PG-1000, Roland @ 22 April 2018, “No Comments”

“Item sold for parts only. We do not have the equipment in order to test the functionality. It powers up when plugged in. When powered on display screen does not show any information. Please see all photos.” Link

PG-1000, Roland @ 15 April 2018, “No Comments”

” As-new perfect condition Roland PG-1000 in the original box w/ original manual. If you have a D-50, you want this!”

PG-1000, Roland @ 26 March 2017, Comments Off on Roland PG-1000

rolandpg1000 “Vintage Roland PG-1000 (programmer/editor for Roland D50 Synthesizer). The unit is in Mint condition. It works like new and comes with the original AC adapter, original package (not in good condition) and some original papers.

Please look at the pictures to check out the condition of everything that is included

It was owned by the amazing legendary pianist/keyboard/composer Russell Ferrante, from the YellowJackets band. Around 3 years ago he was selling some of his old gear online through facebook and I bought this unit from him. I still have all the emails from me and Russell negotiating this equipment. He said that he didn’t use the unit at all back in the day and I just used it for a couple of days only when I got it, so it has probably just a few hours of use in total.”

D-550, PG-1000, Roland @ 12 February 2017, Comments Off on Roland D-550 with Roland PG-1000

s550pg “Classic one of the kind synth with rare editor! With two sound cards (one not loading, needs battery?) NO power adapter or connecting cables incl. D-550 2 prong power cable is included. Both units power up and D-550 plays. Looks like it needs a battery… Int sounds drop out after 24hrs. Plays from and loads LA sound card W/O issue. Programmer powers up and parameter change when moving faders. I don’t have the cable (Midi?) ” Link

PG-1000, Roland @ 03 July 2016, Comments Off on Roland PG-1000

pg-1000 “Up for sale is a tested & working Roland PG-1000 linear synthesizer programmer.” Link

PG-1000, Roland @ 03 January 2016, Comments Off on Roland PG-1000

Roland PG-1000 “This is a remote programmer for the Roland D-50 and D-550 synthesizers. Very nice to have all the parameters at your fingertips. No power supply, but it is the common Boss 9v.” Link

D-550, PG-1000, Roland @ 19 July 2015, Comments Off on Roland D-550 with PG-1000 Programmer

d550“You’re bidding on a Roland D-550 Linear Synth module and a Roland PG-1000 Programmer Module. They are being auctioned together. Units power up and LCD on 550 is good. They are untested as I don’t have any midi cables. Power cords included.” Link

PG-1000, Roland @ 10 August 2014, Comments Off on Roland PG-1000

” We found this at a church garage sale today and there is not any power AC adapter. Says use boss PSA adapter only. We don’t have one and grandpa said sell AS IS unknown church item. ” Link

PG-1000, Roland @ 29 June 2014, Comments Off on Roland PG-1000

“Offered in near-mint condition. Used for a few months in the studio when initially purchased new, this unit has spent most of its life in a mic locker.

100% functional, no major visible cosmetic dings, no missing or bent sliders/faders. Does not include AC adapter/power cord.” Link

PG-1000, Roland @ 17 November 2013, Comments Off on Roland PG-1000

“Verkaufe meinen PG 1000. Der Programmer für den D50 / D550.
Der Programmer wird in der original Verpackung und nahezu
unbenutzt verkauft.” Link

D-550, PG-1000, Roland @ 07 April 2013, Comments Off on Roland D-550 with PG-1000 Programmer

“Rack version of D50 LA synthesizer and PG1000 programmer.
Stunning sounds, really huge and crisp! Considered a vintage synth by many (including myself) and highly collectable.
Great 80s and 90s sounds for retro fans.

In full working order, a bit dusty and a couple of minor scratches from the flight case it’s lived in.
LCD screen in perfect working order, backlight also in full working order.” Link

D-550, PG-1000, Roland @ 30 December 2012, Comments Off on Roland D-550 with PG-1000 Programmer

“You know what this is. A classic! In great shape, functioning perfectly, except for a burned out LED. An easy fix, no doubt. The PG is missing 3 slider caps – they can be bought on Ebay. The sliders work perfectly. Manuals for both units, neatly printed and bound.” Link

D-550, PG-1000, Roland @ 23 September 2012, Comments Off on Roland D-550 with PG-1000

“Here is the whole package! All in good working order accept the backlight is out on the D-550 (display still very readable in good light). Included are the Owners Manuals for both units, 1 PN-050-01 Memory card with Bouncing Bows loaded, 1 PN-050-00 Memory card with Fantasia loaded, the D-550 Sound Chart-Parameter Quick Guide laminated card, a sheet with Edit Map, Edit Functions, and Structure of Tone Parameters, and an original D-550 Roland power cord. A wall wart power supply will be included for the PG-1000 although it is not Roland original equipment. Great sounding classic units! With the PG-1000 your imagination is the only limiting factor!” Link

D-50, PG-1000, Roland @ 20 May 2012, Comments Off on Roland D-50 with PG-1000 Programmer

“The Roland D-50 is a polyphonic 61-key synthesizer produced by Roland. It was released in 1987.
Its features include Linear Arithmetic synthesis, on-board effects, a joystick for data manipulation,
and an analog synthesis-styled layout design. The external Roland PG-1000 Programmer could
also be attached to the D-50 for more complex manipulation of sounds.
Condition is very good and everything is working properly.
The only minor thing to mention is that the small tip of the joystick on the D50 is missing, but still works fine.
The PG-1000 is very clean and works great also.

Accessories Included:
D50 Power Cord
PG-1000 Power Adapter
PN-D50-00 Memory Card
M-256E Memory Card
D-50 User Manual
PG-1000 User Manual (not pictured)
Case for the PG-1000 (not pictured)” Link

PG-1000, Roland @ 10 October 2010, Comments Off on Roland PG-1000

“Roland PG1000

Tone editor for both the
Roland D50 and D550

Item in fair condition.
One knob missing on the low eq freq level slider.
However parameter can still be used
Have no manual. This can be downloaded online” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

PG-1000, Roland @ 12 September 2010, Comments Off on Roland PG-1000

“Roland PG-1000 Controller in excellent condition.It comes with a Boss a/c power supply and a midi cable (not pictured)This is the only external controller unit for the very popular and powerful D-50 and D-550 synthesizers. Offers complete control of all parameters in an easy to use traditional slider controller. This module hooks up via MIDI to your Roland D-50 keyboard or 550 module. Makes editing a lot faster and easier.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

PG-1000, Roland @ 12 September 2010, Comments Off on Roland PG-1000

” Roland PG 1000 PG-1000 Programmer NEW IN BOX Rare find! I bought this years back new and never ended up using it! NIB as seen in pics.. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

PG-1000, Roland @ 18 October 2009, Comments Off on Roland PG-1000

pg_10000 “ROLAND PG-1000 IN GOOD SHAPE SER.# 898525” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.