Roland, TB-303 @ 18 March 2018, “No Comments”

“Roland TB-303 Bassline. Fully functional and ready to ship.

Note: occasionally double triggers a note when programming a bass line. May just need to clean the contacts but I’m not a certified Roland tech so I can’t be sure. ” Link

Juno 6, Roland @ 18 March 2018, “No Comments”

” The Bender wheel tip broke off, still fully operation see image close up
There is a dent around the Bender wheel and VCF DCO sliders. Does not affect any functions.
The Key transpose button is missing. Still functions perfectly
Few sliders have a slight bend but nothing serious, all function great.
The Chorus I & II buttons don’t stay engaged. Only work when pressed and hold down.
Side panels have wear.
All keys function, sounds perform, all other features work great. No sticky keys, no dead keys. No broken keys. The outer casing has surface wear and scratches. The juno will be professionally packaged. ”

Roland, TR-808 @ 18 March 2018, “No Comments”

“Listing is for the CLASSIC Roland TR-808, I have owned this machine since 2004, and have put no more than 10 hours on this machine.
The face is extremely clean, and has a factory fit plastic shield with Japanese lettering that has helped to keep the beauty of this machine intact.

Everything functions properly and sounds great.
The custom suitcase is foam padded and a good fit if you need to move this machine anywhere.

Only down side is some minor corrosion on the outside of the battery cover (see picture), battery compartment is clean.”

“Backup instrument. Mint new condition, only tested.” Link

Roland, TR-707 @ 18 March 2018, “No Comments”

“All buttons, knobs, and sliders work. No issues with LCD screen. Comes with a power adapter not pictured. Was stored inside a climate-controlled, smoke-free home. It was only used a couple times for a music project.”

“Fully restored Roland Juno 106 Analog Synthesizer working perfectly. Includes Juno 106 synth, US power cable and 1 extra 80017a voice chip.

All keys, slider caps, and buttons were removed and hand washed. Vacuumed and cleaned inside and out. All 6 voice chips had the resin removed to last for years to come. The one voice chip that was giving trouble when I purchased the unit has been socketed for easy removal in the future if needed. Includes one extra 80017a voice chip (resin removed) for replacement in the future if needed. Trouble tact switches were replaced for 1 touch operation.

This synth is my pride and joy. I am only selling this because I was recently layed off. My loss is your gain. Any questions, contact me and I will respond as soon as possible. ”

Juno 6, Roland @ 18 March 2018, “No Comments”

“synthesizer works fine.

-one key has been broken but has been seamlessly glued back together.
-the side panels could stand to be replaced.
-env and manual lfo operator switches need to be replaced (they can still be operated by inserting a pen)”

MC-202, Roland @ 18 March 2018, “No Comments”

“This listing is for a like-new Roland MC-202 analog synthesizer/sequencer. It is in fantastic, fully-functional shape with only two marks on the bottom of the synth. The 202 has not been modded or altered in any way and has seemingly rarely ever been used. The 202 is very similar to the Roland SH-101, though the 202 sports a much more advanced sequencer. Even the box is in good shape. A proper 9V power supply will be included with the synth. Good luck and happy bidding!” Link

MRS-2, Roland @ 18 March 2018, “No Comments”

“If you’re looking at this, then you know what it is. I recently bought this from a real ‘synth guy,’ who went over it and serviced it… made it good for years to come. He replaced the battery, re-capped it, and cleaned it up. If you’ve been looking for a great Promars in very good-excellent condition, then this is the one… Also probably the only one available online that ships from inside the United States. It is in 100% perfect working condition.

In the interest of full disclosure, here is a fully transparent (to the best of my ability) description of the synth’s condition, with any and all ‘little’ things that one would want to know:

All original sliders, knobs, buttons, switches, etc. are present and accounted for. There is no writing or stickers anywhere- as far as cosmetic condition goes, there are some knicks on the wooden sides (visible in pics), a little bit of tape residue next to the word “Promars” on the face plate, and a little bit of rust/buildup on some of the screws (which could easily be replaced). Also, the Attack slider in the VCF section is slightly bent, but does not affect function. Synth stays in tune and tracks well.

Also, this is the Japanese version (100V), so you may want to get the appropriate voltage converter for this baby.”

“This keyboard is In Great condition and working order – Never left the studio” Link

” Up for sale is a Roland Juno 60 produced in 1983 in very good condition selling ‘as is’.
It’s missing a few bells and whistles but flaws are all basically cosmetic. (See pictures)
Even missing buttons and whatnot can still be pushed with ease.
A bit of the wood on the right panel has seen better times too.
Still. This beautiful sounding, warm angel of synthesis works very well and will be your favorite as it has been mine since I purchased it here on ebay 11 years ago.
This treasure is not easy to let go of, but I must.” Link

“Here’s a vintage original 1980s Roland Juno-106 Keyboard up for sale.

