FM Sound Synthesizer has been installed. This effectivly upgrades the sound chip in the computer to that of the famous Yamaha DX7!
YK-02 Keyboard
Floppy Disk Drive with the FDD Adapter and Power supply
YRM-502 FM Voicing Program II Cartridge (in box with manual)
YRM-501 FM Music Composer II Cartridge (in box wih manual)
RadioShack CCR82 Cassette Unit
2 FM Voice Cassette Tapes
CX5M Brouchure
Keyboard Chord Progression 1 Cartridge (in box with manual)
YRM-102 FM Voicing Program Cartridge (in box with manual)
YRM-101 FM Music Composer Cartridge (in box with manual)
Yamaha RF Modulator RF-02 – to plug into cable or atnenna ready monitor.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CX5M, Yamaha @ 30 March 2012, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M

“Yamaha CX5Mu MSX, DX7 Voicing Program, FM Sound Synthesizer SFG-05U all boxed with all manuals. This MSX unit comes with all cables, all dust covers, the box, and MSX Basic Yamaha manual shown in the picture. This unit is tested, looks and works MINT! The only thing that isnt is the origional box. The DX7 program and FM Synth Unit II are both new old stock. MINT and MINT with boxes and manuals.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CX5M, Yamaha @ 02 March 2012, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M

“For sale, seems to be in good working order for it’s age, selling from a studio on behalf of a deceased neighbour.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CX5M, Yamaha @ 03 February 2012, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M

“YAMAHA CX 5M Music Computer mit viel Zubehör!!!!

– ein in dieser komplettausstattung sehr seltener FM-Synth mit Sammlerwert: gebraucht aber funktionstüchtig

– auf MSX-Basis

– mit ultraseltenem Zubehör (also auch interessant für CX5M Besitzer auf der Suche nach:)

– FD-05 DiskDrive
– Music Keyboard YK-01
– Program: FM Music Composer YRM 101, FM Voicing Program II YRM-502, FM Music Macro YRM 104
– Floppy Disk Interchange Cable FD-501
– Micro Floppy Disc Drive FD 05
– YAMAHA Power Supply NP 55180

– Verkaufe aus Zeitmangel.Viele weitere Infos im Netz” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CX5M, Yamaha @ 23 December 2011, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M


Yamaha CX5M and YTS503F with same Sound Module Personal Music Computers

Also Two Keyboards YK 01 and YK10 (see photos)

Rare AFD -01K Floppy Disc Drive and Discs

RAM PROGRAMMES and Full Instructions for all

Costs thousands in total when purchased

I have not powered them up (no time to play)” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CX5M, Yamaha @ 02 December 2011, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M

“Yamaha CX5 Music Computer w/ DX7 Voice Control Cartridge and MIDI port option.

The DX7 Voice Control Cartridge along with the MIDI port add-on gives the user the ability to edit and manipulate the DX7 synth beyond normal operation.

I acquired this unit from a bulk studio purchase a few years back. I was told that the unit was working correctly however they could not find the monitor adapter so I have not been able to test this. I’ve been told that a Sega Genesis uses the same type of composite video monitor adapter, those can be found as NOS on eBay. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CX5M, Yamaha @ 28 October 2011, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M

“This Yahama CX5M Music Computer is in very good condition with no scratches or dents. Includes power cord.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CX5M, Yamaha @ 14 October 2011, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M

“CX 5M
in perfect working order
EXTRAS!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CX5M, Yamaha @ 19 August 2011, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M with YK-10 Keyboard

“Classic Music computer/synthesiser from the 80s. If you want to know more about what this is there’s loads of sites – just Google CX5M. It’s all in the original boxes, and includes two keyboards (full size and mini) the computer nodule, a sound syth unit, and all the manuals and cables that came with it when new. You just hook it up to a tv to use it, like any ‘retro’ computer. Ive used it on gigs – you just need a small portable tv. Also great for sequencing, etc.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CX5M, Yamaha @ 20 May 2011, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M

“Up for sale Yamaha CX5M Music Computer. Comes with reference manual and cords.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CX5M, Yamaha @ 13 May 2011, Comments Off on Yamaha CX5M

“Yamaha CX5M Music Computer – Vinatge FM Synthesiser

This auction is for a vintage Yamaha CX5M Music Computer. These systems were very popular back in the 1980’s and with the correct cartridge can act as quite a powerful FM sythesiser. Inculded with this lot is two cartridges (a word processor and a sequencer – both with manuals) the music keyboard and PSU.

Unfortunately the synthesis cartridge is not included however these can still be sourced on the second hand market. If you’re feeling adventurous, it is also possible to download ROM images of the software available for this computer at the following website” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.