Frank Eventoff Sonica

“Ever feel like you are literally DROWNING in musical instruments? No? Then you are not me. I need to get rid of the under-played instruments from my basement. Some of them are great, as I’ll be the first to tell you. Some are not great, and I’ll tell you that too. All of them looked interesting to me at some point. Maybe they’ll be interesting for you too.

This is a rare (650 made), limited edition (see previous) SONICA electronic instrument. Designed and built by Franklin Eventoff as a test bed for his Force Sensing Resistor technology. The test having been passed, he licensed it to Mattel and others, and Eventoff continues to develop and manufacture FSR’s to this day. The seed from which all this grew, the Sonica consists of a neck with the FSR’s, marked off in 2 octaves of whole-note scales, attaches to a body that contains a Serge Tcherepnin Voltage-Controlled Oscillator, a wide range tuning knob, a volume knob, and 3 other FSR’s for pitch bend, tone, and half-step up. An internal amp and speaker let you play as long as the 9v battery holds out. This one works, though sometimes the lower octave FSR is a little wonky. Comes with instruction sheet and foam-lined case. Low start price of FOUR HUNDRED FIFTY-NINE DAMN U.S. DOLLARS, because of the occasional wonky lower octave. Plus, shipping is FREE in THE CONUS.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Random Source Serge Inori and Touch Activated Keyboard Sequencer

“Selling a Random Source Serge Inori and TKB touch controller in a pair of joined 4U slim boats with a shared internal power bus. This was assembled by Ralf at Random Source this year. It is a beautifully designed utilitarian synthesizer. Also included is a portable power supply, the associated boats, and a lot of Pomona banana cables. All items are brand new and in perfect condition. Selling due to a change of plans. Buyer pays cost of shipping which is not necessarily reflected in ebay’s calculated price.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Prism Circuits CYSTIDIUM


\ siˈstidēəm \

The CYSTIDIUM panel is a single-voice synthesizer. This panel would be the ideal starting point for a larger system, offering most of your sound sources in one panel.

The following modules are included within this panel –


1973 VCF





24V Mean Well power supply included. ”
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Frank Eventoff Sonica

“You are viewing an extremely rare Sonica synthesizer built by Frank Eventoff in 1979. Only 650 of these were ever made. Very few are now known to exist. The body is carved of mahogany with brass plates and has a plaque on the back of the head, engraved with the production number (#199). It comes with the original custom-sized case and an original warranty card (stamped and unused).

Original Speaker cloth has some dry rotting due to age, but the speaker works great and is all original. Picture shows some light blemishes to body, but overall, unit is in excellent condition. Clean battery compartment and terminals.

Top of unit features three buttons. Analog “Slider” which is a tremolo type effect, Analog “Tone” which is actually a tonal boost, and “Half-Step” which raises the note an octave. It features a built-in speaker, with an 1/8 inch output to connect to an amplifier or recording device. It runs on one 9-volt battery which is installed by accessing a plate on the backside of the device.”
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Serge 4U Modular Panel

“Serge 4U panel with 4 modules (4×4) in a Random Source Boat and distro board (with xlr connector)
no PSU included

Random Source Dual slope generator (one led not blinking)
Random Source Sequencer/Programmer
Ian Fritz Chaquo/Dual tgtsh
Scrolab Sequential Switch

Great for sequencing, randomising, chaotic voltage generation and audio processing”
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Random Source Edelweiss II

“Beautiful second-version Edelweiss panel, much improved over the first.

DSG’s and SSG have been optimized for use as high-frequency audio oscillators, and the less useful gate sequencer has been replaced with logic and clock/audio dividers.

See for further info.

Has standard Serge 4-pin molex power connector.

Random*Source is absolutely top quality and will play very well with STS Serge. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Serge Animal

“This is a SERGE Animal. It was ordered in March of 2019 and arrived in June 2019. It is in extremely nice condition and includes 20 banana cables along with a power supply. Everything functions just as it should. I am also including a printed copy of “An introduction to the SERGE MODULAR MUSIC SYSTEM” along with an printed catalog from the early 1980’s in a 3-ring binder, this is useful for programming and learning about the features of the modules.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Serge Modular TKB

“Vintage Serge panel, pre-STS, these are highly coveted, they don’t show up very often and are rarely in good working order.

This one’s almost perfect, only LED #16 is burnt out, but the stage works as normal.

Connector (4-pin molex) has been adapted for use with modern Serge systems so everything should be ready to go! ”
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Random Source Serge Format Modular Synthesizer

“a chance to get a good as new -hardly used random source serge modular with 35 cables and external psu that can use up to 3-4 panels. also a usb to cv device.

a reluctant sale as i have had this 3 months and not really had a chance to use it (as you can see from the pictures),but something has come up that means i need some cash.”
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Frank Eventoff Sonica

” The Sonica was a synthesizer designed by Frank Eventoff in 1979. A limited run of 650 were made, this is number 597. This one is in good condition with wear near the numbering and a tear in the grill cloth in front of the speaker. Includes original case, unsigned warranty card, and owner’s manual. These are ultra rare and incredibly hard to find.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Random Source Serge Edelweiss II

“Virtually brand new. Professionally hand build in Berlin by PatchPoints only 2 months ago, full Serge Panel / Boats in original 4u format. Has only had very light use.

This are beautifully constructed and sound rich and precise. All the individual modules serve multiple purpose, DSG for example ( this has 4) makes for a wonderfully precise VCO with perfect pitch tracking. ”
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Serge Modular

“STS/Oakland era custom panel with extremely useful oscillator sync mod on both PCO’s. The sync is much stronger than stock, making it very easy to lock in harmonic or subharmonic relationships, basically anything musically useful. This is an absolute requirement for live patching.

As you can see this panel is absolutely packed with functionality! Much more so than shop panels. It still works and sounds great after 20+ years.

SSG” Click here to search for synths on eBay