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“1973 EMS VCS3 Mk2 including original manuals and power lead.

Build date of synth confirmed by Robin Wood at EMS.

It’s in good condition for a 45 year old synth and works perfectly.

The synth is original with no modifications.

As you can see from the pictures, one of the coloured disc caps is missing and some of the print has worn away.
There are 3 small holes around Oscillator 1 that were already there when I purchased the unit and some edges on the face plate look uneven.

All of the above mentioned, cosmetic imperfections, can be replaced by Robin Wood at EMS.

Purchased many years ago in Birmingham from a Guy who also owned a Synth 100.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Unit has been fully professionally serviced and recalibrated before listed. Aesthetically in amazing condition given the age – this is a nearly 50 year old synthesizer!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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vcs3 “Here is the very rare and wonderful EMS Putney VCS3 synthesizer. Rare early MK1 version (serial 232)

This one is fully tech serviced and calibrated. Includes a recap option but I’m leaving that decision up to the buyer as some people may wish to not recap.

Cosmetically, it’s in excellent condition with the exception of a crack in the wood side panel (see pic 7). Also, upgraded to a modern IEC power jack. ” Link

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vcs3 “this is an ems vcs3 putney MK1. it is an early one cream color panel which has the best sound. it is the best sounding vacs i had and it is in amazing condition. i have the silver caps that are missing in the pics except the ones on the vernier dials but maybe i can get some. it has a standard EU plug.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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vc3“es, this is /that/ VCS-3, the instrument used by Delia Derbyshire, Pink Floyd (e.g., “On the Run”), Jean Michel Jarre, Todd Rundgren, Hawkwind, Roxy Music, King Crimson, and The Who–just to name a few.

If you’re interested in bidding on an instrument this pricey, then it is because you know what it truly is: /priceless/.

This particular VCS-3 (see pictures) has the following cosmetic problems: some of the knobs are missing their brass covers and one of the matrix pegs is missing. The fool who owned it before me added some kind of portamento button to the keyboard, so I’m just writing the keyboard off (i.e., not really factoring it into the price). The keyboard /does/ work, however, and I’ll include my homemade Jones connector in with the lot…

The VCS itself works fine, v/oct control of each VCO, envelope trigger, etc., using the connectors in the back. I’ve only been able to explore this instrument a little: sufficed to say, every parameter sounded to be working (the reverb is especially interesting, very “Radiophonic workshop” sounding).

The thing is too special for words, but I just can’t afford to sit on it now, supposing their may be someone out there willing to pay top dollar for a rare piece of musical history…” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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vcs3“For sale is a one owner, all original, EMS Putney monophonic analog music synthesizer and Cricklewood keyboard.

This Putney is actually a VCS3a because it’s an early model, serial number 321.

Fascinated with the electronic music of the day, I purchased it and the keyboard new in 1969.

Here is what is right with it:

● Considering its age, It’s in very good condition. This package also includes the original patch pins, power cord, keyboard cable and vinyl cover.

● All the silver knob inserts are intact.

● The internal electronics are original. I have never had the synth or keyboard calibrated.

● I powered up the unit and checked the keyboard and all modules, matrix holes and pins, pots and verniers for basic functionality before having it professionally double boxed for shipment. In going through and listening to each module, I was reminded why I wanted the Putney in the first place. Its voice is unique and wonderful. Of course each oscillator’s pitch still drifts as much as when the unit was new. The keyboard needed to be “exercised” a bit before all its contacts functioned.

Here is what is wrong with it:

● Both reverb springs are in the reverb tank. One is still functioning, but the other is disconnected and lies loose.

● As is evident in the pictures, some of the wooden slots that hold the hardboard panels on the bottom and back of the main unit’s case have split off. I believe this happened while the synth was loaned to a friend. I never received a good explanation as to why. However, the panels still mount securely.

