DMX, Oberheim @ 12 December 2017, “No Comments”

“This legendary Oberheim DMX works great except one sound card is not working. The chip and the channel work great. Has new proper battery installed professionally. This DMX has the memory expansion card 1746A installed. Some scratches and missing one thumb screw on front. None of this affects the DMX performance and are replaceable. Works great! Comes with AC cord.” Link

Matrix 6, Oberheim @ 12 December 2017, “No Comments”

“Selling a very nice Oberheim Matrix 6 Analog Synthesizer. Excellent cosmetic shape. All membrane buttons are perfect. Works great. All original. Includes power cable. Will pack very well.” Link

OB-8, Oberheim @ 05 December 2017, “No Comments”

“This auction is for an Oberheim OB-8 analog synthesizer with MIDI. The OB-8 has its original cassette program tape, owners and service manuals. I did plug it in and it does work. Presets all seem to work as do all the led switches. The case does have a few light scratches, but there is nothing broken that I can see. The DSX is included and may not be in working condition. I do not have the cable to connect it to the OB-8 only the power cord and manuals are included. it does power up and the display reads 9 9 % 9 after flipping the power switch a few times.”

Matrix 6, Oberheim @ 05 December 2017, “No Comments”

“We got this out of a storage unit. Not fully tested, but turns on and sounds work.

***The bottom 5 keys stick when pressed down. The bottom C key is stuck down. I did not try to force it up. All of the keys work, even the ones that stick. Only the bottom C key is not tested. Also, there is something rattling around inside.

Comes with manual and power cord.”

DX, Oberheim @ 05 December 2017, “No Comments”

“Bought used at a garage sale some time ago, never had the equipment to utilize. Sold as is. Powers up, no manual. My loss, your gain.”

Matrix 1000, Oberheim @ 28 November 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim Matrix 1000

“Up for bids is one vintage OBERHEIM MATRIX 1000 rack-mountable analog polyphonic synthesizer. This is a used item in good cosmetic condition overall, with just a bit of rack rash on the bottom of the synth. There are a few scratches, but no major gouges or dents. It is in fully working condition; all 6 voices are operating. The display, buttons and volume knob are all functioning. Audio out and midi (in,out & thru) are operational. A new battery clip and battery have been installed. All factory patches and rom patches are reinitialized. There is a slight hum from the power section, but it is only audible in close proximity to the module, and is not part of the audio output, and has never caused any issues with either the sound or operation of the synth.”

DX, Oberheim, Stretch @ 28 November 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim Stretch DX

“Oberheim Electronics – Model Stretch DX – Drum Machine – Digital Analog Filters”

Matrix 1000, Oberheim @ 28 November 2017, Comments Off on Obeherim Matrix 1000

“Oberheim Matrix 1000 rack synth. I got this from Spark Studios in Emeryville, CA (2 Pac, Too $hort, E-40, Prince, Patty LaBelle, The Doobie Brothers, En vogue, Boyz-II-Men, etc.). It is a beast of a synth with 1000 presets! Item is 100% functional. Some minor scratches but overall great condition. Includes power cable” Link

Matrix 6, Oberheim @ 28 November 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim Matrix 6

“Vintage 80’s Oberheim Matrix 6 Synthesizer. Upgraded Firmware EPROM version v2.13. Excellent Condition fully functional unit. Includes original Owners Manual, original Foot Pedal & AC power-cord. Sounds great and makes it fun creating original sounds. ”

DX, Oberheim @ 21 November 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim DX

“Oberheim Electronics – Model DX – Drum Machine – Digital Analog Filters. Condition is Used.” Link

OB-X, Oberheim @ 14 November 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim OB-X

“Rare Vintage Oberheim OBX Synthesizer Keyboard. Made in USA. SOLD AS IS UNTESTED FOR PARTS/REPAIR. Only testing i have done is it turns on. I was going to have it gone over by a tech but its time to move on to other things. Previous owner passed away it was part of an estate sale. ” Link

DX, Oberheim @ 14 November 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim DX

“Serial Number: D33597
This drum machine is pretty old, but it’s been well cared for and it is a joy to play.

It works great!

Full disclosure:
It does occasionally miss key strokes on a few of the keys. You can see this in the video. I hit the clap key and I didn’t hear a hit.
Hitting them a second time always seems to work, so it’s probably just some dust under the key cap.
I imagine that the issue could be remedied with some contact cleaner.

Otherwise all the triggers work, it has very clean outputs (mono, stereo, and individual outs all work).” Link

DX, Oberheim @ 14 November 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim DX

“Up for sale is a Used Oberheim DX Programmable Digital Drum Machine.

The drum machine in my opinion is in good & working condition. (as seen in pictures)” Link

Matrix 6R, Oberheim @ 14 November 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim Matrix 6R

“Oberheim Matrix 6R rack mount synth. A matrix 6 in a rack mount!! Good condition. Amazing sounds. ” Link

Matrix 6, Oberheim @ 07 November 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim Matrix 6

“**This unit has one flaw…the “Right” output is currently not functioning. I’ve easily overcome that by using the headphone output when stereo mojo is required. However, usually I employ the rock-solid “Left (Mono)” output and run the signal through FX units, so this issue has not impaired my use or enjoyment of this synth. I have priced this unit accordingly, this could be your chance to join the Analog Brotherhood at a great price!

