Roland SH-1000

“This is the Roland SH-1000 Synthesizer which was the first instrument made by Roland in Japan. This synth is all original with original case. Sat in dry storage for years and worked before put into storage but has not been used since. There is one small dent on top that is shown in the picture”
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Roland TR-909

“I am the original owner of this machine. I have used it in my home studio so it has never been on the road.

This machine is in excellent condition inside and out. It has had very little use. There is lots of life left in this awesome machine.

I have tested everything on the machine before listing it on eBay and everything runs perfectly.

You won’t be sorry purchasing this TR-909. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland Promars MRS-2

“Roland Promars MRS-2

In fantastic condition for its age, everything works, last serviced late 2020

I bought this in 2011, been in my house since then, never gigged with it

Only selling as I now have a Jupiter 4 which has a lot of cross over sound, I love this synth and will be sad to see it go” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland JX-3P with Roland PG-200 Controller

“I am letting go of my beloved Roland JX-3P with PG200.

This is a fantastic synth and in brilliant working order. I have owned for a year and since purchase it has not failed me or made any unlikely noises.

I purchased the PG200 controller after buying the synth so I can control the parameters faster, so the PG200 also comes with its own leather case.

It comes with a 2 pin plug but I have supplied a converter that was provided to me when I bought it.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland CR-78 with Roland WS-1

” You’re looking at a mint condition Roland CompuRhythm CR-78 w/ WS-1 Writing Switch. Both the CR-78 and WS-1 come with the box. The WS-1 also has the manual.

If you’re checking out this listing you know this is a quintessential piece of 80’s gear. It’s not often both the CR-78 and WS-1 are offered together so grab this before it’s gone.

Based on the serial number the CR-78 was manufactured in 1980.”
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Korg M1

Some marks and tape – please study photos for condition – not in prime condition!

To do, at least:

Internal battery is low – needs replacing.

Left audio out crackly -whilst replacing battery check this.

Once above done you’ll need to reload the sounds.

At present the default piano only.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg DW-8000

” Lovely classic classic hybrid digital/analogue 8 voice poly from the mid 1980’s. The analogue is the all important Filter and this is an absolutely lovely in house Korg analogue filter – very SSM like and super lush.

The digital bit is 16 single cycle waves as oscillators. Lovely digital delay to thicken things up too.

This comes with a barely used Retroactive controller which opens up all the controls onto a nice control surface for full tweak ability and some added features like random patch gen and patch storage.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg Rhythm 55

” Really nice preset analogue drum machine from c1979. Really punchy analogue beats with mojo! I was on the fence about installing a Tubbutec Unipulse to enable midi triggering of sounds and sync of presets but I’m really slimming down my hardware so decided to sell rather than invest another £200-300. Unipulse is fab though and it was installed on my recently sold Minipops 7 (check feedback!) so definitely worth considering.

Anyway, for want of a better word this is a really cool little drum machine. Preset only but 48 rhythms and an onboard mixer (but mono out) mean there is quite a bit of variation. Great on board swing that goes from subtle (where it’s mean to be) right through to panicking that it’s broken as it suddenly sounds whacky! Can sync (master only) via Trigger out – Korg standard not the usual Roland one.

In fabulous condition. A few surface marks and a slight dint underneath the ‘G’ of Korg on the front. I’ve shown two pics of that as you can really only see it when it catches the light. Also includes the S2 foot pedal which is boxed and looks unused. Just tested it an all well including the footpedal.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak

“Sequential Circuits Six-Trak Synthesiser 1984.

This unit is in great condition and works as it should. Sadly the internal battery died so the synth is not storing patches or doing anything interesting other that powering up. Played fine when last used few months ago.

