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“his rare synth was beautifully restored for me by Chroma guru Randel Osborne in 2015.

Please refer to his extensive restoration work at:

and his incredible Enabler controller for the Chroma here:

It’s in excellent cosmetic condition and 100% functional.

Randel’s restoration included:

– installation of the switching power supply by Luca Sasdelli

– installation of the CPU Plus (CC+) control board (midi upgrade)

– recapping of the voice cards and calibration

– complete synth disassembly, cleaning and testing” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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chroma expander “Unit works well, but does have some issues. Was photographed with quite a few screws missing these will be replaced before shipping. It was operated with the lid open for cooling. This does not always boot up on the first try. If you turn it on, let it warm for a few minutes and then back off and on it will reliably boot up and run reliably. I’m told this kind of crap is normal with these.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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crhoma ” That is right. You can believe your eyes. This is a fully functional Rhodes Chroma Expander analogue synthesizer. I have never seen one for sale on eBay or anywhere else over the last few years. I would dare say that this may be one of the few chances you will ever have to own one.

This Rhodes Chroma Expander, serial #0110, has been completely painstakingly restored internally over the last 3 1/2 years at Three Wave Music. a few years prior, additional restoration work was done by David Hillel Wilson at the Synth Museum in New Hampshire. On the Rhodes Chroma website, he listed his plans for a voice card tester he designed for the Rhodes Chroma. He designed it when he was working on this Xpander to help him get all the voice cards back to spec. You will want to refinish the wood to bring it back to its former glory as the outside is not where you will want it to be. There are also a couple of small spots where the front panel membrane is slightly lifted but it does not interfere in any way with performance of the unit. Three Wave Music secured it and made sure it was stable.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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polaris ii
This rhodes chroma polaris 2 needs a little work. There are signs of age including some surface rust and scratches. The classic membrane failure issue has occurred on the left hand side of the panel effecting some functions but the middle and right hand side(preset patch controls) are all working. It is my understanding that Paul DeRocco is still selling the membrane panel replacements and there is a very good step by step guide on YouTube. All you need is time which I unfortunately of not have; I will be moving overseas for work so all projects are off my schedule sadly.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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chroma“Rhodes Chroma in excellent condition! The Chroma includes the Enabler contoller(and power cord/midi connector) , brand new flight case for Chroma, original pedals. the Enabler wood is cherry with a finish to match the Chroma cherry wood and finish. Reworked by New England Analog(NEA) who performed the following service.If you go to NEA’s website and gallery,you can see photos of this exact Chroma.

removed all wood surfaces, stripped and resanded the cherry wood and finished in cherry finish with three coats of PU
all electrolytic capacitors replaced.
replaced PSU with Luca Sasdelli’s switching power supply kit which was the Chroma’s weakest point. Chroma now generates no heat upon touch and is incredibly stable.
Added Chris Borman’s, After touch Pressure Sensor Kit. Chroma now has aftertouch which can easily be adjusted with the Enabler.
Added the CPU Plus CC+ software PCB which adds further operating stability and better midi control.This feature increases the standard 50 patches to 200 patches and allows the Chroma to be controlled by Randall Osborne’s Enabler which is now marketed by NEA.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Vintage Rhodes Chroma Synthesizer. Sold as-is for repair. The synthsizer powers on and all led’s light up. The alpha numeric display does not light up. It does not produce any sound (most likely it will need a replacement power supply). The cosmetic condition is good, there are scratches the the black paint and wood sides. All parts and components are intact, including memory modification. This Rhodes Chroma comes from the legendary Cherokee Studios in Hollywood, CA.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Up for the bid, a vintage Chroma Polaris from Fender that was designed for the most part by ARP design team right before Fender acquired ARP’s assets.

This unit is in somewhat rough physical condition (due to some rust on the back of the case) but it appears to be working properly except for a few buttons/leds that don’t appear to respond (it’s the buttons in the right column of the “Assignable Control” section: Bend Lever Range, Vibration Delay, Osc1 Vibration, Osc2 Vibration, Osc2 Env and Detune button – I marked them on one of the pictures). They were intermittent at fist (sometimes worked sometimes didn’t) but now they don’t work at all. I’m not sure if this is just some cable connection or the buttons just broke down but since there are narrowed down to just one section, I suspect it may be just a loose wire somewhere. HOWEVER, PLEASE CONSIDER THOSE BUTTONS AS NON-FUNCTIONING WHEN BIDDING!

