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” This Mellotron M400 is in great shape mechanically and sounds fantastic.
The pinch rollers were replaced with natural rubber rollers which will last a very long time. They are very supple and work great. New pressure pads were also installed (see pictures). New bearings for the rollers were made as well out of a C932 Bronze which is ideal for bearings. See this link for more information about C932 Bronze: https://www.onlinemetals.com/merchant.cfm?id=760&step=2&top_cat=850
The tape frame is new (made by Mellotronics) and works perfectly. The voices are Flute, Violin and Cello. The unit comes with a second tape frame as well that has great tapes but this second tape frame needs some work.
The unit comes with a Protecto-Muff Cover.
Cosmetically, it could use some paint on the top but, apart from that, this Mellotron M400 is one of the nicest and most functional that you will see.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Unit has been in storage for years. Powers on and seems to be running but can’t test. Definitely needs some maintenance. Comes with leather soft transport case and string tape bank.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Up for bid is a 1972 Mellotron M400S, serial #500. I am the original owner. Even though this Tron was completed on 11/27/72, It has only had 16 years of actual use because it was in storage from 1977 to 2003. This Tron is being sold with one of the following tape frames of your choice. All frames are less than 2 years old and are laced with premium EMI tape. The frames are of a superior design that Streetly Electronics developed just a few years ago and are much better than the original frames. If you choose not to select one of these frames and order one from Streetly, you can subtract $500 from the final price.

1) Cello / Chamberlin Violins / Cyndee Lee Rule’s Viola
2) MkII 6C (Church) Organ / MkII Violins / Italian Accordion
3) Woodwind 2 / String Section / Birotron Choir
4) French Horn / Clarinet-B / Chamber Woodwinds
5) GC3 Brass / Angry Strings / Male/Female Choir Split
6) Mixed Brass B / Les Bradley Orchestra / 8 Choir

There is no other Mellotron like this one. It was fully restored down to the last screw by Jerry Korb, the “Mellotron Professor” in 2005 and has languished in my home studio since then. In other words, it was completely disassembled, all parts cleaned and polished, cabinet reinforced and refinished in walnut stain with black cheek blocks and feet. Unlike later versions of the M400, the cabinet on this one is real wood and not pressed board. Besides the complete restoration, the CMC10 motor controller has been replaced by an SMS2 motor controller, the headblock azimuth has been realigned by Martin Smith at Streetly Electronics (the originators of the Mellotron), I have replaced all the pinch rollers and drive belt, and I also replaced the felt strip under the keyboard with a leather strip from Streetly that has greatly improved the keyboard action over that of a stock M400. In fact, it’s one step closer to the action on a MkII with a deeper 3/8″ key throw and minus the mushiness found on all factory M400’s. THIS TRON PLAYS BETTER NOW THAN WHEN IT WAS NEW! Also included in this auction is an original padded Protect-O-Muff, a Yamaha FC7 volume pedal, a VHS video tape of the restoration and any documentation that I may have.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Streetly Electronics – Mellotron M-400S

Vintage Mellotron completely restored by TRON DOC / Frank Stickle in 2009.

Buy It Now for only $4600.00 US. This instrument is easily valued at $6000.00 US!

Full electro-mechanical restoration completed on this machine included the following:

· Cleaning and repairing the cabinet and repainting the interior and exterior – white automobile paint inside and out! Black on floor rails, locking castor wheels mounted on floor rails.

– Black plexiglass back panel, side hole with black plexiglass cover for easy wheel grab to pitch bend.

· Disassembly of all components of the Mellotron.

· Cleaning and polishing of all metal components including: all frame rails, keyboard frame components, supports, brackets, bearing blocks, stand-offs, flywheel, drive pulley, track selector, headblock, and all hardware including nuts, bolts, washers and screws.

· A complete rebuild of the keyboard including replacing all separator felts, reconditioning and or replacing pinch rollers as required, jig–rebuilding the keyboard frame, cleaning and straightening all keys setting pressure pads and matching them to the tape heads.

· Setting the azimuth on all tape heads. Clean, demagnetize and anti-static tape heads.

· All appropriate noise suppression modifications.

· Installation of a new SMS-5 pitch control circuit board including all necessary power supply modifications.

