DX7, Yamaha @ 02 June 2017, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7

“No internal problems with this DX7. The power cable was snagged but fully repaired with electrical tape. I don’t have a strain relief tool so I didn’t repair it myself. Comes with shielded gig bag.

The key reason I am charging so much is because of the ROMs included. They cost me good money over the years. People charge $50-$150 for ROM cartridges on eBay. Comes with 5 ROM Cartridges and a sustain pedal. In total, cartridges can hold 288 patches. ” Link

DX7, Yamaha @ 14 April 2017, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7

yamahadx7 “cosmetics — has two broken rear corners (see photos) where either the plastic is missing or has been repaired. The keys all work but they are stained in places and though I haven’t tried anything but 409 on a paper towel, I couldn’t get them clean with marginal effort.

Function – All the keys work, the internal memory seems intact, the selector buttons all work, the sounds are very cool, and overall works. The volume slider is functional but a bit dirty (noisy) on the topmost level (slid all the way up). I have not tested the “data input” slider. The Mod and Tune wheels both work. Does not include an external cartridge. ” Link

DX7, Yamaha @ 24 March 2017, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7

dx7 “Up for sale is a vintage Yamaha DX7! It turns on and passes audio, but is being sold AS IS due to being old and not in perfect condition. It’s missing a slider knob, has some discoloration, and includes a Voice ROM cartridge (see pics). I’m guessing it could use a recap, as the noise floor sounds a little high to me, but I also don’t know what’s normal for this model.” Link

DX7, Yamaha @ 19 August 2016, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7

dx7 “Vintage Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer with Stand

From a Private Estate

Item will come exactly as shown with all imperfections and damages.

Item has been tested for power only. The unit does power up as shown in photo. No other tests have been performed for any other functions.

This item has scratches, marks, and a damaged corner area. When carrying the keyboard, you can hear a small plastic part shifting around inside. This could be the plastic that is missing at the damaged corner.” Link

DX7, Yamaha @ 11 December 2015, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7 Project Machine

dxy prj“Yamaha DX7



It has a broken pitch wheel and a data entry knob missing.
The back corners have had a knock and the plastic has come away.
Other minor scratches as is common with this age of synth.
I bought it to fix up but now don’t have the time, space or money having had a stroke!” Link

DX7, Yamaha @ 04 December 2015, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7 II FD

used dx7 iifd “You are bidding on a Yamaha DX 7 II FD, the classic vintage FM synthesizer, with a very sturdy Pro Tec International gig bag, sustain and volume pedals and more (see below). Clean and working perfectly! Kept in a non-smoking studio, and in the case when not in use. I am the original owner. I bought this rig in the late 1980s. This unit runs on the standard US power specification of 120 volts.

This auction includes the DX7 II FD, original Yamaha sustain pedal and volume pedal, two RAM cartridges with their cases (for storing sounds), the original breath controller with its bag, and the original owner’s manual. Also comes with a copy of Howard Massey’s definitive 400-page book, “The Complete DX7II”, including the book’s three original 33rpm Evatone sound sheet discs, which contain 90 sound cues that accompany the text of the book. (These are double-sided discs. Only one side of each disc is shown in the photo.)

The Pro Tec gig bag is a perfect fit for the DX7IIFD, with room inside for the power cord, sustain pedal and 1/4” cable. The large outside pouch can hold the volume pedal plus other items. It also comes with a sturdy shoulder strap, as shown in photo. Dense, rigid foam provides excellent protection for the instrument.” Link

DX7, Yamaha @ 27 November 2015, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7

used 7“About a Semitone flat (probably in need of new battery), but in working condition. Signs of use. One button is missing a label. Check pictures. Cartridge included. ” Link

DX7, Yamaha @ 21 August 2015, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7

used dx7” Yamaha DX7, three cartridges and book, pedal, and gig bag. Everything in good condition and works correctly. Gig bag has a some wear.

