Frank Eventoff Sonica

“Ever feel like you are literally DROWNING in musical instruments? No? Then you are not me. I need to get rid of the under-played instruments from my basement. Some of them are great, as I’ll be the first to tell you. Some are not great, and I’ll tell you that too. All of them looked interesting to me at some point. Maybe they’ll be interesting for you too.

This is a rare (650 made), limited edition (see previous) SONICA electronic instrument. Designed and built by Franklin Eventoff as a test bed for his Force Sensing Resistor technology. The test having been passed, he licensed it to Mattel and others, and Eventoff continues to develop and manufacture FSR’s to this day. The seed from which all this grew, the Sonica consists of a neck with the FSR’s, marked off in 2 octaves of whole-note scales, attaches to a body that contains a Serge Tcherepnin Voltage-Controlled Oscillator, a wide range tuning knob, a volume knob, and 3 other FSR’s for pitch bend, tone, and half-step up. An internal amp and speaker let you play as long as the 9v battery holds out. This one works, though sometimes the lower octave FSR is a little wonky. Comes with instruction sheet and foam-lined case. Low start price of FOUR HUNDRED FIFTY-NINE DAMN U.S. DOLLARS, because of the occasional wonky lower octave. Plus, shipping is FREE in THE CONUS.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

STG Soundlabs Mankato Filter

“I bought this amazing module used from an online gear site long, long ago–I had been looking for one for years and STG was in between production runs at the time. I am the second owner and have had many years of fun with this remarkable and complex module in my medium-sized dotcom system–i’m just downsizing my gear at the moment.

The module shows usual rack rash and some marks on the plate (see photos), but this is an exceptionally well-built module in perfect working condition with minimal cosmetic concerns. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

After Later Audio Typhoon

“Typhoon, After Later Audio, White, 16HP.

Great quality module in excellent condition.

From their website:

This is where Storm and Monsoon meet to create the latest improvements on the original Clouds design. With Typhoon you get all of the features of Storm combined with sliders and layout of Monsoon in 16hp. Typhoon runs the SuperParasites firmware, so no more having to swap between Parasites and Kammerl firmware options. Some of the notable features are:

Dedicated blend controls for Feedback, Panning, Mix, and Reverb (similar to Monsoon)

All eight modes from Parasites and Kammerl

Stereo VCAs

Input/output mutes

Exponential and linear pitch controls

Universal CV routing and random CV signals”
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Thomas Henry SN Voice High Score SN76477

” hi-score sn76477 thomas henery eurorack arcade chip synth module rare.
Original classic arcade chip from space invaders from one of analog synthesizer module creators Thomas Henry
Sold for $399 nu
Ran out of room in new case kno I’ll regret later
Feel better knowing someone using then just sitting boxed up
Includes module and power ribbon everything works as should all knobs and Jack’s in great condition no scratchy pots nice clean module” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Cwejman MMF-1S Multi Mode Filter

“Mint condition, owned from new, around 3/4 years old.
Probably the best filter ever designed by Cwejman, saturation sounds incredible! This one is hurting to sell. I’ve owned most top-end eurorack filters, like Macbeth, ACL, Shippmann etc and this is by far the best multimode filter available in Eurorack. Condition is impeccable, I look after my modules very well. This is super-rare and the circuit isn’t replicated in any of the Cwejman semi-modular synths like the SM-1 etc.
Original box.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

ALM SID Guts Deluxe

“For auction is this ALM Sid Guts Deluxe Eurorack Module. This is a great module with a unique and some would say, cool sound! Modelled on the infamous Commodore 64 SID chip to give that gnarly 8bit/chip tune vibe when required. Selling as I’m downsizing my kit and this has to go….;-(

Sounds great and works fine. A few minor scratches/marks on the corner mounts (minor rack rash), but otherwise in v good condition.”
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Cjweman S1 MK II

“Hello friends,

Selling my S1 MK2

Best semi-modular synth ever made?
Recently serviced.
Hard to come by these days….


2019 final batch
Original packaging
Kept racked during this time in my smoke/dust free studio – some rack rash on the ears.
Collection welcome from Notting Hill, London
Bank transfer or Btcoin preferred
Serviced a few months ago at the official service centre for piece of mind”
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Make Noise Maths

“The Make Noise Maths is arguably the most beloved Eurorack module of all time. A be all and do all Swiss army knife in your modular toolbox.

This unit is a piece of Eurorack history being a mk1 module and being one of the first 100 hundred units ever produced.

Item ships from Texas.” Click here to visit listing on eBay