Serge 4U Modular Panel

“Serge 4U panel with 4 modules (4×4) in a Random Source Boat and distro board (with xlr connector)
no PSU included

Random Source Dual slope generator (one led not blinking)
Random Source Sequencer/Programmer
Ian Fritz Chaquo/Dual tgtsh
Scrolab Sequential Switch

Great for sequencing, randomising, chaotic voltage generation and audio processing” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Random Source Edelweiss II

“Beautiful second-version Edelweiss panel, much improved over the first.

DSG’s and SSG have been optimized for use as high-frequency audio oscillators, and the less useful gate sequencer has been replaced with logic and clock/audio dividers.

See for further info.

Has standard Serge 4-pin molex power connector.

Random*Source is absolutely top quality and will play very well with STS Serge. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Serge Animal

“This is a SERGE Animal. It was ordered in March of 2019 and arrived in June 2019. It is in extremely nice condition and includes 20 banana cables along with a power supply. Everything functions just as it should. I am also including a printed copy of “An introduction to the SERGE MODULAR MUSIC SYSTEM” along with an printed catalog from the early 1980’s in a 3-ring binder, this is useful for programming and learning about the features of the modules.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Serge Modular TKB

“Vintage Serge panel, pre-STS, these are highly coveted, they don’t show up very often and are rarely in good working order.

This one’s almost perfect, only LED #16 is burnt out, but the stage works as normal.

Connector (4-pin molex) has been adapted for use with modern Serge systems so everything should be ready to go! “ Click here to visit listing on eBay

Frank Eventoff Sonica

” The Sonica was a synthesizer designed by Frank Eventoff in 1979. A limited run of 650 were made, this is number 597. This one is in good condition with wear near the numbering and a tear in the grill cloth in front of the speaker. Includes original case, unsigned warranty card, and owner’s manual. These are ultra rare and incredibly hard to find.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Random Source Serge Edelweiss II

“Virtually brand new. Professionally hand build in Berlin by PatchPoints only 2 months ago, full Serge Panel / Boats in original 4u format. Has only had very light use.

This are beautifully constructed and sound rich and precise. All the individual modules serve multiple purpose, DSG for example ( this has 4) makes for a wonderfully precise VCO with perfect pitch tracking. ”
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Serge Modular

“STS/Oakland era custom panel with extremely useful oscillator sync mod on both PCO’s. The sync is much stronger than stock, making it very easy to lock in harmonic or subharmonic relationships, basically anything musically useful. This is an absolute requirement for live patching.

As you can see this panel is absolutely packed with functionality! Much more so than shop panels. It still works and sounds great after 20+ years.

SSG” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Serge Modular Synthesizer Panel

“I’m selling my Sequencer Panel as I’m not using this system as much anymore. This is an official shop panel, not a DIY or clone. It is the original configuration, not custom.
This does not include the Serge PSU as I’m still keep my other panels.

It is fully functional and in excellent cosmetic condition except for the scratch on the lower right of the panel. Scratch is shown in the last pic. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Serge Modular

“Cosmetically they… don’t match. The ANIMAL is from the STS/oakland Calif. era, and is in very good shape all the way around. The TKB is an older “paper face” module; it has some cosmetic challenges. The paper is yellowing, the power supply wires have a soldered patch in them, the right side of the keypad itself sits very slightly taller than the left , and the front panel has some extra holes drilled in it in the corners, to mount it in a non-Serge system. None of this affects its playability, function, or ability to be mounted in a standard Serge cabinet.

Sonically it’s GREAT, with the deep OOMPH that characterizes Serge all across the frequency spectrum (figure out in your ownmind what high frequency OOMPH sounds like, but the system has got it.). The ANIMAL was designed to have lots of signal AND noise in a small space: two oscillators, wave multipliers (these are some of the greatest processors ever), a filter that can oscillate, an envelope generator that can filter, noise sources, random voltage generator. The unique Serge strength is that, generally, you can plug any output into any input and it will take it– there’s no segregation between audio and control voltages. The TKB has a sequencer with selectable stages and a touchplate keyboard with pressure out; the functions can be linked or not, and you can even use it as a lo-fi programmable-waveshape oscillator. It’s all amazing but became overwhelming for me. I need money and room.

This combo was working when last played; there’s no reason to think that it isn’t but a trip to a competent synth tech is always a good idea, especially if it’s been shipped a long way. I almost certainly never tested ALL of the functions it can do; but in terms of classic “make patch, make sound, get it to start and stop making sound with key or sequencer” it’s good to go; filters filter and wave multipliers multiply. The TKB is from the late 70s and the ANIMAL is from the 90s, so they are VINTAGE at this point, with all that implies. They are also not seen much on eBay, so keep that in mind too. And also this: FREE SHIPPING in the CONUS– the 50.00 fee is for RIDICULOUSLY GOOD PACKING and INSURANCE. I’ll even throw in the banana plug cords pictured to get you going. How often do these things come up? I payed more than 2200 for the ANIMAL panel, so I believe the opening bid is fair. Let me know if I’m wrong.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Serge Modular Animoo Panel

