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” you are bidding on a very rare New England Digital Synclavier 9600 digital audio workstation

Listed as parts or not working.

specification –

16 DDV panning sampling voices
24 SS7 FM voices
Able D processor
mac mini/NEC display/TermulatorX
VPK keyboard/F/case
all interconnecting cables
ex George Michael used on Faith tour

System boots
1 x DDV voice card has blown cap so has been removed from the unit (currently 12 voices working)
comes supplied with 1 x further DDV voice card
system does not boot when FM voice cards are connected, boots ok without
VPK has a split in the wood cover, could easily be repaired
stereo sampler outputs no go, im told this is a reasonably easy fix
1 x side of stereo FM output also no go
clearly some work is needed but is reflected in the price
very reluctant sale but lack of space and too many other projects has forced my decision to let it go.
due to the size and weight, this item is collection only from Bath Somerset” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“This is an extremely rare Synclavier Digital Audio System. This system belonged to Jim Johnston (Composer for the WWE) and was used in his recording studio. The Synclavier is completely functional and in very clean condition overall. This machine is interfaced using two Apple towers and monitoring screen. The Synclavier also includes an extensive sound library full of some of the best samples ever recorded of a large range of instruments, from orchestral, synthesizers, vocals, percussion and foley sounds. There are a few extra cables and rack panels that we are bundling into this lot as extra options for the next owner. Selling this at local pickup only. The purchaser can give this set up a complete test in person to see everything working” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“I purchased this new Synhouse Reference Standard Synclavier PSMT system (mine has 16mb/32 voice) in 2017. It worked and sounded great for 9 months. However, now it is no longer communicating with the poly bin. I already sold the keyboard so this is the tower only. I am selling this tower for thousands less than I paid. It is highly unlikely that this repair will be anywhere near that. It could be something as simple as a bad cable. In short, someone is going to get a great deal.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“This listing is for a rare & vintage Synclavier PSMT Synthesizer keyboard workstation. The workstation includes everything photographed. There are multiple different units and 7 tubs full of different cords. All of the items photographed were kept together, so I assumed it all belongs to this unit, but I am not 100% sure.

***This unit is being sold untested in as is condition without returns. I have no idea how to even begin setting it up to test its functionality. It came from a storage estate that had a wide variety of musical recording equipment.*** ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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Synclavier HOP Hand Operated Processor ” Note: I’ve checked this over 12/3/2015 and tested it with a Synclavier II mini-system, all the switches are working properly and everything has tested good. It has only the slightest scuff on one corner of the case, too small to even see in a photograph. It is absolutely as new.

This is the rarest and most sought after piece of Synclavier hardware, the HOP hand-operated processor. Originally designed for internal company use debugging new software and designing new interface cards, it later proved to be indispensable for anyone trying to maintain Synclaviers and troubleshoot Synclavier problems. Any Synclavier technician must have one of these at all times. TRY2FIND1.

Perfect condition, tested today and working perfectly, no broken switches.

Includes the control box with built-in cable, and the special interface card that plugs into the computer bin of the Synclavier.

Using this hardware is always the first step to take in trying to start a dead Synclavier system that has been sitting unused for many years, and even more so for a Synclavier II to that does not have a Macintosh or terminal display. The light activity on the LED panel always assists me greatly in knowing what the floppy drive is doing, what the Winchester drive is doing, and what brain activity there is going on inside the system, if any at all. That usually leads me to give attention to some physical piece of hardware, such as physical connections, looking for broken wires, loose or corroded connectors, or power supply issues. Beyond that, it gives me the crash codes so I know what card might be causing the problem and should be swapped as the next step and getting the system going again. If someone comes to hire me to fix a dead system from far away, if they have one of these units, it can provide me with a lot more information remotely, possibly preventing the need to ship the system to Los Angeles for a hands-on repair.

One of the photos shows the unit and the built-in cable and the interface card and user manual, and the other photo shows the way the unit is actually used, with the interface card inserted in an empty slot in the computer bin of an upgraded Synclavier II.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“The Synclavier II is a completely restored ORK System w/ Full MIDI, 16 Voices B Processor and lots of spare loaded hard drives as backup. Comes with 3 terminals. 1 is a working DEC 640 Retro-Graphics. 1 is a small portable informer DEC Emulator. And 1 is a spare 640 terminal.

