” Up for sale is a Roland Juno 60 produced in 1983 in very good condition selling ‘as is’.
It’s missing a few bells and whistles but flaws are all basically cosmetic. (See pictures)
Even missing buttons and whatnot can still be pushed with ease.
A bit of the wood on the right panel has seen better times too.
Still. This beautiful sounding, warm angel of synthesis works very well and will be your favorite as it has been mine since I purchased it here on ebay 11 years ago.
This treasure is not easy to let go of, but I must.” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 11 March 2018, “No Comments”

“There’s plenty online about the Roland Juno 60, and if you’re looking to buy one chances are you know all about it already so I won’t list technical spec etc here.

I bought this Juno 60 from the original owner around 20 years ago. It’s been used in the home on and off but more recently has been stored in my loft. I decided to move it on simply as I realise storing it but not using it is keeping it out of circulation and there will be an enthusiast out there who would love to own and use it!

It’s in very good physical condition as you can see from the photos. Some slight knocks and bumps but nothing more than you’d expect from an instrument of this age. I’ve plugged it in and played it today and so far as I can tell everything is working as it should. To be absolutely clear the volume knob creates a crackle when you turn it as do some of the keys and some keys occasionally lose contact – but I suspect this would be easily sorted. To be honest the more I played it this morning the more these issues reduced so it could just need to stay in use for a while, but I wanted to be clear about this issue up front. ” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 04 March 2018, Comments Off on Roland Juno 60

“Beautiful looking and sounding full-size polyphonic synthesizer by Roland, the classic Juno-60. 60 patches, chorus I and II, arpeggiator, pitch bender and LFO trigger, and comes in professional-grade padded road case. Note: The JUNO-60 does not have MIDI although this can be added.” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 28 January 2018, Comments Off on Roland Juno 60

“We won’t get into the details of the synth – You’re here because you know it’s an 80’s classic.

Just inspected and serviced (new switch installed)

Unit works great! All switches, keys and sliders do what they are supposed to do.

Has some cosmetic blemishes, some on the face as shown and especially on the “wooden” end caps. Nothing that effects functionality. I would rate it a 7/10 cosmetically.”

Juno 60, Roland @ 15 January 2018, Comments Off on Roland Juno 60

“Beautiful synth, well looked after with no problems whatsoever.

Sounds wonderful. You will not regret it

Comes with a Kenton converter box also”


Juno 60, Roland @ 24 December 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 60

“This is the retro rage of polyphonic synthesizers from the early 80’s. This synthesizer has only one owner so far (me). It has been stored in the ATA Star Flight Case as shown when it was not used. It is in very good shape just with some slight ornamental wear on the wood sides and on the top. It plays well with no issues. The cold storage battery has been changed once. This synthesizer comes with the original instruction manual and the default stock patch sounds stored on a cassette. (Cassette? Google it.). It will also come with the flight case that is seen and will be shipped in that (no charge to buyer) USPS Standard.

Two noted issues: 1.) The transpose LED sometimes goes off when it is still transposed. 2.) When loading or saving patches, it errors out but push the button again and it works fine. It has been doing that since I bought it. Also, the foam on the inside of the case has broken down some (see photo) but is still very capable of protecting the synthesizer.” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 24 December 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 60


Juno 60, Roland @ 17 December 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 60

“Works perfectly, only missing one switch, slightly banged up on the bottom. No case.” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 26 November 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 60

“One side has some scratch marks, which you can see in pic, otherwise it is in great working condition. I only NEED to sell for the $$. One other owner before me. Sounds great and gets that classic thick sound” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 26 November 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 60

“This is a Juno 60 analog synthesizer. This synthesizer powers on and everything seems to come on, but I am getting no sounds out of it. I do not know what is wrong with it, but it would probably be worth repairing. This Juno has a broken octave transponder switch and trig mode switch, as well as missing some slider knobs and LFO trigger button. There are various scratches in both the cabinet and on both wood ends. Since I cannot get any sounds out of this Juno, I am selling it as is for parts or repair. There are absolutely no returns and no refunds. ” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 05 November 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 60

” Used in a home studio for the past 15+ years. This used Roland Juno-60 is one of the first in Roland’s Juno product-line and one of the best. Six analog voices of polyphony and patch memory storage on board.The Juno-60, like the Juno-6 lacks MIDI control, but includes 56 patches of memory storage. Wooden side panels is a true sign of Vintage status! Small signs of age including bumps and dings on edges, but otherwise in great working order. Please note that a few of the pads on the sliders have gone missing over the years (does not impede usability). ” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 05 November 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 60

“A Roland Juno-60 in spectacular condition, upgraded with Full Minerva MIDI in and out.
Original walnut hardwood finish and panels.
Comes with a very rugged and padded Gator case with wheels for transporting, gigging, or storing.
All buttons, sliders, and switches work perfectly.
The sound is beautiful and there is simply nothing like it.
Very hard for me to part with this synth, but I have to downsize my setup.
Looking to pass this on to a good home where it will be loved and used to make great music.” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 29 October 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 60

“Roland juno 60 analog synthesizer. This is a very popular synthesizer among top musicians. This one is in excellent condition and works perfectly. I have owned it for about 3 years now and i am reluctant to let it go. The thing is i need the room so i have to get rid of some of my things. The juno plays perfectly and is in good visual condition for its age. Just a few very minor knocks and scratches. The juno also comes with a strong flight case to store it in.”

