MPC Electronics @ 11 July 2017, Comments Off on MPC Electronics MPC-1

“Superb analogue drum machine dating from c1983. In excellent condition and working order following an extensive professional service.

These are uncommon in any condition, but this only the second example we’ve seen that works as it should. It’s a ground-breaking historic analogue drum synth with onboard sequencer, designed to link up with either a Sinclair ZX81 (UK) or Timex 1000 (USA) personal computer to provide computer-programmed beats for the first time ever.

This example is in excellent condition – it has a few minor scuffs and dings as you would expect but it is looking great for its age.

Functionally it’s in great working condition and it’s wonderful to finally be able to program one of these machines – we’ve had several over the years, but most fail to retain programmed sequences for more than a bar or two before crashing. We must add the caveat that as this machine is based on ancient computer technology, we can only offer limited guarantees as to its future operating state: it works now, but we can’t offer any extended warranty beyond a guarantee that it will arrive in working order: if there is any problem at all on delivery, please email us immediately.” Link

MPC Electronics @ 05 July 2016, Comments Off on MPC Electronics D.S.M. 8+

dsm “I am not sure of its condition. I have no way of testing. It has no power supply. No cables are included.” Link

MPC Electronics @ 07 April 2015, Comments Off on MPC Electronics DSM-1 and DSM-2

mpcelectronics “Very good condition, considering the age.
All analog, 5 tuneable synth voices, individual outs, accent input, pad and trigger inputs for each voice.
I have only ever seen about three or four of these for sale.
everything works, but it could use some airduster on the pots to avoid crackling while turning the knobs durring playback.” Link

MPC Electronics @ 10 March 2015, Comments Off on MPC Electronics DSM1

mpc electronics“2 Stück Drum Synthesizer Module, MPC ELECTRONICS, DSM 1, 2x 19″Geräte mit Netzanschluß, -toller Analog Sound-, gebraucht, funktionsfähig” Link

MPC Electronics @ 28 October 2014, Comments Off on MPC Electronics The Kit

mpcthekit ” Verkaufe meine MPC the KIT Integrated electronic Drummachine. Es handelt sich um das Gerät was vor kurzem in der Zeitung Sound&Recording unter “love The Machines” vorgestellt wurde.
Modifikationen wurden durchgeführt, zum einen wurden zusätzliche Trigger-Ein&Ausgänge installiert, sowie ein Clockeingang installiert damit die MPC schön syncron zum Sequencer laufen kann.
Zustand, eine Potiabdeckung fehlt siehe die Fotos und der Batteriefachdeckel ist nicht original, technisch funktioniert sie.” Link

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MPC Electronics @ 24 June 2014, Comments Off on MPC Electronics The CLAP

” Fully functional. Excellent condition. All buttons knobs, keys, and controls work like new. Membrane pads have all been restored to work like new. These synths do not ship well, so local pickup preferred. Due to a well documented design flaw…when shipped, and handled roughly during shipping, some of the jumpers between circuit boards connecting the membrane pads can become loose. It would then have to be re-soldered to restore functionality. All are working now, but may not be if shipped, so please be aware of this before bidding. I don’t want there to be any surprises once you get it. ” Link

MPC Electronics @ 06 May 2014, Comments Off on MPC Electronics DSM-1

“Up for the bid a used extremely RARE analog modular drum synthesizer MPC DSM-1 / 2. It’s made in England and come in it original casing ( Army style )

It consists of 3 modules, making it together 5 synths (each can be tuned to a different drum voice). Each synth has pad input, trigger input and analog output. There is no MIDI but you can use with with either pads (like Roland electronic percussion pads) or triggers by audio (e.g. from Roland TR-707 TR-808 TR 606 )

Parameter for each synth (x5) are has follow:

– Input Sensitivity, Decay, Bend, Pitch, Mix, Tom or Bass switch, Noise, Click, Level

It’s in excellent shape and working condition with minor signs of age as expected from a vintage synth. There are some missing cap on some knobs on the back of the unit ( view pictures ), also the master output seems noisier than the individuals outputs ( It is normal since each synth sounds are internally mixed )” Link

MPC Electronics @ 08 April 2014, Comments Off on MPC Electronics DSM-1 and DSM-2

“Rare vintage drum synths, circa 1981

all analog, good condition

includes a wood rack that I made for it.

great bass kick, very versatile ” Link

MPC Electronics @ 19 November 2013, Comments Off on MPC Electronics The Kit

” Offered for auction is another item which I had previously sworn I’d never sell. This is a fantastic, rare vintage analogue drumbox with unique sounds and highly playable pads. Sounds can also be triggered via trigger inputs, there’s a range of preset patterns for the hi-hats and a pedal for the kick drum. Separate outs and preset pots on the rear allowing you to adjust pitch/decay etc. Very cool, but right now it’s one box too many for me. Fully working and in very good condition, comes with original PSU, kick pedal, and poly liner for the (missing) box.” Link

MPC Electronics @ 26 March 2013, Comments Off on MPC Electronics D.S.M.

“For sale are three very very rare 1980’s U.K made Music Percussion Computer D.S.M analog drum synth modules in perfect working order.

1 x D.S.M 1
1 x D.S.M 2
1 x D.S.M 8+

These are the cleanest and most hi-quality analog drum units i’ve ever heard and used. They have a very rich tone and are very versatile in sound.
They can be triggered using electronic drum pads or a 5v pulse into the trigger input on the back. ( see pic for all ins/outs ). Very useful when retriggering drum sounds within a track.
The D.S.M 2 and 8+ are powered using midi cables (not included) linked from the D.S.M 1 ( master module)
The units have a few scratches on the exterior and one of the rack ears is slightly bent but nothing that effects the performance.
The D.SM 8+ Automatically rums through a pitch step sequence which can be adjusted accordingly. This particular module is VERY rare. Unfortunately the trigger pot sometimes doesn’t kick in but this just needs a quick solder to fix.” Link

MPC Electronics @ 12 February 2013, Comments Off on MPC Electronics The Clap

“MPC The Clap Electronic Simulator, 80s Hand Clap Synthesizer

All analogue.

