ETI @ 01 July 2014, Comments Off on Maplin ETI 4600

Here is a rare beast that i can no longer keep sitting around looking pretty. ( and it does)
I had planned at some point to get it going but time, space and more importantly my technical knowledge is not available so regrettably have decided to sell it.

Ok…., as far as i can tell its a finished project all parts there on the circuit boards with just a few wires to connect, keyboard and power supply socket and output. “(Keyboard i think maybe actually be plugged into one of the boards)”

I had an external power supply made up by a professional who knows his synths, (ex BBC tech)
he has been inside these beasts before.
He thinks the power supply may have been taken out and an external one used as inside is a reverb tank that could have been picking up interference from the original, Makes sense.

The keyboard itself looks as if its never been played as its in excellent condition and is still in need of fixing down, about 4 screws i think but all the wood inside it fixes to is fitted.

This will definitely need servicing and some of the pots/controls are a bit stiff so some spray could well sort them out, also as you can probably tell if you know these synths is that its missing all its coloured caps, i personally think it looks far better like this and not like a toy but again these can be easily sourced if you wanted it totally original.
It has 6 of the original pins for the matrix board and i will supply info as to where to get more if you want them, i have collected all i could from the web about this synth which includes the original building and setting instructions plus other stuff.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

ETI @ 23 April 2013, Comments Off on ETI 4600

“I have inherited this EXTREMELY RARE SYNTHESISER, unfortunately I don’t have any leads and therefore do not know whether it works. Cosmetically it is ok as pictures show. There are some scratches on left hand side of wooden case, also a few on front panel.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“This is the front panel and nearly all the boards for an International 4600 analog synthesizer.

This is a 4 oscillator 2 filter 3 transient patch bay programmed synthesizer. Capable of producing a very fat sound.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

ETI @ 24 July 2012, Comments Off on ETI 4600

“Electronics Today International/Maplin 4600 Synthesiser

All components, pcb, keyboard, casing and internal hardware were supplied by Maplin in semi-kit form.

I personally constructed this in the late 70’s , Maplin workshops set up all the boards that required it.

There is still a very small amount of work to do on this synth to complete it, the springline requires wiring in which is approx 4 wires, the joystick also requires final wiring up which is another small job. Anyone who remembers these synths will know about electronics and be able to follow the manual to complete it. The synth did play back in the 70’s but I haven’t used it since, I also don’t have speakers etc now to listen to it on so I’m unable to run it now but there is no reason why it shouldn’t work. You may find that some of the tantalum capacitors will require changing, it’s usually the case with tants of this age, at least they would pop on my old Nascom which is from the late 70’s. There is a very detailed manual which will come with the synth showing all the circuits and construction details, there is also a considerable number of pins for the patchboard. I have removed the back of the instrument whilst taking the photo’s of the circuits for clarity, there is normally a back fitted.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“This is a Trevor Marshall ETI4600 Synth.

I bought this from the original owner a while ago with plans to get it up and working but have neglected to do so. I could get nothing out of it in my quick test. It powers up (some lights come on) but I have no idea how much of it, if any, is working. I think most if not all of the synth is there and was told it is in partially working condition by the original owner. It might work but I would say it will need some work.

Please bid accordingly.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“ETI 4600 Synth for restoration /repair. This has been stored away with the intension of repairing it some day but never had the time to bring it back to life. The power supply is missing the minus 14 volt rail and oscillator one has a short out on + 14 to 0 volt . Also filter two drags the supply down to + 8 volts from the +14 volt rail.I have not gone any further with this so it’s going up for auction.The front panel is in good condition and the case has only a few marks here and there,one shown in photo on right hand side of cabinet.This synth is complete ,nothing missing from inside just needs some time spending on it . It comes with mains lead, pack of patch pins and copy of construction manual. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.