Oberheim Matrix 1000

“This module has been in a rack since it was first purchased in 1989. It belonged to my relative who was a sound engineer/producer that worked in Roger Troutman studios in Dayton. I took it and placed it in my rack. It has served me well, which I used with my MPC2000, and more recently my MPC One. The sounds are amazing, but I am going away from retro(80’s-90’s) production. Power cord and manual will be included. Module is clean.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim OB-X

“For sale is a rare vintage Oberheim OBX 8-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer. This synth has been serviced by previous owner who had an Oberheim specialist go through the synth completely. It is in excellent cosmetic condition for its age and fully functional. It sounds amazing as a vintage Oberheim should.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim Matrix 6

“Oberheim Matrix 6 in good condition. Cosmetically has some wear and oxidization showing along the back of the synth and some areas on the front panel. Functionally works great. Membrane buttons all work properly. Comes with power cord and Stereoping 1016r Controller. The Stereoping does not come with a power supply but is in “like new” condition. ”
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Oberheim Matrix 6R

“I have for sale my Oberheim Matrix 6R Rack Mount Polyphonic Synth Serial #KGB4919 from the original owner.
This product was purchased in the US and will ship from our studios in CT.
Considering how old these are I would put this in the “excellent” category, however it does have the usual amount of scratches on the top and bottom from other rack gear being installed and removed. There are some minor scuffs and specs on the front but please check the photos to 1) see if you can notice them and 2) make note if they bother you. 
Otherwise, it works perfectly. I recently sold my mint condition OB-XA so I have a good handle on Oberheim products, so feel free to ask any specific questions or you can download the manuals from various sites as well.”
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Oberheim OB-1

“Oberheim OB-1 in great working condition.
All keys are working well with even action. The output is full range and low noise as designed. The programmable presets all work, reliably, writes, and switches cleanly with LED tally indicators. Envelope generators are good and sharp. Both volumes good. Bend lever good, portamento good. Keyboard Track good and nice to have. Every mode works. To my knowledge, this has not been serviced or repaired. Note: the rear AC power switch lamp is out. Also notice the pitch bend lever bushing is missing its dust cover. All collet knobs and caps are good and not brittle. All pots are smooth and quiet. All 2 and 3 position slider switches are also of high quality and working cleanly in all modes. All black caps are programmable, grey caps are not.
This is a very nice sounding, comprehensive analog monophonic synth with two oscillators.”
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Oberheim Prommer

“We bought this in the 80’s to create some cool samples to trigger. Midi was really basic then and so were samplers. This is a classic piece of vintage gear. Apparently you can burn chips to put into other samplers. Been sat in the studio as a bit of an ornament for years. Awesome wooden sides. It probably belongs in a synth museum or needs to go to an avid collector of cool retro kit” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim Matrix 6

“Selling an Oberheim Matrix 6 in fantastic condition. All keys and their velocity responses work very nicely, all membrane buttons work, most with a single press and a few with occasion harder presses, and all 6 voices work and sound excellent. Aftertouch response is usually weak on this model synth, but mostly works on this unit except for the upper range. Keybed itself feels great and expressive to play. The classic Oberheim pitch and mod levers work great and snap nicely back to center. And cosmetically it’s one of the nicer examples I’ve seen, with only minimal wear that’s hard to notice from this very slick looking vintage 1985-1988 beauty. Overall it looks really clean and it sounds amazing. This was the “poor man’s” Oberheim to get access to the legendary Oberheim sound from the more expensive higher end models such as the OBX, OB8, and OBXA via a knobless, minimal, and digital interface. It also introduced an incredibly deep modulation matrix (hence the name) for unprecedented sound design capabilities.

Operating system is updated to the latest factory version 2.13, and I will also include a Tauntek v2.15 firmware chip (an additional $50 value) for you to easily and optionally install. Will package professionally and carefully with thorough bubble wrapping to ensure safe arrival.”
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Oberheim Matrix 1000

” Vintage Oberheim Matrix 1000 Analogue Synthesizer. Great Sounds!. Perfect condition except for light scratches on the top from being in a rack.. I am the original owner. It lived in the rack in my home studio exclusively which I took down in the late 1990’s. It has just sat in the rack unused since then. I held on to it (and other gear that I will be selling in the near future) in hopes of restarting my studio. I can see now that that is not going to happen and so here it is. It really wasn’t used very much at all. It has great sounds and I hope someone can put it to good use. Comes with the original box and manual. Happy bidding!”
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Oberheim OB12 Project Machine

I have for auction a rare OBERHEIM OB12. Passed on to me by a friend who has moved overseas. It has not been used for quite some time and has been in storage.

In overall good cosmetic condition, and most importantly – it powers up and works.

However it is not without issues….

As you will see from the photographs it has a broken key (bottom B), although the key does still trigger. I would suspect a fragment of the key has dropped inside as you can hear something rattle when the keyboard is moved.

Also the neighbouring key (C sharp) occasionally doesn’t trigger if hit gently (sometimes it’s ok) – therefore I suspect a dirty contact.

I gather these particular Oberheim’s have an inherent problem with the backlight not working on the display – and this model is no exception. Other than that the display shows all information, it’s just not bright.

Also on the filter section the ‘KBD TRACK’ knob has snapped off, so will require a new potentiometer and knob.

