Cwejman S1 Mk2

“Hello friends,

Selling my S1 MK2

Best semi-modular synth ever made?
Recently serviced.
Hard to come by these days….


2019 final batch
Original packaging
Kept racked during this time in my smoke/dust free studio – some rack rash on the ears.
Collection welcome from Notting Hill, London
Bank transfer or Btcoin preferred
Serviced a few months ago at the official service centre for piece of mind” Click here to visit listing on eBay

PAiA 9700

“PAiA 9700 Series Modular Synthesizer in Excellent Used Condition

This auction is for a full 19” FracRak of PAiA 9700 Series modules, including one each of:

FracRak with Power Supply Wing, 9720 Dual VCO, 9730 Dual VCF, 9710 VCA Mixer, 9734 Dual CV Source w/ Mix and Attenuator, and Blacet 2210 Multiple & Attenuator.

Note: These are NOT Eurorack form-factor modules. FracRak is PAiA’s version of rackable modules. It uses a standard 19” rack mount frame size, but the modules are a different, slightly taller height. The only other synth company that used this type rack was Blacet, as far as I know.

These were built from kits in the 90’s. Not those little snap together kits like Korg and Moog are selling now. These are “total” kits down to the individual component level. Every resistor, capacitor, IC, pot, switch, wire etc had to be hand soldered in place. It took many hours to assemble a full set of modules like this.

I have tested this system and can only find one issue; the VC1 input on the first VCO doesn’t seem to work. You can still use the VC2 input just fine. Probably an easy fix but I just don’t have the time or knowledge. Scott Lee at PAiA technical services can probably talk you through the problem if you want, or fix it for you if you send it in. PAiA still sells and supports these modules. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

CMS Discreet Synthesizers ARP Multimode Filter 1047E

” CMS Discreet Synthesizers faithfully reproduced ARP 2500 1047 Multimode Filter in a high quality version for Eurorack.

Complex circuit utilizes 3 discreet ARP/Wilson current mirror VCAs to produce it’s distinctive and highly resonant sound.
High quality construction and top shelf components, Switchcraft jacks, Alps attenuators.
CMS engineering used in many professional recording studios across the USA and Europe.
Main frequency control pot features an extra large geometry “virtual infinite resolution” potentiometer for accurate control of frequency.
3 control voltage inputs. 1 fixed at 1v per octave and 2 more with attenuators.
1 voltage controlled resonance input with attenuator.
Easy to understand flowchart front panel graphics facilitate operation.

Sparingly used in a studio and kept mostly store in its box. Sells on the CMS site for $589.00 but I am pricing it to move. “ Click here to visit listing on eBay

PAiA Gnome

“Purchased from estate from original owner, original owner said it worked fine last time it was used a long time ago, I have no way of testing this to confirm its functionality or even the knowlege to know how. Item cosmetically looks solid and in real nic eshape. See photos. Sold as is.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Plan B Model 15 Complex VCO

“This is a Plan B Model 15 Complex oscillator Rev 1.3. It’s a triangle core oscillator with a design inspired by the Buchla 258.

I am the original owner of this module. It’s in perfect working order. Just a heads up, this is the Mk1 version so it doesn’t have protection if you connect the power the wrong way. Also, you’ll need to have a slightly deeper case as the circuit board sticks out about 4inches. It’s a great module with a thicker sound and I’m a little sad to say goodbye to it but I don’t really use it anymore. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

God’s Box Loose Fruit Eurorack Module

“This is a God’s Box Loose Fruit Dual Waveshaper. It’s a pretty interesting module with some unique functionality. I recommend watching the Divkid demo on it to get an idea. I am selling it because I wasn’t patching it often and it’s a bit wide for the economics of my case. This module is DIY and I purchased it from the builder but everything worked as expected. Very cool that it has a crossfader at the bottom of it too.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

PAiA 4700 Modular Synthesizer

“Vintage PAIA 4700 Analog Synthesizer built from a kit.

Unit has…

One (1) 8780 Equally Tempered D/A Converter
Three (3) 4720 VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator. All modified with multi-turn potentiometers for the Init Pitch)
One (1) 4730 VCF (Voltage Controlled Filter)
One (1) 4711 4/2 Mixer
Two (2) 4761 Wing (One has been modified)
One (1) 4770 Watt Block (This unit requires 2 to be fully functional. Possibly there was an external power supply at one time due to one of the “Wing” units fitted with a jack but I do not have it.)
One (1) 4740 Envelope Generator
One (1) 4780 Sequencer
One (1) 2720-1 VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier)

I have NO patch cords or other accessories.

(see my other listing where I have a matching keyboard)

Vinyl is slightly coming loose on a few edges, a few light scuffs, missing a few rubber feet, a few light scratches on some modules but all in all it is in very good condition.

NO testing was done.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Make Noise Black and Gold Shared System

“Dear friends,

Up for sale my MN B&G Shared System.

I bought the system new from Signal Sounds in August 2021 after being on a waitlist for over a year due to supply shortages worldwide.
Music has taken a back burner for the past year however due to children and work commitments.

It has been opened and played with a couple of times but has probably seen less than 1 hour of use from new.
I have the original box too.

My understanding is that these are still sold out everywhere because of supply chain disruptions – very annoying.
That said, I have been selling down my studio as I need the space and don’t have the time.

What you get:

Original Packaging.
Power adaptor
Shared System.
Some eurorack cables.