It works but not perfectly. It powers up and plays but it does not sound right. It sounds distorted a bit and not the way it is supposed to. This item is being sold as is for repair.

Keyboard is as pictured, for repair or parts, it’s complete with power cable, but some of the slider tips are missing. Most are there. ”

Roland, TR-808 @ 11 March 2018, “No Comments”

“Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer Drum Machine Includes pedal & 110 electric plug. Item is in good condition cosmetically with very little wear. Still has clear plastic cover that describes functions. Item us being Sold AS IS FOR PARTS. It does turn on, but you he to push the power button multiple times to get it to power on, once it powers on it plays a pattern, but it alternates between being stuck on that pattern and random patterns. It also freezes up at times.”

CR-68, Roland @ 11 March 2018, “No Comments”

” Has been tested and everything works. Nothing missing.” Link

Juno 6, Roland @ 11 March 2018, “No Comments”

“Original owner, very low usage never professionally played always stored in a dry clean environment. Still works very good. Will be shipped free of charge to lower 48 USA only full coverage insurance.” Link

MKS-80, Roland @ 11 March 2018, “No Comments”

“Tested recently before listing, there is the usual very small amount of noise heard on the volume slider only when being adjusted –
to give full disclosure – and something that can be expected from gear this age, but nothing at all that would hinder it’s use as it’s an
extremely warm and powerful synth. The display is fully functional however the backlight has dimmed out. This is the Rev 5 version
with the custom Roland VCO’s, designed to produce a highly desirable tighter bass sound that’s preferred in the studio. I don’t think
a synthesizer of this magnitude has been produced since, and being what I consider to be the best piece of gear I’ve owned – I’ve
taken a lot of pride in it’s ownership. Exclusively housed and used in a power conditioned and climate controlled environment. It’s
sound can be heard used by many famous artists. No dead voices or any voice problems that I’ve noticed, this is no doubt a rare gem.” Link

“Keyboard is in great shape all buttons work, with the exception of 2 Keys are broken, can be fixed at a music center.

Includes power cord” Link

D-50, Roland @ 11 March 2018, “No Comments”

“Works perfectly, has very minor cosmetic issues at all. Sounds great and comes with power cable. The pitch bender seemed to stop working, but I will attempt to fix that before shipping.

I only used it through a mono output and it had a minor scratchy sound to it but it may be just some part of the patches/configurations.” Link

JX-8P, Roland @ 11 March 2018, “No Comments”

” Roland JX_8P vintage keyboard synth up for sale. Synth is in great condition, everything is in working order, has some slight cosmetic wear. Comes with keyboard case and sustain pedal. I actually love this synth and use it regularly, I am only selling to help fund me for a project synth I am working on. ” Link

Roland, RS-101 @ 11 March 2018, “No Comments”

“Roland RS-101 String Synthesizer 70’s Vintage – This unit has some hard scratches, paint chippings and cosmetic wear, but fully operational and functional in pretty good condition. We have maintained this unit, serviced and repaired all the keys (Vintage RS-101 and 202 mostly have this key problem and needs to be serviced because the circuit aged.), tested all keys, knobs, switches, faders, outputs works fine. The hard case cover missing, ” Link

Roland, SH-101 @ 11 March 2018, “No Comments”

“Okay this needs NO introduction:

Ladies and gents the legendary SH101.

The tech at MPA just described this as “by far the best condition inside one of these I have ever seen”.

Been in my home studio for years with very light use and absolutely no stories or issues

I took high resolution close-up shots so you can see exactly the condition of this beauty.

Recent Full Service – 21st Feb 2018 including tuning AND intonation for the legendary tones AND true percussive sounds that often go missing with age. Cost £120 so factor that into any other item

The ONLY reason this is not listed as 100% mint is a scratch on the battery cover that I did about 8 years ago and the volume pot sometimes crackles on adjustment but NEVER in use. Advice on service was to leave alone and keep 100% original.

Complete with power supply this will be a gem in any studio / collection. I am setting this at a low low start so we can see exactly what these are really worth in this kind of condition and with recent service ” Link

Roland, SBX-80 @ 11 March 2018, “No Comments”

” Original genuine vintage ROLAND Juno-106 synth purchased new by me for over $1,000 in September 1986. Still works well, a little dirty pot noise occasionally when moving some of the sliders due to non use over the past few years but all sliders and buttons work. Original chips and board & working LED’s, no modifications. All keys work. Natural wood bottom gives it some weight. Nice addition to a studio or to add some warm strings and 80’s style patches to your music.” Link

Roland, SBX-80 @ 11 March 2018, “No Comments”

“PHYSICAL CONDITION: Excellent – All of the buttons, knobs, and switches are in excellent condition! There are some light scratches on the screen and casing. Overall, this item is in near-mint condition!” Link

D-110, Roland @ 11 March 2018, “No Comments”

“This is a great Roland D 110 multi Timbral Sound Module with Midi In, Midi Out, and thru.

