Waldorf Microwave XT

“Waldorf Microwave XT 10 Voice synthesizer with a PSU,
Absolute monster of a sound generator. Legendary sound engine capable of a huge range of sounds.
In used but good working condition.
Has 2 missing plastic knobs. The potentiometers still work fine, it’s just 2 of the plastic knobs have perished, this is common for this vintage of Waldorf synth and new knobs are available from Waldorf for about 2 euros each.
This is the mk1 version of the XT with the nextel finish. This finish is easy to scratch and mark. I have managed to keep it looking reasonably ok and have added a couple of pics of what the scratching looks like. It doesn’t affect the operation of the synth in any way it just picks up dirt very easily. The whitish hue on the synth is dust which has settled into the nextel coating. I have not attempted a thorough clean due to the potential to ruin the finish.
Think of it as a vintage patina.
No manual.”
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Waldorf Microwave XT

“PHYSICAL CONDITION: Excellent – There are a few barely visible scuffs on the item. However, everything is perfectly intact and ready for action. Overall, the physical condition is excellent. WORKING CONDITION : Excellent – All buttons and controls are in perfect working order. Display and I/O are also working perfectly. Overall working condition is excellent.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Waldorf Microwave XT

“Waldorf Microwave XT Desktop Wavetable Synthesizer.

Works perfectly and without any glitches/freezes. Updated to latest OS.
Cosmetically it’s in fair condition with scuffs and scratches. The bottom corner of the front panel is very slightly bent, it can be easily straightened by using pliers and a rag (never bothered me). Some potentiometers are showing signs of ageing, one or two have hairline cracks but functionality isn’t affected at all. Please look at the pictures carefully before purchasing, this is sold ‘as is’.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Waldorf Microwave XT

“Waldorf Microwave XT Wavetable Digital Synth Mint Boxed.

Lovely synth. Amazing warm sound. More analogue sounding than some of my analogue synths!

10 voices and 8 part multi timbral.

I have a commercial sound bank loaded into bank A with some superbly complex sounds.

In general this synth is laid out like a tradition analogue synth but the oscillators use wavetables. There are loads to choose from and these give you the raw sound to play with.

There are multiple filter types to choose from which can really alter the sound.

Addditinally there are fm and ring mod parameters to screw things up from a boring sound into something insane, should you wish to do so.

The synth also has built in FX, delays, flanges, chorus (lush!).

No obvious marks.

It’s currently in a wooden upright rack hence the screws/washers you can see. However there is no rack rash worth mentioning.

All pots work perfectly.

This synth has an enormous sound. It cuts through the mix really well.

Screen is super bright and clear.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Waldorf Microwave XT

“Still functioning and running. Two knobs have dry rotted off. The rubber face of the synth is also oxidizing which can’t really be helped as this is what these models of synths do.

I’ve kept it in my closet ever since I bought it. I really love the synthesizer but I am too scared to keep it, i’ve heard too many bad stories about these suddenly not working anymore. This synth is so amazing it’s heartbreaking to sell it, just the random function on it is worth so much to me for instant creativity.

The power supply is duct taped closed because it became loose but it works great. Comes with printed manual. I really wish I didn’t have to sell this synth but I feel like I have to so someone that is more knowledgeable about electronics can give it the attention it needs. Also, since the nature of this device and its age it is sold as is.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Waldorf Microwave XTk

“I think this thing works just fine other than the top three white keys. But I do not have the equipment or know how to test all the features. I do not want to ship this back and forth across the world sixteen times to make a sale. So though I feel this synth is OK, I am listing AS IS – NO RETURNS & NO REFUNDS. Please see videos to see unit is currently functioning.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Waldorf Microwave XTk

“Waldorf Microwave XTk Polyphony Synthesizer Near Mint w/ Manual

10 voice, Version 2.33

I’m the second owner of this beauty. Seldom used and stored in a smoke free studio. Only cosmetic issues are shown in the pictures, with a bit of rash on the back sides of the wood. All the knobs are original and fully intact. Comes with rare manual.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Waldorf Microwave XTk

“Great condition XTk, encoders and everything else work great, 100% ready to play!

There’s a very small scratch on the back panel (see pic #4), otherwise cosmetics are perfect as seen.

