CS-70m, Yamaha @ 26 May 2017, Comments Off on Yamaha CS70M

“In great condition. The unit has some cosmetic wear but nothing major. All functions working. Please see pictures for more detail.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

CS-70m, Yamaha @ 27 May 2016, Comments Off on Yamaha CS70M Project Machine

cs70m “Vintage Yamaha CS70M for parts or repair. This is a classic synthesizer from the ’70’s. Here’s a description courtesy of Vintagesynth.com:
The CS70m is a great big powerful polyphonic analog synthesizer which belongs to Yamaha’s excellent line of CS series synthesizers. Fat sounds, cutting leads and bubbly basses, the CS70m has 6 voices of polyphony each supported by 2 oscillators for a total of 12 analog VCO’s! It’s got very flexible LFO, envelope and filter controls all of which sound really nice and smooth. The VCF (filter) has its own independent envelope control as well. Truly a lush sounding instrument that would please anyone looking for that J.M. Jarre or Tangerine Dream sound. Other features include a 4 track polyphonic sequencer, a 5 octave keyboard with aftertouch sensitivity and external magnetic data card memory storage. With only a slim 30 preset sounds that are mediocre, this is the kind of synthesizer that begs you to grab its knobs and start editing (that could possibly explain its big flashy knobs and buttons).

Condition: As you may have figured out from the pictures, this synth is sold for parts or repair. We’re cleaning out a storage area of our store and we discovered this. It powers up and produces some sounds and some functions seem to work-I’m not a keyboard guy so I didn’t check all functions. It’s missing some keys and some of the keys do not work. Cosmetics are fair at best-besides the missing keys it’s missing the end cap on the treble side and a couple of knobs on the sliders. The veneer is missing on the back panel and there’s lots of marks and dings on the wooden parts. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

CS-70m, Yamaha @ 29 April 2016, Comments Off on Yamaha CS-70M

cs70m ” Yamaha CS70M polyphonic synthesizer top-grade heyday of the Yamaha. Around the same time the company creates a recognized king of synths – the Yamaha CS80, which survived in working condition very little. However, the model CS70M is one of the few affordable ways to touch the legend and closer in sound to the flagship.

Yamaha CS70M synthesizer with a powerful analog sound and developed architecture and solution for a sound designer. Stable live in job, has the possibility of preserving sounds, and in contrast to the 80-th model weighs significantly less, does not overheat and does not swim on the line.

The tool provides already become classical sounds a-la Vangelis Blade Runner, and in the right hands many, many interesting things.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

CS-70m, Yamaha @ 15 April 2016, Comments Off on Yamaha CS-70M

cs70n “I bought it in 1991 from a music shop as a “used synth”.

The 2nd oscillator was never that great (always sounding). So I played it as a one osc synth mainly between 1991-1992. I gigged it once or twice.

After that it sat in the studio, switched off nearly the whole time apart from special occasions when I wanted to make Sci Fi sounds.

In 2010 I last played it. It was the same then (1 osc fine, the other one I didn’t bother with). However the last time it was switched on – the summer of 2015 – (apart from just now to test it again), the synth made a sound but failed to hold the pitch steady. It was like permanently having a slow sine wave applied to the pitch the whole time.

This time to test it for the sale I am hearing only white noise. In other respects the synth is responding to touch.

The buttons and pots are all excellent, for example. Most of the LEDs light up. The pitch and mod wheels are in wonderful condition and have that heavy return to center feel to them which adds a touch of class to this already high end and rare synth.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

CS-70m, Yamaha @ 20 November 2015, Comments Off on Yamaha CS-70M

cs70m “Verkaufe jetzt meinen Yamah CS-70M mit Midi und hoffe ich bereue es nicht, aber ich werd’s wahrscheinlich ;(

Der CS-70M ist einer der besten analogen Synths, die ich kenne. Eigentlich ist es sogar der Beste. Ich hatte Memorymoog und SunSyn und die beiden sind auch der Wahnsinn, aber der CS-70M hat diesen berüchtigten CS Sound und eine wundervoll einfache Bedienung und ist perfekt designt. Und mit den 2*15 Speicherplätzen und den Kombinationen daraus hat man ein unglaublich starkes und flexibles Vintage Gerät.

Der Zustand ist einwandfrei. Der Vorbesitzer ließ ihn ca 2013 durchchecken, die Elkos austauschen und Midi einbauen. Er läuft wunderbar und hat äußerlich nur wenige Blessuren. Am Holzfurnier sind einpaar Splitter abgegangen und die schwarze Oberfläche hat einpaar überschaubare Kratzer.

Solche Geräte sollte man tunlichst nicht versenden. Es wäre also gut, wenn man es abholen kommt. Ich würde es bei Bedarf trotzdem gut verpacken und versenden, aber dann schließe ich jegliche Gewährleistung aus. Wer eine lange Reise hierhin unternimmt, bekommt auch Essen und Trinken aufs Haus :)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

CS-70m, Yamaha @ 11 September 2015, Comments Off on Yamaha CS70m

cs-70m “Yamaha CS-70m

One of the rarest analogue synths ever. 12 VCOs, stereo output – real fat sound! Pretty close to CS-80, but much stable and autotunable.

In fully working order and good cosmetic condition.

Pots and switches moves without any cracks or noises. The tune is fine. Patch memory function also works as should.

No dust or dirt inside.

All electrolytic capacitors in power supply was replaced and PSU was precisely adjusted after that.
Fully serviced and ready for years of problem-free use!

