01/WFD, Korg @ 10 February 2018, Comments Off on Korg 01/WFD

“I’m selling a classic 61-Key Korg Synth Workstation. See pictures for details, but it appears it was dropped by the previous owner. Still works great though. I’ve been using it to record some songs and I love it. Have had no problems with it at all. Lots of built in sounds, plus a sequencer so it’s a lot of fun to play around on. Perfect for anyone whether they’re looking to learn on it or a professional with a home studio looking to record or even play live.

Not in the best shape, but works great! See pictures for details. Highest 2 keys stick when pressed. Floppy drive looks banged up and may not work, cannot test that. Also is missing the little topper for volume knob.

Comes with the keyboard only. ” Link

01/WFD, Korg @ 16 December 2017, Comments Off on Korg 01W/FD

“Up for sale:
I’m selling this Korg 01W FD.
Keyboard turns on, all buttons and keys are functional. I didn’t test floppy disk for a long time, but mabye it’s working.
This keyboard have this issue: there’s a strange noise on ALL outputs when you play.
No programs or combis in memory, only init data;
Display have no light
Unit is in very good cosmetic condition, only with a few scratches as you can check in photos.
If you are a expert, mabye you can fix it!” Link

01/WFD, Korg @ 18 February 2017, Comments Off on Korg 01W/FD

01wfd “Korg 01w/fd 61 key Workstation synthesizer


01/WFD, Korg @ 04 February 2017, Comments Off on Korg 01/W FD

01wfd “Green backlight on display installed.One line on display is mising.Green light is brighter on the left and right side of display,then in the center of display.”

01/WFD, Korg @ 03 December 2016, Comments Off on Korg 01/ WFD

01wfd “Here i have is a korg 01 wfd , keyboard is in really good shape for its age. all buttons and keys work perfect ,i am selling cause i have moved up to newer keyboards.” Link

01/WFD, Korg @ 19 November 2016, Comments Off on Korg 01W/FD

korg-01wfd “This is a working Korg 01/WFD keyboard/synthesizer in very good condition. I played it with headphones and the keys worked, as did the joy stick and the screen was clear and easy to read. In addition, this sale also includes a Korg 03/RW and a Tascam dual cassette deck with hard shell case. No reserve and a starting bid under a dollar” Link

01/WFD, Korg @ 29 October 2016, Comments Off on Korg 01/W FD

koeg10 “Up for your consideration is this Korg 01 WFD KEYBOARD being sold for parts/repair. It has a broken key and missing button. The KEYBOARD comes on but will not make a sound. There are scratches writing and paint wear on keyboard. A power cord is included.” Link

01/WFD, Korg @ 03 September 2016, Comments Off on Korg 01/W FD

korg01wfd “This is a Korg 01/Wfd 61key workstation synth that’s in very good condition. It was kept in a flight case by a friend of mine until he gave it to me about 10 years ago, and it’s pretty much been in my closet ever since. I really only played with the piano sound so I don’t really know what all this board can do. I never got into building the programs or midi stuff but everything is functional as far as I know. all of the programs sound really good. I don’t really have any room for it so hopefully it will go to someone who can put it to good use,” Link

01/WFD, Korg @ 13 August 2016, Comments Off on Korg 01/W FD

01wfd “This is in full working order. Some light scratches but otherwise in very good condition for its age.
I do not use it anymore but still a very powerful sounding keyboard and has vintage status.
No impact damage, all keys are responsive, good working diskette drive and a good LCD.
I do not have the original factory discs but there are many sources on the internet where these are available for free.
I do have the original manual and an old disk with 3 song programs

Living On My Own
Spirit In The Sky
MJ’s Black & White ” Link

01/WFD, Korg @ 28 May 2016, Comments Off on Korg 01W / FD

01wfd “For your consideration one Korg 01W in good working condition. This baby was cutting edge when new and still very relevant now, a real classic in my opinion. The lcd screen seems to have lost its back light but no problem to see patches, missing one of the rubber feet on bottom and the lowest B flat key seems to have a slow mechanical return. Aside from that synth is in very good working condition. I’m making it a .99 starting bid auction so you can’t go wrong. All and all a fine keyboard that has some awesome KORG sounds! We used it on a lot of records at my studio. Seem to always deliver a patch that worked well in song we were on at time. Works great in midi slave position and sound stacking.” Link

01/WFD, Korg @ 27 February 2016, Comments Off on Korg 01/W FD

01e “Works fine. Not much of a keyboard player and would like to get rid of it to put towards a juno. Comes with the dealer manual and power. Wanted to use this for midi stuff because of the solid build and heavy keys but never got around to it.” Link

01/WFD, Korg @ 26 December 2015, Comments Off on Korg 01/W FD

01wfd “Hi. I’m selling Korg Keyboard 01wfd
for parts or repair.
all the keys, Bottoms, pitch bend, screen are ok.
is very clean,” Link