All other functions do work as expected – the membrane buttons are not finicky, the voice chips all fire, the keys are fantastic (one of the better keybeds for this period, IMO), cosmetically very very clean, as the photos attest.” Link

Matrix 1000, Oberheim @ 07 November 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim Matrix 1000

“Up for sale is a Oberheim Matrix-1000. The synth works as it should. It is in good physical condition for its age. It has some scrapes and scratches. Most are on top and around the mounting holes from rack mounting. Because of the unit’s age, I am selling it AS IS. ” Link

Matrix 1000, Oberheim @ 07 November 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim Matrix 1000

“Item is one previously owned Oberheim Matrix-1000 rack mount analog synthesizer with its power cord. The unit has been used, but still powers on and appears to be in good functioning condition. All of the parts function, but the 3 and 4 buttons on the face tend to stick when pressed. I have not tested the unit aside from powering it on. This will be a fine addition to any home or studio setting.” Link

Oberheim, Xpander @ 07 November 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim Xpander

“This is another awesome synth I haven’t used in a while and want to pass along to someone who will at a fair price. This U.S.-built Xpander is really special and sounds amazing and is very easy to navigate, but it’s also a programmers synth thanks to all the modulation routing options.

This keyboard has been worked on and the six rotary encoders were replaced and the unit was gone over last year by Bruce Forat at Forat Electronics. All the inputs and outputs are tight. Knobs are new and buttons all work reliably. I also put on NOS wood sides. It works perfectly and sounds great. Cosmetically it’s a 7-8 out of 10. The only issue – which is a non-issue – is a tiny crack in the plastic covering one of the VFD displays (see close-up). I’ve had the unit for several years and it was there when I got it, and when the guy got it before me. It’s not a functional issue, strictly cosmetic. You can watch my Youtube channel to see the auto-tune and sound examples (StudioVoodooMusic).” Link

OB-X, Oberheim @ 07 November 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim OB-X Project Machine

“Biete aus Studioauflösung den legendären Oberheim OB-X Synthesizer aus dem Jahre 1979.
Dieser OB-X besitzt 2 voice cards. Er geht an, aber leider kommt nichts brauchbares raus – insofern hier als Ersatzteilspender oder
zum Wiederaufbau.

For auction is this rare vintage synth from Oberheim. This one has 2 voice cards, turns on but it only produces weird noises which can’t be programmed. Therefore it’s ideally for spare parts or as a repair project. ” Link

Matrix 12, Oberheim @ 31 October 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim Matrix 12

“You know what this is… This is the most advanced, most elegant sounding Oberheim of them all.. The Matrix 12. Essentially TWO Xpanders with a fantastic keybed and such an amazing piece of eye candy. She purrs… she growls and so much more. Once you play it, you’ll instantly recognize all those instant classic 80s sounds. Not many synth freaks have one.. most have never played one. This synth is not for the faint of heart. It delivers in every way.

This is the better Made in USA version, not the overseas inferior version. It was fully overhauled by a veteran analog synth tech. Recapped, tuned, new bushings, new battery, calibrated and tested over and over again to ensure years of usage to come. It sounds amazing, and it works as it should.. NO operational errors here. Plus as you can see from the pics.. it looks fantastic as well.

NOTE>>> This has the 12 output panel installed on the right side. It was installed at Oberheim way back in the day but the original owner opted to not have internal circuits installed for the 12 outs.. not sure why. You still obviously get the Left, Right and Mono outs working and sounding GREAT!

As you can see from the many pics.. ALL tests PASS fast and without issue.” Link

Matrix 1000, Oberheim @ 31 October 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim Matrix 1000

“Selling my Oberheim Matrix 1000; I am the only owner, used in a smoke-free studio for most of its life, but on the road for 4 years with me and the Brecker Brothers and David Sanborn. Works perfectly, sounds as great as the day I bought it. Perfectly clean audio, no scratches in the volume pot. Shows some road wear, mostly on the top of the unit from racking and unracking, face looks good, display works great. Comes with the original manual and the original patch sheet.” Link

DX, Oberheim @ 31 October 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim DX Project Machine

“Not fully booting up but looks to be in good shape.” Link

Matrix 1000, Oberheim @ 24 October 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim Matrix 1000

“Owned for 17 years, in great shape, kept in rack in smoke-free studio, with manual and patch list. White faceplate!” Link

Matrix 6, Oberheim @ 24 October 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim Matrix 6

“You are bidding on the rare and vintage Oberheim Matrix 6 synthesizer with power cable and manual. ” Link

Matrix 6R, Oberheim @ 17 October 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim Matrix 6R

“Brand : Oberheim
Condition : Used ( Tested )
This item Condition rank : ” B ”
Condition note: There is no problem in operation.
Accessory : case” Link

Oberheim, Strummer @ 17 October 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim Strummer

“Rare vintage Oberheim Strummer p/fx MIDI processor. Turns keyboard chords into simulated guitar strums and more.

