Roland Alpha Juno 2 Project Machine

“Roland Juno-2 Keyboard Analog/Digital Polyphonic Synthesizer May Need Work JU-2
This comes with the case and the memory cartridge. We are not musicians, and have never used a keyboard before. But we were not able to get it to work. When plugged in, the red light comes on as shown in the 2nd and 3rd photo. I pushed lots of buttons and dials and couldn’t make it play. I may be doing it all wrong, more likely it needs some work. We’re selling it as-is. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland Juno 106

“For sale is a Roland Juno 106 keyboard and flight case. This was purchased by Editors member Chris Urbanowicz and was used on number one albums “An End Has A Start” and “In This Light And On This Evening” as well as a touring synth for the third album.

It’s been tested and all the presets and buttons appear to be working as they should. The only discrepancies are some residue from gaffa tape which contained live notes and the Roland signature on the back being sharpied into Poland. (See photos)”
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Roland D-10 Project Machine

“Roland D10 – Vintage 80’s Multi-Timbral Linear Synthesizer – spares or repair.

Tested and checked by an audio electronics workshop. It powers on OK but some keys/ functions do not work and it has a button that is permanently stuck in the ‘down’ position. See photos.”
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Roland Juno 60

“Up for sale is a Roland Juno-60.

There are two issues to be aware of. The first is, the memory bank does not save new patches. It has patches stored and can recall the ones that are currently stored, but is not able to overwrite and save new patches. So please new aware of this before buying.

So this kind of makes it somewhere between a Juno-6 and Juno-60, in that it cannot save patches, but can be fully set up and synced with other machines. I personally used a Kenton Pro-DCB and it worked very well.

The second issue is, the selector switch in the DCO section for LFO, manual, and Envelope is broken and needs to be replaced. It is currently set on LFO. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland Juno 60

“Working perfectly, recently serviced.

Love this keyboard to death. Have owned it for about 10 years, got it serviced a year ago. I’ve amassed quite a collection of keyboards and don’t use it much any more, so I figure it makes sense to sell it and buy new gear with the money.
Everything works perfectly, tuning is stable, all pots and faders are perfect.
Cosmetically it’s pretty much flawless except for the end wood parts, which are a little bit blemished. besides that it hardly has any blemishes.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland JX-3P

“Classic Roland JX-3P 61 Key Keyboard Analog Synthesizer with FREE SHIPPING, insurance included

We purchased this unit in non-working condition and had it professionally repaired. Everything works. Has general wear average for its age. We also replaced 8 of the original screws which were missing

Includes a free case, (not the original and nothing to write home about but it makes a great shipping crate)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland SH-3A

“Roland SH-3A monophonic synthesizer

Looks 8.5 of 10
Looks a bit aged but in good shape. Please see pictures.

Works 10 of 10
Everything works as specified, overhauled before shipping to have long life and to keep original sounds.

Work list (Excerpt) :

Change all elec. caps with new ones.
Change all power transistors with new ones.
Keys knobs, sliders, other switches and jacks cleaning.
Adjustment.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland System 100m

“Hello friends,

Up for sale my cherished Roland 100m mini system.
Very hard to come by in this complete and small footprint.

Classic vintage tone, built like a tank with a massive sound.

Pick up preferred from my smoke and dust free studio in Notting Hill, London.

The system is comprised of the following modules:

1 x System 100m – 190 modular housing case – 220 volt (UK spec)
2 x 110 modules: each with its own VCO/VCF/VCA
1 x 140 module: Dual envelopes and and LFO

Difficult to describe the frenzy regarding the tone until you hear it.”
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Roland MC-202

“Roland MC-202 with Kenton CV socket mod.

Excellent condition for age. Some very minor marks and wear – please see photos.

Fully working.

This has the Kenton 3 socket mod for CV, Gate and Filter.
The MC-202 internal CV & Gate sockets are only for programming the internal sequencer.
When played by an external MIDI > CV converter this introduces lag as it it processed through the CPU for the sequencer.
The Kenton mod bypasses the CPU for perfect CV & Gate input with additional filter control.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland Juno 106 Project Machine

“Please Read Before Bidding!!!!

Up For Auction!
Juno 106
Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer

This is working synth / for parts….please read

I’ve had this synth since 04′.
Lightly gigged, mostly studio based, never toured.
This Juno has some issues, and has been worked on. I’ll do my best to lay it all out here in the listing and show in pics . Was not able to upload a video of sound quality
Feel free to ask questions.

