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” Bought in 2006. Excellent condition and great sounds. Played it for 2 years before I became aware of the regulator problem. Mine has the original LM2940, which owners are advised to replace. The parts are extremely cheap, its the soldering that I cant do (have palsy in my hands), and was unable to find a tech that looked reliable, so I put the Fizz to rest. Haven’t played her in 10 years, but she’s in a temp and humidity controlled studio. After my initial search for a qualified tech, I haven’t tried again. I have a Waldorf XTk which I love, so I thought I would put the Fizz up for sale, and pare down a little on my synth collection. I’m hoping that there’s someone that knows about this wonderful synth that is also handy with a soldering iron, that will be interested. Comes with manual, but not the wall wort power supply. That was underpowered, and got lost somewhere in the shuffle. They are easy to find and inexpensive. You need a 9V with 1300-1500 mA. ” Link

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“USED Ensoniq FIZMO realtime transwave synthesizer.

I previously had this listed as not working. I thought this was in need of repair, but all along it was a bad power adaptor. I found a spare adaptor and the synth is indeed working great.

Will ship with original Ensoniq broken power adaptor and replacement Rocktron 9VAC 2A adaptor. Also includes original manual.

Overall good cosmetic condition with some wear from normal use – has some scuffs, marks, and scratches. The little red plastic LED screen cover is missing but the readout can be viewed as it is. I’m sure some red lighting film could be cut to place over the hole.

These are increasingly rare and sought after – some very cool sounds and unique functions.” Link

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“Hi there

I have for sale an extremely rare Ensoniq Fizmo looking for a new home. Owned from new by my partner (purchased around 97/98) and the synth has had limited use since that time.

The voltage regulator problem which dogged the Fizmo was fixed a few weeks after I purchased it and it’s worked flawlessly ever since.

Comes with Original Box, Manual and PSU. ” Link

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“This is the best example of a Fizmo I have ever seen. Tough to find even a slight scratch on it, and the inside components are good so you don’t have to worry about it dying on you.”

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“For your consideration I have a used Ensoniq FIZMO synthesizer with original manual. It sounds amazing and is 100% functional. This Fizmo comes from a clean smoke free home. Not only does it look cool it has great build quality. The keys have velocity, aftertouch and they still have great action. I will ship the synth in a $400 SKB flight case. The case is really nice, it has wheels, locks and key.” Link

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“Rare Ensoniq Fizmo synth!

I am the second owner and it sounds unbelievable.

There are a few marks on the synth (see pictures).

If your looking for weird atmospheric sounds, this is the holy grail. Roughly 500 or so units were made when it came out. No one knew what to think of it as it didn’t sound like anything else at the time (and even now) and from what I remember it did not sell well.” Link

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fizmo “I have a rare synthesizer for sale. The Ensoniq FIZMO was the last and best synth from Ensoniq. It is a great digital synthesizer with 64 memory positions each with 4 options to mix and blend and position on the 61 note touch and velocity sensitive keyboard. You can have multiple arpeggiators running on the 4 voices in each patch. It is very digital and built by the designers that brought out the Prophet VS back in the day. This is almost 20 years old but it is in pristine condition and even has the original manual. I need to make space for a new keyboard so I have to give one up and this is the one. The sound is very unique, very digital and sometimes astounding. The realtime controls, espescially the “Z” knob really makes it a player’s keyboard. Here is a chance to own a piece of history. Sorry,USA customers only, no international sales.” Link

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fizmo ” Selling my near mint Ensoniq FIzmo. It works perfectly and the voltage regulator mod has been done.
Dont take any chances on buying a Fizmo that hasnt had this performed, ALL FIZMOS WILL FAIL, ITS A FACT!!
Its not a matter of if but when! ESPECIALLY if the add says “light use” little to no use” etc.
If the VR mod has not been performed STAY AWAY!
Also be weary of VR mods that are hack jobs by untrained so called “techs”.
I sent my synth into the ONLY Ensoniq technician in the USA who does these things.
Look it up your self his website is “TheSoniq” .
The synth works perfectly and will last many years to come.
There is no other synth that comes close to this beast.
Kept in my professional smoke free studio always covered or in the case(not included)
Theres a teensy blem under the key bed see pic.
You will receive the fizmo, original box, original manual and a newer PSU I bought from Syntaur.” Link