The battery is soldered in but could be replaced with a battery holder . Cheap easy fix, low bargain price. 100 patches can be reloaded via SYSEX bank dump as I have done in the past.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000

” Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000 Keyboard Sampler

Reluctantly selling my Prophet 2K, the classic 80’s sampler that along with the Ensoniq Mirage ushered in semi-affordable studio-grade sampling for a much broader range of musicians, and helped give birth to House Music, and Electronic music as we know it. Serviced a year ago (I’ll include the receipt, £160 spent with a top tech) and not used much since, I just don’t have the space to set it up these days, so it’s annoying my wife in the spare room. Almost worth keeping for that reason only but best to try to score some brownie points before Christmas.

It’s fitted with the excellent 2x Memory Expansion by Synthechnics (cam reform Portugal, another £100 or so), which is a modern reliable clone of the original SCi one. Membrane buttons, wheels, dials and all keys work great, with display bright and clear. In fact the tech thought that the tact switches under the membrane may all have been replaced at some point pre-me, which is a handy bit of future proofing I didn’t realise (although they always felt surprisingly good). Quite a few age-related marks and scratches here and there on the bodywork, and that’s just a bit of old tape residue on the back corner that may well come off with a bit of perseverance, but no scary damage, just a nice honest example. It comes with the UK power lead, plus the original Operation Manual, which is a rare thing, a chunky ring-binder file. Latest/last OS version chip installed too.

These are coming up for sale less and less often, partly due I’m sure to videos by Espen Kraft and others showing what these are capable of, and what they can add in a modern studio setting. So a serviced one with memory expansion and the original manual file is a rarity. I can’t see another P2K available either on reverb or on here right now in the UK, or anywhere in the world for that matter.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Pro One

“model # 100, serial # 2330

This Pro One is in perfect working condition. It was calibrated and it’s J-Wire keyboard was rebuilt several years ago. I bought this synth in 1990 when people were dumping analogue synths. Since that time it has been taken very good care of. When not in use it is always covered. This Pro One is missing two of its four rubber feet. This unit was in a stand so it was never an issue for me. I am selling this unit to fund purchasing some eurorack synths. I own another Pro One I bought in 1981 and a newer Behringer Pro One. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

ARP Odyssey

“If you’re interested in a vintage Odyssey, this just might be the one. This rarely used beauty deserves another forever home.

This is that highly sought after rarely used vibe that one hopes for in a classic. In storage most of its life/30 years. Never gigged, a seldom used beauty.

There are the following minor imperfections: the bottom left corner is slightly compromised, see pics. Also, two of the slider caps have now broken while in storage. They can be replaced by third party vendors if you wish; it doesn’t affect the functionality. I brought it into a service center, where they checked it out and confirmed that its working well. Overall this classic works well, is in unusually excellent condition thanks to rare use and is waiting for someone who will appreciate and use it.”
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The Harvestman English Tear

“New OOS English Tear. The Harvestman Model 2401. Industrial Music Electronics.

english tear is a eurorack-format voltage conditioning module specially designed to interface with the korg ms series of synthesizers. the systems differ in trigger polarity and frequency control law: the msseries using a “hertz per volt” scheme and the eurorack with “volt per octave” scaling. this module enables convenient two-way patching between the two systems with a minimum of user adjustmentrequired.
five sections are present:
two voltage processors to scale and invert an incoming signal, with optional offset. the output of each section is normaled to one of the nonlinear amplifiers described below. the first processor circuitfeatures a second, unattenuated input for simple voltage mixing.

an exponential amplifier for receiving a eurorack pitch control voltage, and converting to korg’s hertz-per-volt scale.

a logarithmic amplifier for taking the ms-20’s keyboard voltage, and scaling it to suitably control eurorack oscillators such as the hertz donut mark ii.

a pair of simple trigger converter circuits, for inverting the polarity of trigger or gate signals. this allows transient events from each system to properly trigger the envelopes of the other.

in addition to the stated application of korg ms voltage scaling, the english tear has significant in-system utility in instruments of all sizes. the voltage processors provide additional scaling and mixingopportunities to cv inputs with limited controls, and the large offset generator knobs enable manual performance of a dc output voltage. multiple units may be patched together to enable analog computationfunctions uncommon in musical instruments.” Click here to visit listing on eBay