Roland MKS-50

“Here we have an awesome MKS-50 working perfectly all 6 voices work perfectly the display is nice and bright (see photos) as you can see from photo one the B (user) group works so you can store your own presets right now all the factory presets are there which I love,there is no manual but can be downloaded from Roland

Someone changed the power cord don’t know why it was like that when I got it works well,there are some scuffs on the unit looks like rack rash although I’ve never had it in one,it’s barely been used and kept in a cool dry place non-smoking any questions I answer quickly

A little more about this synth not only does it have fat brass and bass sounds which you expect it has amazing bell and organ sounds as well ,there are some very good SFX too.Chances are if you’re looking at this you know what it does but when testing today I couldn’t believe the sound as opposed to digital keyboards Anyhow I have to sell for medical bills but when I heard it I wanted to keep it but it has to go!!”
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