Roland MSQ-700

“Roland MSQ-700 MIDI DCB Multitrack Digital Keyboard Recorder Sequencer.

In good working order, with regular cosmestic wear and tear considering it’s age.

Has been used in a studio environment in a MIDI setup. DCB port seems clean however.

Comes without original box and without the manual”
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Roland MKS-70 with Roland PG-800 Programmer

“Super JX Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer Module with the almost indispensable Programmer box.
While it’s not in museum condition, it’s perfectly usable. It’s been in climate-controlled storage for more than 10 years, but needs a new home where it’ll get used. The basic functions have been tested, but it’s a complicated piece of gear, so I can’t guarantee that every function works. The M-64C Memory Cartridge included has not been tested, so if it works it’ll be a bonus. The cable for the PG-800 is home made (by me) since it came without one when I bought it.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland MKS-70

“You are bidding on a vintage Roland Super JX MKS-70 rack-mountable synthesizer (serial no. 762528), a Roland M-16C memory card with its original packaging, and a genuine Roland 2P-AC1 power cord. These items have had only one owner, and are in excellent gently-used condition!” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland MKS-70 with Roland PG-800

” Roland MKS-70 rackmount analog synthesizer with PG-800 controller, controller cable, M-64C cartridge, original owner’s manual, and sound chart.

This Super JX analog polysynth works perfectly and is in excellent condition! The MKS-70 is an amazingly versatile analog synth with a classic vintage sound. It’s capable of producing thick bass, pads, strings, keys, and many other sounds. The filter is outstanding.

The only known issue is that the volume fader for the PG-800 controller gives a slight bit of noise when being adjusted, but there is no noise once the volume is set.

This synth is a gem and I hate to let her go, but the pandemic has hit me hard and I need rent money.”
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Roland MKS-70 with Roland PG-800 Programmer

“This Roland MKS-70 is in good cosmetic and operational condition. It includes the original PG-800 programmer, umbilical cable, and power cable. About a year ago, I replaced the electrolytic capacitors in the power supply as well as one of the bridge rectifiers. It works as it should and I have never had a major problem with it. Sold as-is due to its age and delicate nature.”
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Roland MKS-70 with Retroaktiv Super JX Programmer

“Fully working Roland MKS-70 with all 3 RARE VR ROM CARTS and Retroaktiv MPG-70 Programmer / Controller
+ Vecoven PWM, Extra 32 Bank patch memory storage upgrade, and unused updated MPG-70 front panel.

The MKS-70 has the Vecoven display upgrade and includes
(VR-101, VR-102, VR-103)

Also included is the PWM upgrade which has not been installed.
I am also including the 32 Banks/Patches upgrade (also not installed).
You can install these yourself if you want or pay someone to install them for you, I simply don’t have the time these days.
I bought all the upgrades personally myself directly from Fred Vecoven and Guy Wilkensen. They are a wealth of knowledge here
and are easily found and contacted on the web, simply google them or look for them on Facebook.
I will also include a newer revised front panel for the mpg-70 programmer, it has updated graphics and text but I never installed it. It is brand new.”
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