R.A. Moog Modular Synthesizer

“This modular system is synthesizer history!! It came from a local university that sold it in auction. It looks to be well taken care of, and dust was really the only thing to clean up. These Moog cabinets were made in 1969, as can be seen on the back of the modules, that was written in by hand. Due to the painted markings on the front of one of the lids, and the pasted paper on the inside of another lid, I have to believe that this was once Gershon Kingsley’s system, or at least it was in his studio in New York. I cannot confirm nor deny the truth of that assumption, but super cool! I put a picture up from a New York Times article about him. In any case, there are no cables of any kind. And I know the power supply should be rebuilt before anything. This could be a perfectly working modular system, or it may need some work. By the looks of it, it shouldn’t be too far off from rocking. I am not a technician though. There is a green switch missing, a hinge connector is missing on one lid, and both handles are missing from the tops of the cabinets. All can be seen in the pictures. The purchaser will receive the two cabinets and the two lids, no cables.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Frank Eventoff Sonica

“You are viewing an extremely rare Sonica synthesizer built by Frank Eventoff in 1979. Only 650 of these were ever made. Very few are now known to exist. The body is carved of mahogany with brass plates and has a plaque on the back of the head, engraved with the production number (#199). It comes with the original custom-sized case and an original warranty card (stamped and unused).

Original Speaker cloth has some dry rotting due to age, but the speaker works great and is all original. Picture shows some light blemishes to body, but overall, unit is in excellent condition. Clean battery compartment and terminals.

Top of unit features three buttons. Analog “Slider” which is a tremolo type effect, Analog “Tone” which is actually a tonal boost, and “Half-Step” which raises the note an octave. It features a built-in speaker, with an 1/8 inch output to connect to an amplifier or recording device. It runs on one 9-volt battery which is installed by accessing a plate on the backside of the device.”
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PAiA Modular Synth Cabinet

We normally deal in meticulously serviced high value items. This item is of relatively low value and has not been given our typical treatment, as this would be cost-prohibitive. It is however described to the best of our ability below:

Our tech tested this and says the watt blocks are putting out the right voltage. Some of the wooden pieces in the back that the back lid screws into may need to be fixed or replaced if you want to put screws in all 4 positions. When this unit is powered up, the right LED lights up. The left one doesn’t. We normally refurbish our gear, but this is a low value item not worth paying our tech to work on, so we’re selling it as is. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

The Harvestman Piston Honda MK III

“PHYSICAL CONDITION: Excellent – There are a few minor scuffs around the screw holes. Otherwise, everything is perfectly intact and structurally sound. Overall, the physical condition is excellent. WORKING CONDITION: Excellent – Works nicely. Everything is fully operational. The working condition is excellent. Please click on “Item Description” for more details and photos.” Click here to visit listing on eBay