Modal Electronics Cobalt 8X

“Modal Cobalt 8x in like new condition. Bought 3/22 and never moved or used outside my studio. It is in perfect condition and is an amazing synth but I am downsizing.

Smoke free home. Shipped in original box with original padding. Plastic screen cover still in place. Quick start sheet and AC power cord included. All factory sounds are intact, plus it comes with 50+ other patches I purchased or downloaded from the Modal website.”
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Yamaha DX100 Project Machine

” Yamaha DX100 4 Operator FM Synthesizer 1985 SPARES OR REPAIR.

This must be the worst (barely alive) example of this synth!!!!

It has a number of visible faults including (but possibly / probably not limited to)

– a missing C# key
– missing battery compartment cover
– paint damage around the power button
– cracked mod wheels
– generally unloved

(Please take a close look at the pictures)

However it does power on BUT I’ve not been able to get any sound from the outputs, therefore this is sold as Faulty, Spares or Repair.

I don’t have the time or the skills to restore this synth but it might be an interesting project for someone with the know-how!

Auction includes this synth, as described, and the appropriate power supply.”
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Casio CZ-1000

“This Listing is For:

A Used Vintage 1984 CASIO CZ-1000 Digital Synthesizer Keyboard.

This keyboard was part of my recording studio gear. I don’t remember where I got it but I recorded a lot of soundtracks with it. As you see, it’s been around and played a lot. There is plenty of scratches, rubs, etc… It’s not in a great condition.

I own it since 1990, now it’s in my keyboard closet because I cannot play anymore. Does not come with the DC 9 Volt power supply but it play with batteries. I only tested for 10 minutes with a pair of studio headphone and the keyboard was playing. I did not test everything because there is a lot you can do with it. It may need repairs, servicing or cleaning.
I’m selling it “AS IS FOR PART or REPAIR”
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Yamaha CS5

“Yamaha CS-5, classic monophonic analogue synth.

In great condition, powers on and plays without fault. No box or manual included.

The band pass filter is particularly interesting.

The CS-5 synthesizer is ideal for a wide variety of applications. It is a mono synth with a unique filter section for a vintage synth of this price, featuring low pass, the well respected band pass and a high pass. A similar Roland mono synth only has 1 low pass filter.

It has external input which can be mixed with the two oscillators, giving effectively 3 oscillators. Classic Roland’s of this price range only provide one oscillator with input.

Has trigger and CV inputs. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Maestro USS-1A

“Title: VNTG Maestro USS-1A Universal Synthesizer System for P&R – Made in USA

Item Attributes
Brand: Maestro
Type: Effects Synthesizer for Guitars, Keyboards, Drums
UPC: n/a
Serial Number: 1169
Made In: USA
Year: n/a
Instrument Measurements: 22″ x 11″ x 8.5″ (without footswitch)

CONDITION:For parts or not working

Includes footswitch.

Item is in used condition.

Item is being listed for parts and repair.

– The PHASE effect appears to be functional.
– The SUB HARMONIC effect work intermittently.
– The rest of the effects do NOT appear to function, and the volume drops out when they are engaged.
– The faders are difficult to move (they do NOT glide freely).
– The buttons on the footswitch do NOT always light up.
– The footswitch does NOT engage properly.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg MS2000 Project Machine

“OK So I have owned this for years and it has been fine, But recently I was rewiring my studio and by mistake I put the wrong power supply in and it blew the circuit.

I have had a brand new power circuit board put in and a brand new sound processor microchip and a flashram put in but it keeps on saying DECODE ERROR SUM MS2000

I have tried several times to reset it and it works for a while the goes back to the DECODE ERROR status when no sound at all will come out.

The parts and the machine itself are in fantastic condition and will do someone for parts or if they have an idea on how to fix it then it is up to you but I have ran out of steam with it now so I am letting it go for cheap.”
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Korg M1

“One of the black keys, second from the left, is sticky and the keyboard is missing the joystick (both issues are pictured). The only other flaws are some scratches and a dull finish. Other than that everything functions properly.”
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Yamaha FB-01

“In full working order and fair condition with wear & tare and a quite a few scratches/dings. Some of the marks have been touched in with a very fine brush and a suitable satin black paint. This has not been done to deceive purely to make it look a little better. Please take time to study the Photos as they are considered to be part of the description.

All buttons and functions working well. The internal mains transformer produces a very low level mechanical hum (not on the audio) which is barely noticeable. I am confident that this item is in full working order. However I am happy to accept a return on this item within 1 weeks of collection if any buyer finds the condition unacceptable or has any issues. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

ARP Quartet

“The ARP Quartet is identical to the Italian made Siel Orchestra. In fact, it is the Orchestra! ARP bought, relabeled and sold it as the Quartet without changing it much. It’s a 4-part orchestral synthesizer with 4 sections: Brass, Strings, Organ and Piano. These 4 tone color families can be played individually or two can be simultaneously played. They are also individually tweakable. Selected presets will light up LEDs to show you which sliders and buttons can be used to modify the current section. The synth itself is very limited however, and there’s no external control, no pitch/mod wheel and few edit parameters. But it sounds very good and it is, after all, a classic analog synth.”