animoo “I hate to part with this, but I got myself into a financial mess by buying it in the first place. Letting it go fairly cheap to recoup my debt. It’s a great sounding, functionally dense powerhouse shop panel, and it has the “Animoo” upgrade of the traditional Animal, meaning there’s ring mod functionality added to the wave-multipliers section. Everything works well, and only cosmetic issue are some extra holes drill into side of boat. Includes a power supply (I don’t know that stats on it, but the guy I got it from was running several full Serge panels with it), an Obelisk to serve as a psd (bonus if you want to expand to M-Class panels), and 11 black 24″ pomona banana cables, 10 18″ red pomona cables, and five pomona shorting bars. Not sure of its full history, but I did have two faulty pots replaced recently by a tech in Portland, OR (one in the mixer section, and the gain pot in the UAP section, which was noisy & scratchy before — now works beautifully)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Serge Modular Synthesizer

segre “This listing is for a Serge modular analog music synthesizer consisting of eight modules. The system was only used in a non-smoking home studio and works great. It’s in very good condition overall with some scuffs and minor wear. We have included more information from the seller below. Please see the photos below to see everything that is included, and contact us with any questions before bidding. We have a low opening bid and no reserve price so don’t miss your chance to win!

“A ROX (Rack mount bOX) Serge panel consisting of the following modules:

Dual Universal Slope Generator
Smooth/Stepped Generator
Active Processor
Extended ADSR (1)
Extended ADSR (2)
Audio Mixer
Dual Channel Stereo Mixer

“This ROX was built by Rex and the Sound Transform Systems crew in Oakland.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Frank Eventoff Sonica #248

sonica “Featured in this NO RESE​RVE auction is a fine example of the vintage handmade FRANK EVENTOFF SONICA portable Electric Serge Synthesizer.

It features 15 Keys for Notes, an additional 1/2 Step Touch Button (“tone” and “slider” buttons are not working properly), Master Volume and On/Off Knob, 1/8″ Output (for external amplifier connection), Key Adjuster knob, and Kill Switch.

All knobs and switches are in Excellent Operating Condition with the exception of the “slider” and “tone” buttons occasionally cutting out. It is in Good Vintage Cosmetic Condition (see photos), with normal signs of previous careful use on its body.

This Unique late 1970’s instrument is a rare find. It is numbered #248 of only 600 that were made in the USA. Made of Solid Wood, with Brass Trim and Engraved Brass Plate (see photos). It comes protected in its included fiber-board case.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Serge Modular Synthesizer

serge “Up for Auction –
Beautiful STS Blue Fun System featuring the very difficult to find Soup Kitchen I Panel

This system is in mint condition.

The system includes the following 3 Panels
STS Blue Voice
STS Soup Kitchen I

The Soup Kitchen I came from STS just in January and is brand spanking new. I had all these panels put into 2.5 slim boats as well and they come with Rack Ears.

To power this beast, you will also receive a PS6A unit which has barely any use out of it and was new when I received it never used. This unit from STS is 1200$ alone. Included with the PS6A are 2 PSD’s and 2 DIN Power Cables and can power up to 6 Serge Panels.

Along with the system I am throwing in 50 Pomona Banana Cords of Random sizes and colors and a Low Gain 3.5mm to Banana converter box which can be used to send signals in and out of other modular gear.

This is the cream of the crop of 3 panel Serge setups. System will be packed like a TANK. I prefer payment through Paypal or Bank Transfer. Bank Transfer preferred. I am open to shipping internationally but you will accrue all customs and shipping charges and payment MUST be made through Bank Transfer as I will not accept International Paypal Payments.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Serge Modular Animal Panel

serge modular ” This panel was built in Oakland Calif. before the company moved to Wisconsin. Everything works perfectly on this synthesizer. Two oscillators, wave multiplier, mixer, smooth and stepped generator, dual transient generator, filter and audio processors. Comes with banana cables.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Serge Modular Synthesizer

serge “SERGE modular system …. Really nice custom system .. made at time when Rex Probe bought Serge.
– TKB in custom nice box
– custom panel 1 – 2x NTO, 1x PCO, 4x Mixer, scaling buffers x2, 8 ch interface
– custom panel 2 – 4x Extended ADSR, Active Process’r, Variable Q VCF, Resonant Equalizer, DUAL VCA, Dual stereo mixer
– custom panel 3 – Quantizer (tkb) , Dual analog shift register, PCO, Dual Comp, Random source, smooth function generator , DUSG, scaling processor
– custom panel 4 – control voltage transposer 8x I/o and 8 ch o/i to interface with modular systems with other modulars
– PSU unit
– 2x Power distributions
– all cables for interfacing system
– 60x Pomona original banana cables

system is fully working !” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Frank Eventoff Sonica

sonica “”Sonica Serge Synth Instrument, Frank Evantoff Number 585.

Own a part of synthesizer history. One of very few surviving, fully working Sonica Instruments. One sold at auction for $3,416.00

This example is in excellent condition, no damage other than one small ding (size of a BB) in the base of body. No corrosion on battery connections, original case, unmarked original instructions (even has unused stamp for warranty return). This instrument was bought new and put in a closet and recently found.