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fizmo “Up for auction is one Ensoniq Fizmo synthesizer in good condition, very lightly used.
This has been serviced by a tech who did general maintenance, cleaning and replaced the factory power regulator with the correct one, a common mod on these boards.
Only functionality issue is mechanical; the program plus and minus buttons have to be pressed rather firmly for them to respond. A small issue for a tech to clean or replace the contacts. They do function correctly, just need to pressed harder than the rest of the buttons on the board. Otherwise 100%” Link

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ensoniq fizmo ” I have a very rare Ensoniq Fizmo that I must sell. It is in perfect working order and is in mint condition. I have the factory shipping box that it came in. It is a realtime transwave synth. You simply will not find a nicer synth like this anywhere.

F: Effect modulation.
I: Wave modulation.
Z: Filter cutoff.
M: Oscillator detuning.
O: Varies from Preset to Preset. (Sys4 mod)” Link

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fizmo“This was part of an estate sale buy. Vintage Ensoniq Fizmo synth. In the box was the synth, original packing and manual and a MC7805 voltage regulator. Had no idea why this was in there until I did a little research. Opened up the Fizmo and the voltage regulator modification has been done. Looks to be in excellent condition. Other than that I know nothing about this unit or it’s functioning condition. ” Link

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fizmo “This wonderful synthesiser is fully functional and in proper working condition.
The voltage regulator modification has been done for this unit.
All others buttons and features working just fine. Comes with the power supply.” Link

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fizmoFor sale is an Ensoniq Fizmo Transwave Synthesizer

One of the keys G#5 is not working and needs to be fixed/cleaned.” Link

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fizmo “If you’re reading, you’re probably aware of this synth’s reputation – simply put, it sounds like nothing else out there. Great at experimental sounds, drones and pads, bells, and evolving soundscapes.

This particular unit has the regulator fix, which is crucial and means that it won’t experience a failure. Everything functions perfectly. Please note that there are two cosmetic defects: 1) the volume knob is missing its endcap, 2) the “time” knob in the glide section is slightly bent. These are probably easy fixes, I just haven’t looked into it. Neither of these defects affect the performance of the synth at all – both knobs are perfectly turnable without trouble.” Link

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fizmo rack” Very Rare Ensoniq Fizo Rack! These units are extremely hard to find. This unit belonged to a former employee who bought the unit as the company was closing. It was the first unit made and was the production test unit. The Fizmo was ahead of it’s time with very original analog modeling sounds plus a mic in feature for vocoder effects.” Link

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fizmo “Ensoniq FIZMO 48 Voice Realtime Transwave Synthesizer

This listing is for one (1) Ensoniq FIZMO 48 Voice Realtime Transwave Synthesizer. Works great, powers up, all presets, knobs all work properly, all keys trigger,
no issues. This Fizmo has been serviced/repaired earlier this year and the regulator was replaced. I am the 3rd. owner, I have owned this since 2006, this Fizmo has been very reliable, I am selling this as I’ve never used it as much as I’d thought I would when I purchased it, it’s only been played about 24 (?) hours or less in the last nine years. This Fizmo is very clean, only light wear, never gigged, has been kept in a climate controlled smoke free environment, 1000ma replacement power adapter included, adapter was purchased from the company that replaced the regulator earlier this year. ” Link

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fizmoCleaned and tested fully functioning!One knob has been replaced. Very minimal wear (especially for its age!)” Link

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fizmo” Selling my Ensoniq Fizmo Synthesizer. If you’re looking at this, you probably already know how rare and awesome this synthesizer is. I bought it a few months ago and have just been really busy so I haven’t been playing it as much as I should, figured someone else with more time should have it.

