K4, Kawai @ 13 March 2018, “No Comments”

” Very good used condition. Comes with power cable and vintage converted guitar case!” Link

K4R, Kawai @ 13 March 2018, “No Comments”

“Up for sale is this clean and nice Kawai K4r Synthesizer Module. This is a highly collectible pieces which was used by The Chemical Brothers and ATB. Packed with your favorite vintage-style warm and fuzzy synth sound, this K4r sports 16-bit preset PCM samples of acoustic instruments, perfect for the weird industrial type sounds that can still be useful in lo-fi, big-beat and trip hop music styles. It also features a digital filter section which makes it even more versatile and playable.

This unit is in very good condition for it’s age, only with some light signs from normal use. It’s structurally sound and works great!

Serialized 287603. No power supply included. ” Link

K3, Kawai @ 27 February 2018, Comments Off on Kawai K3

“Kawai K3. Wonderful synth! Has a Rc-2 card included. Small chip on one key on the underside.

Very Good condition and works correctly.” Link

Kawai, SX-240 @ 27 February 2018, Comments Off on Kawai SX-240

“Some quick background, this was purchased directly from the original owner who quite literally babied it all of its life. He used it very sparingly, and always kept it covered when not in use. If you look at the pictures you will be amazed at the cosmetic condition of this unit! Other than some tape reside on the back and side panel this unit is basically as close to mint as you will find anywhere!

I’ve cleaned all the contact pads inside the main board, and I’ve also lubed both fader knobs for extended life. Rear jacks were all coated with Deoxit Gold for improved contact and life as well.

I will admit that I am not a Synthesizer expert by any means, but I have a good working knowledge of the functions and how to use them. I hooked up some headphones to this unit and played around with it for a bit, everything seems to be in good working order, didn’t notice any issues electronically. I’m not surprised by this because of the immaculate condition it was kept in by the original owner.

One thing I will note when I had the unit opened up is that it appears to have the original battery in it. It is highly recommended on older synthesizers such as this to have the stock batteries replaced as they tend to start leaking and losing efficiency over time. I will leave this up to the next owner. Vintage synthesizers do tend to require some upkeep and any person looking to own one should be aware of this when buying one.

Included with this are the original owner’s manual, and an effects tape. Also including two pedals which were attached to this unit when it was purchased by me.” Link

K3M, Kawai @ 20 February 2018, Comments Off on Kawai K3M

“For sale, my Kawai K3M analogue synth module with rare RC-2 memory cartridge. In good condition and working perfectly. See my other listings for the Kiwi Technics Patch Editor which is the perfect and almost essential companion piece for this unit.” Link

K5000S, Kawai @ 13 February 2018, Comments Off on Kawai K5000S

“This listing is for gently used Kawai K5000S (61 key) vintage additive synthesizer. It’s an awesome and very unique synth that is has its sounds based entirely on ADDITIVE engine. It can also be used a MIDI controller with many of the knobs and very cool programmable arpeggiator. There are many cool videos on youtube showing the potential of this awesome synth so if you’re not familiar with this synth, you should watch/listed to some of them and you won’t be disappointed.

The synth was tested to our best abilities and appears to function properly. There are some minor scratches here and there and normal wear and tear of a gently used synth but none of them affect the functionality of this incredible and unique synth. Please see the pictures for more details of synth’s physical condition.” Link

K3, Kawai @ 13 February 2018, Comments Off on Kawai K3

“This K3 work fine and is very good condition!!
This unit was checked by professional technician.”