Juno 60, Roland @ 15 October 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 60

“Selling this classic early 80’s analog polyphonic synthesizer as it’s just not getting enough use and I could use the cash for other things. Sounds fantastic, perfect for arpeggio basslines and those classic analog string sounds. These synths were renowned for the sound of their filters and integrated chorus unit. The synth has a bit of scuffing on the front interface and a few of the sliders are bent slightly/missing covers. I feel is pretty normal for a 30+ year old instrument and is easily fixable if you get the parts! I tried to capture the scuffs as best as I could in the attached pictures.

This listing only includes the Roland Juno 60 synthesizer and power cord – will sell the pictured Roland JSQ-60 sequencer separately at a later point.” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 08 October 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 60

“This synthesizer has been sitting in a Calzone hard case in my basement for the past 28 years. The only blemishes are on the bottom from being on a keyboard stand 30 years ago. The sides and front panel are without a scratch. Vintage sounds you can only get from analog. This keyboard was produced before MIDI so it is not available on this model. I have been the only owner of this keyboard. Plays perfect. If nothing else, a true collector’s item based on it’s condition!” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 10 September 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 60

“Original 1982 Juno 60 complete with case,2 pedals and mini cassette recorder plus used tapes.” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 20 August 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 60

“comes as seen. Classic Vintage Synthesizer. see pictures. used. see pictures. ” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 06 August 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 60

“Roland Juno 60 Classic Vintage Synthesizer. ORIGINAL PRESSING!

Price includes Hard Case. (see photos)

Excellent condition. Brand new battery – just put in 7/25/17.

Slight light scratch over the word Roland on the top left of the keyboard.

A couple little dings in the left side wood panel. Nothing major.

One slider cap missing in the ENV section.


Juno 60, Roland @ 23 July 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 60

“I am the original owner of the classic keyboard, the Roland Juno 60!

Purchased in 1983, it has spent the better part of the last 25 years in the case.

100% working order, 100% original. For those familiar with this keyboard, this means no MIDI mods and no battery mods. I tested the battery a few years ago, and there was still 3.25 volts on the original 3.6 volt battery. See more info below on the battery replacement, which saves the sound patches (both factory and your personal customized sounds) in memory.

Included in the listing:

Roland Juno 60 synthesizer
Roland foot switch. Can be used in the “pedal hold” jack or the “patch shift” jack. Pedal hold is a sustain pedal function; I never found it very useful for a synthesizer. Patch shift is much more useful. In a performance situation, you queue up sound patches that you need in consecutive locations. Patch shift then allows you to progress from one sound to the next hands-free.
Moden Case. This is a heavy case, and will well protect the keyboard.
Patch Program Datasheet. This datasheet has all the knob and slider settings for all the factory patches! So if your battery dies or you are unable to back up and restore the data, you can still get the starter sounds back.” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 25 June 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 60

“Mint condition from the 80’s. Stocked with over 5,000 sounds. Very Rare.” Link

JSQ-60, Juno 60, Roland @ 18 June 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 60 with Roland JSQ-60

“I’ve recently been more into photography and need to sell some synths to buy a new camera. This is my Roland Juno 60 plus a JSQ-60 sequencer. The Juno works great and sounds amazing. Some normal wear and tear for a synth that is used but nothing bad. The wood ends have some dings and chips but I’ve seen and owned much worst. This one looks good.

The JsQ-60’s “stop” button doesn’t work..but I know what the problem is. I was cleaning it out and blasted some air in the whole and the little blue plunger thing blew out and into the carpet never to bee seen again. So it just needs that tiny blue rubber part (good luck). With that said, I use a start stop footswitch (not included) and it works perfectly that way…which if you’ve ever used one you know a footswitch is the only real way to start and stop a sequence on time.”

Juno 60, Roland @ 07 May 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 60 with Roland JSQ-60, Roland MD-8

“Recently refurbished and in great working order. There are some minor dings and scratches that are shown in the pictures.

Also included is the MD-8 MIDI/DCB converter and the JSQ-60 DCB Sequencer. DCB cable included. ” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 16 April 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 60

used60 “Very good condition – never gigged or taken from my smoke free studio in my 20 years of ownership. Slight crackling sound when adjusting volume pot, but once set, works exactly as it should. All voices and presets work perfectly.

Big, fat Analog sound for those that can tell the difference between a software plug-in and the real thing.”