● Both internal speakers function, but one has a torn paper cone and sounds distorted (see photo)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Up for auction is my 2013 EMS VCS3. This VCS3 was ordered in the 1990’s and delivered in 2013. It is basically as new. Why is it up for auction? Both VCS3’s and SYNTHI’s are very rare. Before I ordered one I never touched one in ‘real life’ only saw photos in books. When my time came up on the order list – I said ‘yes’ given it would be my only shot! After using it for a few months – it is not for me – and rather than collect synth trophies I want to pass it on.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Here’s my lovely VCS3 for sale. Need to raise some cash and as I have an AKS also, this is up for sale.

I acquired this approx ten years ago. It’s in very nice condition. All is functional, except I think oscillator 3 needs some attention as it doesn’t seem to track properly. It’s 30-40 years old so has some scratchy pots. I make no guarantee about this lovely machine.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“EMS Electronic Music Studios (London) “The Putney” VCS3 – Model V.C.S. 3a – rare vintage analog synthesizer – serial #151

This is being sold for parts or repair because we do not have the special power cable needed to test this, so we cannot verify that it is in proper working condition.

It has scratches on it and normal signs of its age, but overall it is in very good condition (see pics).
Picture #8 shows the model number and serial number.

Includes a folder with xerox copies of servicing instructions with schematics, and some spare parts (see last pic).

Note that we are also auctioning the keyboard for this synthesizer separately.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“The is a rare, legendary analog synthesizer favored by a long list of pop and experimental musicians. Chances are you are looking at this auction because you know what this unit is and what it can do. There are many compelling reasons why it is coveted by musicians and producers alike, not the least being the rich textures you can create with it.

This particular VCS3 MKII was once in a synthesizer museum in Great Britain. I acquired it in 2000, and it has lived in my smoke-free studio and been treated very well. Works wonderfully as both as as synth and as an effects processor. Along with the Synthi AKS, it is probably one of the most versatile instruments I have used in the past 25 years.

This instrument includes an external gate input modification for MIDI/CV applications, but no other mods have been added because I did not feel the need for them. EMS has an variety of mods they can perform for you so I would recommend contacted Robin Wood for a list.

The VCS3 will ship worldwide in a custom-made flight case by A&S Case Co. out of Los Angeles, CA. It is extremely rugged and was used during international tours with the instrument. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“This is a rare and historic synthesizer. It was one of the earliest Putneys made in 1969, Serial #193. It is in excellent condition, hardly a scratch anywhere. All three boards were recently serviced and calibrated by Robin Wood at EMS in England. Electrolytic capacitors have been replaced, envelope maximum decay time tweaked up to 45 sec., Osc3 increased slow frequency range. Apart from that, everything is original, no modifications have been made. The matrix pins are all white – this is how the early Mark I Putneys came. Even the AC plug is still original. The pin matrix surface itself looks like new.

It sounds absolutely wonderful. I have tested all functions / matrix combos to the best of my ability and everything works, including the envelope light.

Includes original Ionic Industries VCS3 manual (“…The synthesizer for the seventies…”) which contains many patch diagrams. It looks to be mostly the same as the “official” EMS VCS3 manual.