K4, K4R, Kawai @ 13 February 2018, Comments Off on Kawai K4r

“In good condition”

K1, Kawai @ 06 February 2018, Comments Off on Kawai K1r

“Fully working. Excellent cosmetic condition.” Link

K1, Kawai @ 23 January 2018, Comments Off on Kawai K1m

“This unit is in good condition and only lightly used. Comes with power supply.” Link

K1, Kawai @ 23 January 2018, Comments Off on Kawai K1

“Very good condition and all working with original Kawai power supply.” Link

K4, Kawai @ 23 January 2018, Comments Off on Kawai K4

“Kawai K4 synthesiser, does need some attention. There are 3 sound cards with the keyboard, although I think there are only sounds on 2 of them, there also only appears to be 1 sound when you play the keyboard with no card in, (may need the factory sounds reinstalling). There are also some keys that do not work, and these are marked on the photo’s. I am fairly certain that I have the user manual, but will check and update this listing, (it is freely available on the internet if I haven’t). There are also a couple of the weights missing from the underside of the keys, (again shown on photo’s), I may still have them, but not guaranteed.” Link

Kawai @ 23 January 2018, Comments Off on Kawai K5000 MCB Macro Control

“This particular unit is in relatively nice condition. There is some wear and tear but it functions well. I have done a battery change to long lasting Panasonic evoltas and taken an internal photo to show how clean the unit is.

I can supply a copy of the manual which has become relatively difficult to source online.” Link

K1, Kawai @ 09 January 2018, Comments Off on Kawai K1m

” hi, the unit is working 100% fine. I recorded many songs with it’s help, the sounds are amazing, see youtube videos with demos. It has some lofi and oldschool sounds similar to Boards of Canada or other left field bands. You will have fun with it : ) happy bidding!”

K4R, Kawai @ 09 January 2018, Comments Off on Kawai K4r

“Up for auction is a Kawai K4r Synthesizer Rack Mount w/ Power Cord. Works great, has cosmetic wear which is shown in pictures. ” Link

K4, Kawai @ 02 January 2018, Comments Off on Kawai K4

““This item is cosmetically in overall very good condition for its age. There is normal wear such as scuffs/scratches and debris. All the keys appear to be intact. There are no readily visible chips/cracks to note.””

Kawai, SX-210 @ 26 December 2017, Comments Off on Kawai SX-210

” Completely gone through by a tech in Chicago a few years ago. Works great! Excellent condition! ” Link

K1, Kawai @ 19 December 2017, Comments Off on Kawai K1m

” Items are used and may show general wear but they are clean, work well, and are ready for play. Item was tested w/ generic power supply 12v. Sorry no power supply included but it seems to be a basic 12v size. Please view all photos for further details.” Link

K3, Kawai @ 12 December 2017, Comments Off on Kawai K3

“Awesome throwback synth in SKB hard shell road case. It’s a Kawai K3 and it has two RC-2 memory cartridges. It’s been kept in super nice condition and still works perfectly. We have tested it to the best of our knowledge and it’s ready to make some music! ” Link

K1, Kawai @ 28 November 2017, Comments Off on Kawai K1

“This K1 has been gone over just this past week.
It has a new battery inserted into a properly installed battery holder for easier future replacement.
The mod stick was serviced for a few cold solder joints, so now it functions fully as data entry and real-time performance mod tool.
Everything was vacuumed out and cleaned. Some surface scratches were buffed out.”

K1, Kawai @ 21 November 2017, Comments Off on Kawai K1

” Worked fine when I last used it. Has a lot of sounds that are editable or resettable. A few of the keys are softer than others in volume. Can be connected as a sound module via MIDI for those sounds that you can’t get anymore.” Link

K1, Kawai @ 14 November 2017, Comments Off on Kawai K1m

“Kawai k1m with memory card, AC adapter (not original) 100% full working. ” Link

K5, Kawai @ 14 November 2017, Comments Off on Kawai K5m

“Excellent condition for a 30 year old synth, but the backlight has long since died on the LCD. This is a common issue, and replacements can be found.” Link

K1, Kawai @ 31 October 2017, Comments Off on Kawai K1

” No power supply. Unit will power up but has lost memory. ” Link

K1, Kawai @ 31 October 2017, Comments Off on Kawai K1m

“This auction is for a Kawai K1M Desktop Digital Synthesizer Module with Sound Card, Power Supply, Manual & Original Box. Great Condition!” Link

