Waldorf Q

” Vintage year 2001 Waldorf Q 61 key synthesizer, works perfect with 8.5/10 appearance. This is an amazing sounding ‘virtual analog’ digital synth with a sophisticated hands-on control interface, and looks stunning with its bright yellow finish.

Features include:
– 16 voice polyphonic virtual analog synth emulation
– 300 patches stored in memory
– 3 oscillators, 2 of which are wavetable
– 256 waveforms, more loadable via card
– comprehensive filtering section, including lowpass, bandpass, highpass, comb, and a 256-band vocoder
– effect section including chorus, flanger, phaser, delay, overdrive, and vocoder
– ADSR envelopes
– LFO modulation
– step sequencer and arpeggiator
– comprehensive hands on control via a large number of rotary dials and switches for patch editing and real time control
– headphone out via left / stereo output jack
– SPDIF digital out
– version 2.17 FW

Used lightly in a recording studio for a few years then carefully stored in a cool dry environment for the past 15 years. Tested and works great, all knobs and keys are working properly, and audio sounds just as fantastic now as it did in 2001 when it was purchased. There is a small ding on the right edge of the synth as shown in the pics, but overall in fantastic shape and looks stunning in its classic yellow finish. I couldn’t find the original manual, but did a high resolution double sided print of the manual on heavyweight high quality paper and placed it in a binder. Includes power cord and a soft padded Gator bag.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Waldorf Q

“Classic and amazing Waldorf Q Rack synth. It is in full working condition, ALL buttons, encoders, jacks, display, wheels etc all work like they should. No encoder skipping.. they all work.

These synths are getting VERY hard to find..the sound has always reminded me of if a PPG and an Oberheim Xpander were to merge : ) Very deep and lush sound. The pads and strings are amazing, the ambient textures and drones are superb. And of course the basses and leads are SOLID!

Comes with the original power cable and the VERY rare 256 storage card.

I pack safe and ship fast! ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Waldorf Q

“Amazing synth at a bargain price.

Very Rare.

One of the best synths I have ever owned.

All knobs have been recently replaced.

The power unit was replaced a few years ago.

Manual Included.

There are signs of wear and tear on the casing but works perfectly.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Waldorf Q

“Waldorf Q Rack – please read!.
If you are reading this, you know what it is. There is a fault – the sustain knob has been damaged and does not function and there is a mark below it as the picture shows. I have seen the pots for around £4 on eBay and someone who is handy with a soldering iron I’m sure would get it going easily. There are a few little scuffs you would expect for the age but generally in great condition. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Waldorf Q

““I hate to sell my Waldorf Q but I need the money. It has been an awesome synth! It’s been kept in a smoke free studio environment. It has some wear and there are blemishes. I just ordered a new set of knobs for it that should arrive in the next few days. The knobs on it now have started to do like all original Waldorf knobs do. So you will receive it with all new knobs. I have the manual for it as well and the q card”” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Waldorf Q

“Gorgeous classic VA/Wavetable synth, practically modular in its programming complexity. 16 voices regardless of processor load (unlike the Blofeld and Micro Q). Latest OS, dual filters including PPG and comb filters, tunable sub-oscillators, effects, step sequencers, arpeggiators, etc. New blue-white OLED display and white LEDs that are not too bright for close-up work. Includes custom stained and finished tiger maple rack that angles the synth forward, plus manual and power cord (no wall warts here).

Perfect functional condition, excellent cosmetic condition. No dents, chips or scratches, all knobs and buttons work flawlessly. Kept covered when not in use.”
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Waldorf Q

“This is an original yellow Waldorf Q rack. The finish is in fantastic shape, which is amazing when considering how poorly most of these Nextel painted units have held up. It still has all of the original knobs, which are showing no signs of deterioration. You’ll see in the left-most close up that two of the little caps on top of the knobs are missing. They were missing when I bought the unit, and I tried but could not find replacements. All encoders are clean and functioning properly. The unit also has the last operating system Waldorf released for the Q installed. This is a big win, since many of these early units could not be upgraded past the 2.13 release. OS 3.02 means you get a much improved effects section.
There’s a bit of rack rash that you can see around the screw holes in the close-up shots. Otherwise, she is simply gorgeous.”
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Waldorf Q

” It’s a blue Waldorf Q with the standard 16 voices.

I bought it on this very website a few years ago, but ended up not using it very much. It is clean and in good condition (see photos). I tested it before boxing it up and verified it is fully functional, but here are the known issues:

– Some scuffs and dents on corners.
– Chip in the rubber on cutoff knob.
– Left output is bent inward, but works fine.
– Second ‘C’ key sticks up slightly, about the width of penny or dime.
– A few other small nicks and scratches.

Also, I cleaned it awhile back including the inside and noticed that a pin on the socket for the voice expansion board is bent. If by some chance you happen to have an expansion board you want to install, you will need to carefully bend the pin back into place or install a new header on the board.

Comes with a 6′ power cable, not pictured.”
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Waldorf Q

“A previously used item that may exhibit signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended. The keyboard is missing FX1, FX2, Arpegiator Lenght knob caps but all features are still functional and able to be adjusted.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Waldorf Q

“If you are watching this you know what it is . I´m selling my WALDORF Q synthesizer, it works 100% and is in very, very good condition. All knobs and sliders work perfectly…! Only one minor scuff on top of the rack ear.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Waldorf Q

“This incredible keyboard has unique rich warm sounds I have not been able to create with any of my other synths. It has been gently used in a climate-controlled smoke free home studio and has always been covered when not in use. It is in excellent condition, all features function well, and I have had no problems or issues with it. There are many rack mount Q’s out there on eBay, Reverb, and other sites, but the Waldorf Q 61 key keyboard synth is hard to find, especially in this superb condition. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Waldorf Q

“I am going totally soft synth so I am parting with a bunch of hardware. I have owned this FOREVER and it has never left my home studio. It is AWESOME! If you’re looking at this listing as a serious bidder, you know exactly what I mean. PayPal only, free shipping in the CON US and NO RESERVE. Good luck bidding!” Click here to search for synths on eBay