REV L Hardrive

REV M Hardrive

DEC VT640 Retro-Graphics terminal.

Informer Portable.

Spare unmounted hard drive – REV 0.

Informer DEC Emulator computer terminal with case.

Spare nonworking DEC VT640 terminal.

Instruction and reference manuals.

Misc. Spare Bin cards and cables.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“As seen in photo. This item is sold for part as/is and does not appear to be working. We bought it originally on eBay as a display piece. It appears to have all the working innards but we did not have a full brain module to test with. It is just a Synclavier controller and not the full solution. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Cosmetically the unit is in grade F condition, the item is either faulty and requires fixing or can be used as spares

We grade the above condition of items as follows : A = Mint or Near : B = Light Wear : C = Moderate Wear : D = Excessive Wear : F = Faulty / Spares

– The Synclavier 2 lights up but we are unable to test as the 5.25 drive won’t load the system disk, therefore sold as faulty / spares


– Synclavier 2 Keyboard
– Computer In Flightcase converted to 240volt
– 5.25 Disk Drive
– Keyboard Lead & Disk Drive Lead
– 2 x Synclavier Manuals
– Assorted System, Library and Timbre Disks” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“DESCRIPTION – This listing is for NEW ENGLAND DIGITAL Synclavier Synthesizer Sampler Music System w/ VPK V. S2.

We are selling this system for renowned composer Craig Huxley. This very system he used to compose for film and TV including several Star Trek Films.

Synclavier Rack Tower:

5.25” Floppy Drive
28 Polyphonic Voices
32 FM Voices
100Khz Sample To Memory
MIDI interface 2 in / 8 out / 2 thru
V 4.10 Software on Internal 1.3 GB Hard Drive (No Sounds or Sequences on Disk)
Synclavier Processor Model “D”
Multi Channel Distributer w/ 16 out
SCSI / DB25 Patch Panel
Stereo FM Synthesizer out, Stereo Sample out, Click/Headphone out, SMPTE in, Clock in/out
Included with this purchase, but not seen in the photos is a worm drive with several disc libraries of Craigs personal sounds! Craig is attempting to have these sounds converted into a contemporary sound file as they are very dear to his creative heart, so we did not have them for the photo session. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Synclavier 3200
32 stereo panning voices
32 meg or ram
PCI system installed
Mac G4 with monitor
the total Synclavier sample Collection over 9 gig of all the famous library
VPK keyboard
STM up to 100 khz
midi 1 in 4 out
System was built by Mitch Marcoulier of Marcoulier Audio
100% working and reliable.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“ONE SCRATCH SEE PICS” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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This auction is for one Synclavier PSMT .

Please note that this unit is missing the fuse cover. Please refer to the photograhs for details.

We don’t have the system or equipment necessary to test this piece, so we are selling it “As-Is” as shown in the photographs. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“New England Digital Synclavier, – TAPELESS STUDIO The Synclavier II was the original FM only system, with the option of a mono sampling unit. (Only one 50kHz mono voice could sound at a time). The later PSMT systems had FM and 100Khz Poly Sampling Voices (all sample voices could sound at once up to a maximum of 192 DAC’s). This machines also come with MIDI interfaces, SCSI hard drives and Mac interfaces. These machines are incredibly powerful and sound like nothing else (100khz sample voices) and come complete with a large collection of samples from the world famous Synclavier sound libraries. This is the ultimate studio package and includes every option to make your production complete. 32 DDV 100Khz ‘stereo’ sample voices (64 x 100Khz military DAC’s) 32 Stereo FM voices (The famous Synclavier sound) Resynthesis (convert sample to FM ) SFM (Scientific anaylsis and manipulation of audio) Microsecond sample accuracy 10 minutes dedicated MegaRAM 100Khz stereo sample input (Highest quality convertors) VPK keyboard – the famous big black keyboard with real piano feel Massive sound library collection (inc. many famous user sounds) Full SMPTE time code tracking in slow motion too! Dedicated Synclavier software – all you will ever need! 200 track sequencer with full Real Time Effects manipulation Full Music Laser Scripting System 32 in, 128 out MIDI + MTC tracking 16 dynamically assigned balanced line audio outputs. Records and Plays any sample rate from 1Khz to 100khz. True full 16 bit resolution right down to zero volume Suitable for full music score and sound design from one system. Model D High Speed Processor with Mac422 option (Includes a NuBus Mac to operate the system) 6 Days total record time across 16 tracks Any record or playback from 1Khz to 100Khz True full 16 bit resolution right down to zero volume Fastest editing interface for Disk recording Still wins blind listening tests today for pure quality Suitable for very long recording projects (6 hour dramas no problem) Automatic seemless editing. True non destructive editing and cross fades. Military spec build quality, it will last as long as you. no need to swap between software modules or synchronise – press start and the systems run together phase locked from the same sequencer This Machine comes with everything shown within the ad. Also you will receive the ribbon cables and wires.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“This listing is for a New England Digital Synclavier VK-1 9600 Tapeless Studio and Direct-to-Disk tower with the VPK keyboard and full assortment of accessories, computers and cabling.