Everything works perfect on it and it’s in great shape. the only real cosmetic flaw is the volume knob as you can see in the image. Apparently the previous owner had a cat and it chewed on it (from what he told me). Anyways, it doesn’t affect the knob at all, works just fine. The voltage regulator has been fixed too so no worries there and the power supply is included.” Link

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fizmo” If you are looking at this listing, you probably know what this is. You are looking at one of those super-rare Ensoniq Fizmo transwave synthesizers in outstanding condition. And yes, the power controller has been fixed. Comes with power supply.” Link

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fizmo” I am selling an Ensoniq Fizmo synthesizer keyboard. It is a very rare American made synthesizer. There is minimal cosmetic damage to the unit. Prior to being put into storage, the keyboard was kept in my smoke free home studio. It was never gigged. I was not able to check if the power regulator was updated or original, nor was I able to find out if this was from the original batch of units or from a later company updated batch. The clear plastic piece over the LED screen is missing, as is typical with these synthesizers. I cannot find the power cable, so the synthesizer will be sent without one. I recently took it out of storage, and seem to have lost it while moving houses.The last time I used the Fizmo, it functioned and sounded perfectly. However, since I am unable to test functionality and sound, it is being sold as is, and cannot be returned for any reason. I am selling it in order to get my car out of the auto-shoppe.” Link

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fizmo “I bought this along with some guitars and amps from a musician, I had to buy the lot but only wanted guitars so I’m selling this on. I’m not a keyboard player so can’t comment to much but had it checked over by Adrian at Synth restore in Bedford and he’s given it the thumbs up!” Link

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fizmo “Fully functioning Fizmo-model transwave synthesizer from Ensoniq. I purchased this new from Guitar Center many years ago. I cannot add any information about this unit that any seriously interested purchaser wouldn’t already know. Comes with manual and power supply.” Link

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“Ensoniq FiZmo keyboard in perfect working order, including original manuals. The only fault is the vinyl rubber of the volume knob has been partially shredded by a cat chewing on it. My fault for letting the cat in near the keyboards. The only reason said cat still breathes is that I don’t know which one did it and my innate sense of justice demands that only the culprit shall be prosecuted, preventing me from descending into the latitude of “the only good cat is a dead cat.” But, it was close, for a few seconds. The volume pot is fully functional, just, as can be seen in the photos, the knob is a little hairy. Gives it character. Also, at the moment, I am searching for the external power supply. It is 9 volt 1 amp AC, and it is in the room somewhere. Hopefully I will find it before the auction ends. It was an off brand power supply, not the original Ensoniq. If worse comes to worse, a replacement can be obtained just about anywhere. If found after shipment, it will be shipped under separate cover.
Anyone who is into wild and dreamy arps and effects will want a FiZmo. Its synthesis is transwaves, which are like regular wavetables except they can be entered into and exited from at any point, looped anywhere, and conjoined in any pattern imaginable. It has 48 note polyphony, and velocity and aftertouch sensitive keyboard. There are only a few hundred of these remaining in the world. If you love wild sounds and can’t find what you are looking to hear, this can help you create it.” Link

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fizmo“Ensoniq Fizmo

AKA – Purple Unicorn

In terms of nostalgia, this is something special in the world of Synthesizers. It is a transwave synth.

It’s capable of endless one of a kind pads. Endless creativity if you are only willing to dive into the instrument.

Yes fun on the surface and fun on the presets, but diving in you will find some amazing and lush creativity at your finger tips.

This isn’t a groove box or drum machine. It is a beautiful machine that stands out in time as one of the weirdest, wildest and always changing synthesizers.

Comes with Original Manual, Original Store Manual and Original Power Adapter.” Link

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“Unique keyboard manufactured in small quantities by Ensoniq. Excellent used condition both cosmetically and functionally. Power supply may be aftermarket — the original supposedly had issues, so this one may have been replaced. In any case, it has worked fine for years.” Link

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“Wir verkaufen für einen guten Zweck (Eselnothilfe):

einen sehr seltenen ENSONIQ FIZMO – Realtime Transwave Synthesizer als Keyboard-Version in Top Zustand (siehe Bilder)

Das Gerät wurde nur 2-3 Mal kurz im Studio eingesetzt und wartet seither auf gute Hände, die ihn zu schätzen wissen.

