Tiptop Audio Happy Ending Kit

“An 84HP Eurorack framework you can drop into any standard 19″ rack with 3U or more of space to spare, plus it includes a power supply with connections for up to 10 modules. The framework includes a pair of 84HP Z-Rails and a pair of Z-Ears, which accommodate rackmounted and desktop setups. The slim microZEUS power supply is only 4HP wide and includes a pair of ribbon bus boards, providing power to +12-volt, -12-volt, and +5-volt modules, plus it comes with a 1,000mA Ault power adapter.

Bus Boards 2 x 5-Header Flying Bus Board Ribbons
HP Size 84HP, 3U
Module Depth 4″
Exterior Height 5.19″
Exterior Width 18.9″
Exterior Depth 4″
Materials Aluminum
Power Supply Built-in power supply (Ault power adapter, microZeus psu distro)
Power Output +12V, -12V, +5V

In perfect working order and excellent cosmetic condition except for a bit of rack rash on the Z-Ears.

Note that the Klavis CalTrans module in photo #1 is included for demonstration purposes only and is not included in this auction. It is for sale, though, check my other listings if interested :)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Expert Sleepers FH-2

“Expert Sleepers FH-2 USB CV MIDI Host Module EURORACK.
Used condition. Works perfectly. Very usable module with great web interface. I no longer have the USB sequencer that i was using with this module so it must go. Will ship in original box.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Buchla Easel Command 208c

“Buchla Easel Command 208c MIDI w/ Host Sensel Thunderpad/Rack Ears 4U.

Like New condition- This model has Midi AND Host Port for the discontinued Sensel Morph Thunderpad. Thunderpad is like new. 4U rack ears were purchased separately from buchla and included w/ patch cables power and original box. ”
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Cwejman S1 MKII

“Hello friends, 

Consolidating my big toys as I make space for my kids.
Tough decision because impossible to replace – these units are getting rarer and rarer to find, especially last batch in this condition.  

The S1 is the pinnacle of Cwejman engineering and considered by many to be the best semi-modular synth ever made.
There are no plans for a re-issue.  

This unit is a 2019 one from the last batch of 150 made.

This is easily identifiable by the way the serial number is written on the back.  
I’ve noticed some sellers don’t post rear pics of their units. This is because they are not last batch.  

Also, the synth was serviced at Cwejman’s official service centre in early 2022 for peace of mind.

Cosmentically and functionally beautiful. Some rack rash around the ears and a small hairline on the top rear corner as seen in the pics.
Sounds massive…”
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Mannequins Just Friends

“Awesome and hard to find Eurorack Module with 6 linked envelopes or LFOs. 
Can also be used as a great sounding oscillator (6-voice polyphonic with 6 separate outputs using i2c connection). 

Mint condition, in original box, with scroll. 

This is a factory original V2 Gold Clouds model (see rear pic) that does not have the Run Jack problems of the V1 Silver Clouds. 

Only selling as I have 2.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Lot of 4 Damaged Eurorack Modules

“Lot of 4 damaged eurorack modules. XAOC Zadar, 2hp Pitch, Obey, Kinks (Plaits)..

XAOC Zadar – not sure what is wrong, screen does not work and the back gets very hot (do not plug in).

2hp Pitch – the surface mount power connector broke off (see photos)

Synthrotek Obey – gain seems to not be working

Antumbra Knit (Plaits) – the trigger input is wonky, I emailed After Later Audio about this and they said it just needs replaced.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Make Noise DPO

“Make Noise DPO – Complex Oscillator – Dual VCO.

Module works great except for the Shape pot. It can be crackly and cuts out when moved. Could do with the pot being swapped out which I’ve just not had the time to do, so selling as Parts/not working. Great module when not using the Shape knob!”
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Random Source Haible Krautrock Phaser

“This listing is for a fresh 2022 build of the Random Source Haible Krautrock Phaser, featuring a super-deluxe Van Daal Electronics Compact Phasing ‘X’ enclosure, original-spec incandescent bulbs, low-tolerance film capacitors, Alpha pots, and genuine Neutrik jacks. The rear switches for LFO/Manual and 2/4/6-stage selection are special short-actuator Taiway brand. The phaser been tested fully working and ships calibrated with the IEC power cable required for operation.”
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PAiA Stringz ‘N Thingz

“HARD TO FIND .. 1970s PAIA 1550 STRINGZ N THINGZ SYNTHESIZER VINTAGE RARE OLD SCHOOL. Purchased this from the original owner he assured me it worked but I have no way of testing it unit is in great condition very nice and clean please see pics for an accurate description selling unit AS IS ..”
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The Harvestman English Tear

“New OOS English Tear. The Harvestman Model 2401. Industrial Music Electronics.

english tear is a eurorack-format voltage conditioning module specially designed to interface with the korg ms series of synthesizers. the systems differ in trigger polarity and frequency control law: the msseries using a “hertz per volt” scheme and the eurorack with “volt per octave” scaling. this module enables convenient two-way patching between the two systems with a minimum of user adjustmentrequired.
five sections are present:
two voltage processors to scale and invert an incoming signal, with optional offset. the output of each section is normaled to one of the nonlinear amplifiers described below. the first processor circuitfeatures a second, unattenuated input for simple voltage mixing.

an exponential amplifier for receiving a eurorack pitch control voltage, and converting to korg’s hertz-per-volt scale.

a logarithmic amplifier for taking the ms-20’s keyboard voltage, and scaling it to suitably control eurorack oscillators such as the hertz donut mark ii.

a pair of simple trigger converter circuits, for inverting the polarity of trigger or gate signals. this allows transient events from each system to properly trigger the envelopes of the other.

in addition to the stated application of korg ms voltage scaling, the english tear has significant in-system utility in instruments of all sizes. the voltage processors provide additional scaling and mixingopportunities to cv inputs with limited controls, and the large offset generator knobs enable manual performance of a dc output voltage. multiple units may be patched together to enable analog computationfunctions uncommon in musical instruments.” Click here to visit listing on eBay