EMS Synthi A

“EMS Synthi A Mk.I, 42xx S/N, with extensive mods designed to integrate with the modern studio, with no compromise at all in terms of sound quality and character. Every signal path has a beautiful warm distortion when overdriven, or a full, rich and very clean sound when not. Last serviced Jan. 2018 and further modified by excellent and very well known tech in Belgium. Unit is housed in a special wooden box with protective foam for easy transportation.

Description of modifications:

1) CV inputs #1 and #2, and gate to trigger the trapezoid generator. These are available on three 1/8” cables, hardwired to the EMS keyboard cable, which plugs directly into the keyboard slot (see picture). The signals on the “CV” and “Filt” cables take over the inputs #1 and #2, respectively, and are useful for either audio or CV.

2) Tempco resistors on VCO #1 and #2, to stabilize pitch

3) Oscillator sync (1->2, 1->3, 2->1, 2->3), by three-way switches. Sync is variable from hard to soft via added controls.

4) Buffer boards VCO #1 and #2 and VCF frequency columns, and on both input channels and joysticks rows, to ensure no change in pitch from patching additional inputs and outputs. This is extremely important in using the Synthi for melodic work. [Total rows and columns buffered: 5,6,8,9,15,16,I,J,N]

5) Filter unslew mod, switchable on/off by pulling up the filter cutoff knob. This is essential for audio rate filter FM with oscillators or the filter itself, or in getting better attacks with the trapezoid generator when it is routed to the filter.

6) Trapezoid generator inversion, by pulling up the “trapezoid” knob, for other distinct envelope shapes

7) Ten-turn knobs on inputs #1 and #2, to get as precise as possible tracking from external inputs. This makes the Synthi very easy to tune and use for melodic work. [Tracking is good for about 3-4 octaves, becoming nonlinear at very low frequencies.]

Plugs and power:

The unit is set for operation in the USA (115V), even though the power has a Euro plug (will supply a properly grounded adapter for US operations). However, this can be set to other voltages with an internal jumper.”
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EMS Synthi AKS

“EMS Synthi AKS with rare CV input, recently serviced by Robin Wood at EMS.
It is fully working, as you can see in the images, few blemishes but otherwise in great condition.
It has a red 110v – 240v switch so can be used worldwide.”
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EMS Synthi AKS

“My husband purchased this EMS SYNTHI AKS in 1972 and consistently used it in his piano studio until 2004.

It has been kept in this studio, dry clean condition in its case but has not been used since 2004.

This auction includes the complete original gear which has never been modified.

Included is the original case, the internal synthesizer as pictured, a touch keyboard, keyboard interface cable, power cable,
a complete set of pins as shown in the picture.

He has not used it since 2004 so decided to sell it. He plugged it in and it powers up, but could not get a sound output.”
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EMS Synthi AKS

“EMS Synthi AKS 1971 vintage Analog Synthesizer Serial number 45236 with a complete service and added modifications carried out by Robin Wood at the EMS studio in Cornwall.

The service was a complete realignment/ test of all functions

The modifications include the Oscillation Stabilizer mod done to all 3 Oscillators,

The Metal- Can dual transistor- OsC 3

VC Shape Oscillator 2 and the filter


It comes with the original power and keyboard cables, A Kenton 5.0 metre CV Cable, 2 excellent manuals, All the patch pins, Filter Unslew patch cable”
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