We received this system from a renowned effects designer and film composer here in Los Angeles. He had the system LOADED and is one of the more powerful and complete systems you will find. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“For sale is a used NED Synclavier VPK keyboard. This is the keyboard portion only and doesn’t include the tower. It does however come with the original case, which the keyboard will ship in. This particular unit was once owned by Mick Jones of Foreigner and his brother Kevin. It has been safely stored in an attic for several months. Last I checked it was in full working order, though it does have it’s share of blemishes from normal use which can be seen in the photos. If you’re looking for a tower to match the VPK, please ask and I’ll put you in touch with the right people. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“ou are bidding on a New England Digital NED Synclavier II ORK keyboard. Physical condition is outstanding apart from some mild damage to the wooden end cheeks, also a very light scratch on the rear of the unit. The bottom A key sits a little lower than the others, so the bushing may need to be replaced, a full set of bushings is around £30. I have had quotes of around £2500 upwards to complete this system with the various processing hardware components/combinations. I’d be happy to forward those details to the buyer if needed. This is a very reluctant sale, ideally I’d like to have the work completed however I have several other projects and can’t really afford to complete all of them.

This is a very rare opportunity to get a core component for the highly collectable and extremely rare NED Synclavier II system. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Vintage NED Synclavier II ORK controller keyboard in TOP, almost never used condition.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“CONDITION OF ITEM: This entire system has been gone through by SynHouse in LA. It is fully functional as is; however, depending on the end-user’s goals, there are a couple of adjustments that might be considered. SynHouse is very familiar with this system, and can take care of any adjustments/modifications. One thing to point out is that the 1-8 MTB Outputs aren’t working properly… the right channels don’t seem to work. 9-16 MTB Outputs work fine, but you have to path them correctly every time you boot the system. This entire system is in EXCELLENT physical condition!!! All components show physical signs of normal use through the years, but nothing too major. The tower does not have the door covers.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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(“As is”, Customer Pickup Only, No Returns)

I hate to sell this Synclavier, but my business is changing and I need the floor space for other purposes. It’s a gorgeous instrument that produces great sound. In a nutshell, this unit was purchased with a 4-track New England Digital Direct-to-Disk recorder. The Direct-to-Disk was later superseded by ProTools in my studio. The Sample-To-Memory module, which is the module that lets you record sounds into the system, was pulled from the Direct-To-Disk and moved into the Synclavier. I don’t remember now, but some other parts might have been moved into the Synclavier also.

So, what you’re getting when you buy this is a Synclavier plus parts of a Direct-to-Disk system. If you buy it, you might want to shift parts around around to reconstitute the Direct-to-Disk (additonal parts probably needed). Also, I’ve been told that — with additional parts — it can instead be reconfigured into a second Synclavier (for which you would need an additional keyboard).

Included with this are the flight cases and wires that came with the system. The keyboard stand is also included. The full list of items is in the Summary of Features, below.