Rear and bottom panel are missing but they are just pieces of hardboard, easy to replace. Also as you can see from the pictures, many of the silver knob caps are missing but are also easy to replace.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Here it is, a working VCS-3 Putney synthesizer. Push the red button, move the joystick and prepare to be taken seriously. This was in our studio for about 8 years, and before that rumor has it that its home was a university in western Canada. It’s as mean a sound processor as it is a synth. As you can see, some of the silver knob cap tops are missing. I was collecting them in a plastic bag for a couple years, but who knows what happened to the bag. One day you’ll be searching for “VCS” and an annoying listing for silver knob caps will pop up right above the t-shirts for sale. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This item is part on an estate liquidation. It is in good condition no chips or cracks. We have tested it and needed to improvise on making a power cord since the one it has is missing. It turns on, but we do not have alot of knowledge on this particular item, please take a close look at our video of the testing that was done to this item. It comes with 20 white EMS Synthi A AKS VCS3 matrix patch pins for DIY. This is a real nice vintage synthesizer in working condition and is an absolute must have for your instrumental collection.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“I am selling a rare and unique vintage EMS putney VCS3 in mint conditions. It was checked and serviced by Bruce Forat. He spent quite some time to figure and design a midi mod for it. AS you can see, you can decide which oscillator syncs to which and even disable them. I have never seen another midi mod in any synth with this capability.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This synth is fully functional but the case is cracked and it has a couple of mods that were removed except for the IEC connection. From what I’ve understood this is from the first production – with dins. (around 20-50 were made of this type with German style din jacks instead of 1/4 according to Robin Wood.) This synth was approved by David Cockerell himself with his initials on the serial tag and completed 22nd of December, 1969. Pretty much all orig. parts inside. Definitely needs to be recapped. I’m assuming it was owned at one time by NYU as the sticker implies. This has a sticker indicating that it was the Ionic Industries Inc Putney VCS3 carefully placed over the EMS graphic (Electronic Music Studios (London) LTD VCS so I’m guessing this was when Ionic was distributing EMS in the states.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“The legendary EMS Putney (VCS 3) in excellent condition, recently professionaly serviced and modified. Excellent condition.

You’ll probably know, but still…. the VCS 3 mk1 (or The Putney) by EMS London Ltd is an outstanding vintage analog modular synthesizer. There are many nice vintage synths, but nothing compares to the sound and interface of the VCS 3.
Three oscillators with multiple waveshapes, a great filter, the infamous trapezoid, spring reverb, ringmodulator, noise generator, the patchpin matrix, the XY-joystick, etc etc it all adds up to one of the finest and most sought after synthesizers around. And all of that put in a lovely wooden cabinet. The VCS 3 breathes the London attitude of the late 60s, early 70s. EMS was and still is as hip as it gets.

This particular VCS 3 has recently been fully serviced and modified by a qualified technician (so not overhauled by seller, but by a qualified person!) The power supply has been partly replaced and improved, re-capped, all potmeters have been replaced with new, better ones, the recommended temp balance modification has been done for more stable tuning, and then some of the more fun mods have been done, in an add-on box (the connector is neatly installed at the back of the synth). There’s trapezoid inversion, standard cv/gate operation (cv1 at 1v/octave, cv2 can still be scaled with input2 potmeter), waveform modulation through cv jack inputs and extensive oscillator sync for all 3 vco’s switchable between 0 and the other 2 vco’s and adjustable with potmeter (which makes for some great soft syncing).
The external box also shows switches for lo/hi switching for all three oscillators, but this circuit has been removed because this mod resulted in interference with the oscillators performance and stability. (This VCS 3 is really quite stable, nothing compared to the original.) SO: NO hi/lo switching for the oscillators !

Then, everything works as it should. The VCS 3 can be used with the mod-box attached or detached. I recommend you switch the power off when connecting or disconnecting the box. There are no scratchy pots or bad matrix spots, bad pins or whatever. It’s in great shape all over.

As for the looks, the Putney looks great, but some minor remarks should be made. First of all, at one point the cabinet was loose and instead of glueing it back together, someone had the bad idea of putting in two screws. I have thought of filling the holes with liquid wood filler, but decided not to. It’s on the top, so barely visible and it hasn’t really disturbed me. Another part of the cabinet, on the backside, has been reinforced with a small metal plate. Then there are some minor, truly minor spots on the horizontal face of the synth, above the joystick. I don’t know why i mention it, but it’s there if you look carefully. And finally, there are no metal inserts on the knobs. I think there never have been, it’s always been this way and there is no glue residue or whatsoever on the knobs.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Luckily, I happen to know a professional in this area of equipment, who has had a good look at the synthesizer. He has priced it, and said it was in VERY GOOD CONDITION.