Comes with power supply, no case.
Turns ON! Works with issues.
patches and buttons work fine. Delay and Rate sometimes are shot (sometimes they work)

Main issue is internal. Might be voice chips? after a few minutes of play a note or two will get stuck ….then every 4th or 5th note is dead…you can still play but with an annoying stuck few notes. Has hiss / crackiling when volume is past three or four

I’ve had this board worked on three times. The problem seems to go away for a month or so…then returns.
I’ve had voice chips replaced twice. The Modulation wheel replaced once. A few slider caps were replaced over the years from falling off and getting lost into the abyss.

No cracks or breaks to the frame, but with cosmetic damage. scratches, light dings, dots along the JUNO logo on the top right of console. Those dots came with the board when i purchased it. light marks to the keys ( I used to put dry erase markers for memory )

All light and buttons work fine. and patches save fine. Again, Main problem is inside the board.

I’ve NEVER opened this up myself. No idea what the inside looks like or what I would even need to look for. Only tech/repair have opened up the unit.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland Juno 106 Project Machine

“Condition.There are signs of use due to use and storage.There are no ups and downs on the keyboard.About the operationWe attempted to check sound output with our equipment, but were unable to obtain sound output confirmation.We could only confirm that the power was turned on.We are selling it as junk due to the above reasons.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland SH-09

“Roland SH09 from the late 1970’s.

Pretty good nick for its age, see images for the odd bit of wear and tear.

Working fine, the only issues are keys occasionally re-trigger and some of the switches are a bit stiff, so would benefit from a service to bring it up to full speed.

Condition reflected in auction start price…

Copy of manual included, not original.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland SH-101

“The SH-101 is very cool, especially for techno, drum&bass and ACID! It’s a monophonic bass synthesizer. Its sound lies somewhere between the TB-303 and a Juno bass sound. It has a lot of simple but cool features. You can control the VCF, pitch, LFO or all from the pitch bender. It has a white noise generator, arpeggiator with up, down and up/down patterns and a simple real-time sequencer. The LFO offers random, sine, square or noise waveforms. And normal or auto portamento effects give you that elastic bass sound. There are external clock inputs for the sequencer and arpeggiator, CV/GATE inputs and outputs and a CV hold pedal.

For a 40 year old bit of kit it’s in great condition, no battery leakage in the battery compartment. All sliders, knobs, buttons, leds are all functional and not bent or deformed. Such an amazing classic sound that this synth produces.

There is slight damage to one of the keys as can be seen in the photo. Please note the key to the left of the damaged key seams to not be functional/temperamental. Could be the switch either needs replacing or having a bit of contact cleaner on it. Personally I don’t want to open up such a classic/vintage synth to diagnose the issue. ”
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Roland SH-101

“Treasured SH-101 that I’ve owned from new (1985). Excellent working condition with signs of age related cosmetic wear – slight discolouration on either end (see last photo).Reluctant to part with it, but would rather see it used. In original box with owner’s manual and receipt. Featured on T-Coy’s Carino.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland CR-5000

” Roland cr 5000 drum machine in fully working order. Somebody has painted the tan to a glossy black. The power switch has been changed to the flick switch type. Otherwise from those 2 cosmetic issues this thing is a great looking and working unit. ”
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Roland JP-8000

“Roland JP-8000 with reprinted manual and DVD training course

Fully functional

The main board has been compleatly recapped, not just one or two problem capacitors, all of them. replaced battery.

( If you own one or want one this service will be needed at some point )

Re initialized and calibrated.”
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Roland JX-8P

“See photos for all details on condition. Has scuffs and scratches on multiple sides, but most are only visible under close inspection. Looks very nice for it’s age overall and more importantly sounds greats and plays as it should!”
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Roland Jupiter 6

” ROLAND Jupiter 6 Vintage Synth JP-6 Clean w/ Flight Case. Refurbished and Tested. Fantastic condition for its age!

Here it is. If you’re like me, you’ve been lusting after this keyboard for years. I’ve been playing, buying and selling analog synths since the late ’90s and this has always been a “holy grail” instrument for me. Last year I went to Tokyo and made my dreams come true and picked this baby up! Seller had a retired Roland tech inspect and refurb it prior to my purchase. If/when you open it up, you’ll see the inspection sticker. Since its from Japan, its 110V not 120V by the way.

Since owning it, I have used it on several projects. Nothing sounds like it!! In June one of the voices died, so I replaced it w/ a NOS CEM3340 (see the last pick). Its all tested, setup, and ready to go. Synth is lovingly packed in a Gator Flight case and I will ship w/ insurance.

Why am I selling such a beast? Baby on the way, and I need the space and the funds :-(. And I honestly have a nice collection of 70s/80s Rolands, so I will survive.”
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