10 voices standard version, but has the “Board 3” (See pics) so it can be easily and cheaply upgraded to 30 voices via the Encore kit. Many do not have this option — always check!” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Waldorf Microwave XT

“Clean Waldorf Microwave XT with 2.33 Firmware and 10 voices. Shadow color, which is rarer than the orange styling. No scratches on the front plate. Knobs are present and clean. This synth is capable of beautiful sounds, and is a sound designer’s dream. With a knob for every function and the mod matrix, there’s no deep menu diving with this synth, and you can create some truly unique sounds with the wavetable engine. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Waldorf Microwave XT

“Waldorf microwave xt AS IS. Condition is For parts or not working. due to the missing power supply I am unable to test it therefore it is being sold AS IS or for parts

This came with a recent studio purchase, it is missing the power supply, I have neither a way of testing it nor enuogh knowledge of this unit. Cosmetically it looks to be in clean condition, please see the pictures for details.

Returns will not be accepted.”
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Waldorf Microwave XTk

“These synthesizers are getting harder to find. Here is a real beauty. This Microwave XTk works perfectly and is in great shape overall. All keys, encoders, buttons, wheels, etc. are fully functional. All encoders are buttery smooth. Velocity and aftertouch works 100%. Cosmetically, there are some small scuff marks on the wood ends. There is also one knob that is cracked, but has been repaired. All in all, a nice clean example of this instrument.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Waldorf Microwave XT

“This synth is in excellent condition. All knobs are brand new from the factory in Germany($100), volume pot is brand new as well. This is a 10 voice polyphony unit I love this PPG like synth but I really don´t use it,so I rather sell it to a person who needs it. This unit works as it should , no issues at all ! It works with a 12 volts DC adapter, not included, sorry !” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Waldorf Microwave XT

“I think one would be very hard pressed to find a Waldorf Microwave XT in as excellent condition as this one! I’m not even sure if it’s ever been in a rack. It works perfectly. Plenty of high-res pics included. I’m not finding any cosmetic issues. There is one missing rubber foot, FWIW.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Waldorf Microwave XT Shadow Edition

“Beautiful super rare collectors edition Waldorf Microwave XT Shadow wavetable synthesizer in perfect working condition and sounds absolutely amazing.

Only 666 of this version were made! It’s really hard to let go of this beauty, but unfortunately it is necessary.

10-Voice, OS 2.33. Comes with both the original EU power supply and a newer US power supply, and extra knobs.

This unit has the original knobs which is uncommon for these synthesizers. There are some chips and scratches here and there and the Main Volume knob is a little looser than the others, which is why the price is a little lower than usual for these Shadow Editions, but still looks great.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Waldorf Microwave XT

” here im selling the waldorf microwave xt with 10 voices its in very good condition and has been serviced by waldorf at the company
recently which makes a huge difference

i include invoice in pictures

its all been check over and anything that wasnt perfect has been addressed and serviced
the display is bright and all buttons and knobs work perfectly

cosmetically its in very good condition with only very few small scratches check pics
its filled with wonderful sounds amazing pads and outlandish sweeps

it comes with powersupply

im happy to receive sensible offers im putting it at just under 1000 ive seen them go for much more and unserviced”
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Waldorf Microwave XT

“For sale is my Waldorf Microwave XT analogue synth. It is in very good condition and works great. It just came out of the shop where I had all the knobs checked and cleaned (so NO jumpy encoders, which can be a problem on these units). Everything is 100% working. There are two minor cosmetic issues which do not effect its functioning. There is a scuff mark on the screen, and one of the knobs has a crack in it. See pics for these two minor issues.”
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Waldorf Microwave XT Project Machine

“Selling my NON-working Waldorf XT. It lights up intermittently but does not sound. This is the model that is expandable to 30 voices per the photos of the inside board. It looks like someone plugged it in with the wrong power supply or something as seen by the photo near the input. From what I have read this seems fairly common and repairable but i make NO claims that it is, therefore selling for parts only. I do not have the knowledge or expertise to attempt repair. Sold AS-IS. Let me know if there is anything else you need. Selling it with the non-original power supply. Potentially the problem exists there as well. When I plug it into another correct amp power supply it lights up every time normally but the led characters do not show anything. Otherwise, there are some knobs that the top caps are missing and a minor bend near the lower left rack hole. “
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