Summary of Features:

Decent condition, but in need of some repair. The sampled voices work fine. The FM voices are not working: It might need a new FM card or it could be something as simple as re-seating a card. 16 sample voices and 8 FM voices. 12 Mb RAM. 1 MIDI-In and 4 MIDI-Outs with 16 MIDI channels per output. NED Sample-to-Memory Sampling Module. 2 Winchester hard drives. 1 5-1/4″ floppy drive. Variable sampling rate can be set by user from 1 KHz to 100 KHz.

More Details:

– keyboard with custom stand

– mainframe tower on wheels

– 2 SCSI Hard Drives*

– 5-1/4″ Floppy Disk Boot Drive

– Morley pedal

– Macintosh Power Mac 8100/100 with 500 mhz Sonnett upgrade card (Booting this Mac can be iffy: sometimes requires holding shift to turn extensions off)

– Apple Multiple Scan 20 display CRT monitor

– software disks

– New England Digital Timbre Library I and Timbre Library II on 5 1/4″ floppy disks

– New England Digital Meter Bridge

– Flight Case for mainframe tower on wheels and flight case for keyboard (no wheels).

Also includes a 2nd tower on wheels that was formerly a New England Digital Direct-To-Disk recorder and a smaller, secondary “pod” (case with rack) that came as an upgrade and housed the Direct-To-Disk backup tape drives. The towers and pod contain 19-inch racks. Includes heavier external flight cases on wheels that are also included. The flight cases have scuff marks, but they are big, rock solid, well-padded, and in good condition. The 2nd tower and “pod” can be used as equipment racks housed in their own cases while their outer flight cases can be used for other equipment. Or, as noted above, by purchasing additional parts, you can consider having this 2nd rack reconfigured as a Direct-to-Disk recorder or as a second Synclavier.

*The two SCSI hard drives are wired to a single power unit/transformer.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“This is a complete two-keyboard Synclavier system – comprising both a Synclavier I and a Synclavier II. It has two racks and two computers, one for each keyboard. There is an innovative switching system so one monitor services both computers. It is in excellent cosmetic condition, the keyboards have a few minor nicks here or there but nothing you’ll notice from 12″ away. These units have been fully restored by John Hill, noted Synclavier expert. Comes with all cables, hard drives, a full complement of sounds. It is not likely you will find a more complete system anywhere. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Synclavier @ 26 July 2011, Comments Off on Synclavier II

“This unrestored Synclavier II system has been in storage at a university for decades. It has not been powered up for years, and is being sold “as is” for parts or restoration. Please see the photos for what is included; seller does not have access to a technician qualified to evaluate the condition of the instrument. There are four five-card sets mounted in the slots inside the main unit. The instrument comes in 4 heavy-duty road cases with wheels; cases are in good condition.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Synclavier @ 17 May 2011, Comments Off on Synclavier 9600

“Synclavier 9600 workstation in excellent condition, originally owned by Mick Jones of Foreigner fame . Currently non-operational. It powers up, just needs to be hooked up properly. Comes with everything seen in the photos. Includes all original manuals floppy disks, and cables. Comes with 40 note polyphony expansion. Everything is 100% road-cased, ready to truck anywhere.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Synclavier @ 23 November 2010, Comments Off on Synclavier PSMT

“Amazing Synclavier PSMT system.

Still used for sound design to this date!!!
(Harry Potter, Batman, etc, etc)

Fully restored, repackaged, converted to 240V & overhauled by UK Synclavier service.
This machine was (one of 5) used at legendary Tape Gallery studios in London.

Fully expanded – 60 voices, 64MB RAM,
100KHz stereo sampling
FM Synthesis & re-synthesis (mix sampled sounds with FM)
100KHz direct-to-disk recording (with external SCSI drives) this section is not converted to 240V, but there is a power supply ready to be replaced.
MIDI 4 in / 4 out

Comes with new PCI card that resides in MAC G4, with software emulating front panel, etc.
You can use FireWire disks for storage now.

Keyboard is in near mint condition…(hard to believe this baby is 25 years old)

Electronics are situated in tall (original Synclavier blue) rack case.