01/WFD, Korg @ 03 October 2015, Comments Off on Korg 01/W FD

korg 01wfd ” Up for sale Korg 01W/FD in great condition. Everything in working condition, all buttons intact and working. All keys play and all sound evenly. No yellow keys. No floppy drive. Screen display works and glows blue. Very nice vintage keyboard.” Link

01/WFD, Korg @ 12 September 2015, Comments Off on Korg 01W/FD

01wfd “What We have here is a used Korg 01wfd. I got it at an estate sale. At a first glance you see bright white keys, the sort of dim screen, some markings on the right side where it looks like someone put something round and hot on it 3 times each mark being 3/4 inchish. Top being the worst with more bubbling, middle is kinda bubbling and bottom is barely noticeable at all. It has a couple of places where tape residue has to be cleaned off (nothing a little peanut butter wont take off…. Seriously). Any way the screen works great and after hooking up the keyboard to some headphones it plays wonderful too. Lots and lots of sounds. I did notice only one key sticking (its the third black key from the left.) It needs a greasing is what Ive been told. I havnt been able to test out zip drive because I dont have one. But besides those burn marks it looks like its been handled well. No big dents or scratches. Just sticky residue.

Im also including the keyboard stand in the picture. Its a heavy duty one meant for this keyboard. The brand is quick lok. Its an expensive one not a cheapy make. Its missing 1 boot but it doesnt cause it to be off balance or anything like that. Really cant tell its missing.

Everything being sold as is.” Link

01/WFD, Korg @ 22 August 2015, Comments Off on Korg 01W/FD

01wfd ” Vintage (1994) Korg 01 W/FD workstation synthesizer in excellent condition, inside and out.* (* some scratches and scuffs evident on both end caps, most likely leaned against walls for gigs, studio, etc)…
Features, and Included accessories:
-Korg 01 W/FD, w/ AC power cord,
-Korg instructional VHS w/ printed companion guide,
-Owner’s Manual
-Quickstart Guide
-Software/Diskettes (13)
{-Korg SoundEditor for Mac,(1) and Windows(1),xpd-15 general midi (1),xpd-13 pop performance (1), xpd-11 sound alternatives (1),xpd-12 house/funk (1),xpd-14 rock chronicle (1), (blank/new) BASF 2hd extra diskettes(6), (for recording/ saving your own projects/patches).” Link

01/WFD, Korg @ 04 July 2015, Comments Off on Korg 01W / FD Project Machine

korg 01wfd “Korg 01W FD das Gerät funktioniert einwandfrei nur die Tasten C und Cis wie auf dem Foto funktionieren nicht mehr Ansonsten geht bei dem Gerät alles. Die Displaybeleuchtung und die Speicherbatterie wurden vor c.a. einem Jahr getauscht.” Link

01/WFD, Korg @ 06 June 2015, Comments Off on Korg 01/W FD

01wfd “Korg 01W/FD Music Workstation

Korg Damper Pedal
Korg Expression Pedal
XSC-2S Orchestral PCM Performance Data Cards
XSC-3S Piano/Keyboard PCM Performance Data Cards

In working order.” Link

01/WFD, Korg @ 11 April 2015, Comments Off on Korg 01/W FD

01wfd “Works great! Clean audio. Legit vintage Korg sounds.

Internal battery replaced. Solid unit, with some wear expected from a used keyboard/synth that is over two decades old.

Wear: Although they are too slight to show up in the photos, there are some light scratches on the LCD screen. There is some hum when turned on, but this does not affect the audio. The keys are all playable, but a few of them are sticky, particularly the Eb4. I do not have any floppy disks to test the drive, I’ve never used that feature. ” Link

01/WFD, Korg @ 04 April 2015, Comments Off on Korg 01/W FD

01wfd“Korg 01/WFD with case.
It powers up and plays. This is about as far as I am capable of testing this unit.
The key with the blue tape on it doesn’t work. Otherwise, it seems to play different sounds (patches).
My knowledge is nearly nonexistent on this. ” Link

01/WFD, Korg @ 14 February 2015, Comments Off on Korg 01W/FD

korg 01wfd “Korg 01/W FD Digital Synthesizer

Good Working Condition

Includes Power Cord

A couple of keys are slightly sticky and are slow to return. The down program selector on the front panel needs cleaning.” Link

01/WFD, Korg @ 31 January 2015, Comments Off on Korg 01W /FD

korg 01wfd“Verkaufe 1 Synthesizer Korg 01W/FD TOP-ZUSTANT WIE NEU
Optisch und Technisch im sehr guten Zustand
Sie bieten hier auf ein einen hochwertigen Synthesizer aus den 90er-Jahren.
den Korg 01/W FD. ” Link

01/WFD, Korg @ 06 December 2014, Comments Off on Korg 01/W FD

korg 01wfd
Da es sich um einen Privatverkauf handelt, entfallen sämtliche Ansprüche aus Garantie und Gewährleistung.
Sollte etwas unklar sein bitte vor Gebot fragen. Bitte nur bieten wenn man sich sicher ist.” Link

01/WFD, Korg @ 22 November 2014, Comments Off on Korg 01W/FD

01wfd“Biete einen Synthesizer wegen Hobbyaufgabe an.