Juno 60, Roland @ 09 April 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 60

used juno 60 Roland Juno 60 analog synthesizer in excellent condition except for a repaired D key which was glued back on years ago. Inexpensive replacement keys are available online and are easy to replace if aesthetics are important to you. This also comes with a Roland MD-8 midi/DCB converter so that the Juno 60 can be used as a midi controller, or as a module. It also has a brand new battery. These are great fat sounding and highly sought after synths.” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 02 April 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 60

60 “It is in really good condition considering it is 30+ years old. It is fully functional.” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 26 March 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 60

used juno 60 “Auctioning off this nice Roland Juno-60 in good condition. Work’s great and plays every note. Overall has a few little scratches with wood pieces have small chips in the pictures. Typical wear for a 30 year old piece of equipment. I’m not an expert but maybe even some sort of tune-up could make it perform and appear flawless. Hate to let it go but i hope someone else can enjoy it! Good luck!! ” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 05 March 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 60

usedjuno50 “It’s in great condition.
It’s been carefully used only at the professional recording studio.
No tour, no road gig at all.
Comes with a power cable.” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 05 March 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 60

u60 “This is a classic Roland Juno 60 Analog Synthesizer. It comes with the JSQ-60 digital recorder programmer. The JSQ-60 together with the Juno 60 make this an analog monster capable of programming your own songs. Both are in excellent condition and all functions work as they should. The Juno 60 has had a new battery installed and all factory sounds have been reloaded, as well as all the controls cleaned. Included with the Juno 60 is the AC power adaptor for the JSQ-60” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 19 February 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 60


Juno 60, Roland @ 05 February 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 60

usedjuno60 “Im selling my original Roland Juno 60 Synthesizer.

Here is the thing. it was stored in my grandma’s closet for years. i found it working perfectly with just some details.
It is in a general good condition, works great sounds perfectly. all the keys and sounds are perfectly working. saving patches properly. Details are:

– It has some scratches on the wood sides, the bottom and a little bit more, smaller tho, on the back side. they do not affect the synth functionality. not any big scratch at all.
– there is an issue with the arpeggio on/off button light. it blinks some times when you push it, and some times the light keeps on with the button off or inverse, but working totally normal by the way. maybe just some dust in it.
– there is only one button not working on all the keyboard: the chorus off button. Chorus 1 and 2 are working perfectly.
– there is two missing plastics on the switch panel, wich doesn’t affect the functions. also maybe some dust in some switches of the panel. some of them are a little harder to pull up and down. ” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 22 January 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 106

juno106 “Offered for sale is Roland Juno 106 synthesizer in near-perfect condition. This instrument is virtually free of scratches, dents and blemishes of any kind. All keys and controls including knobs, sliders, lights and buttons are guaranteed to be in perfect working order.

This Juno 106 comes fully loaded with Group A and Group B sound banks and is ready to plug-and-play use.

The synthesizer comes with a travel case made by Hybrid Cases which shows some light wear but it is in very good condition.

The unit comes with original power cord.” Link

JSQ-60, Juno 60, Roland @ 22 January 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 60 with JSQ-60 Programmer

60 “If you have been looking for a Roland Juno 60 this is the ultimate package for the collector! I am the original owner and it has been used in my home studio for over 30 years. This synth has only been gigged a couple times in the past, and I would give it a 9 out of 10 cosmetically. It has a few minor scratches, scuffs and chips on the end caps. All of the keys sliders and switches work and it has no technical issues. Also included in the auction are a full compliment of original accessories for the Juno 60, all in good and working condition!

JSQ-60 Digital Keyboard Recorder

Original owners manual

Roland Keyboard Catalog

Roland sustain pedal

Roland patch cables 1/4 in. to RCA

Original Juno 60 data cassette

Original Roland Juno 60 keyboard stand – has wear and tear and is missing the middle support bar, but is very sturdy even so.”

Juno 60, Roland @ 15 January 2017, Comments Off on Roland Juno 60

used juno60 “Roland Juno-60 Synthesizer. keyboard is in good shape considering it’s age. Big fat analog style sounds. Built in arpegiator. Circa 1982 this keyboard sounds great. Three of the knobs aren’t original(see photos) and the volume control is a little scratchy(dust). The end caps have a few blemishes but nothing more than standard wear. I am still surprised after all of these decades how big this synthesizer sounds. All the LED’s are functioning also. We are a brick and mortar retailer in business at the same location for over 32 years.” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 25 December 2016, Comments Off on Roland Juno 60

60 ” Great working condition. Missing one key. Needs to be cleaned.” Link

Juno 60, Roland @ 11 December 2016, Comments Off on Roland Juno 60

used-juno-60 “This synth has been treated gently in a non-smoking home. Other than some chips on the side panels it is great shape cosmetically and in perfect working order except for a scratchy volume knob I never noticed as I’ve always used my mixer for volume control. The crackling stops once it is set to the volume you want. It has served me well over the years but I’m scaling back on my collection of keyboards and modules. This is the standard U.S. power model that plugs into a normal U.S. power socket.” Link