BC2, Yamaha @ 06 March 2014, Comments Off on Yamaha BC2

” Hello! This auction is for a Yamaha BC2 breath controller. The box is ripped up, but I will be including it anyway.

These are hard to find, and they don’t make them anymore.

Comes with: Yamaha BC2 breath controller, original instruction manual, and retail box.

Add unparalleled realism to your brass, reed and woodwind instruments. By simply blowing into the BC2 you can control amplitude, modulation, volume, timbre, and a slew of other tasty effects and dynamics to your instruments.

The BC series controllers were originally designed to compliment the DX7 but also work on many other later Yamaha synths such as the EX5/7, the CS6X. Add a MIDI Solutions Breath Controller Box and the BC2 can be used on any MIDI device.

This unit has been cleaned.” Click here to visit listing on eBay