Akai X7000

“WORKING CONDITION: Good – This keyboard, buttons and electronics are in good working condition. All keys and controls in perfect working order. However, the floppy disk drive will need to be replaced as it does not work. Aside from the drive, this keyboard is in good working condition. PHYSICAL CONDITION: Good – This keyboard is in good overall physical condition. The keyboard has seen some use and there are scuffs and scratches over the entire unit. There is a burn mark in the plastic by the disk drive. All 4 feet are intact so this keyboard sits nicely on a desktop. Overall, despite signs of use, this keyboard is still very well built and in good physical condition. Please click on “Item Description” for more details and photos.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai X7000

“Akai X7000 Sampling Keyboard. Due to age showing signs of wear on the buttons other than that working ain’t tested it out in a long time I’m due to ain’t got studio no more but all should be fine still powers on still get sound from keys” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai X7000

“Akai X7000 Sampling Keyboard.

Has a really nice sound, especially on drum loops.

In really excellent shape just a couple of small marks. It has been very well looked after. Check the photos for condition but very good for 1986.

The floppy drive no longer works but it is crying out for a quick disk floppy emulator as the QD’s aren’t particularly fun to work with.

Comes complete with the original manual, a sturdy flight case and a six output expansion box. This will give you six monophonic output channels when the sampler is run in multitimbral mode.”
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Akai X7000

“Very good used shape as seen, Power on and Display reads well. all buttons and functions seem to be working as the display changes when they are pressed. no broken or damaged keys

asks “Set to Load SX” when powered. I do not have the Disk to test it

please see all pictures – most likely works but I cannot guarantee it. it is old and most likely will need

some sort of servicing.

Rare Keyboard, not seen too often

Sold AS-IS, not fully tested”

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