Korg SQ-10

” Serial # 152237: This is a Vintage 1980’s used Voltage control Korg SQ-10 Analog Sequencer. 3 channels of output control voltages. 2 of which have cool Portamento function knobs with depth of those parameters for really funky cool techno slide effects from note to note. A 2 input voltage adding+summing section. switchable voltage ranges on top 2 channels for more flexibility. Models like this were used by famous electronic music bands like KRAFTWERK , Covenant and more. Mini LED’s track each note programed . Used with Korg MS-10 MS-20 and MS-50 model synthesizers + the triggers can sync reset with other related Korg Analog gear of the time period that also use triggers instead of voltage gates. Rare Item. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg SQ-10

“I bought this from Stomu Yamashta, the world famous Japanese percussionist/musician/composer (recorded the 1976 album “Go” with Steve Winwood, Michael Shreve, Al Dimeola, and Klaus Schulze). He graciously signed it for me (see picture). It is in good shape considering how old it is. All knobs and switches are solid. The last time I used it, everything was functioning properly, but it’s now time to let someone else get creative with it. It is a Japanese (100VAC) model so you should use a step down transformer to be safe. This sequencer and its history will get your compositional electronic juices flowing and you’ll have a piece of gear that has legitimate historical provenance. Best wishes!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg SQ-10

“Great old school sequencer from Korg. Designed for the MS series synthesizers and using Korg’s CV / Gate control the SQ-10 sequencer can really surprise you with some groovy basslines. Three channel output allows pitch, tone color and timing variation. Use the knobs to adjust and build up a sequence.

12 steps per channel (max 24)
Multitimbral – 3 different channels
3 channels of CV control

Great condition, very clean (please see pictures).”
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Korg SQ10

sq10 “Vintage Korg SQ-10 in excellent working and cosmetic shape. With original box! I have owned this unit since sometime in the 80s. I bought it from the original owner. I still have the original box that it came in. It has lived in my climate controlled, non smoking studios ever since. I have never had any problem with this unit. I’m heading toward retirement, and am clearing out all but a few items from the studio, so, regrettably, this guy has to go.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg SQ-10

sq10 “Used.VeryGood KORG SQ-10 with Hard Case ASAP

[ Brand ] KORG

[ Release Date(yyyy/mm/dd) ]

12 step
3 Channel
can be up to 24-step sequence

12 Step 3 Channel 6 mode, analog sequencer that can be up to 24-step sequence. Power direct connection type.

Accessories: Japanese owner manual / hard case. Power direct connection type. Genuine hard case included.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg SQ-10

sq-10 “Up for auction is a used vintage Korg SQ-10 CV-Gate Sequencer Synthesizer. It’s 117V US Version. Cosmetically on the SQ10 is in very good to excellent condition with minor scuffs and scratches on the back. Please see the pictures. This sequencer works well without any issues at all.”
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Korg SQ-10

sq10 “The SQ10 is in good condition but does have some issues. I would say the machine is 80% plus working order.. i live in rural Norfolk. I’ve not had the chance to get it serviced, in London it would be a lot more easier..it does work ok if you’re not too fussy . as two pots seem to not work . Selling because I’m more into Modern dance music.. the sequencer must be easy 35 years plus of age… there are some scratches, no dents or rust, see photos please .! ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg SQ-10

sq10 “This Item Is well used. It is fully functioning and tested. There is a chip in one of the upper corners and 4 mismatched knobs. Also it looks like there was a modification toggle switch added (not sure if this is a mod or prototype but the on off appears to be screened on the surface panel – per photo)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg SQ10

sq10 “Vintage korg Sq 10 in great condition. Has some scuffs here and there and two rust spots as shown in the picutre. Only issue is that one of the steps isn’t working. It’s the 9th one. Beside that everything works. I am not an expert but that is just what I could figure out on my own. Could just need to be reset or a wire reconnected. Being sold as is. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg SQ-10

“Korg SQ 10 Sequenzer

100% Funktionsfähig und keinerlei Beschädigung

Aussteller aus Showroom

Besichtigung und testen möglich

Fragen oder sonstiges unter 0175/2066664

da von Privat ohne Garantie und Rücknahme

selbstabholer bevorzugt um versandschäden zu vermeiden,
Versand aber generell möglich


PASSEND ZUM GERÄT DER KORG MS20 SYNTHESIZER” Click here to visit listing on eBay