Oberheim Matrix 1000

“Selling my Oberheim Matrix 1000. It has an upgraded power supply to a modern, quiet and cooler one. This unit had the vibrating transformer issue (very common to these units). It has a replaced battery, with a holder attached to the inside side, and it also has a switch. This unit has the 1.20 “Tauntek” firmware installed which makes many improvements and fixes to the stock firmware.

Cosmetically I would say it is very good. A little rack rash on top and very little on the front. Please check the pictures or ask questions though before bidding.

It has been factory reset and calibrated and I populated RAM patch 001 with a ROM patch to ensure new battery worked OK.

This unit has been racked in my smoke free home studio for the past few years and has worked very well, but I am downsizing.”
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Oberheim Matrix 1000

“Oberheim Matrix 1000 Vintage Analog Rare Synthesizer Rack Synth.

Happy for someone to collect in person. I live in south London.

Working perfectly sound wise but only problem is that one line of the leds isn’t working so as an example would show as 395 twice. (I’ve shown in pictures)

Bought from original owner and have only used this in my home set up (never toured) and comes from a smoke free environment.

If you’re already looking at this you know what a great bit of kit it is” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim Matrix 1000

“oberheim matrix 1000 No Reserve Synthesizer.

Item powers up and buttons appear to function as normal. I do not have the gear to test the unit so I cannot fully test the unit. Unit looks to be in fair condition cosmetically and good condition functionally considering the age.

Happy bidding!”
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Oberheim OB8

“Oberheim OB8 in excellent condition, rarely used. Recently serviced by synthchaser, power supply rebuilt and all systems checked, functioning properly. Purchase price does not include Fedex large freight shipping. Case included.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim Xk

“Oberheim XK

MIDI controller

-All buttons are working

-Mod levers are moving great … the tip had some splitting in plastic so it was sealed ( see photo

-Tested arp sounds amazing !

-Tested hold and chord

-Lots of functions to learn …

– brand new internal battery !

-It does so much as a midi keyboard like changing or turning off sections of keys. You can split sounds in 3 zones …

-all jacks cleaned

-All keys are functioning

Hard to find”
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Oberheim OB-Xa

“I am the 2nd owner of this. I have had it for 20 years, never gigged, just home use. All caps replaced years ago. Midi added. There was some feature put in by the original owner that I removed so there’s a small row of plugged screw holes on the top left of the unit.

I had the anvil case made. It looks near perfect with only a couple of small scratches to the top of the case. Working well, awesome sound. Programs fine. No problems to speak of. ZERO corrosion or paint chipping. This one is probably the cleanest one available right now. I never used the MIDI and cannot say if it works or not, cause I don’t know. Local pickup available in Oceano, CA. next to Pismo Beach.”
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Oberheim OB-Xa

“Alphonse Mouzon was a jazz fusion drumming legend. He was an influence to many famed musicians such as Questlove of The Roots, and John Bonham of Led Zeppelin. In addition to touring and making about 20 albums as a solo artist, Alphonse was a founding member of Weather Report, and he recorded and toured with an extensive list of some of the biggest names in music. Alphonse passed on an impressive collection of vintage instruments and gear to his family, and they have decided to sell much of it through Astound Sound.

This synth was owned by the jazz legend Alphonse Mouzon, and he played it on the tracks “The Next Time We Love”, which featured Herbie Hancock on piano.

This synth was sitting in a road case for years, and much of the foam disintegrated and stuck to the device, but it has been cleaned up pretty well. There are some scratches on the device from both touring and the cleanup process. The device works, but there is an issue with pitch consistency. It sounds mostly in tune, but it is as if there is some oscillator that drops the pitch about every 3 seconds. It is a consistent pattern, but it doesn’t seem to go away with any control changes.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim Matrix 1000

“Reluctantly selling my original Oberheim Matrix 1000 synth module due to financial crunch. It has been in dry storage for several years and has always been in a smoke-free environment. It works fine other than the RAM battery needs replacing (a pretty simple procedure, using a CR2032 battery and a cheap battery holder that I can supply). This means patches 000 thru 199 are missing – though in fact this bank of sounds consisted entirely of “best hits” copies of the 900 ROM sound patches that are still intact within the synth.

This is a true classic MIDI synth, still revered among synth aficionados.

There are surface scratches and marring consistent with long term mounting within a rack, and one mounting tab has a very minor bend in it that has been straightened out – no actual loss of function resulting” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim Matrix 6

“Very nice condition. All the keys and buttons work. Please see pictures.This is the USA Model that runs on 120v 60hz. I took a closeup picture of one white key that was cracked but it was repaired professionally by the previous owner. The patches sound amazing! This has beautiful upgraded ends crafted from exotic wood from Chile. One corner has a small ding but that is the way the ends came to me from the guy in Chile. I still have the original ends if you are interested.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Marion Systems MSR-2

” Marion Systems MSR-2 16 Voice Analog Synthesizer
This MSR-2 has Two Analog Synth Modules and was customized by Marion Systems

This auction is for one of the most powerful 1 unit
analog synthesizers ever made. 16 true Analog Voices
Two MIDI inputs can route to either or both ASM module and two audio inputs
allow direct mixing with internal mixer. Also, the 25 pin connector on each
module allows you to input 8 mono inputs to the 8 VCF’s of each module.
Full MIDI implementation with velocity and aftertouch

This MSR-2 comes with Original Manual and Original Power Supply
Main unit 1.09 O.S. and 1.13 O.S. for each of the two ASM modules

I have owned this MSR-2 for 25 years and it has never left my
smoke free climate controlled studio.
There is no rust, corrosion, or dirt. see inside pics
A new Energizer battery was installed 3 years ago so should be good
for another 15-20 years, but back up your stuff if you create great sounds.