Buyer pays actual shipping.” Link

DX7, Yamaha @ 29 May 2015, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7

used dzx7 Vintage Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer + TX7 Tone Generator, Sustain Pedal 1 Cartridge & Case plus extra cords
Excellent working condition. SN# 43761. The bottom on the DX7 has a few scrapes in the finish from taking on and off the support stand. I tested DX7 all buttons work. The sound is fantastic!
I did not test the TX7 tone generator. It powers up fine with no error codes.
This auction includes the Hybrid Hard Travel Case shown in photos. Case is in excellent condition. The DX7 cartridge type is unknown. The name is worn off the label. ” Link

DX7, Yamaha @ 20 February 2015, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7 Project Machine

7 pri“Zur Versteigerung kommt ein Yamaha DX 7. Gerät läuft, macht Ton über externes Rom Modul, interne Sounds sind weg. Volume Schieberegler wurde mal gegen ein Poti ausgetauscht.
Leichtes Brummen mit auf dem Ton über Kopfhörer. Gerät wird als defektes Bastlergerät versteigert. Die beiden Rom Karten und die Ram Karte sind mit im Lieferumfang.
Keine Garantie, Gewährleistung und Rückgaberecht.” Link

DX7, Yamaha @ 30 January 2015, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7

yamaha dx7“Up for sale………….Yamaha DX7, used in good condition. If you were around in the 80’s you’ve heard this synth……it was on just about every pop recording made in that era. This was a new type of digital synth using FM (Frequency Modulation) technology, creating great sounding patches, almost analog at times. This keyboard has a few dings and scratches (I’ve taken pictures of the worst), no broken or cracked keys anywhere and functions well. This synth has aftertouch which a lot of newer synths do not have. Comes with one external ROM memory cartridge.” Link

DX7, Yamaha @ 12 December 2014, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7

dx7“Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer

good condition” Link

DX7, Yamaha @ 05 December 2014, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7 Project Machine

dx7“YAMHA DX-7

Not working, for parts. With Hard Case. Sold as is. ” Link

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used yamaha dx7

Happy Holidays Charlie Brown! robin’s nest

to our ebay Store
have a look around add us to your favorites
For your consideration is Yamaha DX-7 Synthesizer dx7 has wear on it the color is brown .
(see pics) they are part of the description.” Link

DX7, Yamaha @ 17 October 2014, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7

used dx7“I purchased this Yamaha DX seven brand-new back in the 80s. I am not a keyboard player, I just used it for writing and recording in my home studio. The unit has never been taken out of my home, and never used on any gigs. I have all of the original ROM cartridges and a few aftermarket cartridges that I purchased back in the day. I also have the original owner’s manual and a soft shell case that I am including in this Auction.” Link

DX7, Yamaha @ 19 September 2014, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7

used dx7“*Comes with Voice ROM cartridge and padded case
*Comes with DX7 and FM programming books
*Comes with original continuous control pedal (usually used for volume control, but assignable to other control values)
*Works great! Excellent Condition. The only issue is a slight dip on the right end of the keyboard, but it does not affect sound or playability.” Link

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DX7, Yamaha @ 11 July 2014, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7

” previously owned
used on the road by Kris Kristofferson’s band
road case has normal wear from use
plugs in, powers on -buyer has three days to fully test
some stickers/residue to keyboard
overall good vintage condition” Link

DX7, Yamaha @ 30 May 2014, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7

“Up for sale:
Yamaha DX7 dx-7 keyboard synthesizer!
Has some signs of wear but works in great condition.
Please note that I am not a Keyboard Specialist but from what I can tell and hear it sounds great.” Link

DX7, Yamaha @ 23 May 2014, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7 with Grey Matter E! Upgrade Project Machine

” For sale here is a NOT 100% working yamaha DX7. As the pictures show, this synth is in pretty rough cosmetic shape, and has missing and broken keys. This keyboard lived in a fairly successful studio until they went under and then toured the country several times with me and my band as well as used on many recordings in my own studio in the late 90s and early 2000s. There were some stage antics at times that meant sometimes the keyboard got abused and at one show it just stopped working properly and then lived in a roadcase for the last 10 years. Upon testing it, i get all kinds of weird reactions. sometimes it starts making sounds on its own, sometimes it works 100% fine. other times it will react with weird characters on the screen. Its not in great condition, but im hoping someone might use this to fix or restore another ailing dx7. This DX7 still has an E! Grey Matter Card installed and someone whos clever could probably yank the grey matter card and upgrade their dx7 or part it out for profit. I dont have the knowhow to do that and would find it difficult to pull apart this particular synth, so id rather just sell it as is to someone who is better suited for that. This keyboard still has sentimental value to me but times are tough and so some closet items must go. I wont be cleaning any stickers or duct tape off of this keyboard before shipping.” Link

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“Yamaha DX-7 Synthesizer, der legendäre Kult-Synthesizer der 80er Jahre, incl. Netzkabel und Bedienungsanleitung” Link

DX7, Yamaha @ 20 December 2013, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7

“Good condition for vintage. Scratches and scuffs. Cover missing from volume slider; slider works fine. All keys are fully functional. Unit is fully functional. Please see the photos above; they are of the actual item for sale.” Link

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“Vintage Yamaha DX7 synthesizer in good working order.” Link

DX7, Yamaha @ 01 November 2013, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7 II D

“Hallo! Sie bieten auf einen Yamaha-Synthesizer des Modells DX 7 II D .

