MKS-70, Roland @ 11 February 2018, Comments Off on Roland MKS-70 Super JX

“Roland MKS-70 Super JX
Wonderful sounding synth
100% working
Latest firmware v1.08 Galley OS installed
Original Manual” Link

MKS-70, Roland @ 21 May 2017, Comments Off on Roland MKS-70 Project Machine

“Unit has boot issue when power on. “Write” key must be pressed when powering on and the unit will function normally. I cannot find a factory reset for this unit and don’t know if there is one. It is in great cosmetic shape and sounds awesome. The level on the output seems kind of low but I compensate for it through my mixer. Please understand and know what you are buying. ” Link

MKS-70, Roland @ 22 January 2017, Comments Off on Roland MKS-70 Super JX

mks70 “This mks70 is 100% functional and comes fully midi capable with Vecoven 3.14 EPROMs on the main board and both voice boards. It truly sounds beautiful. Minor cosmetic flaws like rackrash and scratches but it’s from 1986. I will also be including the original 3 chips it came with as well as Roland’s last chip update for the main board. The Vecoven chips really make this unit a joy to work with and brings its big sound into the current DAW workflow” Link

MKS-70, Roland @ 08 January 2017, Comments Off on Roland MKS-70

mks70 “This is the last of Roland’s fully analogue synths. Very fat sound, wide palette of sounds can be created, it has the power of two JX-8P at your finger tips. Also, the MKS-70 has a unique “chase-play” function which allows programmable delayed repeats of voices from either of its tone modules. See my other auction for the optional PG-800 programmer. The MKS-70 has a fairly complete MIDI implementation allowing you to save an load patches from your computer, this is not the case with the Super JX. Nice unit and fully functional.” Link

MKS-70, Roland @ 27 November 2016, Comments Off on Roland MKS-70 with Roland PG-800

70800 “Hello all! Thank you for viewing this listing! I am selling this beast of a synth with the super rare pg-800 controller. Includes pg-800 cable, carry case and sound cartridge. The synth is in excellent condition and works great. It has the typical rack mounting scratches and scuffs. It can create some absolutely MASSIVE sounds. I truly hate to see it go, I’ve used it on several tracks of mine so it will be missed. The Pg-800 is in good working order, all knobs, switches and faders work as they should. The Pg-800 has a cosmetic blemish on the upper right side where there used to be a sticker. I foolishly tried to remove it and was left with a faded discolored spot in the finish. Otherwise its in good cosmetic condition. Buyer responsible for shipping costs. ” Link

MKS-70, Roland @ 13 November 2016, Comments Off on Roland MKS-70

mks70 “Problems with this unit: There is audible distortion on some of the patches (mostly left channel). Here is an audio sample :

The “7” button doesn’t engage as easily as the others, requires that you press harder to work.

There are some scratches on the top and rack rash

Includes original power cord.” Link

MKS-70, PG-800, Roland @ 24 April 2016, Comments Off on Roland MKS-70 Super JX with PG-800 Programmer

supeir jx “Super clean MKS-70 used in smoke free, climate controlled studio.
This Roland synthesizer comes with the Roland PG-800 programmer.
Also comes with the original carrying case for the PG-800
and the special connecting cable
Also comes with the original manual and power cable
Also comes with 2 plastic placards that came with the manual.
And loaded with Kid Nepro sounds from the Patch King

All knobs and switches work perfectly
This unit has never been repaired or modded
Version 1.04” Link

MKS-70, Roland @ 20 March 2016, Comments Off on Roland MKS-70

super jx “Perfect working condition and good cosmetic condition . Comes with power cord, rack mounts, and screws for rack mounts.

Tested every function on this unit and everything works perfectly. Cosmetic condition is excellent for a synth this age, see photos for details. Only noticeable scrapes are a bit of rack rash on the bottom.” Link

MKS-70, Roland @ 25 October 2015, Comments Off on Roland MKS-70 Project Machine

super jx” This is a Roland MKS-70 analog synth in overall very good shape. However, there is an issue that is possibly a power supply issue or some sort of electrical short.

