Roland Juno 6

“The Roland Juno-6 is a six-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer that was released in 1982. It is sonically identical to the Juno-60(one of the most important synthesizers in popular music), and features classic, sought-after sounds that defined a generation of synthesizer-based music in the 1980’s. The most significant difference between the Juno-6 adn the Juno-60 is the Juno-6’s lack of porgrammable patch memory. However, the Juno-6 is full of other enticing features, such as arpeggiation, stereo chorus, LFO modulation, and more. This unit is in very good condition, with some signs of age and use, including some scratches and other marks. The keyboard has been sitting unused for many yeras, but all keys and functions check out. Serial #365328. I have 7 more pictures available if you email and ask for them (ebay only allowed 12) Sold as is.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland Jupiter 4

“Roland Jupiter 4 Synthesizer keyboard. Condition is “Used” but in Great working condition. Shipped with USPS Parcel Select Ground.
Willing to sell to a fellow music lover who will appreciate & transform this instrument back into the sound it deserves to be heard. Has only been played with Love & Passion <3" Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland JX-8P

“For sale is a Roland JX 8P Fully Analog Synthesizer 61 Key Six Note Polyphonic.
The item has some wear on it from previous use, but for its age it is working great!
Tested and no flaws!
All keys work, no chips or cracked, all buttons are intact.
No memory card.
Please view pictures for visual description.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TR-707

“Roland TR-707 rhythm composer drum machine in excellent condition with original box.

Available from Gear Church. “We Buy Your Church’s Used Music & Production Equipment. What’s in Your Closet?”

-Excellent condition (Single owner, no abuse or damage. Just small marks.)

-Works perfectly. No functional issues. Power supply and manual included inside original box.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland SH-2

“I bought this SH-2 from Japan about a year ago. I brought it to my tech guy, and it was professionally converted to 120v from 100v. So it is ready to be played in USA!

It’s in mint condition. Everything works perfectly. (There is a thin scratch line on back panel, and that’s the only scratch I can find.) You can check the YouTube video I made with the unit. What you see in the video is what you get. (Link is below. Please copy and paste the link to watch.) It comes with a brand new case by Analog Cases.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland SH-1000

“Up for sale is a Roland SH-1000 Used Synthesizer Keyboard, For Parts Or Repair, you get exactly what’s in pictures, for parts or repair, AS-IS. This was bought at a storage unit sale and sorry I know very little about vintage Synthesizer Keyboards therefore I am selling as seen in pictures and as I bought it. Here’s what I do know; I plugged a cord into the outlet on the synthesizer and plugged the other end into a receiver’s mic access. I turned it on and got it to play all the individual instruments on the far right side, and all seem to function as they should. Some played extra notes, but I think they’re supposed to do that, but not sure. There are 3 keys that are missing / broken, 2 far left and 1 in the middle all still can be turned on and off.
That was all that I tested,
other than that, all switches, knobs, etc, turn smoothly, as they should.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland JX-3P

” Vintage Roland JX-3P Analog Synthesizer

Kiwitechnics Kiwi JX3P Upgrade (feature list):

Kiwitechnics Patch Editor (feature list):

Serviced by Belltone Synths in Philadelphia.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland JX-8P

“Roland jx-8p Keyboard. Condition is “Used”.

Great shape, works perfectly minor wear from use, but affects nothing. Will come with power cord and manual on thumb drive.

Back up for sale due to a shipping issue, which has been resolved. Already packaged, ready to seal and ship.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland CSQ-600

“Roland CSQ-600 Sequencer – new battery, printed manual, free US shipping. Condition is “Used”.

OK, be honest, you thought cv/gate was mostly a real-time thing or relegated to expensive boxes like the Cirklon.
You love your SH-101 and you fondly remember all those cool sequences you used to come up with on it that are now lost forever in time.


The CSQ-600 is one of those cool Roland products they made back when they cared about music and musicians. Yes, it can record and play back cv/gate sequences. Fine.

It can also let you program in rests and glides and you have control over tempo and it syncs up your CR-78 (you do have a CR-78, don’t you? tssk, tssk if not) or some other DIN Sync box.

You also can do some cool real time switching between saved sequences. The CSQ is smart enough to switch on the loop point for seamless transitions plus there’s a metronome so you can press keys in time, and a ton more.

I’m including a printed manual so you can get all the juicy details of how to connect it and use it to the fullest. I also replaced the battery since 40 year old NiCads tend to leak and destroy circuit boards. The original battery in here started to leak, but it wasn’t bad and I cleaned up the area before installing a new battery. You might want to ask sellers of other CSQs if the battery has been replaced. You’re not saving anything if not and likely you’ll be in for an expensive corrosion-damaged repair down the road (just ask PolySix owners, knowhatImean?)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland Juno 106

“This has been fully gone through by Switched On in Austin Texas. This Roland Juno 106 plays and functions as if it was brand new. Everything was cleaned and tightened up. Capacitors changed, chorus section checked out, all contacts cleaned, Even the faulty sound chips have been upgraded to the Analogue Renaissance Chips! So no worry about sound chips dying, which with Juno 106’s…’s not if but when! This thing is Perfect!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland JD-800

“Roland JD-800 Synthesizer JD800 Vintage Synth for sale Very It has just a few minor scratches that can seen mainly on the right end cap.There are no issues with any of the buttons and sliders. I’ll give the key bed a 9 out of 10. It has been stored in my non-smoking, air conditioned recording studio.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland JX-305

“Please note that I cannot ship this item and it is only available for pickup in the Portland, Oregon area. My other listings include a Korg Trinity Pro, Korg 168RC and Roland MC-303.

