“We meticulously restored and improved this unit to make it better than others you may find on the market. This required approximately 25 hours of skilled labor, which is of course reflected in its higher than usual price. You get what you pay for. This unit was 240v when we got it. We switched it to 120v (US voltage) and replaced the power cord. All pots were cleaned and lubed, and a few had their carbon elements replaced since we couldn’t find entire drop-in replacements for the original pots (if anyone has a source for them, please let us know). We replaced all CD4051 CMOS chips as a preventative measure. Cleaned unit inside and out. 4 sockets were replaced. Replaced battery. After replacing the battery, the internal patch memory is empty and ready for you to program new sounds into it (or reload originals, if you prefer). OSCars have a bad rep for being unstable. Most importantly, our tech performed his special custom modifications to this unit that should make it much more reliable than other Oscars you may find elsewhere. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay


“Fully Serviced with new battery and a few cosmetic improvements. It will be sent to my tech prior to shipping for a full check over again prior to sending for peace of mind. This will mean shipping will take up to 10 days but you will be covered by eBay protection and is just a formality. As you can see I have 100% positive feedback.

This is an early model with no MIDI but can easily be retrofitted if required.

Exceptional oscillators and an absolute beast. This is the best monophonic synthesiser and bar far the best bass sound I’ve ever come across.”

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“1985 VERSION M2 (MIDI) MIDI note receive response much faster than version M1.

Timing clock receive implemented.

Original UK model run on 230 v 50 Hz. Need an AC converter to be used in the USA

Perfect working conditions

Misses 2 top caps wheels knobs controller , 1 store recall push button and 1 sequencer insert button [shown in pictures] but they all work perfectly fine

Perfect esthetic conditions no scratches

Original Manual” Click here to search for synths on eBay


“This is a very rare OSCar Synthesiser with MIDI manufactured by the only British synth producers The Oxford Synthesiser Company in 1984. It has been recently serviced by CYBERWAVE EMS vintage synth repair specialists.

It works perfectly.

This is owned by cult band Sneaker Pimps (keyboarder player and synth aficionado Liam Howe). It has featured on many modern records.” Click here to search for synths on eBay


“Oxford Synthesiser Company OSCar monosynthesiser with MIDI Serviced by Cyberwave EMS in the last few weeks. Cyberwave are specialists in OSCars in the UK. The battery was replaced and a few issues sorted out to make it as robust as possible. 3 buttons has been replaced, a key fixed and 2 caps for the knobs have been replaced. All rubber mouldings are in excellent condition and are original.

Condition is very good: A few scratches and deterioration as you would expect from a 30 year old synthesiser. Please see photographs for more detail.”
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“I bought this brand new in 1986 and it has been extremely well looked after. It is in fantastic condition but for 1 minor scratch on the logo. It has the Synth-restore upgrade to stiffen the chassis (as they are known to sag).

It is one of the last Oscars made and therefore has 36 mems and 1500 note sequencer.”
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“Absolutely excellent condition with studio use only from new.

Just had a service and overhaul including new power supply.

Works perfectly and with original manual.

Early serial number.

Very collectible these early analogue synthesisers and this one is in exceptional condition. “ Click here to search for synths on eBay