When powered on, the unit sounds and functions exactly as it should: full, lush, warm and beautiful. However, occasionally the unit likes to turn off on its own. Sometimes it turns off if you move it or bump into it gently, but this doesn’t happen every time it is moved or bumped. Sometimes it powers off for seemingly no reason. Sometimes after powering off it doesn’t want to start back up for a little bit.

Despite this powering off issue, once it is on and not being bumped into it is typically stable. It’s been on for about an hour now in my studio, sounding as amazing as ever!

The unit is in great cosmetic shape, but is missing the plastic power button cover. I don’t have the rack ears.” Link

MKS-70, Roland @ 18 October 2015, Comments Off on Roland MKS-70

mks70 “Excellent working and very good cosmetic condition!” Link

MKS-70, Roland @ 12 April 2015, Comments Off on Roland MKS-70 Super JX


I am selling one of my two Roland MKS-70s. This is a great machine. All 30 year old tact switches were replaced a couple of weeks ago. I have some extra tact switches that I will throw in the box for the winner of this auction.

This synth has the Vecoven’s 3.03 firmware installed. You can read more about it online.

There is an modification coming up for this synth that will add PWM to it among new parameters and functions. You can find more about it online.

Includes power cord.

Thanks for looking.” Link

MKS-70, Roland @ 29 June 2014, Comments Off on Roland Super JX MKS-70

“Roland super jupiter MKS 70 Synth Module. I am the original owner. It doesn’t work. The internal battery has expired. It needs new battery and sounds reloaded. It worked fine until battery stopped. Its about 20 years old.” Link

MKS-70, PG-800, Roland @ 17 November 2013, Comments Off on Roland MKS-70 with PG-800 Programmer

“Awesome combo – Vintage Analog Roland MKS70 + PG800 + programmer cable and power cable!

NEEDS A LITTLE WORK (do not bid without reading and understanding the issues below):

PG800 – works perfectly except the “write button” does not function. Button is not necessary because once you program a sound on the PG800 and want to save it, you just use the write button on the MKS70 instead. Perhaps your keyboard tech can fix it or replace with a functioning button.

MKS70 – could use a cleaning (clean buttons/contacts). It works fine except some of the front keys double trigger when you press them or you have to press them firmly. I imagine this is a matter of cleaning the contacts or opening it and blowing some compressed air back there, but I’m not a technician. There are some marks on the synth, and rack ears show some bumps/bruises!

Get this setup for a great price. A great addition to your studio – they sound great!” Link

MKS-70, Roland @ 06 October 2013, Comments Off on Roland MKS-70

“Up for sale is a Roland MKS-70 in very good condition. It has seen little use, and has been tested and functions flawlessly, despite a few minor cosmetic blemishes and scratches here and there. (see pictures) This is a rackmountable unit and the rack ears, screws, and power cord and included.” Link

MKS-70, Roland @ 07 July 2013, Comments Off on Roland MKS-70

” This auction is for a vintage Roland MKS-70 analog synth. No scratches, looks really clean. Great strings, Thick Bass, Super nice Filters, There’s nothing like Analog for warmth and depth. This unit lived in the private studio of a Grammy winning producer and arranger. It was treated with the respect of the great piece of equipment that it is. Everything works perfectly. Guaranteed.” Link

MKS-70, PG-800, Roland @ 20 January 2013, Comments Off on Roland MKS-70 with PG-800

“In perfect working condition, well kept and used in my studio.This is a true analog heaven synth” Link

MKS-70, PG-800, Roland @ 25 October 2009, Comments Off on Roland MKS 70 with PG-800 Programmer

312768970_o “Here is a rare opportunity to become the proud owner of a fabulous Roland MKS70 synthesizer, complete with PG800 programmer-vital for doing mega sweeps etc!

As you can see, both devices are in great condition; the PG800 even has its silver carry case!

Needless to say this sounds great and finding these is a tricky business these days, especially in this condition, so don’t leave it until the last second as you may well be disappointed if your bid doesn’t go through.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.