Blacet Research Dark Star Chaos Model 2000

“Read the Buyer’s Notice below – BEFORE you bid.

You are looking at a fantastic standalone self-contained noise synth Blacet Research Dark Star Chaos.

It has separate noise output that will give you unique textured noise for processing through another unit. The white/pink noise for wind and surf, a radio telescope, or like an old NASA recording of astronauts on the moon.

The oscillator at the lowest frequency setting give a jittery, misshapen, square wave for triggers or making filters pop/snap. It is a voltage controlled sound generator optimized for producing an unusual variety of noise based sounds.

The module includes a wide range DIGITAL NOISE SOURCE that includes a FILTER that can be used to modulate the frequency of the VCO. The module can be used stand alone or in a complete modular system. The DARK STAR CHAOS includes a voltage controlled digital noise clock that allows the speed of the noise to be finely adjusted from counterclockwise (CCW) “OFF”, 50% “RANDOM STEP” and clockwise (CW) “CW WHITE NOISE”. A voltage controlled Noise Filter controls the NOISE depth that modulates the VCO. In addition a triangle wave low frequency oscillator (LFO) can also be used to modulate the Pulse Width of the VCO. A basic envelope generator (EG) modulates the amplitude of the internal voltage controlled amplifier (VCA).

I built this module from the kit, used and enjoyed it in my studio, and it was working when I put it in storage. Includes a printed manual and new power cable.”
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