Der Synth funktioniert einwandfrei und hat altersbedingte Gebrauchsspuren.
Es sind noch einige Instrumente mehr darauf gespeichert, hauptsächlich orientalische.

Beachten Sie bitte die abstehende Taste.

Ich verkaufe mein gesamtes Recording-Equipment, schauen Sie doch einfach in meine anderen Angebote vorbei. Ihre Fragen beantworte ich gerne.” Link

01/WFD, Korg @ 18 October 2014, Comments Off on Korg 01W / FD


This works great and is a super clean example (see pics) of this powerful workstation. Backlight is dim but still viewable. This is the model with the floppy drive and extended sequencer. This model has 48,000 note capacity VS 7,000 for the non floppy drive version. Many soundbanks are available on disc and you can store your sequences and sounds to floppy for endless creative possibilities. One of the nice things about this unit is it’s ability to act as a master controller and record tracks for playback on any midi syth or module in your setup.” Link

01/WFD, Korg @ 04 October 2014, Comments Off on Korg 01W/FD

01wfd” This Korg 01/Wfd is in worn / used condition. Most of it still works or can be easily refurbished. Many of the top buttons are not responsive and the backlight is dimming. Still works great as a MIDI controller and workstation. Produces a clean sound and only needs work on the buttons. Pitch bend lever still works completely, as they are prone to break. Factory soundbank only. Whether you are looking for a potentially great workstation with a little restoration, or interested in parts, this is the keyboard for you. ” Link

01/WFD, Korg @ 05 July 2014, Comments Off on Korg 01/W FD

“Funktioniert einwandfrei und kommt ohne weiteres Zubehör. Die Werksounds sind drin, die Batterie ist neu und die Displaybeleuchtung wurde ebenfalls erneuert. Somit hat man einige Jahre Ruhe.

Der Zustand ist sehr gut, am Gehäuse sind nur sehr geringe Gebrauchsspuren.

In einer anderen Auktion biete ich noch ein passendes Case an.

Wir sind ein tierloser Nichtraucherhaushalt. ” Link

01/WFD, Korg @ 10 May 2014, Comments Off on Korg 01/W FD

“This is a nice equipment. It works well, great sequencing, great sound. Grab it before someone else does. Included are all cords and gig bag.” Link

01/WFD, Korg @ 03 May 2014, Comments Off on Korg 01W / FD

“Used Korg Music Workstation
includes black case, quick guide
no returns
sold as is” Link

01/WFD, Korg @ 19 April 2014, Comments Off on Korg 01/W FD

“Korg 01/W FD

Absolutely stunning condition! Plastic end caps still shines.

Comes with factory manual, disk with programs, combis, and sequencer demos! Disk may vary from photo.

Custom Case Included!” Link

01/WFD, Korg @ 19 April 2014, Comments Off on Korg 01/W FD



In decent physical condition… normal wear and usage, not abused! Has some light surface scratches here and there , nothing unsightly.. plays and sounds great.

Just installed a new memory battery today and re-installed the factory preset sounds from disk.

Comes with everything in picture.. worn carry bag for basic protection, operating manual, factory sound disk, sustain pedal, AC power cable.” Link

01/WFD, Korg @ 22 February 2014, Comments Off on Korg 01W/FD

“Sauberer, funktionstüchtiger Zustand. Speicherbatterie ist neu.” Link

01/WFD, Korg @ 28 December 2013, Comments Off on Korg 01/W FD

“Used/Lightly Used – This item has been used but is still in decent condition.” Link

01/W, 01/WFD, Korg @ 07 December 2013, Comments Off on Korg 01/W FD

“This is a Korg 01/WFD, vintage 61-key music workstation in nearly perfect working condition. Since you are looking at this you are probably already aware of the amazing and unique sound of this synthesizer, but it’s the extensive list of features that has kept this synth as a mainstay for even modern musicians. All buttons, sliders and keys work perfectly while the LCD screen has gone dim (see picture). I have seen other eBay listings for backlights for less than $30. Cosmetically you won’t believe that a keyboard of this age is in such wonderful condition. I am the original owner and while used extensively has been well protected in a smoke-free studio. ” Link

01/WFD, Korg @ 08 June 2013, Comments Off on Korg 01/W FD

“Outstanding classic keyboard
– 61 keys
– Includes power cord and pedal (not original)
– Includes a keyboard stand.
– Screen in perfect condition

– Probably the drive doesn’t work, but I’m not sure.
– Two keys, Bb above middle C and Bb 3 octaves above middle C, work but sometimes the key does not go up again.” Link

01/WFD, Korg @ 18 May 2013, Comments Off on Korg 01/W Pro X

“Works, in good condition, some slight scratches and normal signs of wear. Two buttons are not working — the “D” button in the row of letters beneath the LCD display and the “1” button in the right side number bank. This does not seriously impair functionality, work arounds are possible.” Link