This, very sought after vintage analogue synth has been sheltered, with no use in a loft for many, many years. Recently, a digital remake came out, making this original analogue model much harder to find. Here’s your opportunity to get your hands on the real analogue model, in very good condition.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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” i sell my EMS VCS3& DK2 KEYBOARD in mint condition

The VCS3 was previously owned by Hans Zimmer as was used in the making of the soundtrack to the “Batman Returns” film.

The system is in excellent cosmetic condition and fully servicing both units

VCS3 has a GATE ouput : see foto

Mint execptional condition !!

sell with full pin’s & 2 cables” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This is a rare opportunity to bid for this classic EMS VCS mk11 synthesizer serial no 1370

circa 1970’s Included are two original operating manuals,keyboard,
selector pins, original EMS grey dust cover,this synth is in excellent condition,we believe all functions are in good working order, ie oscillators, ring mods; etc. We would be happy for it to be collected or post and packing with insurance at £35 Royal Mail special delivery.It is in London
I am afraid that we cannot dispatch to outside the UK [so please do not ask]

Many of these EMS synths have been used by Brian Eno,Pink Floyd,Jean-michelle Jarre and the Who” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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emsvcs3 “A vintage EMS VCS3 synthesizer. WITH HISTORY this was John Bakers own VCS3 (BBC Radiophonic workshop see link) and used in the early 1970,s on the rework of the Dr who them music, and lots of his other work. Cosmetically It looks in good condition, but has been unused since the late 1970,s and been in dry storage since I acquired it from johns estate. So sold as is untested for service ect. For info see links.VCS3 has now reached cult proportions and have become rare collector’s items so bid and get a piece of historyit will be hard to find another.
Vcs3 have been used in the past by amongst others” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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emsvcs32 “Hi and thanks for looking at this listing. Whoever gets this presumably knows what it is, so I’ll try to be brief. All potential bidders are welcome to come to my studio and inspect and play this synthesizer, and pickups are preferred, but not required, for the winning bidder. Unfortunate fiscal circumstances have forced me to sell this wonderful item. I’m new to ebay but I prepared this listing with the help of my roommate, who sells records under the username douglasmcgowan. He will be happy to provide additional assurance of the veracity of this listing and the responsibility I want to take for making sure this arrives in the condition described. I have enjoyed making music on this instrument for many years and want it to be passed on to someone who appreciates it as much as I have. Please bid with confidence.

About this item: This is the “Putney” EMS VCS3 mkII synth serial number 1148. The cicklewood has the serial number 3414. The oscillators and various knobs work well and are responsive. The joystick is a great feature and has a wide, sweeping range. Some pegs are a little worn, but are replaceable through EMS or ebay if needed. This has right and left signal outputs and channel 1 & 2 control outputs & inputs, as well as mic input. The headphone output works too, plus right and left speakers (pretty loud). The keyboard triggers synthi, but i could never make it play a controlled notation. I might not know the peg configuration to make it work in that way, but I’ve read and been told that this unit is hard to control for musical application. The power chord has a few nicks on its outer casing, but the wires inside are unaffected. There is a crack on side which was glued. All other wear is minor and the unit is absolutely structurally sound.

The VCS3 has a lot of notoriety for being used on The Who’s ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again” and Pink Floyd’s ‘On the Run’ from “Dark Side of the Moon.” Several examples of this unit in use can be seen on youtube. A fun one to watch in a musical performance context is Brian Eno playing with Roxy Music.

This ships in the US with insurance and delivery confirmation for $75. I will ship internationally using registered and insured mail at the actual shipping cost, which will be determined at auction’s end. If you need answers to questions, additional photos, or to discuss the unit, please ask. Thanks, Rick.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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EMSVCS3 “This one is in excellent cosmetic condition and working 100%. It has just come back from being serviced.

