MPC Electronics The Kit


We found this in my in-laws basement. They told me they bought it in the early 1980s.


I hooked it up to my guitar amp, and it works like a charm. All of the drum and cymbol buttons work. All of the dials respond. You can hear the beats and tempo that the machine creates.

This has the original box, instructions, and registration. The registration number on the box, unit, and card all match.

The only non-origial part is the power cord. I bought one with the right DC output recommended for the unit. This is included with the purchase.

I am told that this is a hard to find machine intact and working. Most of the time they are bought for parts or refurbished.”
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MPC Electronics DSM-2

“This is your chance to own a part of Moby’s drum machine collection. You don’t need any special analog triggers or CV to use this drum module. Output from any headphone jack will trigger the drum sounds. You can also connect drum pads in to trigger the sounds as it has separate “Pad Inputs” and “Trigger Inputs” for each voice/sound. I bought this from Moby, well, I bought it from his auction but he did own it and he provided a signed certificate of authenticity, included in the sale. The unit is in good physical condition and functions as designed. I’ve had my Roland TR-707, TR-626, and TR-505 main and individual outputs connected directly to the DSM-2 trigger inputs and it sounds great, totally 80’s analog drum sound. This is one of the first drum modules on the market. The knob caps on the back knobs are missing and there are some scratches but hey, maybe it was scratched by Moby!”
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