“This 1984 SCI Sixtrak Fully Analog Synthesizer is in amazing condition! *NEW BATTERY/COMPLETELY CLEANED & SERVICED BY A PROFESSIONAL TECHNICIAN* Every key, button & knob work as intended. all 99 presets have been restored. Comes with custom transparent panels & I’m also throwing in original wood panels! *Please Note; one minor issue the pitch wheel is slightly sticky when bending down & there’s a few surface scratches* thanks for looking!”

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“Faded cover plate From cleaner with acetone. but in pristine condition otherwise.”

Uncategorized @ 09 January 2018, Comments Off on Emu SP-12 Turbo 2.6

“Emu SP12 Turbo 2.6, Brought back to like new condition by Bruce Forat in LA in January 2016, used sparingly in my smoke free home studio triggered by another machine. 8 new audio outputs added, sample pot replaced and pcb traces repaired, all new numeric pad buttons replaced, pads replaced/reconditioned as needed, new battery, Noritake fluorescent display added, vinyl repro faceplate with small printing error (no start lettering under start button).

Case shows wear but machine works flawlessly, a pleasure to use and gives you that 12 bit crunch and ring on pitched down samples that only this machine and the SP1200 can do.” Link

Uncategorized @ 04 January 2018, Comments Off on Sequential Circuits Prophet 600

“Classic analog synth with amazing fat leads, lush pads and filter sweeps from early-mid 1980s, with MIDI, comes with hard case. Synth has some scratches and dings on body and wooden end pieces (see pics) which you would expect from a 30+ year old keyboard.

The high A key was cracked but repaired and fully functional, just shows some discoloration where it was glued (see pic).

I installed a brand new membrane keypad and LED display (an item that original component frequently fails on this model) about 15 years ago. Now operational, better than original.

Sequencer appears to work, has a program in there from a previous owner, but I’ve never really fiddled with it to verify its functionality.

I played this keyboard for years in a gigging/recording band and loved it. The nature of this beast is quirky–there are occasional hiccups and glitches that happen when you dial and switch–all good stuff–but sounds and knobs are all fully operational. Remember, this thing has a fully analog audio signal path, but the voltage controllers are digital. Best of both worlds!” Link

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“RARE FIND – Realistic Moog Concertmate MG-1 synth with original box and manual. Made by Moog Music in USA. Professionally cleaned (foam inside front panel that turns sticky all cleaned out). All faders, sliders, switches, and buttons function correctly – all original. Contains two genuine syncable Moog filters that sound incredible. Vintage synth from 1982 in excellent condition. I got from original owner who rarely used. It has been in a smoke-free professional recording studio for the last 4 years. Lightly used and with excellent care. Buy with confidence. Get this one fast … Merry Christmas to a lucky new owner …”

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“Here is a Roland JX-3P in very good condition. There are a few minor scratches/blemishes, but plays perfectly.

With it comes a JX-3P MIDI expansion kit made by Organix (this modification has not been installed).” Link

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“Early J-Wire model in excellent condition. Recently serviced. Fully functioning.
Bought new in 1981. One owner. Always kept in a smoke-free and pet-free environment.

Outstanding vintage monophonic analogue synthesizer from the early 1980s.
Two oscillators. Amazing filter. Two envelope shapers. Big, unique sound.
Extensive modulation and cross-modulation possibilities.
Two 20 step sequencers with real-time transposition from keyboard.
There is no other synthesizer like it.

With original box and manual … both now a bit shabby (see photos).

Modulation wheel cracked and repaired many years ago (see photos).” Link

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“Up for sale or best offer is 1 Korg EX-800 Programmable Polyphonic Synthe Module.

This synth is in good working order.

It does not have the original power supply. I powered it with an after market supply for testing.

All buttons and pots are in working order.