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Roland JX-3P

” You are bidding on a gently used Roland JX-3P 61 Key Keyboard Synthesizer W/Calzone Keyboard Case. This Roland JX-3P 61 Key Keyboard Synthesizer W/Calzone Keyboard Case is gently used and does show signs of wear from normal use. This Roland JX-3P 61 Key Keyboard Synthesizer W/Calzone Keyboard Case has been tested and is in good working condition. This has been gone over by a professional technician and functions as it should. On a scale from one to ten with ten being the highest, I would rate this Roland JX-3P 61 Key Keyboard Synthesizer W/Calzone Keyboard Case a 7. This auction will include the Roland JX-3P 61 Key Keyboard Synthesizer W/Calzone Keyboard Case as shown in the pictures. Anything not shown in the pictures (Original Box, Owner’s Manual, Etc.) will not be included in this auction. Trust my feedback, bid with confidence, I always deliver what I say. Please refer to the manufacturers website for more information on this Roland JX-3P 61 Key Keyboard Synthesizer W/Calzone Keyboard Case.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002 Project Machine

” Sequential Circuits Prophet P2002 256Mb 1987

c/w original manual

This sturdy outboard to a Prophet 2000 can be driven from any external midi keyboard or DAW.

When working the sound quality is excellent even bearing in mind it is a 34 year old machine.


1. Hard drive error iF

2. No output

The floppy drive only developed the invalid format issue a few days ago. The discs still load fine on another Sequential machine. Possibly floppy drive simply needs an internal dust.

The P2002 was working fine until just recently when there was no longer audio output. It was reading the discs. The keyboard was triggering the samples and the arpeggiator was working, but silence. I’ve not the expertise to trace the fault but there is no obvious failure visible on the circuit boards. Hence spares and repair.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Voice of Saturn

“Vintage Voice of Saturn Analog 10 step sequencer. Early version by Travis Thatcher. Neat old thing I have had for a while. Works fine except #9 in the sequence. The LED doesn’t light up and CV output is weak on #9. A weird glitchy analog quirk, fine if you don’t mind a hitch in your step or some funk in your rhythm. I have always just used it as it is, part of its charm I think. There are schematics on the web if you wanted to trouble shoot it. Not too many of these around.”
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Roland SH-101 Project Machine

“Sad to see this one go but I have used it less and less and times require me to sell this.

Needs some care and attention, this is reflected in the price.

Good over all condition some cosmetic marks /scratches on the plastic please see all pictures.

In need of a good clean / service. Have not had serviced since owned.

All keys work, all pots work well some sliders feel slightly stiff.

Headphone connection sometimes crackles when phones jack is moved but not in any way constant.

Filter frequency is the main issue is it crackles and seems to self modulate in and out when moved. Does correct itself when stationary but fluctuates. This could be sorted by a clean but may also need replacing, I can’t say for sure and am being as transparent as I can.

I don’t think the decay or sustain is working properly either.

Small chip in plastic by battery compartment (please see pictures)

Aside from the above everything else works as it should to the best of my knowledge. “ Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland JX-1

“This Roland JX-1 Analog Synthesizer in VERY GOOD condition. This is a GREAT analog synth from the 90s.Beautiful analog voices, great effects, velocity and touch sensitive and more.Great performance keyboard with easy to switch voices and effects. Check out the pix to see all voices and effects.

Minor issues: Some voice buttons are sticky; A couple of keys are sticky; Power cord connection is a little loose. All issues can be fixed/improved if you’re handy with keyboard repairs.

Power adaptor and cordARE included.”
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Moog Rogue Project Machine

“Vintage Moog Rogue synthesizer 1981 Rare.

Item was removed from a house clearance and I know nothing more of its history

Unfortunately it didn’t come with a PSU so sold as spares or repair as I’m unable to test

Unit is complete with no damage and seems in good cosmetic condition

Some of the screws have rust and you can see a little rust around some of the switches. So please be aware this may need restored and I’m just trying to be honest so the Winner isn’t disappointed ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Kurzweil K2000R

“Up for sale is this beautiful Kurzweil k2000r. I’ve moved into DAW sample players for my needs, and this poor baby sits on a shelf unused and lonely being on the shelf, unused….

As Is Condition. Powers up, the Display does show
The internals…. The screen brightness might.need attending to, and the internal battery needs replacing.
I see where there’s a 100.00 dollar retrofit illuminated LED display that’s very bright….an after market consideration.
The two owners manuals are included, as are three Kurzweill factory floppies.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Octave Kitten

“Wow this has some history with me playing support for loads of groups in late early 80s including throbbing gristle…back in the day

This is the synth that will get you the original sound of back in the day…

So…its been retired and in the loft for decades and needs a new home

It has some broken knobs and one of the keys needs fixing but it works!

So with a few quid spent it will be good as new

I also have the original manual!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha DX100

“Selling this Yamaha DX100 that I’ve inherited a couple of month ago (with a Korg Polysix that you can find on eBay as well) and didn’t played it that much as I don’t play keyboard really.. So far all the keys and buttons works. ”
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Roland D-110

“Roland D110 synth. I would describe this a tatty example of this unit and I have set the price accordingly. Please check the photographs, you will see what I mean.

The mains cable was replaced some years ago, but I lost the cable clamp in the process! but if its racked, should be ok.

The volume knob was missing when I got it, and for what I used it for, it was never an issue so I never got it replaced. I used the 8 outs into a mixer.

I have powered it up and it works, so if you want a cheap rackmount synth with 8 separate outputs, this could be for you.”
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