Blacet Research 2200 VCA

“Blacet Research 2200 VCA Quad Mix. Voltage controlled mixer (with 10x amplification) plus a fourth VCA the can be used with the mixer circuit or as a separate VCA. 2 frac units in width. Tested, working exactly as it should. Cosmetically in very good condition with a small amount of rack rash. This module was factory built. Ships with power cable. ”
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STG Soundlabs Mankato Filter FRAC Format

“STG Soundlabs Mankato Filter. Very rare frac version of the Mankato. I don’t know how many of these were actually sold, but it can’t have been many. This one is dated June 2008. 3 frac units in width. Cosmetically in very good condition with a small amount of rack rash. The front panel of the module has a very slight forward bow, so it does not sit completely level with the modules next to it. Please look at the last two photos to understand what I mean. It’s not that noticeable IRL, but it does bear mentioning. Tested and working exactly as it should. Ships with power cable.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

access Virus TI

“Selling my access virus snow.

EVERYTHING WORKS NORMAL but has couple of issues.

-the plastic screen protector is heavily scratched (bought it like that) so I took it off.

-Value knob 3 is crooked but works perfectly normal.

– various scratches all around. See pics for detail. ”
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Moog Taurus II

“Original Moog Taurus II Bass Pedals purchased new from Sam Ash in 1982.

They are in very good cosmetic condition for 41 years.

Fully functional. Just cleaned inside and out and tested.

Does not include the pole that connects the controller to the pedals.

New AC adapter and 5-pin cable (picture 7).

Includes 6 “Set-Up’ cards (picture 8) and flash drive with owner’s manual.”

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Roland JX-3P

“You’re bidding on a Roland JX-3P analog polyphonic synthesizer in excellent near mint condition! This sought after historically significant synth is one of the first Roland analog synths to offer MIDI. This unit was previously owned by a church and was hardly used. It was mostly kept in climate controlled storage for almost 40 years! It includes the original manual and a Roland brochure and also includes a hard gig case which is actually intended for a slightly larger keyboard but has been customized with foam spacers to fit this unit nicely. The case has a little color fade on some areas which can be seen in the picture. The three latches work fine. It’s a nice case. Every button function & key on the synth has been tested & everything works perfectly! It displays absolutely beautifully! Without exaggeration it looks like it was just released even though it’s f4 decades old now! You’d be hard-pressed to find a JX-3P in nicer condition than this. Read full description for full details.”
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Roland D-50

“Roland D50 Sythesizer With Memory Card Original Box And Original Owners Manual.

This is for an Original Roland D50 Synthesizer with the original box box is all there displays beautifully and is solid enough to use . The box does contain some damage on one side and bottom of box please refer to photos. This also includes Original cardboard box insert for holding cord and Styrofoam holders to secure keyboard. There is a rand new power cord Original card. Also includes Original manuals and other paperwork and instructional sheets . Amazing Original find .

Sold as is .and all sales are final

This is a beautiful vintage keyboard. When plugged in screen comes on as it should and changes corresponding to buttons pressed. All keys are tight and not worn out. Only a few very small cosmetic scratches or niks but other than that she is a real Beaut!!!!”
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Roland JV-1010

“Cosmetically this is about a 3, It is not the prettiest. But everything functions as it should. I purchased this from eBay a few years ago. I have a few too many pieces & need to downsize. Note: The midi input jack is a little worn. but has no problems working as it should. I will include a brand-new midi cable with this auction. ”
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Roland Super JV JV-1080

” Used rack-mount (2 rack units) Roland Super JV 1080 in perfect working order with 4 expansion slots, one of which has the SR-JV80-05 World Expansion installed.

This unit works perfectly but please view the photos to see there are many scratches and scuffs this has gotten over its years of joyful operation that do not affect its working ability.