There are tones programed on most patches. Some patches were almost silent.” Link

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“I don’t really know what this is used for, just know that my father-in-law used this in a band, he played sax. It’s been well taken care of and is clean and everything is there. I powered it up, plugged in headphones and played the demo. sounded awesome, but I don’t know how to work it or what those cards are for.” Link

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“It seems to be working fine.” Link

Uncategorized @ 25 August 2017, Comments Off on Yamaha SK30

“One broken key-works when pressed. Replacement key included.” Link

Uncategorized @ 19 August 2017, Comments Off on Korg DW-8000


Replaced battery reprogrammed ready to go

Ver 12 firmware

Cosmetically an 8 out of 10

Included power cable

All output and inputs tested and working ” Link

Uncategorized @ 30 July 2017, Comments Off on Roland JP-8080

“For sale is a Roland JP 8080 in excellent condition. This Analog Modeling Synthesizer Module offers an advanced Analog Modeling sound engine, powerful External Audio Synthesis, a built-in Voice Modulator and Smartmedia storage capability. Forty knobs and sliders for intuitive real-time sound creation and drastic sonic manipulation. This synth sounds great and the real-time hardware controls are great for editing and created studio-quality sounds. ” Link

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“Selling an SH-101, works great. All Keys Trigger. All CV inputs work
Missing: 1 Cover for Batteries.
2 X Sliders for Potentiometers

Added Feature: I modded the SH-101 to use it’s internal waveforms (noise, sawtooth etc) to modulate the cutoff frequencies of the filter. This can be turned On and OFF (off is functionally the same as an sh-101). This is an awesome mod, it creates much crazier sounds and FX.

You can easily order both pieces online” Link

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“Roland JX-8P Analog Synthesizer with working aftertouch

Unit is fully functional and sounds great. All keys sound and feel good

Display is clear and easy to read

All of the buttons and parameters work except for aftertouch vibrato light which stays on all the time. You can turn this parameter on and off but the light will stay on

Keyboard was cleaned and aftertouch piezo strip was rebuilt. The key aftertouch is working well

Most of the unit is in great condition except for tone wheel area

Power cable included

An expensive SKB case is included with the keyboard” Link

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“Korg MonoPoly works, but needs some repair.*

Has a few dings/blemishes in the wood sides, but pretty much what you would expect from a vintage synth of this age.

*the fine print*

A few of the keys are not working properly (see video below). Contacts need to be cleaned or replaced.The oscillators need to be tuned as well. All knobs and buttons/functions seem to be working. I am not a tech and do not have time to fix, so hopefully someone who knows what they are doing can repair this synth.

Comes with copy of Mono/Poly user manual and settings manual.

This is being sold “as is” and there are no returns.” Link

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“UK only.

Collection only. I am in Kent.

Pay Pal only.

Bidders with good ratings.

No returns item.

This item is used with cosmetic wear.

See my feedback for what I am like as a seller.

Examine the photos for condition or request more photos prior to jumping in if you need them. Basically no time wasters please.

The item you are looking is my used Roland JX-8P. Works fine all keys and buttons work apart from volume slider needs to be turned up to hear clearly this will be a bad slider or the slider itself will need to be cleaned. Don’t expect it to be immaculate from scratches, fading, colouring on keys etc, given its age!

Sounds good heavy basses, high pads a real classic, becoming harder to find, and the price keeps going up! Velocity works, LFO, and bender works fine. ” Link

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“Roland Juno 6

The synth works fine, all keys work but some sliders are a bit stiff. The bender has also broken and been glued so it could probably do with a new one.

Also includes wooden flight case.

I’ve had this synth for almost 20 years and it’s been well looked after but it’s in need of a service as it hasn’t been serviced in all the time i’ve had it.” Link

Korg, MS-2000, Uncategorized @ 03 June 2017, Comments Off on Korg MS2000R

“Korg MS2000R rack synthesiser.

In OK condition – it works but some of the potentiometers have been changed out for generic ones as you can see in the pictures, this does not effect the operation.

Really great analogue modeling synth. Has a vocoder with direct input for a voice.

No Power supply – requires a standard 9V supply” Link

SY77, Uncategorized, Yamaha @ 26 May 2017, Comments Off on Yamaha SY77

“Classic vintage Yamaha SY77 Workstation / Synth. Includes heavy duty aluminium hardcase. Rear condition for age. Includes 30 day parts and labour warranty” Link

Uncategorized @ 13 May 2017, Comments Off on Korg Polysix

“This PolySix is in generally great condition for its age. There are very minor scuffs and scratches typical of a vintage synth: take a close look at the photos. The only significant cosmetic issue is that the Arpeggiator’s Latch switch has clearly seen some serious action over the years, and the panel silkscreening around it has worn off. You can see this clearly in photo #12. It’s a very small detail on an otherwise very nice synth, so I’ve been calling it “added character” rather than a flaw!