You are bidding on an extremely rare FULLY WORKING electronic synthesizer instrument by Frank Evantoff, called the Sonica. Number 585 of only 650 produced. Shaped like small lute with a guitar like neck which fits perfectly into the hand. By touching the frets on the neck the instrument produces notes best often described as between a theremin, sitar and a violin.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Serge Modular Panel

erge ” Here is a vintage Serge panel filled with great modules. It is just a panel so it doesn’t include a power supply (you’d have to integrate this with another Serge system or get a power supply for it). Works and sounds amazing! Includes: New Timbral Oscillator (unique!), Dual Universal Slope Generator, Ring Modulator, Wave Multipliers (awesome unique module), Mixer, Variable Q Filter (killer), Universal Audio Processor, Extended ADSR Sold as is with no returns so please no what you’re buying. This is a silver panel from the original Serge days which is harder to come by! Note that the panel below it is not included in this auction and is an experiment with misc additional modules I’ve had from different Serge systems. This is the last of my Serge. I might be open to part with the misc modules as is if you want to inquire. But, this sale is just for the top panel as listed. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Serge Modular

serge mordular “It pains me to have to sell this but the home renovations continue! STS Serge Modular is far the king of synths IMO. Module list, from left to right:
Scaling Buffers, Active Processor, PCO, PCO, Ring, NCOMP, Variable Slope VCF, Variable Bandwidth, Dual Phaser, SSG. Face is super clean, a pot or two could used some cleaning, but everything works as it should; comes in a deep boat.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Serge Modular Sequencer and Creature

sts“All you need to make great live tracks in your studio !!

~ Powerfully dense Control Set with Top Level Sonics and Dynamic Range ~

— Comes with PS2A Power Supply along with a Lo-Profile “M-boat” and integrated Power ‘Obelisk’ Distribution —

~Fully Tested & Calibrated to STS rigorous Standards !

‘CREATURE V2’ M-CLASS #1: (listed from left to right as laid out on the panel – totaling 7”)

Cross-Fader (2×1) XFAD 1 ”

Extended Range VC ‘Q’ Filter VCFQ(X) 2 ”

VC TimeGen Oscillator TGO 2 ” w/ ‘Signal IN’ banana jack and ‘Cycle’ Switch

Smooth/Stepped Generator SSG 2 ”

‘SEQUENCER /A’ M-CLASS #2: (listed from left to right as laid out on the panel – totaling 7”)

Sequencer (8×2) SEQ8 4 ”

Active Processor ACPR 1 ”

Time Generator /Clock TGC 2 ”

Just a few of the features available for patching:

~ VC Cross-Fading of Sequencer rows, including VC interpolation time of their stepped voltage outputs via VC Bi-directional Slew

~ Wide range Oscillator(s) and VC Multi-pass Output filter w/ VC of ‘Q’ and trigger INPUT for powerful drum and bass articulation

~ VC stepped generator featuring Sample and Hold and VC Smooth generator that can be used as a LFO or as a second Filter set

~ Wide range VC Clock capable of gating the sequencer up into the audio range for use as a multi-point timbre varying Oscillator

~ Excellent set of VCAs providing top level sonic performance with the lowest noise and highest dynamic range for the best sonics” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Custom Serge Panel

custom serge panel “Serge STS Modular Custom Panel

Zum Verkauf steht ein Serge/STS Modular Custom Panel in sehr gutem Zustand (siehe Bilder).

Die Modulzusammenstellung entspricht nahezu einem Blue CV1 shop panel.

Ich habe nahezu alle Modularsysteme besessen und fuer mich ist das Serge System immer noch das Nonplusultra hinsichtlich analogem Sound und tiefgreifenden Modulationsmoeglichkeiten. Es besticht zudem durch ein aeusserst benutzerfreundliches Handling (Bananenbuchsen, die Multiples ueberfluessig machen), geringes Gewicht (fuer die, die ein portables System benoetigen) und die fuer mich attraktivste Optik aller Modularsysteme (ja, ich finde die Serge Panels sogar “schoener und einladender” als die durchaus “ansehnlichen” Buchla Module).

Da ich ein wirklich sehr grosses Serge System besitze mit erheblicher Redundanz biete ich dieses Panel an. Alternativ haette ich noch ein Sequencer Panel und ein TKB Panel. Genaueres bitte anfragen.

Das Angebot beinhaltet ein originales 2,5 inch flaches/tiefes STS ROX boat.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Serge Modular Synthesizer

“STS Serge Custom Hartland Panel in 2.5″ boat in really great shape and gone over last summer by Rex at STS. Module list is as follows, listed from left to right:


One mod was removed and capped in the stepped section of the SSG (see pics). There’s also a small scratch below the blue jack in the SSG stepped section that is visible in the darker picture. Noise outputs have been added in-house by Rex (grey= white, purple = pink, green = s/h source). Sync inputs on the SSG are also orange which was requested by the original owner. Also, this panel requires two slots on your distro board.

Its a really great panel but unfortunately I have other plans at the moment. It is available for pickup in Portland Oregon” Click here to visit listing on eBay