The Ring Mod led also doesn’t light up but the button itself seems to be working (at least I think it’s working because when I press it, the sound changes). Otherwise, the synth appears to work fine (to my best knowledge, although I haven’t tested the MIDI ports recently so I’m not sure if they work). All sliders appear to function and no slider caps are missing as you see on the pictures. Please examine the pictures and ask questions before you bid! ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“classic 6 voice polysynth– the last synth designed by ARP– but made by Fender. mid 1980’s
totally functional, all membrane switches work, all sliders and led’s fine. Amazingly full and musical sounding synth. not cheap and buzzy like some, a real distinct musical tone. great bass , good feeling keyboard.
very versatile–split or stack sounds. 132 patch memory . realtime sequencer has the 2x memory upgrade chips. MIDI . true VCO’s with autotune feature. way better than those overpriced moogs, it was really ahead of its time . ive played about a dozen different synths –this one sounds great.
check any vintage synth site for more info.
this unit looks real good too. cosmetically 9 ish
fairly rare–only about 3500 made” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Fender Chroma Polaris model 2123

works perfectly with the exception of the following buttons:

Bend lever range
vibrato delay
Osc 1 vibrato
Ocs 2 env

these buttons have been working intermittently but are currently not working

I expect a ribon cable connection

Note: New membrane switches for the Polaris are currently available

if I were going to keep it I would probably order a set.

No issues whatsoever plays perfectly

no dead keys no missing knobs

full blown analog synthesizer

getting very rare and settling into collectors hands” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This listing is for a Fender Rhodes Chroma Polaris vintage analog synthesizer. The unit is 100% functional and is in nice cosmetic condition as well.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Das 16-stimmig polyphone, multitimbrale vollanaloge Flaggschiff mit 4 Einzelausgängen mit Zubehör im exzellenten, funktionsfähigen Sammlerzustand.

Im Angebot sind enthalten:

– Rhodes Chroma Analogsynthesizer
– originale Pedale
– Prototyp des EES MIDI Retrofit ( NICHT SysEx-fähig )
– stabiles Aluminium Case ( muss gesäubert werden )

Alle sonstigen, auf den Fotos sichtbaren Geräte sind NICHT im Angebot enthalten !

Voll restauriert, fehlen wegen Akkuaustausch allerdings sämtliche Klangdaten und müssen per Hand programmiert oder mit einem SysEx-fähigen Retrofit
aufgespielt werden. Der Chroma muss aufgrund seines hohen Gewichts abgeholt werden – kein Versand möglich !” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Vintage Rhodes Chroma Synthesizer , the electronics of this keyboard have just been replaced or refurbished , it has a new power supply that is switching, like a yamaha or a mac book, you can just plug it in worldwide, 100v to 220v , also the tone generator boards have been replaced, the keys play fine and are in really good shape, it has midi but i can’t get it to work ,those 4 switches you see on the top left of the keyboard are for the midi ,it’s some combination of up/down to set the midi channel but i couldn’t get it going
cosmetically all the wood panels are in bad shape because of the foam in the case it was stored in for years,
but in conclusion if you have been thinking about getting one of these this is the one, it cost a lot to get it to this point and it sounds great and play really nice ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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Up for bidding is my amazing Chroma Polaris. If you’re reading this you know what it is.

I tried to get this fixed but according to the techs at Switched On (Austin TX), it is a “lost cause.”

Regardless, this keyboard is valuable and I hope someone can find use of the parts.

Here is what they said about it:

“Broken/Brittle ribbon cables from membranes. Extensive battery corrosion onto power supply and mainboard – lost cause”

This machine is sold “AS IS.”” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Der Chroma ist im traumhaften Sammlerzustand und kann in Hettstedt ( Sachsen-Anhalt ) ausgiebig getestet werden.
Keinerlei thermische Probleme, technisch und optisch nahezu neuwertig.
Zum Chroma gibt es den Prototypen des EES MIDI Retrofit und ein stabiles Case dazu.
Dieses EES Interface beherrscht noch KEIN System Exclusive !” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“While not quite as flexible it’s big brother, or as expressive, with it’s arguably warmer sound, and a much more friendly user interface, the Polaris is still a stupid good deal in the vintage poly market.

It has two real VCOs, the same warm CEM filters as the Prophet T8 and Xpander, and still doesn’t skip on the expression options by any means, with assignable levers and pedals, and *velocity control* of both filter and VCA envelopes. Modulation is pretty deep as well- the envelopes and LFO can control pretty much everything and the is a ring modulator for cross-modulation of the VCOs. Sounds can be both stacked and split, making for some huge sounds.