The original particleboard / veneer end-cheeks and front chassis were in rather scabby condition when I bought this, so I had them professionally replaced by Ben Rossborough at Cyberwave EMS as part of the overhaul (see below). The replacements are waxed solid wood and look really nice. I know we’re supposed to judge synths on their sound not their looks, but if you want a really cool-looking vintage centrepiece to your studio, here you go… 😉


The PolySix is in perfect working order. All of the electronics function exactly as they should (including loading and saving patches to tape, which you can do via soundfiles in your DAW if you’re adventurous!). The second Patch Select button requires a firmer press than the others, but that’s all. The synth has been checked through by Benn Rossborough at Cyberwave EMS; the power supply has been replaced and the new wooden chassis was fitted as part of this overhaul. It’s now in super condition and works flawlessly.” Link

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“One of the rarest synth ever. As Internet says, only 300 was made. This one have a serial number 9000154C.

There is a full (all keys at same time) polyphony, two stage tone modificator, multilayered LFOs, 8-pattern rhythm generator, and programmable sequencer. Also, it have a stereo output, so it is possible to play with pan for some features.

Original user manual (Japanese) included.” Link

Uncategorized @ 04 May 2017, Comments Off on Sequential Circuits Pro One

Fully Restored, tuned, and calibrated. One of the top mono-synths ever made. Can be heard on countless 80s records. An absolute classic machine. This example was restored and sounds and looks beautiful and is as close as you’ll get to a brand new Sequential Circuits Pro One.

The following was done:

Audio path:

Replaced oscillator chips,

replaced audio path transistors

checked outputs

calibrated VCA Keyboard

tuned and scaled to factory specs.


keyboard (J-wire) checked and adjusted

newly refinished wood sides”

Uncategorized @ 29 April 2017, Comments Off on Korg MS2000R

“This Korg Analog Modeling Synthesizer is in excellent used condition. It has a couple light scratches – see photos. It has been tested and is in perfect working order. Ships with power supply. Photos are of the actual auction item” Link

Uncategorized @ 24 April 2017, Comments Off on Moog Memorymoog Plus

“Moog Memorymoog Plus with DBM Tech Midi Upgrade

Probably one of the nicest ones you will ever find.

The best combination of Condition, Features and Accessories

I. Condition – Original Owner, 95 % studio use and near perfect condition (see photos) Recent service with new battery. Shows 6 oscillators tuned.

II. Features – rare DBM Tech Midi Upgrade that allows:

1. Midi channel to be selected instead of always being on Omni

2. Midi recording and playback of Volume, Pitch and Modulation Wheel

and Sustain

3. Probably Best – Any Foot Pedal settings on the Memorymoog will

respond to Midi CC #4 (foot controller)

So you can actually record and playback Filter sweeps from any sequencer

(also anything else you program the foot pedals to on the front panel of

the Memorymoog including Osc 2 which can be used with Hard Sync)

These modifications are similar to the more well-known LAMM modifications

III. Accessories

1. Heavy Duty Anvil Case that was recently re-foamed by Anvil.

2. Double Foot switch (one recently sold by itself on eBay for $500)

3. Model 1120 Pedal controller Foot Pedal

4. Original Owner’s Manual with schematic diagrams

5. Extra cassettes with banks of custom programs

6. Custom Dust Cover”

Uncategorized @ 26 March 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 6

roland juno6 “Fantastic sounding, easy-to-use 6-voice analog synth (with digitally controlled analog oscillators) that delivers punch, grit, and fat and warm sounds that can be found on many songs from the 1980s.” Link

Uncategorized @ 06 March 2017, Comments Off on Custom Moog MG-1

usedmoogm1 ” Here is a very special Radio Shack Moog that is a little monster bass synth. This unit has been upgraded with sturdy wood end cheeks and a unique paint job that really makes the colors on the front panel stand out. The wood ends add more rigidity to the chassis than the original plastic pieces. The RCA outputs have been replaced with a heavy duty 1/4″ jack. The external audio input is also a 1/4″ jack and is routed through the filter of the synth allowing external sound processing. There is an 1/8″ input jack for cutoff frequency CV, perfect for hooking up to modular synths and sequencers for additional modulation of the filter. This works well with a sequencer such as the Korg SQ-1. There is some cosmetic wear, but it is in great overall condition for it’s age. S-Trigger input and pitch CV inputs work well with external sources. The synth has been tuned so that 0V at the pitch CV input plays a C. In it’s original configuration it would play an F, it’s lowest key. This allows use of midi to cv converters directly without having to transpose the midi note 5 steps down. All the servicing and upgrades make this synth studio ready!

