MKS-50, PG-300, Roland @ 02 July 2017, Comments Off on Roland MKS-50 with Roland PG-300 Programmer

“This auction is for a vintage Roland Roland MKS-50 Rack-Mount Synthesizer & GP-300 Programmer. Both the MKS-50 and PG-300 are in excellent cosmetic and perfect operational condition (see photos).” Link

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” Roland MKS 50 Synth Module + PG-300 controller. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.”

MKS-50, Roland @ 01 January 2017, Comments Off on Roland MKS-50

mks50 “This is used, see pictures for physical condition. Rack unit only, no manual, midi cable and no power cord. Was tested yesterday by a professional keyboard player, tested 30+ of the patches through a yamaha MM6 and a bass amp. I am selling as is and will only accept returns if it is not as I listed. Buyer pays actual shipping.” Link

MKS-50, Roland @ 08 May 2016, Comments Off on Roland MKS-50

mks-50 “This is from my deceased father’s hobby synthesizer setup. See my other auctions this week for additional rack mounted components as well as the rack” Link

MKS-50, Roland @ 15 November 2015, Comments Off on Roland MKS-50

mks560This unit was part of my multi-module MIDI set up for several years. I bought this as a rack-version replacement of my beloved Juno 6. It is digital, not analog, and is modeled after the Alpha Juno, but the parameters are similar to the Juno 6, so it was easy for me to navigate.

This unit had a bent volume control knob on it when I bought it used in the late 80s. I figured that trying to bend it back might break it so, so I kept my hands off it. The knob is solid and turns smoothly; it’s just crooked. (see photos)

It is in excellent working condition and ships with Roland’s unique non-grounded IEC power cord and a Xerox-like copy of the manual. (Not the original manual) No audio or MIDI cables are included.” Link

MKS-50, Roland @ 11 October 2015, Comments Off on Roland MKS-50

mks-50 “Vintage Roland Mks-50 Synthesizer Module

Excellent clean condition .

Missing three of its sticky feet on bottom .

Please view all photos before bidding ..

Tested working !!

This is a vintage original item working

**there is internal memory battery inside not sure of the age but it’s holding all its memory just fine .

Comes with rare power cable !!!” Link

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mks50pg300 “Selling MKS-50 and PG-300” Link