Future Retro Revolution

“Very rare of first models produced , owned from new, as you would expect for a unit of this age, will be cleaned and made ready for use. Buttons on these can be a bit sticky just like the original 303 though they work better with use, as do the pots. Never abused and well looked after.

Hear it on our album tracks on iTunes, kenspocket

Its had the internal battery case mod done. Normally soldering to board.

Will be supplied with a couple of batteries spare to fit. For internal program memory.

I think we still have the box , though it will be tatty. ”

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Future Retro Revolution

“The Future Retro Revolution is an analog monophonic synth with an analog sequencer in the style of the TB-303. Much of the circuitry is a replication though Future Retro stress that it is much more stable. The instrument’s interface is undeniably unique and, as you may imagine, some interesting ideas can be born of it. The knobs are nice and solid and well spaced on the unit’s front face. This is definitely an instrument built to be played live.

It is in excellent operational condition and operates exactly as intended. I am the original owner and it has always lived in my own personal smoke-free studio. There are two blemishes in the paint on the front face. It looks like it may have happened during the finishing process – I don’t remember them not being there. This runs on a 12 V AC power supply. Power supply for 120V (North America) is included. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Future Retro Revolution

“Get that squeely acid squelch with this analog monster. It sounds great even though it’s not an exact copy of the famed TB-303 sound. Not much else to say really, it makes acid bass lines… Oh, and it has built in effects section too.

Original owners manual, Original power supply & Original box are all included.

Excellent condition, I see 2 very very small scratches in the white pain, but they are sooo small they are almost un-noticable. Functions 100% flawlessly. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Future Retro Revolution

“You are bidding on one Revolution analog synthesizer made by Future Retro. This synth was designed to be a TB-303 clone with some awesome additional features. In addition to the classic 303 sound, the Revolution has awesome sounding built in effects, a “remix” mode to help add variety to the sequencer and a built in overdrive circuit which gives it that classic “Devilfish” sound. This unit is in good condition and everything works as it should… the only exception is that if the unit is off for a while, it will lose its saved sequence data, so it probably needs a new internal battery (a cheap and quick thing to replace).” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Future Retro Revolution

“Future Retro Revolution in Great and fully functional condition.

In great condition, everything tested and working.
New AC power adapter,
Battery modded for easy replacement of lithium batteries,
extra batteries included.
See Video.
Buttons work well,
pots are responsive,
LED screen is great.
Played lovingly,
always in AC in studio,
never used in a club or smoky environment.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Future Retro Revolution

“This Future Retro Revolution R2 Monophonic Analog Synthesizer is in great shape. Outside of a small scratch in the bottom right logo, it’s pretty flawless. It was used in a smoke-free home and never left my basement. It’s very similar to a Roland TB-303 in sound and operation but adds a few updated tricks. Included with the purchase is the original box, manual and power supply. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Future Retro Revolution

oraangefrr “If you are reading this chances are you know what the Revolution is. However, this model is special as ONLY 9 Units Were Ever Made In The UV Orange Finish. It is signed and numbered on the back. Not only is this only 1 of 9 ever made, this also has both the original (unused) gloss black ends as well as (the currently installed) FR carved wooden ends which look incredible. It also includes the original US power supply and manual. I have listed it as excellent condition, but it is truly in as close to mint condition as you can get. There is one TINY mark in the black paint (above the envelope knob) which you probably wouldn’t have noticed but trying to be as transparent as possible. It was only used in a smoke free (black light lit!) studio. Here are the details from FR’s site… From Future Retro Website ‘In 2006, we did a very limited production run of what we called the SE units in both a silver and UV orange finish. In addition to the obvious color changes, these were the first Revolution units to have the black aluminum end pieces. They also featured unique combinations of colored key caps and included one modification that provided a logical accent gate output on the ring connector of the gate output jack. Each unit was also hand-signed and numbered. The UV orange SE units were all sold exclusively through Analogue Addiction in the UK. Only nine of these units were made. These units were very bright in color and glowed just as bright under blacklight. These units shipped with UV red key caps that would glow orange under blacklight as well.’ ”
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Future Retro Revolution

frr “This auction is for my future retro revolution. R2

Contents include full factory Manuel and original Metzel sides

This unit combines brilliant state of the art analog sequencing with the legendary retro of the revolutionary sequencing and analog voicing of the Roland 303 bass line.

A great piece to have in any studio . I have shown it great love over the years and look forward to more love being enjoyed by some other. For I am only selling it to even further invest in my very complex modular sequencing system. The result is that I’m It has me parting with some of my greatest gems including this one” Click here to visit listing on eBay