This unit was recently professionally serviced:

– aging electrolytic capacitors replaced for long term reliability
– tuning of oscillators 1&2 into bass range
– tuning of oscillators and pitch tracking
– notorious decayed dust cover black goo was cleaned from circuit board
– pots were cleaned/lubricated
– new dust cover was installed to keep dust out of switches and sliders” Link

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juno106 “Roland Juno 106 for repair.
I bought this one to rebuild, but I have stopped rebuilding them.
I bought this one as it was in good cosmetic condition (I never repaint them).
I had already rounded up a set of end plates and keys to replace the 2 missing and 2 broken keys in the unit.
End plates and keys are included with this unit.

I had removed the voice cards and stripped the epoxy off, but none were salvageable, so this unit has no voice cards, but the through holes are clear and ready to solder in sockets for new ones.
I also believe this unit will need a new power supply board.
I am not completing this last unit as I have run out of voice cards and don’t want to buy another lot.
Two sliders are broken on this unit.

Note – The only cosmetic issue with the case is a slight dent on the front at the very upper left corner. You can see the scratches in the next to last picture. It is not bad, but not perfectly smooth in that area either.” Link

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arp “ARP Synth modules. 1503 noise generator and 1509 VCA
Untested. Noise generator has loose parts inside. I have neither the expertise to test, or to use if they were working. Would be great for a collector or electronics wiz.
Sold as is” Link

Uncategorized @ 02 February 2017, Comments Off on Sequential Circuits Pro One

p1 “serial# 1892, original j-wire keyboard. Has been stored in a anvil hard case. The case does go with it. Should be cleaned inside by qualified person to get clearest sound.But does work. Also have a Roland CSQ-600 digital Sequencer computer controlled in used condition.Power lite is burned out but does work.Also the ext control in,stop plug has been extended.see pictures.Both to be sold together,for $2000.00 The Pro-One is one of the best vintage models out there if you can find them.Here your chance to own one!!!!” Link

Uncategorized @ 17 January 2017, Comments Off on Ensoniq ESQ1 Project Machine

esq1 “This is the famous synthesizer of the 1980s, the Ensoniq Esq-1. This particular unit is not working and sold “as is.”

The unit powers up but does not produce sound, nor does the display screen fully illuminate – you can detect a faint glowing beneath the screen but nothing more and nothing you could read or learn anything from.

There are various cosmetic imperfections, nicks and scratches throughout – some of the keys are chipped. Some of the buttons on the top right side have come unstuck.

Yes, this unit is pretty beat up but it could be the perfect thing to help you with your personal synthesizer restoration project.


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a6 ” This keyboard was purchased brand new from Sweetwater in October of 2008….It was purchased for a studio that never materialized….This keyboard has never been giged and has been rarely played….It has sat on a keyboard stand unused since it was delivered….Everything is fully functional, there are no scratches, dent or dings….The keyboard looks and performs as it did from day one….This would be quite a nice stocking stuffer for a serious musician who appreciates a powerful analog synth….16-channel multitimbral with full MIDI control. 72 knobs, 144 buttons, and ribbon control with multiple assignable functions….Discover why many consider the Andromeda A6 the world’s most powerful polyphonic analog synth….Ships to lower 48 states only !” Link

Uncategorized @ 15 January 2017, Comments Off on Roland Super JX

super jx “This unit has several keys that do not play (though most work fine), and the push-buttons do not all work consistently. The audio engine appears to work fine and the display works well. It clearly needs to be cleaned up and likely some button panels need to be replaced or cleaned. I do not have the time nor the expertise for that so I am offering this to a collector or synth repairman to clean up and get it running like it should.” Link

Uncategorized @ 02 January 2017, Comments Off on Moog Opus 3

opus3 ” Used Moog Opus 3 analog synth with hard shell road case on wheels, sustain footswitch, and power cable. Quintessential, awesome, vintage, analog synth sounds from this unit that could use a little TLC. It saw a good amount of gigging thirty years ago and was recently dusted off from storage. It’s got some typical road wear (particularly on the wood paneling and a missing on/off switch for the chorus mode) and the following functionality seems to need repair: the chorus mode, “VCF Contour”, and “Articular Release”” Link