The JX-305 is a great groovesynth with a ton of sounds, including many from classic Roland synths. It also has an impressive sequencer and a rich selection of drum kits. I really love the patches on this synth, and it also has some great sound effects. The screen on this keyboard can be hard to read but everything else works properly. A power adapter is included.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TR-626

“The master volume does not control the master volume. It is essentially full volume no matter the position.

Beyond the above mentioned issue, it tested fine. I’m happy to check anything before the sale. Just ask.

The finish is as it appears. It is not great. There are a number of scratches. Most significantly, there is paint missing from the top. Likely at one time a cheat sheet was glued on and then ripped off. If cosmetics are an issue, you should pass on this 626. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Custom Roland JX-3PG Special Edition

“Housed inside an incredibly chunky wooden cabinet with inch-thick end caps, the perfectly-dubbed JX-3PG brings together a hard-to-find PG-200 controller and a standard JX-3P body. It’s a perfect alternative to using two separate units connected with a cable.

Built in 2007 by Jeff Toman of

Jeff has been designing & redesigning synths of incredible fashion for years. If you’re a fan of Jeff’s work you will recognize this synth immediately as it’s one of his most popular creations.

This synth also is equipped with a MIDI upgrade.

There is one note that is not making sound and I haven’t ever bothered to open it up and see what the issue is. I have a feeling it’s a very simple fix. Perhaps maybe even just a cleaning. But other than that this synth is 100% fully functional and sounds AMAZING.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland Alpha Juno 2

“Roland Alpha Juno 2. Condition is “Used”. Shipped with UPS Ground.

All keys work. It still has patches stored on it that I created 30 years ago! Sounds great!

The volume slider is missing a little knob from the top but still works. The pitch bender is loose but still functioning.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland Juno 106

“Up for sale is a really great iconic synth in great condition. For those looking, Im sure that we all know the classic maintenance problems that vintage Junos can have: the old voice chips eventually all go bad and the bucket brigade responsible for the classic Juno Chorus is known to fail, along with scratchy pots and sliders. Not to worry on this unit, I recently cleaned all the sliders and pots with deoxit and they sound great, especially the volume pot which seems to always sound scratchy with time. The voice chips have all been swapped with the much desired Analog Renaissance chips, ensuring the sound stays the same but makes the Juno future proof for a long time to come.

 The previous owner said there was an issue with the Chorus, where the VCA at max value would cause the Chorus to sound distorted. But upon closer inspection I researched and found the culprit to not be the irreplaceable bucket brigade chips but two transistors in the Chorus circuit. After replacing them the Juno Chorus worked better than ever. The only slight issue I could find on the Juno is the VCF frequency slider doesn’t seem to kick in until about the 4 notch, but then works perfect after that. Comes with really nice SKB hard case with wheels for easy transport.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland JD-990

“The JD-990 is in Good Cosmetic Condition for it’s Age.. Some Marks on Front Face.. Scratches/Scrapes Along Top Bezel & Case.. All Functions Fully Tested: Push Dials, Main Encoder Smooth Transitions With No Value Skipping, LCD Nice, Buttons Don’t Stick, Memory Card/Patch Data/Wave Slots Load/Saves/Formats, All Analog Outputs Clean, Headphones Port No Hum/Hiss, Internal Expansion Board Slot Operates, & All Software Commands Execute… Sound Quality Excellent..” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland JX-8P

“This product is Roland JX-8P Vintage Analog Synthesizer Keyboard.
・ I used to use it normally. It’s a good sound.
・ When portamento is applied, some keys may not be pronounced, but this is not a malfunction.
(I have confirmed that the keyboard changes depending on the settings, not the specific keyboard.)
-It is a characteristic of old synths, but it may cause a panic (some keys keep ringing if the sustain is long). Press the keys of 7 or more notes at the same time to return. It is not abnormal.
・ Gripping may occur.
-There are scratches as shown in the photo.
-There is a stain that looks a little yellow.
・ Accessories: Manual, soft case (general-purpose product has a feeling of use)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland SPV-355

“Am truly gutted to see this beauty go but the bat flu has wiped away all my savings and so needs must right now.

Beautiful analog Synth from Roland that has been extremely well cared for and only ever seen studio use.

The synth is in excellent condition and I replaced the majority of the slider caps with original replacements from Roland, which took forever. Most slider caps 40 years old from the Roland synths have dried out and crack and fall apart.

Will be packaged well and shipped with full tracking.” Click here to visit listing on eBay