Aside from that the keyboard seems to work fine and I’ve had a good play with it. As a virtual analogue synth bearing the Oberheim name it is capable of some pretty beefy and unusual sounds. I’ve had experience with analogue synthesisers in the past and am fairly familiar with their workings, however this is the first time I’ve used an Oberheim and some of the controls I am not familiar with. I’ve messed around with all the different sections and their related controls – oscillator’s, filters, envelopes, effects etc etc and all seems fine. The only function I can’t seem to get to work is the arpeggiator, however it could just be me not fully understanding it?”
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Oberheim Matrix 6R

“This is a great collector’s piece! It’s in awesome cosmetic condition with minimal scratches on the metal body! Please zoom into the pictures and see it for yourself!

This unit sounds awesome, all functions work normal.

It has been recently serviced with an updated OS ROM chip [for better midi response] and a brand new high quality save battery.

This listing includes the original instruction manual as well as the original patch cassette that was manufactured by Oberheim (also in great condition!).” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim Matrix 1000

“Oberheim Matrix 1000. Rackmount MIDI 6 Voice synth

Ex-hire. – Tested and working (all six voices !). – Issues found prior to listing.
– Crackly Volume pot. (Volume is stable in different pot positions). – May just need a contact cleaner spray… – but useable in static position.
– Not all presets are there. – I presume they would just need reloading.
– Scratched case.
Buttons and LEDs all working

Pat Tested.
Sold with No reserve.
Delivery by UPS Tracked courier.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim Xpander

“Oberheim Xpander 6-Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer Module Synth.

In good shape for its age. Slight mid coloring or something of the facade of the faceplate on right bottom but doesn’t affect anything and could be replaced with new faceplate available online.

Has KID NEPRO patches installed which are phenomenal.

Flight case is old foam is coming apart but whatever it keeps the item safe! And you don’t need it much since you should not gig with this synth! ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim OB-8

“This vintage OB-8 is fully functional and in excellent condition. This OB-8 has been fully serviced by the renowned Rob Rosen of Rosen Sound.The OB-8 is fully programmable and loaded with powerful analog sound. Dedicated knobs, sliders, and a traditional layout make programming easy and hands-on. Each individual voice can be de-tuned for a very massive sound. Syncable VCOs and a nice arpeggiator are also available. It has a switchable 2 or 4-pole VCF (filter) with ADSR. Many LFO modulation controls and effects are possible. The OB-8 also introduced a second layer of programming functions – hit the “Page 2″ button and all front panel controls were assigned to an entire second set of parameters!”
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Oberheim Xpander

“WORKING CONDITION: Excellent – In remarkable shape all around. All patches sound great. Passes all autotune functions and is in excellent working condition overall MIDI works perfectly as well.

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Excellent – There are a few barely visible scuffs on the device. However, everything is intact, built well, and ready for action. Overall, the physical condition is excellent.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim Matrix 6

“Oberheim Matrix 6 6 Voices Polyphonic Synthesizer w/ Case. The synthesizer is tested and working as it should. It has some general cosmetic wear and has some paint chipping on some of the edges (see photos).

The item will be shipped out the next business day after payment is made. Depending on the shipping cost, it may go out either USPS or UPS. ”
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Oberheim OB-X

“Vintage Oberheim OB-X w/ Kenton MIDI kit installed. OB-X was serviced by vintage synth specialist in Montreal. Rear plate indicates 4 voice but original 6 voice cards were installed at Oberheim factory. I’m the 3rd owner of this synth. Black custom side panels were made to order but the original wood sides are included. ”
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Oberheim Matrix 1000

“This synth is quickly gaining its well deserved reputation. It is a powerful, yet affordable synth from Oberheim. There are multiple patch editors that can allow you to create your own patches from scratch via Sysex with your computer. There is also a variety of patches that are available to download for this synth online.

The Matrix 1000 was recently serviced with a new save battery and an updated 1.2 Tauntek OS chip for better midi response. The synth was tested after being serviced, everything functions well. Cosmetically the Matrix 1000 has the usual “rack rash” which is not noticable when you place it on a rack. The front panel has a minor scratch but still is in great condition.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim Matrix 1000

“Selling my Oberheim Matrix 1000. It has an upgraded power supply to a modern, quiet and cooler one. This unit had the vibrating transformer issue (very common to these units). It has a replaced battery, with a holder attached to the inside side, and it also has a switch. This unit has the 1.20 “Tauntek” firmware installed which makes many improvements and fixes to the stock firmware.

Cosmetically I would say it is very good. A little rack rash on top and very little on the front. Please check the pictures or ask questions though before bidding.

It has been factory reset and calibrated and I populated RAM patch 001 with a ROM patch to ensure new battery worked OK.

This unit has been racked in my smoke free home studio for the past few years and has worked very well, but I am downsizing.”
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Oberheim Matrix 1000

“Oberheim Matrix 1000 Vintage Analog Rare Synthesizer Rack Synth.

Happy for someone to collect in person. I live in south London.

Working perfectly sound wise but only problem is that one line of the leds isn’t working so as an example would show as 395 twice. (I’ve shown in pictures)

Bought from original owner and have only used this in my home set up (never toured) and comes from a smoke free environment.

If you’re already looking at this you know what a great bit of kit it is” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim Matrix 1000

“oberheim matrix 1000 No Reserve Synthesizer.

Item powers up and buttons appear to function as normal. I do not have the gear to test the unit so I cannot fully test the unit. Unit looks to be in fair condition cosmetically and good condition functionally considering the age.

Happy bidding!”
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