Chamberlin @ 28 June 2011, Comments Off on Chamberlin Rhythmate 40

“About this Chamberlin Rhythmate 40 –

This Rhythmate works great!!! — (details below)—

The Rhythmate comes from a smoke free studio environment, here at Sylvia Massy’s RadioStar Studios in Weed, CA.

The Chamberlin Rhythmate is an extremely rare tape loop based drum machine! From what is known, only a handful of the model 40’s were ever produced!!!!

This Rhythmate stll has its original tape set!

All tapes are intact and work with all settings (1 through 14 and A, B, and C variations).

Comes with heavy duty roadcase with wheels!

The serial number for this Rhythmate is 1263

The current owner of this Chamberlin Rhythamte is none other than Sylvia Massy. Click her name for more info!

All pots (volume, bass, treble, etc) have been professionally cleaned so they work flawlessly.

All tubes have been tested on a Hickok 6500 Tube Tester and all show to be in very good working condition.

This Rhythmate has the original speaker and it is intact

The only visible flaws are –

1. There is very minor damage to the corners which should be seen in the pics provided (nothing truly extreme, just worth noting)
2. A very, very thin light scratch on the face plate from changing tape programs (so fine in fact, that it doesn’t even show in the pic)
3. The Internal Speaker Switch had once broken free from the back panel but has been modified to be mounted on a metal plate which is screwed onto the back panel
4. Paint wear is visible on the track selector switch” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Chamberlin @ 01 February 2011, Comments Off on Chamberlin Rhythmate

“Rare, vintage drum machine.

Chamberlin Rhythmate model 20. Serial #4151. 14 tape loops, each loop with 3 different prerecorded drum tracks on it. Volume and tempo controls. Power indicator light. Single RCA jack on back. New 9 volt battery and 1 amp fuse included. (Note that this model does not have an internal speaker. Use an RCA to 1/4″ plug to play through your guitar amplifier.)

Plywood cabinet finished with wood grain plastic laminate (formica). Painted aluminum face plate. There is a large steel bracket mounted on bottom bearing the Chamberlin manufacturer’s plate (this bracket hugs the edge of my kitchen counter nicely, but presumably also functions as a means to hang the unit vertically, face plate up). ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“You are bidding on a piece of Musical history. A very nice working condition Chamberlin Rhythmate Vintage Tape Drum Machine. The sound is just wonderful. I’ve tested every loop and they are all in great sounding order.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.