Fairlight CMI

“I’ve decided to part with my my beloved Fairlight CMI Series IIX (w/midi) for Sale after owning it for over 20 years.
I’ve sold one other Fairlight IIX to Ko Okatate who services equipment in Japan at Modeless Factory years
ago and mentioned to me that “I made his Christmas” Once it was shipped and delivery to him in working
condition to Japan.

This particular Series IIX that I currently have for sale has a NEW original Light Pen. I believe it was apart of the last
few every every sold and manufactured by Information Control Corp. I have very very low hours for the over 20 years
that I have owned this Series IIX. I have recently Brought this Fairlight up to date to the current Millennium with the
Fairytale Interface which is a modified HxC controller that provides the computer driven logic for floppy disk communication
drive address selection and controller power. The controller emulates two 8” drives using removable SD cards as storage.

A few Sheena Easton disks, OS floppy’s are Included if you want to use them in the right floppy drive.
The 8 inch floppy drives on these systems are useless as they will fail and it is not recommend storage or retrieval
of any system data these days.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Fairlight CVI

“(Note: The rain stopped for a while so I was able to do the quality outdoor photo layout you’ve come to expect from Synhouse since 1999 [and so many of those photos have been stolen all over the web]. Please disregard the compilation of some indoor photos taken during the testing and restoration work that I had first posted here, refresh your browser to see the new ones. If time permits, I’m going to have a Fairlight CMI [just CMI, the original and first one, not a II, IIX, IIIL, III…] auction containing all the difference parts between the original CMI and the IIX, $7,500.)

This is a very, very rare configuration of the Fairlight CVI (Computer Video Instrument) with the Fairlight Expansion Module CVI-06 .

Packing List

1) Mainframe electronics unit, serial number V 606 076, with the original black finish and orange graphic silkscreen, 110v NTSC version, has Astec 240v/

2) Fairlight Expansion Module CVI-06.

3) CVI Control Console with black finish. Truly excellent condition on this part, it needed almost no touchups, and has very, very little control surface wear. All slider caps and button caps are present, nothing is missing and nothing is worn.

4) 2 meter connecting cable.

5) Stylus pen.

6) USA IEC power cord.

7) Original Fairlight CVI manual in the original Fairlight binder. This is a sacrifice to let go of this one.

Again, please note that this is a USA 110v NTSC version. It is marked “NTSC” and is in very, very good restored cosmetic condition.

BTW, if the buyer wants a BUNCH of BNC video cables, or patch panels, or VTRs, or whatever, please inquire, I’m doing a major warehouse move and reorganization with a lot of things I don’t want to have to move or restock.

This is the latest version with the latest boards (REV 4 motherboard) and the latest software that I am aware of (rev. 7 ROMs), and I believe this to be one of the last ones made (the mainframe is V 606 076 and the motherboard is serial number 1084). It was either made in early 1987 or made in mid to late 1986 and upgraded in 1987.”
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