Yamaha CS-70M

” This synth has been in my collection for a many years. I’m 70 year old, it is time to let it go. Because I have a large synth collection, I rarely used it at all. When I bought this synth ( I’m not an original owner), the batteries that support the memory were dead, so all sounds were lost. later, I installed new batteries and start to create new sounds, and save them. I’m not sure, you will like them.but well, at-least I made sure that the synth is capable of creating and recording sounds. Every thing works. The volume slider is scratchy, and requires some cleaning, but it works. Some age marks. Local pickup only. Because local pickup, and you will able to test it, the return is not accepted. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha CS-70m

“Yamaha CS-70M Keyboard Synthesizer SYNTH Electronic Vintage EXTREMELY RARE Analog.

The CS70m is a great big powerful polyphonic analog synthesizer which belongs to Yamaha’s excellent line of CS series synthesizers. Fat sounds, cutting leads and bubbly basses, the CS70m has 6 voices of polyphony each supported by 2 oscillators for a total of 12 analog VCO’s! It’s got very flexible LFO, envelope and filter controls all of which sound very nice and smooth. The VCF (filter) has its own independent envelope control as well.

Is a lush sounding instrument that would please anyone looking for that J.M. Jarre or Tangerine Dream sound. Other features include a 4 track polyphonic sequencer, a 5 octave keyboard with aftertouch sensitivity and 30 preset sounds this is the kind of synthesizer that begs you to grab its knobs and start editing (that could possibly explain its big flashy knobs and buttons).

Found this Holy Grail while cleaning my storage totally forgot about it. Last used over 30 years ago worked fine then been in storage since. Unfortunately can’t find the power cable.


If I do find the cable I will be sure to add to synthesizer. Tested all knobs, sliders, wheels, and buttons all seem to function. Was kept in a metal case with foam.

(Case Not Included)

There is cosmetic wear is vintage I took close up photos of some of the cosmetic wear. 1 of the faders was slightly bent hard to notice but does seem to function. View photos for more details. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha CS70M

“I’m selling Yamaha CS70M vintage analog synth truly analog beast, next step down from famous CS80. item came from PRO music studio, everything original, nothing missing, nothing broken, no any rust or dust inside, I tested the synth to my best and I don’t see any issues, seems everything works, voices are stables no drift, no overheating issue(common for CS80, 70, 60),some calibration probably would be good for so old machine, unit is very big and heavy enough,” Click here to search for synths on eBay