Lots of accessories – meter bridges, diagnostic tools, manuals, original disks, cables, etc.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Synclavier @ 09 November 2010, Comments Off on Synclavier II Guitar Interface

“Very rare Synclavier II digital guitar system. This interface hooks up to a Roland gr300 guitar unit and to the synclavier II. The unit it 110v, I have never powered it up, It would require a service. Handy as a back up if you have one already. All cables included” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Synclavier @ 10 August 2010, Comments Off on New England Digital Synclavier PSS System

“This listing is for a New England Digital Synclavier PSS system with V/PK keyboard. I just had the system gone through by Synhouse and am adding more detail to the description to the system this time round (cause apparently I didn’t know what I was talking about 🙂
I had Synhouse totally go through the system and also add a keyboard interface so you can use the V/PK keyboard. He originally built the system himself thus I had him come over to make sure it was in top working order.
Here’s some more detailed info about the system..

16 panning PSV polyphonic sampling voices
12mb of polyphonic sampling RAM.
It has been upgraded to the highest D processor and is running DEMAS 5.1 software
SCSI Winchester Drive Option
9.1 GB Hard Drive Full with over 14,000 Sound Files including all Factory Sounds and most 3rd Party Sounds as well
MIDI Option with 1 Input and 4 Outputs
Rackmount Superfloppy Drive for Enhanced Reliability and Durability
Top of the Line 100kHz user stereo sampling option

The system itself is working perfectly. The keyboard does have a few issues which can be dealt with if you choose to. The ribbon controller is pretty much dead as well as 1 key is out in the upper octave. The issues can be addressed if necessary but you will have to pay for the service. Everything else is great. The rest of the keyboard and all buttons/display work great.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Synclavier @ 27 July 2010, Comments Off on Synclavier PSMT

“32 FM voices and 32 sampling voices with rates up to 100Khz.
The PSMTs are the best sounding synclavs.
It’s only for soundfreaks! Sounds still beyond anything else.
Each voice can run on it’s own sampling rate and tuning and each sequencer track can run on each own tempo with each own arpeggiator and each own different length loop! Now try that with
the latest and greatest. This is another machine that not many creative people worked on cause of the cost but it’s an endless goldmine. Ironically customer service and support is still well and alive in the UK and US with very cheap replacement parts and software that runs on the latest Mac OSX!
Keyboard has the prophet T8 mechanism with velocity and polyphonic aftertouch with plenty midi outs.
It has software version 5 with the notation option a 9 gig system drive and a 2.6 gig optical drive with various libraries Prosonus, Universal, NED etc.
Ii also has the big memory bin which allows easy memory expansion whithout the need for upgrade. It doesn’t contain the DTD system only the software option. It doesn’t have a mac but you can connect it through a provided serial to USB adaptor to any modern mac even the latest powerbook.
No wonder that still today a lot of film composers rely on the synclav.
Comes with spare 9 gig system drive, floppy drive and voice card, loads of sealed floppy boxes and a huge sound library and flight cases for everything.
Unfortunately I am closing my studio and my home studio has run out of space.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Synclavier @ 20 July 2010, Comments Off on Synclavier 6400

“Synclavier 6400 System with Keyboard, tons of Sounds + PCI cards

Synclavier PCI system configuration:

32 Poly Voices (PSV Cards)
32 Megabytes of Poly Memory (2 of 16 meg cards)
8 Multichannel outputs
Midi 1 in by 4 outs
Digital STM Sampling input
Velocity Pressure Keyboard
Mac G4 computer
Elco cable with multichannel output XLR’s
PCI cards and cable
Cables are 25 feet

We will include tons of sounds on a 1 Terabyte drive!

Detailed set-up instructions and protocol included.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Synclavier @ 22 June 2010, Comments Off on New England Digital Synclavier 9600

“With spare parts, 64 voices, 64 MB, Keyboard with case, Magnetic optic drive.
Works fine. It is in Mexico. (Apple computer is missing)” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Synclavier @ 15 June 2010, Comments Off on Synclavier II

“This listing is for a Synclavier II (PMST 16 voice version) system with Mac interface/computer, SCSI upgrade, 4 Gig synclavier library, and MIDI upgrade. The unit is 100% functional and was gone through by Synhouse a few years ago. Well maintained and hardly used in a smoke free studio. Will come with all cables as well. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.