New England Digital Synclavier 9600

” you are bidding on a very rare New England Digital Synclavier 9600 digital audio workstation

Listed as parts or not working.

specification –

16 DDV panning sampling voices
24 SS7 FM voices
Able D processor
mac mini/NEC display/TermulatorX
VPK keyboard/F/case
all interconnecting cables
ex George Michael used on Faith tour

System boots
1 x DDV voice card has blown cap so has been removed from the unit (currently 12 voices working)
comes supplied with 1 x further DDV voice card
system does not boot when FM voice cards are connected, boots ok without
VPK has a split in the wood cover, could easily be repaired
stereo sampler outputs no go, im told this is a reasonably easy fix
1 x side of stereo FM output also no go
clearly some work is needed but is reflected in the price
very reluctant sale but lack of space and too many other projects has forced my decision to let it go.
due to the size and weight, this item is collection only from Bath Somerset” Click here to visit listing on eBay


“This is an extremely rare Synclavier Digital Audio System. This system belonged to Jim Johnston (Composer for the WWE) and was used in his recording studio. The Synclavier is completely functional and in very clean condition overall. This machine is interfaced using two Apple towers and monitoring screen. The Synclavier also includes an extensive sound library full of some of the best samples ever recorded of a large range of instruments, from orchestral, synthesizers, vocals, percussion and foley sounds. There are a few extra cables and rack panels that we are bundling into this lot as extra options for the next owner. Selling this at local pickup only. The purchaser can give this set up a complete test in person to see everything working” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Synclavier PSMT Project Machine

“I purchased this new Synhouse Reference Standard Synclavier PSMT system (mine has 16mb/32 voice) in 2017. It worked and sounded great for 9 months. However, now it is no longer communicating with the poly bin. I already sold the keyboard so this is the tower only. I am selling this tower for thousands less than I paid. It is highly unlikely that this repair will be anywhere near that. It could be something as simple as a bad cable. In short, someone is going to get a great deal.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Synclavier PSMT

“This listing is for a rare & vintage Synclavier PSMT Synthesizer keyboard workstation. The workstation includes everything photographed. There are multiple different units and 7 tubs full of different cords. All of the items photographed were kept together, so I assumed it all belongs to this unit, but I am not 100% sure.

***This unit is being sold untested in as is condition without returns. I have no idea how to even begin setting it up to test its functionality. It came from a storage estate that had a wide variety of musical recording equipment.*** ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

New England Digital Synclavier Hand Operated Processor

Synclavier HOP Hand Operated Processor ” Note: I’ve checked this over 12/3/2015 and tested it with a Synclavier II mini-system, all the switches are working properly and everything has tested good. It has only the slightest scuff on one corner of the case, too small to even see in a photograph. It is absolutely as new.

This is the rarest and most sought after piece of Synclavier hardware, the HOP hand-operated processor. Originally designed for internal company use debugging new software and designing new interface cards, it later proved to be indispensable for anyone trying to maintain Synclaviers and troubleshoot Synclavier problems. Any Synclavier technician must have one of these at all times. TRY2FIND1.

Perfect condition, tested today and working perfectly, no broken switches.

Includes the control box with built-in cable, and the special interface card that plugs into the computer bin of the Synclavier.

Using this hardware is always the first step to take in trying to start a dead Synclavier system that has been sitting unused for many years, and even more so for a Synclavier II to that does not have a Macintosh or terminal display. The light activity on the LED panel always assists me greatly in knowing what the floppy drive is doing, what the Winchester drive is doing, and what brain activity there is going on inside the system, if any at all. That usually leads me to give attention to some physical piece of hardware, such as physical connections, looking for broken wires, loose or corroded connectors, or power supply issues. Beyond that, it gives me the crash codes so I know what card might be causing the problem and should be swapped as the next step and getting the system going again. If someone comes to hire me to fix a dead system from far away, if they have one of these units, it can provide me with a lot more information remotely, possibly preventing the need to ship the system to Los Angeles for a hands-on repair.

One of the photos shows the unit and the built-in cable and the interface card and user manual, and the other photo shows the way the unit is actually used, with the interface card inserted in an empty slot in the computer bin of an upgraded Synclavier II.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Synclavier 3200

“Synclavier 3200
32 stereo panning voices
32 meg or ram
PCI system installed
Mac G4 with monitor
the total Synclavier sample Collection over 9 gig of all the famous library
VPK keyboard
STM up to 100 khz
midi 1 in 4 out
System was built by Mitch Marcoulier of Marcoulier Audio
100% working and reliable.” Click here to visit listing on eBay