Rounding things off is a sequencer and analog tempo sync ins and outs, and of course, the best part, the polaris’ truly modern midi implementation, from the factory. All the main sound parameters can be adjusted via midi, so I can tweak it from across the room on my knob box without ever turning away from my DAW.

This Polaris was just restored by the Good Guys in St. Paul, MN, who’s reputation for fixing the Chroma line is about as good as it gets. They still have guys with factory training that have been fixing these babies since they were new and work with many famous clients. The repairs included a real pro membrane repair which is the big problem with these, and this one should be good for many years to come. All voices tune up without fail, all buttons and sliders work great. The cosmetic condition is good , expecially for it’s age. Wood ends are in good shape with only a few minor scuffs and imperfections and the exterior is free from any real obvious scratches or dents.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Chroma Polaris Model: 2123 polyphonic synthesizer. Made in Japan c1984. Designed by ARP and produced by Fender. This Chroma Polaris has been fully tested and is in all-around excellent working condition. All 6 CEM voices, led’s, keys, inputs/outputs, midi, pitch/mod levers, etc. are working just as they should. All sliders (transmit midi CC!) are liquid smooth and all membrane buttons (it has just had a proper and stable membrane panel repair). The synthesizer is also in excellent/clean cosmetic condition with some minor wear to the wood ends, and one chipped “A” key to mention. The Chroma Polaris is an extremely powerful and beautiful sounding synthesizer! AC line included.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“The power supply on this one doesn’t work; it stopped powering up a few years back so there is no way to check it out. The front panel was replaced due to cracked membrane switches (a common problem) in the 90’s and it is still in good condition today. The semi-weighted keyboard is even and feels good. The wooden ends are damaged from normal wear and tear. This is being sold as-is for parts and returns are not accepted.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This keyboard is not fully functional. It turns on and many of the switches work. The lights all come one for a second while it turns on but the switches on the left side don’t seem to do anything. The Envelop Decay slider is missing. Unfortunatley I don’t have a speaker / amp to check to see if any sound comes out or if the the keys work. It was in one of those old cases where the padding inside starts wearing out and coming off so I’m not sure if that is causing any problems. I cleaned it up as best I could.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“If you are looking at this, you know more than I can possible write about it. This is used but in like new condition. I’ve played it. All the keys work. All the sounds work. And they are rich, unique sounds. But I don’t have the knowledge or time to figure out if everything is working. When I adjust the sounds they do adjust. When I tried to test the midi, I couldn’t get it working but I don’t know if it is my limited ability or perhaps there are some functions or buttons that need a little service. But you can play and perform live with it right now because all the keys, sounds, and toogle adjusters are working fine. There are two missing wedge handles you can see in the photo. But all the rest are there, including the two on the far left below regular buttons. I believe I’m the second owner. It was passed to our family by a pro who used it for many many years, with a lots of success. He finally upgraded to something state of the art. I play at church and had hoped to incorporate this into our music, but it doesn’t fit in, and I have only limited time to learn it. So I’m hoping somebody who really appreciates this vintage synthesizer sees it and buys it. If you’ve always wanted one, this is your chance to get a pretty good one. Cosmetics are excellent. And as I mentioned above all functions appear to be working but I don’t guarantee that because it will do lots of things I don’t have the knowledge to test. I’ve seen lots of them that are beat up and good for parts. This is not that. This is a player. It looks great. And the sounds are very cool, rich, deep, wild, unique. I have another keyboard that I play at church and the sounds in it are chincy compared to these synthesizer sounds. And I’ll pack it really well, by surronding it in bubble wrap so it just floats in the box. I have the power chord but that’s it. No pedals no manuals, although lots of manuals and documents are available for free on line.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“OK! I’m finally letting go of it! I bought this Chroma Expander in either 1986 or 1987 directly from Fender to use as a backup and programming synth when I was working with Josef Zawinul in all technical capacities. As you can see from the pictures, I added forced air cooling (a fan) to the rear panel and cut an air intake hole on the bottom of the synth adjacent to the power transformer location. I did this mod to all of Joe’s Expander’s and he had already had it done to his Chroma’s. European Jazz Festivals in the summer were not forgiving to his analog synth gear. The fan will run at the same speed regardless of the Mains Voltage selected. Even though we never took this unit on the road with us, it had to be ready to travel just in case.

I have completely rebuilt the power supply. C3 is now 50,000ufd 16VDC rated allowing me to remove the OverVoltage Crowbar circuit and all Series Pass elements have been replaced as well as the rectifiers and electrolytic capacitors. The capacitors have been replaced with 105 degree Panasonic FC or Nichicon types with higher microfarad values. The Dual Channel Voice Card Motherboard has been upgraded as well. The batteries have been replaced with rechargable Li-ion types and the battery holder was replaced as well.