As photo indicates, it did power up with the provided power supply. It is otherwise untested and sold AS-IS.” Link

Oberheim @ 17 October 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim Perf/X

“This unit, in like new condition, comes with power adaptor, one 3’ MIDI cable, one 5’ MIDI cable, one three foot ¼” plug adapter cable (single TSR to double TR), and manual.” Link

Matrix 1000, Oberheim @ 17 October 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim Matrix 1000

“Analog synthesizer Oberheim Matrix-1000 in used condition. Works fine, power cable included.” Link

Matrix 1000, Oberheim @ 17 October 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim Matrix 1000

“Sounds amazing! The synthesizer is fully functional with some scratches on top. Not an issue if racked. See pictures”

DX, Oberheim @ 17 October 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim DX

“Basicly brand new” Link

OB-X, Oberheim @ 10 October 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim OB-X

“Unit powers on, all keys work, it makes all kinds of different crazy sounds by adjusting the controls. I am not a musician so I can`t test all functions or guarantee that it is working perfectly so it will be sold as-is for parts or repair. It is from a musicians estate. You are welcome to come here to test it prior to purchase. SOLD AS-IS FOR PARTS OR REPAIR. As with all used/previously owned/vintage electronics, this unit is available for purchase as is, where is for parts or repair, due to age/buyer mishandling/fraud/lack of proper operational knowledge/and above all we are watching out for the part swappers. If you happen to be a local buyer, you are more than welcome to contact us to stop by and audition the item prior to buying. All Sales Are Final.” Link

OB-1, Oberheim @ 03 October 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim OB-1

“Good Condition and recently gone through by a local tech who also installed the a new

Tauntek programmer with the following updates:

A new MCU-based programmer pcb is now available for the OB-1

I have designed a replacement for the Oberheim programmer with the following features:

1) 64 programs in 8 banks of 8

2) Programs are stored in non-volatile EEPROM. No battery needed.

3) After a program is loaded, only controls that have moved are “live”, so patch editing is now possible.

4) Manual mode forces all controls to be “live”.

5) Optional (non-volatile setting) periodic flash of current bank selection

6) Optional (non-volatile setting) quantization of coarse freq for oscillator 1 to octaves

7) Comes with 24 pre-programmed patches, which can be over-written later if you chose

8) Smaller pcb mounts on four of the existing standoffs, providing better access to pcb underneath

9) Implemented connectors are the same as original programmer for easy installation

10) All IC’s are socketed. All components are through-hole.

11) 20-turn trimpot for easier one-time oscillator tuning adjustment

More info at tauntek OB1 site

I installed new key bushings as well in the last month.

Outer case has some blemishes and surface rust here and there, but in overall good cosmetic condition.

Pretty rare piece and would make a great addition to your studio or collection.” Link

OB-Xa, Oberheim @ 03 October 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim OB-Xa

“Description: Bought in the early Eighties by the same original buyer and the only owner. It was mainly used in a recording studio for some years and then put aside, stored in an air conditioned environment in it’s original case and preserved in an excellent condition. It was recently tested. It fired up, It loaded the sounds, It Auto-Tuned. It may need calibrating (Tuning), but nevertheless all of it’s parts are still the original factory parts, fully functioning, nothing in it has been touched, replaced or repaired except for the memory battery.
Included are the original “OB-Xa Factory Patches Volume 1” on a cassette along with the original “Programmed Patches” and “Owner’s Manual” books. (See pictures)” Link

Oberheim, Xpander @ 03 October 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim Xpander

” This listing is for one of my beloved Oberheim Xpander (XP-1) in perfectly working in absolutely stunning condition.

Please see my other listings for the other Xpander that is also for sale (with real sturdy flight case).

Power supply switches easily between 115 Volt and 230 Volt.

This mint Xpander comes with:
– Oberheim original shipping box with matching serial number. (Box has been slightly moist damaged from when in storage)
– Oberheim original user manual
– Oberheim original Software updates notes,
– Oberheim original FCN
– Oberheim original sound listings
– Oberheim original unused warranty card
– Power cable

All voices tune swiftly in all categories.

The Xpander is probably the most flexible vintage analog synth ever made. Full MIDI and CV/Gate implementation and separate voice outs.
The Xpander is a multitimbral truly analog synth. You can even mix and match which voices should listen to CV/Gate and MIDI simultaneously!

Each voice has a 15 mode (analog) filter, 5 LFO and 5 Envelopes, LAG, Tracking and RAMP generators.

Needless to say the stunning sounds you will create with this is endless.” Link

DMX, Oberheim @ 26 September 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim DMX with MIDI Project Machine

“Oberheim DMX with MIDI Kit upgrade (and original board replaced by MIDI Kit), all EPROM cards and battery replacement. The unit powers on but needs work. I was going to do it myself but lost interest. Being sold as-is. See photos for condition details.”