· Replace old Bulgin mains socket and power chord with new IEC socket and mains power cord.

· Replace Capstan Bearings with new sealed bearings.

· Replace Volume, Pitch and Tone pots.

· Cleaning and adjusting the motor and setting the tach head.

· All fine tuning and adjustment required.

New tapes installed with new sounds:

1- Birotron choir

2- New string section

3- Ian McDonald classical flute” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This a Mellotron M400S, S/N 1236 made in the 1970’s. It is in pretty good condition considering it’s almost 40 years old. It comes with 3 fully loaded tape racks. It includes one tape rack carrying case. There are 60 brand new replacement tape heads and 35 used ones (low mileage). There is the muff case, some paperwork and Frank Samagio’s “The Mellotron Book”.. I used to repair Mellotrons and Chamberlains, so I bought this to familiarize myself with the machine. I am not a musician so this ‘tron has very low mileage! I have played it for about 4 hours since I have owned it (early ’80’s). The tape racks consist of the following sounds: Tape rack #1: the basic tape pack; flutes, cellos and violins and is in very good condition. Tape rack #2: another basic tape pack; flutes, cellos and violins and is in good condition. Tape rack #3: is a popular optional tape pack; three violins, brass and mixed choir and is in very good condition. Additionally, there are two reels of used tapes that are in fair to good condition. I cannot recall the various sounds, however the reels are marked mandolin/flutes/choirs and mixed strings/violin/cello. Again, I am not sure what sounds are actually there. I do know that they were removed from a Mellotron that was owned by Rick Wakeman. There is also a very rare (early) control panel plate. I also have some extra hardware (not shown) that was used for customer repairs. This unit has not been abused! The late Richard Burmer last used it for his last (never released) album. He would of purchased it from me however he sadly left us before we could finalize our deal. I do have schematics and service manuals, however I will have to locate them. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This auction is for a very rare Mellotron. If you found this-you know what it is!

Mellotron M 400 S
serial #886
There were only about 1800 of the M 400’s made!

This Mellotron has been taken very good care of” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“1978 Mellotron M400!
#1338 in Very Excellent Condition! Worldwide Shipping in Anvil Case!

ITEM: For your consideration is this vintage 1978 Mellotron M400 keyboard. Favored by many musical giants from the 1960’s to the present, the Mellotron is the signature sound of countless hit songs like The Beatles’ “Strawberry Fields Forever”, The Stones’ “2000 Light Years From Home,” and David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.” The M400 model, the iconic white Mellotron, is still quite rare. Though they were manufactured from 1970-78, there were only about 1800 made, and significantly less are still working, or even in existence.

This example, #1338, is a great example, as : A) it works, B) it works perfectly with no issues, and c) is in about as good shape cosmetically as you’re likely to find anywhere. Additionally, this example is all-original, from the tape/tape heads, to the motor, to the electronics to the cabinet – this unit is now as it was back in ’78.

Mechanically, everything in this unit is in good working order: the 3-way selector switch, Volume, Tone and Pitch control all work without any scratching, popping, noise, or intermittence, the motor runs smoothly, and the original tape rack works perfectly. Also included in this auction are the original Bulgin power cable, and volume pedal, both of which are in perfect working condition, and look fantastic to boot.

Cosmetically, they don’t get much better than this! There are, naturally, a few small superficial flaws (2 dings, one each on the top left and right corners), however, the overall condition is worthy of display with even the finest vintage instrument collections, if not in a museum. While the exterior is in very excellent condition, the one wood panel in between the keyboard and the control panel appears to have been oversprayed, as has the portion on the back panel where the placard would be. ALL of the components display matching serial numbers.

The ‘Tron comes with the original standard tape frame, including: Violin, Cello, and Flute. The custom-made ATA Anvil case, is not included with the keyboard, and will be used to protect the ‘Tron for transport anywhere in the World. We will arrange pickup and shipment back to our facility. Please be sure to examine our many photographs to your right, all of which are of the actual instrument.”

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m400 “I’m selling my vintage Mellotron M400 keyboard. It is in excellent working and cosmetic condition. It has the Flute/Violins/Cello tape frame. I prefer local pick up, if you would like to ship it you are welcome to arrange and pay for it.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.