Also included is a power cord, a photo-copied user manual, and a Roland M-512E 64k data card, compatible with many other Roland synths, which often sells for $75-150 by itself.”
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Korg Sigma

” For sale is my Korg Sigma KP-30 Synthesizer keyboard. It is almost fully functional, however, the right green tab switch on the synthesizer section is not outputting any sound. Everything else is working normally as far as I can tell. This is a Japanese model, and I’m including a 120v to 100v adapter as part of the sale. Also included is the flight case.”
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Korg Poly 800II

“For sale is a Korg Poly-800 MK II.
The synth is in good operational and cosmetic condition.
The only minor issue is with the numeric keys ‘1’ and ‘2’ which sometimes double trigger when pressed. Might need some cleaning or replacement but I don’t have the time to deal with it.
Other than that there are no more issues with this unit.
The synth comes with a universal aftermarket power supply that I spliced to make the cord longer. Works with both 110V and 220V power grids.
This is a really cool synth with a distinct 80’s sound. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha TX216 with 7 Yamaha TF1 Modules

“This one contains 7 TF1 modules – each of these modules is contains the synth engine from the original vintage Yamaha DX7.

A new set of batteries was soldered in place so you shouldn’t have to pay anyone to do this now or worry about losing your patches anytime soon. The same bank of patches has been loaded into each of the TF1 modules. Properly tested post-servicing and working and sounding great!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha SY77

“YAMAHA SY77 Synthesizer – USED but the built-in battery and the LCD backlight were replaced!! All keys have been checked and pronounced. The LCD backlight and the built-in memory battery were replaced. Bends and modulation are good. The FDD has not been tested, but it is possible to save tone data to PC via MIDI in bulk, so there was no particular inconvenience. Overall, the product is in good condition and shape though, it has some normal wear and tear. Please check the item images and the description carefully.”
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Yamaha TX81Z

” Yamaha TX81Z FM 1U Rack Mount Synthesizer with Custom MSP-X81 Midi CC Editor. OS 1.6 EPROM installed.

Sold as-is, no returns. Cosmetically the rack has some wear on the top (see pictures)

I’ve confirmed both units power on and makes sound and that moving the editor sliders changes parameters on the TX81z when in edit mode, but I cannot confirm much more than that and am not too familiar with any advanced functionality of the TX81z to give any more assurances. I could not personally get it to work to edit sounds while receiving midi notes from a sequencer and have given up messing with it.”
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Yamaha DX7

“Selling for $500 or best offer! Also avail for local pickup in NYC. Have had for many years and was passed down to me by a loved one who worked in entertainment. Some wear and tear, but just cosmetic. A bit of fun trivia – this keyboard was played by Robert Palmer back in the 1980s!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha DX100

“Yamaha DX100 Digital Programmable Algorithm Synthesizer-good working condition.

I try to describe items accurately as possible.

Condition is “Used”. No original box or manual what you see in the pictures is the actual product you will receive if you don’t see that means is not included”
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Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

” I have owned and loved this machine since 2015 when I purchased it in a specialist auction. I had Kenton add their midi retrofit to it which works perfectly. I have also had it serviced professionally in 2018.

If you are reading this then I assume you know how good these synths are. The rev 4 is good, but this is the original and there’s no beating that.

The synth is really beautiful looking with no blemishes or marks on the wood. It looks almost brand new. There is a small nick just above the logo, please see pictures. Importantly, there are no scratchy pots and the keyboard plays beautifully. It sounds stunning. Note that, although the digital display looks difficult to read in the photos, I think it just clocks slowly. It looks fine to human eyes!

Like all the earlier models, it does suffer from tuning issues and can take some time to settle down and tune well. It will take some time to warm up and may need to be auto-tuned several times. After it auto-tunes sometimes you still need to manually adjust the tuning pot for it to be spot on. I have also recently noticed that adjusting the cutoff can cause the tuning to go out if you have a lot of resonance dialled in. I spoke to my tech about this recently, and he suggested that it might need the pitch wheel replacing, so please bear in mind that it may need another service. It has also not had much use in the last 3 years hence the sale.”
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