Buy with confidence – i am a serious collector (have a look at my ratings and other gear for sale to see).
All my items are mint/immaculate unless otherwise stated.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Random Source Serge Inori and Touch Activated Keyboard Sequencer

“Selling a Random Source Serge Inori and TKB touch controller in a pair of joined 4U slim boats with a shared internal power bus. This was assembled by Ralf at Random Source this year. It is a beautifully designed utilitarian synthesizer. Also included is a portable power supply, the associated boats, and a lot of Pomona banana cables. All items are brand new and in perfect condition. Selling due to a change of plans. Buyer pays cost of shipping which is not necessarily reflected in ebay’s calculated price.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Tiptop Audio Modular Drum Synthesizer

“This a complete set of TipTop audio drum modules including the harder to find ones.

This includes tiptop audio rack, uZeus for power and also MixZ which is an audio mixer that connects all modules sound through the power so you don’t have to wire any modules for bringing sound into the mixer.

Use this to build your custom, ultimate drum sound. It sounds absolutely incredible and gives you so much flexibility. You can modulate the sounds so easily to build the wildest beats.

This rack is really small too. Won’t appreciate until you get this in your hands.

Here is a list of all the modules included. All are in pristine condition.

uZeus (power)
MixZ (mixer)
MA808” Click here to visit listing on eBay

PAiA 4782 Modular Synthesizer Keyboard Controller

“This paia keyboard came to us in a package deal. It was part of the 4700 modular system (see our other listings for a full system). It’s being sold strictly as is for parts or repair. We didn’t test it but we’re sure it’s not working because some wires have been cut. While we repair most vintage analog synthesizers, we don’t work on Paias here because they are relatively low value instruments so, strictly from a business perspective, it’s not feasible for us to pay our tech to fix it. However, Paia schematics are generally available on Paia’s excellent website forum and Paia gear is typically relatively easy to repair. Since most people shopping for Paia are DIY electronics hobbyists, most Paia buyers would probably enjoy such a restoration project. If you’re not capable of fixing it yourself, perhaps Paia knows someone who restores these. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Make Noise Brains

“Make Noise Brains Eurorack Modular. We had 2 of these and this is the second one

Note: This is ONLY for the brains, NOT for the pressure points.

The sale is for Make Noise Brains Eurorack Modular

If you are reading this then you will know what you are buying so I will not rewrite the marketing blurb from the manufacture. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Mannequins Just Friends

“Mannequins Just Friends By Whimsical Raps Eurorack Module – V2 Gold Clouds.

You know what it is.

I’ve had this for a few years now and absolutely love it, I used it mostly with Teletype and Crow via I2C to get full poly. It’s great with crow as a 6 voice poly via max for live.

It’s never left my studio, and to be honest I haven’t touched my modular in over a year, so it hasn’t had a load of use.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Mutable Instruments Clouds

“Mutiable Instruments – Clouds Eurorack Module

Original MI module – not a clone (nothing wrong with clones, but the MI panel layout and build quality is really nice).

Great effect, and I hate to sell it, but not using it right now.

I bought this new, likely from Perfect Circuit. Never gigged, only studio use in non-smoking home, lightly handled.

Updated to the latest/last OS from Mutable Instruments. I wasn’t sure what OS it had, but did this anyway.

Everything works as it should.

You will receive everything shown – the unit itself in anti-static bubble wrap, manual, sticker, & original box.”
Click here to visit listing on eBay

Doepfer A100 Modular Synthesizer

” Doepfer A-100 9U Eurorack Modular Synthesizer System with 29 Total Modular Synthesizers from Doepfer, Erica Synths, SSF, Malekko, Intellijel, Pittsburgh, Livewire, Noise Engineering, Alright, and More (See List at Bottom). This Eurorack Synthesizer System is in Very Good Functioning Condition. This Doepfer A-100 9U Eurorack Modular Synthesizer System with 29 Total Modular Synthesizers is Being Sold As-Is. Please See Photos for Detail.
*All Items Visible in the Photos are Included in this Listing. Returns are Accepted Within 30 Days of Purchase Date.*

System Includes a Doepfer A-100 9U Wooden System/Box.

Complete List of the 29 Modular Synthesizers Included in this System are as Follows:

TOP ROW – Left to Right
-Line Amp
-Erica Synths Pico VCO Oscillator
-Mutable Instruments Links Quad EXP VCA
-Line Amp
-Noise Engineering Loquelic Iteritas
-Pittsburgh Dual Index
-Erica Synths Pico A Mix
-Doepfer A-132-4
-Alright Chronoblob
-Mutable Instruments Links Quad EXP VCA
-Doepfer A-106-5 SEM 12dB SEM Type VCF
-Doepfer A-142-VCD Volt. Contr. Decay/Gate
-Doepfer A-101-2 LPG Vactrol Low Pass Gate
-Doepfer A-115 DIV Audio Divider

MIDDLE ROW – Left to Right
-Erica Synths Black Wavetable VCO
-Malekko AD/LFO
-Pittsburgh Lifeforms Micro Sequence
-Tiptop Audio 2300 Smart VC-Oscillator
-Harvestman Multiples Miggs
-Intellijel Shapeshifter Wavetable Oscillator

BOTTOM ROW – Left to Right
-Tiptop Audio One Sample Player
-Livewire Frequen Steiner
-Intellijel UScale
-Mutable Instruments Peaks
-Malekko Quad Envelope
-Intellijel Mutamix
-Intellijel Linix”
Click here to visit listing on eBay