Customized by Tom Oberheim and Marion Systems
In 1998 I sent the unit back to Marion Systems for an upgrade.
They added a second Analog Synth Module (ASM) and upgraded the O.S.
I was working as a tech at E-mu Systems and Tom Oberheim called me
at work and we talked about my love for all synths Oberheim. He told me
he could disable the EQ in the MSR-2 and get an addition al 3 DB of gain.
I told him that would be great, they removed EQ, and the volume gain is significant.
Tom was really nice and it was an honor, as an EE myself, to talk to him.

So yes this is a customized MSR-2 by Tom Oberheim and his Marion Techs.
The EQ section screen is still there in software, but has no effect since disabled
The result is a louder synthesizer” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim DSX

“Oberheim DSX Digital Polyphonic Sequencer.

Light scratches on top surface and some dents to wood. Powers up. Buttons appear to work. Am happy to test if you can direct me on how to do so.

Vintage equipment and sold as-is. Get all your questions out of the way before you purchase.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim Xpander

” Oberheim Xpander Analog Synthesizer
100% Working, Great Cosmetics.

This Oberheim Xpander is a monster synthesizer and is in great shape.
The battery was replaced and unit checked 2 years ago by Synth Smith,
a great tech who worked for Sequential and E-mu Systems.
The last battery lasted over 20 years so should be good for many
years, but back up your sounds.
TUNE ALL returns all passing as shown in pictures
Video below shows a simple test of features and ends with running the tuning process
Main processor O.S. 1.2, and Voice processor O.S. 1.4 (latest O.S.)
Amazing Condition, The only real scratches are on the bottom of the synth
No rust or corrosion as shown in pictures of inside this beauty
The three displays are nice and bright

Auction Includes these Items
1 -Vintage Oberheim Xpander in full working condition
2 -Oberheim Xpander Original Manual
3 -Custom sounds installed. A mix of the Kid Nepro Matrix12/Xpander sounds from Rogue
music, and some of my own creations.
4 -A 3 year old Roadie Xpander flight case in mint condition
5 -Also, comes with a survival kit of five rare chips.
Three CEM 3374 VCO Chips
Two CEM 3372 VCF Chips
6 -And lastly, a dust cover so it stays nice and clean” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim OB-X

“Here’s the one you’ve been waiting for! This 8-voice Oberheim OB-X sounds amazingly fat and warm and is ready to find a good home. This synth has just been extensively serviced by Synthchaser in March 2022 with:

Power supply rebuild – new capacitors, trimmers, upgraded bridge rectifiers
All tantalum capacitors replaced – All failure prone tantalum capacitors replaced throughout the entire synth
Voice cards serviced – All polarized capacitors and trimmers replaced, voice cards calibrated
Keybed refurbished – new bushings, keys ultrasonically cleaned, bus bars and j-wires cleaned and adjusted
Many connectors replaced
Factory patches loaded

There are a fair amount of scratches on the paint–see photos for details. This is the final revision of OB-X which includes the Oberheim Computer Interface for connecting a DSX sequencer. All voice cards are original, no counterfeit or clone cards are in this synth.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim Matrix 1000

“Oberheim MATRIX-1000 6 voice synthesizer

Looks 9.5 of 10
In very clan condition. Please see pictures.

Works 10 of 10
Everything works as specified, overhauled before shipping to have long life and to keep original sounds.

Work list (Excerpt) :

Change all elec. caps and power regulators with new ones.
knobs, switches and jacks cleaning.
New memory backup battery installed
3rd party ROM installed on request, please point revision.
Adjustment.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim OB-12

“I have here a Oberheim OB-12 Working great with case, LCD screen is bright and readable (no dead pixels) comes with manul.
I will ship to lower 48 states only.

If you wish to buy from a further destination, please contact me and I can look into shipping prices with you.

Board like I say seems to work great, I have had no problems whatsoever, however I am also not a professional keyboardist. And so for me, I never got out of its full potential and it is time for me to move on.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim Matrix-6R

“This unit went has been sitting in my studio rack, used very little since 2003. After recently taking it out for testing, here is what I found. The unit powers up just fine. Midi signals are received just fine. Sounds are great. Audio output at the rear 1/4 inch output jacks is only present at the LEFT/MONO jack. Headphone out jack works normally both left and right. No issues with switches. The front panel is in very nice cosmetic condition, but the sides have some surface stratches from being pulled in and out of racks(all pictures are of the actual unit). Made in Japan. USA Only shipping. Unit and power cable only. No manual included.” Click here to visit listing on eBay