Great sounds, very late 80’s early 90’s vibes.

It come with a new midi cable. The LCD screen is good and it all works perfectly. It was in a rack” Link

D-10, Roland @ 11 March 2018, “No Comments”

” This Roland synthesizer keyboard is in very good condition throughout.I am selling other musical equipment which can be seen on my other items for sale section.” Link

JD-800, Roland @ 11 March 2018, “No Comments”

“This is an iconic synth from Roland that I have owned and loved for 25 years. It has only had studio use and has been well looked after.
Unfortunately these synths suffered from failure of key contacts, so a few years ago I had mine replaced with a full working keyboard. This lasted only a short time before also failing. So what you have here is a very capable synth that can only be played via another midi keyboard/sequencer. All other switches and sliders are working correctly.” Link

JX-10, Roland @ 11 March 2018, “No Comments”

“Roland Super JX-10 Analog Synthesizer Keyboard w/ custom case & stand MINT AS NEW FLAWLESS SHAPE (ONLY USED A FEW TIMES

Juno 60, Roland @ 11 March 2018, “No Comments”

“There’s plenty online about the Roland Juno 60, and if you’re looking to buy one chances are you know all about it already so I won’t list technical spec etc here.

I bought this Juno 60 from the original owner around 20 years ago. It’s been used in the home on and off but more recently has been stored in my loft. I decided to move it on simply as I realise storing it but not using it is keeping it out of circulation and there will be an enthusiast out there who would love to own and use it!

It’s in very good physical condition as you can see from the photos. Some slight knocks and bumps but nothing more than you’d expect from an instrument of this age. I’ve plugged it in and played it today and so far as I can tell everything is working as it should. To be absolutely clear the volume knob creates a crackle when you turn it as do some of the keys and some keys occasionally lose contact – but I suspect this would be easily sorted. To be honest the more I played it this morning the more these issues reduced so it could just need to stay in use for a while, but I wanted to be clear about this issue up front. ” Link

MC-202, Roland @ 11 March 2018, “No Comments”

“My beloved MC 202 up for sale
reluctant sale

works perfectly and comes with fairly new power supply
has a chip out of one corner (see photo)” Link

MC-202, Roland @ 04 March 2018, “No Comments”

“My beloved MC 202 up for sale
reluctant sale

works perfectly and comes with fairly new power supply
has a chip out of one corner (see photo)” Link

JP-8000, Roland @ 04 March 2018, “No Comments”

“A Roland JP8000 Virtual Analogue Synth in mint condition.

Barely played since buying last year – great synth for 90’s/early 2000’s sounds. Home of the supersaw!!

In full working order, have had no problems with it, think the ribbon modulator needs resetting but thats an easy fix. I am not accepting returns as I need it gone at this point.” Link

Roland, TR-707 @ 04 March 2018, “No Comments”

“Working vintage drum machine in good cosmetic shape. Does have a crack in clear plastic screen, pictured and some adhesive tape residue from previous owner. I have owned and used this machine in my smoke free studio for the past 15 years. Original power and manual included. Battery compartment is clean. ” Link

Roland, SH-1000 @ 04 March 2018, “No Comments”

“Offered for sale we have a Nice Roland Model SH-1000 Vintage Analog Synthesizer. Could not completely test functions. Has low volume through an amplifier so we are selling it as-is!” Link

JX-8P, Roland @ 04 March 2018, “No Comments”

“In nice condition for a 30+ year synth showing normal wear. Minor scuffs as highlighted in the photos. Includes power cable.” Link

“Bought in 2002. Beautiful sound, almost human sounding! Played it a lot for many years, then put aside, to be played only occasionally, and then not at all. Stored in temp and humidity controlled studio. When I brought it out a few years ago, there were some problems that had developed. The initial gain control seems stuck on the release envelope. Its not a bad quality if you keep playing, but after you finish a note, the sound doesn’t die out. I have remedied this by hooking up a Moogerfooger filter module, and turning the initial gain down. This way I can have the beautiful Roland filter as well as the Moog fatness to switch back and forth between. Several of the sliders are noisy also. The 2 that are needed to tweak sounds the most-the filter cutoff and filter env amount-are especially noticeable. The rest not too bad. It could use a good cleaning. Everything else works just fine, and the cosmetic condition is very good. Its a very cool looking synth-Rolands first ones had a future retro look about them. Did not come with a manual, but its pretty self explanatory.” Link