Cosmetically- It is far from perfect, but still looks very nice. There is a small dent right above the power switch which is hard to see. There is also a little scuff on one of the top corners on the wood cabinet. The silkscreen is good with no wear. I’ll be taking some better photos when the weather permits.

Internally- Apart from being serviced, all the potentiometers and contacts have been cleaned, the power supply recapped, and it’s been fully calibrated. A few pots still make a little noise, but they are not that bad. The Channel 2 Control Output was modified to take a Gate Input (labeled.) This is a common mod and is reversible. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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vcs3 “Have only owned this synth a few years. It wasn’t working when I bought it from a friend but was brought back to life and serviced by the Synthesizer Service Centre in London. I then shipped it to Australia where its been the last year or so.

It’s an amazing synth and I know I’ll never have the chance to own another but I’m sure someone else could get more use out of it than me.

It only comes with 10 patch pins unfortunately and a couple of those are a little on the wonky side. I spoke to Robin Wood from EMS and he can easily supply new ones. He also told me that he himself owned this VCS3 (Serial 327) between 1970 and 1971. Cool eh?

The Oscillator 1 pot slips from time to time, and there is a small crack in the VU meter cover. Apart from that its in really good nick. Obviously used but pretty good for its age.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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vcs3 parts “his auction is for one lot of vintage parts for EMS Synthesizers. I can’t guarantee the functional condition of these so they are sold as-is, but I’ll describe them to the best of my knowledge.
Many are unused.

This auction includes the following:

–1 PC board, model unknown, partially populated. Looks to be a digital memory circuit for a Synthi 100 or 256 sequencer, though I’m just guessing here. Marked SN 007.
–1 PC board, model G44/33, fully populated. If I remember correctly (and I think I do, cuz I couldn’t use this in my former Mk.1 VCS3) this is a power supply board for a Mk.2 VCS3 or Synthi A/KS. It was tested by Phil Cirocco around 2006 and he said it’s complete and working, you can see his note on it.
–1 PC board, completely unpopulated, model A44/21. Not sure what this is, but I’m pretty sure it’s from a VCS3 or Synthi though I don’t know which board (there were 3 per synth) or which revision. Looks used and everything has been carefully desoldered but it looks to be in good shape.
—1 new in box VU meter, Shinohara MR45P, DC 500uA
—3 x Vernier Dial Planetary Drive 8:1 ratio 0-10 dials in box, 2 have blue knob inserts
—Cinch Jones connectors, 4 x Female Cable-Mount plugs, 2 x M CM plugs, 3 x F Panel-Mount plugs and 1 x large Male panel-mount plug labeled Jones 5
—bag containing 6 x A/B switches and 3 x transistors (?) labeled LM309K (7803, 7805, unreadable)
—bag containing 7 x small PC-mount internal trimpots marked as 100K
—bag containing 5 x larger front panel PC-mount trimpots labeled 10K
—bag containing 4 x 8-pin ICs marked 448/l311-1, 741TC/F7538, 524/LM741CN, MC1741CP1
—bag of 14-pin ICs, there are 9 x 7401N, 3x 7403N, and 3 x 7410N
—3 x Arp 2500 knobs
—3 x 1/4” PC-mount jacks with panel collar
—2 pcs marked “A Board Heat Sink”

Again, I can’t personally vouch for the functionality of any of this but this is the remains of a large parts lot I bought 10 years ago and pretty much all the parts I’ve used to keep my 2 former Synthi A’s and 2 VCS3s running throughout the years were good. I got this from EMSA when the owner passed away and it’s been a lifesaver throughout the years. In addition, I let Phil Cirocco use a bunch of parts in his shop for all the EMS stuff he was servicing so it’s kept a lot of people going. I sadly no longer own any EMS equipment but hopefully this will be helpful to someone else or, ideally, a tech that will use it to keep a bunch of synths in service.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.