The Midi Converter is from my friend Ken Ypparila at Syntech and is installed internally. I will include a copy of the manual I made back in the day. The midi jacks are not labeled, however, I used patch-bay wiring convention of Send upper and Receive lower.

Everything works really well. All diagnostics pass and tuning is stable. I am attempting to recover program tapes from 1989 and get the unit sounding like it did then. If that fails, it will be loaded with a bank of programs from several friends here in LA” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“You are bidding on my CHROMA POLARIS SYNTHESIZER which has been lovinging cared for in my SMOKE FREE studio and recently had a complete tech over by Toronto Synth Guru JOHN FLETCHER. Rest assured she is a beauty and in superb condition physically and sonically.

minor paint chips on wood sides (see Photo’s)” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Chroma, Polaris @ 15 February 2011, Comments Off on Chroma Polaris Project Machine

“powers on. lights up. no sound. no response to buttons. sold as not working or for parts. ribbon cables appear to be in tact. I am not an expert, nor did i attempt to repair this.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Chroma, Polaris @ 16 November 2010, Comments Off on Chroma Polaris

“Fender Rhodes Chroma Polaris for sale. Item is in not working condition, it has the common ribbon problem, don´t know if there is any other issue. The ribbon is the one that goes from the left to the right control board. It does start up but it doesn´t sound. I never had the time nor the patience to fix it, so i´m selling it “as is”, for parts or to someone who wants to fix it. Cosmetically it is in very good shape. All the Cems are in its place and in working order.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Chroma, Polaris @ 08 June 2010, Comments Off on Chroma Polaris

” For those of you who don’t know, this is one of the great analogs to own once it’s been worked over by a professional. They have a problem with ribbon cables breaking and taking out the panel switches. But once those have been properly set up so that they won’t break again (until ozone disintegrates them which hopefully will be a long long time…) they are very reliable. I’ve been using mine for years with no problem, as have many I’ve repaired them for. (Side note for GERMAN BUYERS…unfortunately I sent one that was very nice over there and some brilliant person rearranged my packing job in customs apparently. Left the machine banging around. I pack these in a box with tight ‘ear muff’ pieces on both ends so that unless someone tears it apart there is no way for damage to happen. But they did this to two synths in a row (an ensoniq sq80 on the other one) and given that I’ve sent a lot of machines around the world with 100% success, I’ve had to say no more Germany. I mean if you want to have me send it and pack it some other way I’ll do it but it’s 100% your responsibility. I don’t even want to hear about it because it just wastes my time filing for a claim that never gets honored. )

Anyway We’re talking about 6 of the dual VCO CEM3374 chips and 6 CEM3372 VCF chips controlled by a 186 CPU here. Fantastic possibilities for an analog. A great preset ring mod, sync and wide modulation possiblities. Glide pedal is demonstrated in my video on the sounddoctorin youtube site. These are performance MONSTERS. You can bend either the whole keyboard or just the one you are soloing on. When you hit the glide pedal it stacks the remaining voices that aren’t being held into a mono lead. Really sweet.

Also you can have 8 different sounds assigned in MIDI. Of course you can only be playing 6 of them at a time :-). But it’s a nice feature for 1985. Both the old chroma port and midi. The functions are summarized on various sites. Great for a wide variety of sounds but especially works for the pink floyd type stuff, and keyboard sounds are excellent. Nice dynamics.

They only made a few thousand of these I believe. This is serial 301529. It was cosmetically a bit rough and I did an extensive quality paint job on it. Nice to have a body shop next door for supplies. I got all the key contacts cleaned up and working great. I’ll test it before it leaves to make sure it’s still 100%. I’ve let it set around a few months which is always a good idea on these. NEW BATTERIES ALSO. I replaced the assignable’s slider and it’s actually better than original in my opinion because it has a center detent. Many of the settings are bi-polar so that tells you when you’re halfway. Someone else came up with the custom bender knobs and I actually like them for function. If you want matching knobs though just request and I’ll install them. These are new eagle knobs that are near enough the originals.

As noted above I pack to simulate factory job. Nothing touches the sliders so that they don’t get pulled sideways when someone end drops it. And I put lots of end padding so that wood doesn’t get broken. These are kinda heavy but worth every pound of it :-). Some machines feel like a burden but something about carrying that sonic power makes you forget about it. lol! Oh also the output jacks have the plastic nuts. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.