MarcMarc @ 30 October 2012, Comments Off on MarcMarc TD Cross Generator

“Some years ago the Dutch artist and engineer MarcMarc designed and built by hand a sound device / synthesizer which was a complete breakthough in the scene of electronic music, synthesizers and unusual sound generators: the TD Cross Generator. As it offered so many new and unusual features, completely analogue design, am impressive sound quality and a price hardly anybody could afford (about $25’000.-), the Internet community was all over it. There are several sites that have listed the item in a very complementious way like “The Most Beautiful Thing Ever. MarcMarc TD Cross Generator”. You can still find some of them when searching for “TD cross generator”.

By a very lucky coincidence (such things aren’t bought by an order from you favorite music gear retailer) I was able to aquire it – I could honestly hardly believe it. Yes, there was a learning curve but believe it or not, MarcMarc wrote a dedicated manual for this very device! You find it easily when searching for “marc marc cross generator manual”. This shows how much passion and dedication the artist put into this device. The manual describes every section, feature and control.

Soon I mastered the unit and was able to put it in good use for several experimental music projects. The connectivity open worlds of possibilities and allows for further interfacing with other equiment – be it modular systems, guitar FX pedals, external filter etc. The cross modulations which gave the unit its name are incredibly cool and inspiring!

As such a unique device derserves, I used it in my studio only, it was never used live. Applying most care, I used it with filtered current only (Equitech) and took care to keep it clean.

After using it for years, I decided it’s time to pass it on to the next lucky owner. I got in touch with MarcMarc to confirm this with him, get his ok and ensure a smooth transition and future maintenance. He’s a very nice, kind and handsome guy.

So here it is now, the one and only MarcMarc TD Cross Generator in existence goes to its next owner. Chances are that institutions may aquire it (and hopefully actively use it) since it’s not only an ingenious musical instrument, but also a piece of art and one of the pinnacles of conception and implementation of analog electronics for music purposes. This unit might be a unique completion of an existing collection of MarcMarc art” Click here to visit listing on eBay