K1, Kawai @ 24 October 2017, Comments Off on Kawai K1m

“For sale is a Kawai Km1 synthesizer module. Powers up. Don’t know how it performs. Sold as is. No power supply included.” Link

K1, Kawai @ 17 October 2017, Comments Off on Kawai K1m

“Kawai K1m Desktop Digital Synthesizer Module with Power Supply
Switch between timbres using the joystick control.” Link

Kawai, SX-210 @ 03 October 2017, Comments Off on Kawai SX-210 Project Machine

” Unit works with all 8 voices. However, banks A and B seem to have different issues. I do not know the problem but they are intermittent when selecting patches. Banks C and D look to function Ok as far as I can tell. It looks like all of the parameter functions also operate. I do not know anything about this unit as far as repairing it. It is being sold as I purchased it. I used it for Bank D which has strings and brass selections. It has a fantastic sound. It is being sold “AS IS”!” Link

K1, Kawai @ 03 October 2017, Comments Off on Kawai K1

“Cult low-fidelity synthesizer based on 8-bits short-cycled waveforms.
A must for noisy textures and raw sounds.” Link

K5, Kawai @ 26 September 2017, Comments Off on Kawai K5

“Up for sale is a vintage Kawai K5 in very good condition. I am adding the case as well. This keyboard has had one owner and has been very well taken care of. I have 4 keyboards and am painfully parting with this one because I need the money. The only issue is that it no longer has a backlight.” Link

Kawai, SX-210 @ 19 September 2017, Comments Off on Kawai SX-210 Project Machine

“Rare Kawai SX-210 Synthesizer Excellent Condition Not working with repair kit

This a very rare Kawai SX-210 Synthesizer from a studio sale

All the keys and buttons feel right and the overall appearance of the unit is in excellent condition.

Typical battery leakage failure on main board. See picture, tracings have been tested with ohmeter and are conductive

Old battery has been removed and the last custom CPU repair kit from Portugal is included with it.

I have no time to fix this myself. All nearby components including rare CPU are included in the kit along with instructions for tech repair

No other way to test this so it is sold as is for parts or repair” Link

K5000S, Kawai @ 19 September 2017, Comments Off on Kawai K5000S

“Kawai K5000S Advanced Additive Synthesizer with macro controls, .My Kids lost some coins in it, I cant get them out, so you will hear a sound of moving coins. Other than that , working great” Link

K3, Kawai @ 19 September 2017, Comments Off on Kawai K3

“For sale is a Kawai K3 synthesizer with a Grundorf Hard Case. This unit has been kept in a smoke free, climate controlled environment, has been fully tested, and is in 100% working order. All keys, controls, membrane buttons, parameters, outputs, and the display screen have been tested thoroughly and everything works perfectly…the synth plays and sounds amazing! Cosmetically, it is in very good condition for its age. It has some light surface scratches and imperfections (see images), but overall it looks great. The membrane buttons work like new and are very responsive, as is the control dial.” Link

K5000S, Kawai @ 12 September 2017, Comments Off on Kawai K5000S

“Nice used condition and fully & completely function.

No issues at all! Some scratches from use.” Link

Kawai, SX-240 @ 12 September 2017, Comments Off on Kawai SX-240

“Rare and great sounding 80’s Synth / keyboard from Kawai. I am not a musician and cannot play or properly assess an instrument of this sophistication to a satisfactory level of inspection. Therfore, this keyboard was taken the Yadco Music in Pgh PA., there it was gone over and given the OK. and was properly checked out..It really did sound nice. With that stated, I am selling this As Is, because of my lack of knowledge concerning this unit. The keyboard is in nice shape considering it is over 30yrs old. There are some small cosmetic blemishes that can be seen in the provided photos. The specs for this keyboard can be found online and compared with other keyboards from the time seems to be quite impressive and received some excellent reviews. Please remember you are the expert here. Thank you very much for looking.” Link