ARP Quartet

“Vintage ARP Quartet 49 key synthesizer. Powers on and some keys play, but this keyboard is in rough shape and is going to need some love to be fully functional again. I didn’t test it too thoroughly, but it looks like the Piano, Brass and Organ sections work, Strings do not. Some keys do not respond (dirty contacts?) and one key is damaged. Sliders are dirty and one is missing.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Teenage Engineering OP-1

” Teenage Engineering OP-1 Keyboard Synthesizer – Rev. 2, bought in 2019-2020. $899 OBO

Custom Firmware is installed that can be read about here :
This enables you to add or change the software running on the OP-1. With this, you have the an added synth engine, iter, a new filter effect, and the cow effect is now a moose. Basically it makes an already fun instrument even more fun! All this can be reversed as well, if you wish.”
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Oberheim OB8

“Oberheim OB8 in excellent condition, rarely used. Recently serviced by synthchaser, power supply rebuilt and all systems checked, functioning properly. Purchase price does not include Fedex large freight shipping. Case included.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

LinnDrum LM-2

“Welcome to this auction for ONE ORIGINAL, USED, VINTAGE LINN LINNDRUM LM-2 DRUM MACHINE. As with most used / stored items, there are a few scars, scratches, dings, dents, dust and dirt, from storage. We do not use stock photos. The item(s) in the pictures is / are the item(s) being shipped. In this auction: an original LINN LM-2 DRUM MACHINE. Cool piece. Just serviced. Conga and tom modules replaced with original parts. Seems to be working as it is suppose to. However, please note, I am a guitar guy, and my knowledge of drum machines, and specifically this one, is limited. I have shown the machine “on”, in various settings.”
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Oberheim Xk

“Oberheim XK

MIDI controller

-All buttons are working

-Mod levers are moving great … the tip had some splitting in plastic so it was sealed ( see photo

-Tested arp sounds amazing !

-Tested hold and chord

-Lots of functions to learn …

– brand new internal battery !

-It does so much as a midi keyboard like changing or turning off sections of keys. You can split sounds in 3 zones …

-all jacks cleaned

-All keys are functioning

Hard to find”
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Kawai K4

“Vintage KAWAI K4 16-bit Digital Synthesizer Keyboard.

Late 1980’s Kawai K-4 for your 1980’s tribute band, nostalgic rock band, 1980’s movie soundtrack sound source or similar. This was Kawai’s version of the popular Roland D-50. It has very usable organic sampled sounds, strings, pianos etc. The keyboard powers up and plays but the B2 key needs contact cleaning and won’t play until that is done. I also have ROM cards for it as well to add more programs/sounds. I have an old case for it as well that I can include. The case needs a new handle that’s easy to replace.”
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Oberheim OB-Xa

“I am the 2nd owner of this. I have had it for 20 years, never gigged, just home use. All caps replaced years ago. Midi added. There was some feature put in by the original owner that I removed so there’s a small row of plugged screw holes on the top left of the unit.

I had the anvil case made. It looks near perfect with only a couple of small scratches to the top of the case. Working well, awesome sound. Programs fine. No problems to speak of. ZERO corrosion or paint chipping. This one is probably the cleanest one available right now. I never used the MIDI and cannot say if it works or not, cause I don’t know. Local pickup available in Oceano, CA. next to Pismo Beach.”
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Casio CZ-101

“This Casio CZ-101 is tested and working great. It’s used and in very good condition. A previous owner wrote “9V” on the far right of the keyboard.. to remind them what power supply to use I guess.

That being said, it is tested with a 9V power supply (not included) and works great. I didn’t test it with batteries but the compartment looks clean so it should be good to go.”
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Moog Micromoog Project Machine

“This item came from an estate. It does work. Sounds are abundant, The pitch ribbon needs to be replaced, also the power light is pushed in. I used contact cleaner on the controls and it helped greatly. I am not the most knowledgeable when it comes to these units, so it is being SOLD AS IS. All the key operated. There is some waves in the plastic, however, it still seals. There is an area of vinyl that’s pealing up.”
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Roland Super JX

“Roland Super JX-10 w/Vecoven 3.24 and B&C ROM Chip Upgrade

Vintage Roland JX-10 that has been cleaned & a new Vecoven Flash module installed. It also has new B and C ROM chips purchased from Vecoven.

Everything functions as it should, except aftertouch on keys which usually doesn’t work for boards of this age. Aftertouch can be used by pitchbender. This board is like having two individual JX-8P’s in one 76 keyboard.

A few cosmetic spots present as shown in pictures, but I rate this board as very good-to-excellent for its vintage age. Included is power cord and a CD which has midiox software and 6 extra sysex sound banks that can be loaded, a few manuals, and instructions on how to use the Vecoven flash drive. The big + is the Vecoven which provides internal storage equivalent to “32” M64C cartridges.”
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Roland D-10

“Here’s a rather nice-looking Roland D-10 synth, completely overhauled and in good working order.

Cleaned inside and out
New power cord
Replaced broken keys
Replaced front panel switches
Key contacts cleaned or replaced as needed
Replaced missing screws

Apart from a few very minor chips/scratches, pretty good cosmetic condition overall. I don’t have the foot pedals/switches and was unable to test those functions. Everything else works. The original black epoxy-coated screws were impossible to find so the replacements are stainless steel.”
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Roland AXIS-1 Keytar

“Item includes Cables, Power Supply and manual. It will control hardware MIDI devices but has not been tested for virtual MIDI. Power supply and foot switch are working. It’s a fine piece of history of this classic Keytar however I am unable to to ascertain how reliable it will be having been produced between 1985 and 1987. Does not come with a case.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland JD-800

“My beloved Roland JD-800 is reluctantly up for sale. It’s in fantastic condition, it was serviced just over a year ago and the famous red glue issue has been solved by an experienced tech with no issues whatsoever.

The synth comes with both original manuals!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg MS20

“Vintage Korg MS20 Analog Monophonic Synthesizer.

This is a vintage Kong MS-20 synthesizer. The synthesizer was serviced in June 2022 in Austin, Texas and all keys/ports work properly. The receipt for the servicing is available.

Sorry, I do not know the date when the synthesizer was manufactured. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg Trident

“Incredible 8 voice polysynth in full working order – as used by Daft Punk, Siriusmo, Phoenix & Joe Zawinul.

Original 240volt unit – I bought this from Soundgas in 2018 – re-finished in red & black by a previous owner.

I had a CHD midi mod professionally installed by Simon Flinn in 2019.

It’s essentially analogue polys in one box – ‘synth’, ‘brass’ & ‘string’ – all can be layered on top of each other for enormous warm sounds.

The BBD flanger is the icing on the cake.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg Mini-Korg

” Vintage Univox Mini Korg analog synthesizer. From the early seventies. Serial number 2437. Used by The Cars, The Human League etc. bought this from a musician who (big surprise) needed money back in 1989. I’m not a keyboard player so this has mostly sat in my dry, smoke free closet ever since. I’ve pulled it out occasionally for big fun with sounds. I am a bass player and can say a wonderful bass sound can be produced. Missing a couple of slider covers. Everything works with the exception ” Click here to visit listing on eBay