Der Besitzer hat das Gerät damals bei MusicStore neu gekauft und muß es nun leider verkaufen.” Link

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“Item is used but is in good working and cosmetic condition. Included is only the keyboard, charger and case.” Link

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“This listing is for one (1) Ensoniq FIZMO 48 Voice Realtime Transwave Synthesizer. Tested good, powers up. Fizmo is very clean, only light wear, never gigged, has been kept in a climate controlled smoke free environment, 1000ma power adapter included.” Link

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“Verkaufe sehr seltenen Fizmo rackversion.
Beliebt, viele Artikel im web über das Teil.
Einfach googeln ;)” Link

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“This FIZMO works perfectly and has some of the most interesting sounds I’ve ever heard and a great 80’s retro look. This keyboard is great for dance/electronic/new age/soundtrack work. The synth is midi compatible, with lots of on-board knobs and wheels, so it can double as an incredibly flexible midi controller. The ability to program this thing is astounding. ” Link

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” The beautiful and enigmatic Ensoniq Fizmo, transwave synthesizer. All metal construction bar two plastic end cheeks. In pristine condition apart from a tiny mark to the metal surface near the modwheel (see photos). Supplied with a new 9v AC 2ma power supply from Line6 (the Px-2).

Will put up some sounds later but this does not sound like PPG, Waldorf Microwave or even Access Virus wavetable. Instead you have 4mb of ‘transwaves’ and you can move through frames of sounds with much more fluidity. Instead of the spiky quality of PPG/waldorf wavetable you get buzzy, evolving sounds as well as the usual bell-like sounds that are typical to wavetable synths. The organs are very good on this as are the sound-beds.

It’s certainly not a ‘1st-synth’ or a ‘go-to’ synth, more like that something that can add something unusual the mix. Its very easy to pull off tangerine dream type sounds, because of the excellent arpeggiator. The effects are also special and courtesy of a separate DSP chip with the effects derived from the DP4/DP-Pro effects units..even now the effects beat anything you get on-board with the Virus or Waldorf synth. The ‘filter’ is digital but very resonant. The keys are ‘Fatar” semi-weighted with after-touch.

All pots/encoders have been cleaned, the unit has been cleaned inside. The keys are white and have not yellowed at all. I am the second owner, it has not been in gigged and has been stored/used in a smoke-free environment.” Link

Ensoniq, Fizmo @ 25 February 2014, Comments Off on Ensoniq Fizmo

“For sale is my Ensoniq Fizmo synthesizer.

In full working order, and reasonable condition for its age. There are a few small scuff marks around the case as shown in the pictures. There are some small scratches on the front panel, and also one key is scratched. Also there is a small scuff on the modulation wheel. The small plastic panel is missing that covers the LED panel but this does not affect operation as can be seen from the pictures.

This is a lovely synth capable of creating some unique and inspiring sounds that you just cannot get from other wavetable synths. Unfortunately I have to sell due to moving to a much smaller place.

Has had the voltage regulator modification and a replacement PSU.

No printed manual or box but I can provide a copy of the PDF manual if required” Link

Ensoniq, Fizmo @ 11 February 2014, Comments Off on Ensoniq Fizmo

“Sounds Amazing, ready to inject magic into your music. This unit has only had two owners and aside a couple of minor scuffs, its in excellent shape. Its a late model with upgraded MC7805CT transformer so has never had issues. Keyboard, knobs, and buttons function perfectly. If your looking for and excellent FIZMO unit, this is is. Very hard to find. Includes correct power supply and all manuals. See the ‘ugoaudio’ web site for sound diver software, patches, and more. Big box, but shipping is free. Serious only. Give it a good home. ” Link

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“Used Ensoniq FIZMO with power supply

In great shape with a few minor scuffs” Link