In good working and cosmetic condition, this has a round pad mounted on a plastic composite and metal box with controls to produce a clap sound. The controls allow a variation of sound with volume, spread, decay and mix knobs.

Trigger in, on 3.5mm jack, so it can be triggered from a drum pad, or almost any audio signal.

Output on standard ¼ inch jack.

9V adaptor, (also a 3.5mm jack), not included, or PP3 battery

In very good condition except the battery cover is rusty. As this is just a plain steel plate it could be sanded and resprayed very easily.”

MPC Electronics @ 15 January 2013, Comments Off on MPC Electronics DSM1 & DSM2

“Up for the bid a used extremely RARE analog modular drum synthesizer MPC DSM2. It’s made in England and I haven’t seen another one for sale anywhere in the past 10 years! The one for sale on this auction consists of 4 modules (one is master DSM1 and the other three are synths – each has 2 synths) making it together 6 synths (each can be tuned to a different drum voice). Each synth has pad input, trigger input and analog output. There is no MIDI but you can use with with either pads (like Roland electronic percussion pads) or triggers by audio (e.g. from Roland TR-707 that I’m also selling in a separate auction).” Link

MPC Electronics @ 18 December 2012, Comments Off on MPC Electronics DSM-1 and 2 DSM-2 units

“MPC Electronics DSM-1 und 2x DSM-2 E-Drum analog Drum Synthesizer Module, sehr rare

Verkaufe meine gut erhaltenen und mittlerweile seltenen Drummodule von M.P.C. aus England.
Das komplette Set besteht aus folgenden Komponenten:
– 1 x DSM-1
– 2 x DSM-2
– Kabel

Dieses Modul dient zur Spannungsversorgung der weiteren Module und beherbergt einen Drumsynthesizer sowie einen

Der Drumsynthpart ist ähnlich wie Simmons SDSV aufgebaut und hat gut Druck und man kann extrem fette Basssounds,
schneidende und noisige Snares, Hi-hats, Toms und Bleeps damit erstellen.

Es hat folgende Regler:
– Input Sensivitivity
– Decay
– Bend
– Pitch
– Mix
– Noise
– Click
– Level

19″, 2 HE Rackgehäuse

Anschlüsse auf der Rückseite:
– Output
– Accent Input
– Trigger Input
– Pad Input

Bei der Version handelt es sich um die 2-Kanalige Version des DSM-1.
Dieses Modul braucht für den Betrieb das DSM-1.

Das Gerät befindet sich in einem sehr guten Zustand. Nichts rauscht, brummt, kratzt, wackelt.

Die Module können z.B. mit den in einer anderen Auktion von mir zu versteigernden Simmons E-Drums gespielt werden.

– Zeiger der Poti-Kappen fehlen, siehe Foto
– Auf der Rückseite gibt’s einzelne, leichten Rostspuren

Extraleistung von mir:
Um die Käufer vom Zustand des Gerätes zu überzeugen, kann ich auf Wunsch ein Video vom Gerät in VGA-Qualität
machen und zumailen. Ein Video in HD-Qualität ist ebenfalls machbar, allerdings muss sich der Käufer um
die Übertragung von mehreren hundert MB bis einige GB Dateigrösse kümmern.

Zahlung per Paypal ist auf Anfrage möglich.

Bitte beachten Sie auch meine anderen Auktionen!” Link

MPC Electronics @ 04 October 2011, Comments Off on MPC Electronics MPC1

“Here is the chance to bid on a rare 1982 drum machine/computer build by MPC electronics of Cambridge.

There are some problems with the unit:
The sequencer is not working. Might be down to a faulty battery?
Pads for tom 2, cl hi-hat and bass drum are not responsive.
But otherwise everything works 100% i.e. the 7 other sounds + pads together with all knobs and switches + individual, master and phones outputs. Also the unit is stable – powers up with no problems/no flickering lights etc.

The unit has the fully analogue sound of early drum machines like the 808 or other roland machines and plenty of knobs to shape the sound.
It can be triggered from the 8 pads or from an inbuilt sequencer or remotely sequenced by a ZX81 / Sinclair 1000 (proper vintage) by a special interface cable.
The sequencer works as a real time programmer recording the triggered pads.
Besides mixed output and phones each sound has an individual output.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

MPC Electronics @ 16 August 2011, Comments Off on MPC Electronics MPC1

“Offered for sale is this MPC Electronics MPC-1 analogue drum machine from 1982.
These are very uncommon – an English drum computer – I’ve had it for many years as I’ve been intending to get it modified to work with trigger inputs, but never got around to it and I’m having a clear-out of my collection ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

MPC Electronics @ 15 March 2011, Comments Off on MPC Electronics D.S.M. 2

You will need a D.S.M. 1 Power this. No other way possible.

“I sold another one of these and a power supply many years ago and this one worked and sounded great at the time. Unfortunately it needs a unique power supply or cable and should be of interest to someone who already has one or more of these.

I can’t guarantee that it will work after this long time but it well may and at least could be used for spare parts if it can’t be fixed.

The build is solid and tank-like. Think Manticore! The sound is BIG and punchy. Think Jon Bonham.

Do your research before you bid. I will allow international bid since these may be more prevalent in England where someone may have need of this to complement an existing set-up.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.