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“Up for auction is the famed Crumar Spirit limited-run, extremely rare Bob Moog designed monosynth – perhaps one of the most sophisticated monosynths ever.

This Spirit is in excellent condition and plays as it should. No returns, but guaranteed not to be DOA. Please contact me with any issues about the synth should they occur. No warranty expressed or implied.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Crumar Spirit monophonic synthesizer; ancient analog synthesizer, made in Italy, purchased in late 90’s and used for approximately 3 gigs, has not been used since. It still works. Includes manual, carrying bag, and power cable.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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” This Bob Moog designed analog gem is in great working condition, keyboard is even and feels great. First time I ever played one of these and its very very nice

All knobs, wheels and switches work and feel tight

Rear Model number plate still has protective film on it

Only problem I have discovered is keyboard calibration is slightly off and needs to be adjusted.

Owners manual and service manual are included on CD” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Here we have an extremely rare Crumar Spirit in almost mint condition, except a few tiny marks the synthesiser looks and feels like new. It has its original Crumar case and works perfectly except for just one pot which is slightly crackly when turned but still works fine.
This is a synth of great character and complexity and is widely regarded as one of the best non modular analogue mono synths of all time.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“ber-rare, collectable and, what’s more, AWESOME Analogue Monosynth – The Crumar Spirit

Very sorry to be selling this but I have to fund other things and I don’t really use it often enough to do it justice. It deserves a new and happy home – maybe yours?

This is one of the most powerful and certainly the most mind-boggling vintage analogue monosynths around. Designed by (the big man himself) Bob Moog, Tom Rhea and Jim Scott in the early 1980s for Italian company, Crumar (from MARio CRUcianelli, in case you were wondering).

Rumours abound as to how many of these were actually made – they arrived at rather the wrong time and were eclipsed by the digital DX7 – as few as 100, definitely not more than 300. This baby is serial number 20. What’s more, this exact instrument was previously owned by the legendary and sadly long gone BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Who knows what TV themes and incidental sound effects it has graced? A proper collectors item.

In full working order, good cosmetic condition, with vinyl carrying case, user manual and service schematics. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“I know, these don’t come up for sale very often. Nice condition for its age, amazing routing possibilities, two filters and two lfos. Probably one of the most flexible and powerful analog monosynths ever made. Only about 200 made, so quite rare.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Hello. If you always wanted to have one of the 200 Spirits ever made, or just looking for an extremely flexible and rare analog synth with a unique character and fat sound, this is your chance to own one.

A Robert Moog design with routing complexity that satisfies the most demanding analog sound designers. Amazing for basses, leads and unbeatable for every kinds of modulated sound effects. I purchased it as an investment and to proudly own a piece of synth history, but given the current economy, I have to let it go for far below its value.

This Spirit is No. 62 (see photo for serial number). It is 100% functional, the knobs, switches, faders, pots, keys, audio and CV in- and outputs work well (all tested). The tuning stays stable. Cosmetically it is in great condition as well. For a vintage synth made in 1983, it has very minimal wear on the wooden frame and the main panel is virtually scratch-free. Please look at the pictures before bidding, as I don’t accept returns based on cosmetical claims. It has been kept in my smoke- and dust-free studio, fully covered.

I’m selling the Spirit with:

– original power cable
– copy of user’s manual, with blank patch template and sample patch drawings
– copy of schematic diagram
– 5 additional CEM chips: 3340, 3340, 3350, 3360, 3360 (VCOs, dual VCF and VCAs). These are hard to find and not cheap. If anything ever needs to be replaced, it would most likely be a chip – think of them as your insurance to keep the Spirit healthy for a long time.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“this is a crumar spirit. the panel is not in the best condition but other than that i just repaired the power supply and works fine. the filter on this synth is just amazing.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This listing is for a Crumar Spirit vintage analog synthesizer. The unit is 100% functional and it is in nice cosmetic condition as well. Lightly used and well maintained in a smoke free home studio. I just had it serviced by Advanced Musical Electronics in Los Angeles and it is in tip top shape.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This one is in exceptional cosmetic condition (near mint) and is working 100%. I had bought this one from the original owner about 5 years ago, had it serviced (cleaned, calibrated, power supply recapped) and sold it. I ended up buying it back and here it is. It would be hard to find another one in this kind of condition.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.