Das Gerät funktioniert einwandfrei und wird wie auf den Fotos zu sehen versendet. Das ist DER Synti der 80er und klingt auch so! Gerne Fragen! ” Link

DX7, Yamaha @ 01 November 2013, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7

“Don’t really know much about this one other than it does power on, but will not produce any sounds.

Display is clean and damage free, but does not display any information.

Body has some edge scratches, but no damage. Bottom of keyboard has scratches as well. All the keys are damage free and move freely.

Selling As Is, for parts. No return on this item.” Link

DX7, Yamaha @ 25 October 2013, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7

“This is a great sounding Vintage model Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer w/ stand.. The DX7 was the first commercially successful digital synthesizer made in the 1980’s.. This unit is in fairly good condition with the normal wear, (scrapes and blemishes) but has a great quality sound yet today.. Since I had it the past couple of years, it has only been used a few times since my time has been limited. This unit deserves to be in a place where it can be utilized, whether it’s in a band or for practice at home. The adjustable stand is in good condition and will be included with the unit.” Link

DX7, Yamaha @ 04 October 2013, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7

“Synth is fully functional. Only cosmetic damage. ” Link

DX7, Yamaha @ 04 October 2013, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7

“I am selling this Yamaha DX7 – one of the most popular digital synths ever made. It is offered in good working order. I am selling as I hardly use it and I am sure that someone else would appreciate it more.

It comes with 2 Data Cartridges:



It has some superficial damage to the casing on the left hand side, hardly noticable but worth noting, it can be seen on one of the photos.” Link

DX7, Yamaha @ 13 September 2013, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7s


DX7, Yamaha @ 06 September 2013, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7

“Hello: Up for bid, Yamaha DX7 . Item is used, in good condition. Pick-up only, If you live in the NYC area (Bronx/Manhatten), I may be able to deliver it to you. Auction includes keyboard only no accessories. Thanks for looking.” Link

DX7, Yamaha @ 28 June 2013, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7

” Es ist eine DX 7 ein absolutes Liebhaberstück. Es handelt sich um ein Studio Gerät und ist sehr gut in Schuss, wie man so schön sagt. Ein Cardridge ist vorhanden mit legendären Stiles. Es handelt sich um ein Privatverkauf, keine Gewährleistung und Umtausch. Viel Spaß beim ersteigern.” Link

DX7, Yamaha @ 26 April 2013, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7s

“Classic Yamaha DX7s synth with original ROM data cartridge and sustain pedal.

With Calzone hard shell flight case, keyboard stand and PA Decoder Supra Ram with an additional 256 sounds.

It is in good working order, but the internal battery needs to be replaced (hence the low price).

Part of the Mark II range, the synth includes two real time sliders, 64 voice patch memory, enhanced MIDI support, micro-tuning capabilities, after-touch controlled pitch bending, and multiple LFOs.” Link

DX7, Yamaha @ 01 February 2013, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7

“This is a used Yamaha Dx7 synthesizer, it does have a few surface scratches from use and travel,but nothing that effects the functioning of the unit, all buttons and faders work, the only issue with this synth is that the Pitch and Modulation wheels don’t seem to be functioning. But everything else on this unit is in working order. The dx7 is a 61 key synth, comes with orignal cartridge. The auction also includes a soft padded case, which does have some wear on the inside, but does the job, and a full dx7 operating manual.” Link

DX7, Yamaha @ 07 December 2012, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7 II FD

” Here we have a used, vintage Yamaha DX7II FD. This is a great and highly sought after unit. This has been checked over buy our tech and is working fine. One cartridge is included.” Link

DX7, Yamaha @ 26 October 2012, Comments Off on Yamaha DX7

“Biete hier einen Ur-DX 7 an, mit Holzcase und Anleitung, sowie Cartrige.

ACHTUNG: Der DX7 ist DEFEKT es kommt kein Ton mehr raus und wird somit für BASTLER oder als ERSATZTEILESPENDER angeboten.

Ansonsten guter Zustand, Tastatur läuft gut und hängt nicht, lediglich ein Paar Kratzer am Gehäuse, aber nichts gravierendes,
da der DX7 mit Case ca. 30kg wiegt gilt folgendes:

Nur Abholung kein Versand, oder der Käufer organisiert die Abholung durch eine Spedition.
Artikelstandort ist Neunkirchen Saar.” Link