Forat F16 Digial Sampler

“Forat F16 Digital Sampler with Remote and Sound Disks in good used condition.

The unit has not been used much at all for the 20 or so years that I have owned it. I purchased 3 100mb Zip drive sound disks which are acoustic drums, percussion and Hip hop disks. The load times of these sounds reminds me of the loads I have on my samsung solid state drives on my i9 PC.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Forat F9000

forat9000“You are bidding on a Linn 9000 customized by Forat Electronics. I had this Linn 9000 machine customized by Forat a few or so more years back and had it fattened up with upgrades. It has been detailed or custom painted as the picture shows. It has been in a clean studio, top notch, and as you can see well taken care of, and gently used. This machine has several features, including:

Sequencer note memory upgraded 43568 notes
The Forat SMPTE module for syncing to a tape machine. This machine can be also synced using MIDI to a DAW like Pro Tools for instance.
Multi-track sequencer for MIDI synths or keyboards,
Drum sequencer, with midi pad assignments, but one of the greatest features as discussed below, is the famous feel.
This machine has been upgraded to the big display by Forat, which is a huge plus to work with. You can see the disabled stock display below it which is much smaller.
Includes the latest Forat software in the machine and the manual as pictured.
I just spoke to Forat today and was reminded that this machine also has the AD CONVERTER as pictured.

I tested the following:

1. Both the Drum Machine and Sequencer and both are working.
2. All the pads work properly and play the built in sounds
3. I recorded via MIDI in and out with an external keyboard and the 9000 sequencer recorded and played back the keyboard fine and syncs up to Pro Tools via midi fine.
4. All the buttons worked.
5. Stereo outputs work
6. Midi in and out works
7. I formatted a disk in the disk drive works fine, and a test sequence was saved to disk and loaded back in properly. I will include the floppy disk in the drive when shipping.
8. I tested every individual 1/4 inch sound drum output and every one works.
9. Midi Drum Pad assignments work fine, I have not tested the trigger inputs or sampled with it, I do not have a electronic drum kit to test the trigger inputs. I have used the pads to play sounds from virtual instruments in a DAW.
10. I tested SMPTE and generates or prints SMPTE signal
(for those who know about SMPTE and syncing, to have a SMPTE print alone, with a sequencer that has MIDI is a great plus if you have a qualified DAW and want to sync your analog tape machine and your DAW.)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Forat F-9000

f9000“It comes as shown in the pics, including power cable and 1 disk which may or may not contain samples etc. i dont know whats on it.
All keys are operational and were checked via MIDI. .
There is a low noise coming from the audio out but its not too bad when its being played.
This is listed “as is” due to my limited testing ability and the age of the unit. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Forat F9000

f9k” FORAT F-9000 DRUM MACHINE – LINN SEQUENCER VINTAGE – F9000 + 115 Disks Very Nice

– This one of the best drum machines in the business

– It has REV 7.09 & 43568 notes sequencing memory and 108K of Custom sounds memory and also the following options:

– Regular 18 pad sampling mod, A/D converter/ sampling card,

– SMPTE card and a brand new Blue/ White display with LED back light that won’t go dim for years.

– This drum machine was just recently serviced, upgraded and completely inspected by Forat

– Work completed was: 32 pin OS mod, New 2 X 1500MA battery packs. memory reads 10,523 notes and 12K 0240:5c00 for sounds, replaced all 16 RAM IC’s, All card edge connectors cleaned, Repaired Hi Hat & Toms, Snare Ram IC’s replaced, Overhauled silver function function buttons and Record, Cleaned and lubed all mixer sliders, Cleaned chassis, new booties, New LCD screen.

– In great condition and includes 115 sound disks” Click here to visit listing on eBay