As you can see in photos, battery cover has lost some paintwork, because of old battery leakage. I have changed battery holder to the exactly same, but new and clean. ( if you need the old battery holder, I can included it.)

Socket for power cable was replaced to the standard type, that you can find on any modern PC, for example. If you want, I can place original socket back, and give you original cable, but if you loose or broke it, I am sure that it will be pain to find a replacement because of it rareness.

I didn’t check properly magnetic card reader, but it was tested with paper strips (it soaks it and try to read/write).

Standard US-power cable included.

Two Yamaha’s trigger pedals and pair of shielded silver wires as a gift.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

CS-70m, Yamaha @ 24 October 2014, Comments Off on Yamaha CS70M

cs70m“Verkaufe hier nun ,schweren Herzens , meinen zweiten Yamaha CS70M mit Magnetkarten im einwandfreien und voll funktionierenden Zustand .

Der CS-70 ist im wirklich guten Zustand , für das Alter überdurchschnittlich gut , wie ich meine

Gerät ist wie gesagt voll funktionsfähig und …und JAAAHA auch der Kartenleser funktioniert !!

Wird mit original Anleitung und Service Manual als PDF (!!) und einigen Magnetstreifen mit Sound’s im original Buch geliefert

Wer nicht weiss wie ein CS70 klingt sollte sich die Demos auf youtube anhören , z.B . diese weiter unten .

Ich habe bisher ALLE CS Synthesizer gehabt , unter anderem auch über 10 Jahre einen CS80 .

Für mich macht aber der 70er am meisten Spass , da er ein paar features hat ,die der cs 80 nicht zu bieten hat ……..eine echt geniale Maschine .

Bitte nicht falsch verstehen , der CS80 ist ein “Höllengerät ” , ich mochte ihn sehr ……aber eigendlich kann (und sollte man diese beiden Geräte nicht vergleichen )” Click here to visit listing on eBay

CS-70m, Yamaha @ 11 April 2014, Comments Off on Yamaha CS 70M

“You are bidding Yamaha CS-70M 6 voice analog synthesizer (CS80 has 7 voices). Unit is in very good shape for 40 year old synth-see pictures. The synth came from PRO studio.As far as I know the synth has been served couple years ago. I tested unit by myself and I have to say next: absolutely everything seems to be fine, I tried every single slider and every button and they all work including little lights on buttons. Good and stable turning, autotune works fine, no any overheating(very common for CS80, 70, 60, 50) I have to say it’s phenominal synth, sounds exactly like CS80+ 4 track sequencer and better aftertouch + split, unison. Where is no discoloration on keys, all white and clean and all keys work fine. I also unscrewed the synth, she looks very impressive inside! see pictures.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

CS-70m, Yamaha @ 04 October 2013, Comments Off on Yamaha CS70M

” Sie bieten auf einen Synthesizer aus der Hochzeit der Analogsaurier-Yamaha CS 70m.
Zustand : hat leichte Gebrauchsspuren an den Holzteilen-sonst gut.
Mangel:im Lauf der Zeit ist sind dem Synthesizer 2 Stimmen anhand gekommem-er ist als nur Vierstimmig polyphon spielbar,
dadurch ist auch die Splitfunktion in Mitleidenschaft gezogen worden(entweder linkes Manual oder rechtes Manual mit Klängen,beide jedoch nicht)-Unison funktioniert tadellos.
Alle Regler sind in Ordnung,Aftertouch tadellos” Click here to visit listing on eBay

CS-70m, Yamaha @ 31 May 2013, Comments Off on Yamaha CS70M

“Yamaha CS-70M Vintage Analog Synthesizer Keyboard

Look at our feedback history for the positive feedback we received on our most recent Yamaha CS-80 sale!!!!

Up for auction is a Yamaha CS-70M. Produced for a limited time in the late 1970’s, it has become one of the most sought-after synths for musicians of many genres.

The CS-70M has six voices of polyphony, each supported by two oscillators, for a total of 12 analog VCOs. It has very flexible LFO, envelope, and filter controls.

The CS-70M for sale here is the exact same one shown in the pictures. Our tech has gone over it, and it is now in excellent functional condition.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

CS-70m, Yamaha @ 17 May 2013, Comments Off on Yamaha CS70M

“Condition : TUNED, CALIBRATED, 100% Working, no MIDI, but there is a KENTON Midi Kit for it !

all faders and buttons like new except the Fader between Patch 1& 2 is very little noisy and has to be cleaned

and the button for the tremolo speed has to be pushed minimal harder but if you don’t know it you might not even notice it.

As said except those 2 little “flaws” all faders , buttons, knobs are noisefree and work like new. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

CS-70m, Yamaha @ 29 March 2013, Comments Off on Yamaha CS70m

“rare vintage yamaha cs70m dual-channel polyphonic synthesizer.

works, plays, sounds, and looks good.

a few dings in the wood, a few very tiny scratches in the metal, but other than that, this machine is pristine. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

CS-70m, Yamaha @ 23 November 2012, Comments Off on Yamaha CS-70m

” Up for auction, Yamaha CS-70M with Kenton midi kit installed. Has been used until recently in my non smoking home studio. In very good condition cosmetically there is few small chips on the wood and a small scratch on the top of the non programmable lfo but otherwise nothing really stands out. In 100% working condition. All sliders move smoothly and without noise.

The synth was serviced around a year ago, complete overhaul which include the following:

Power supply rebuild, and a normal IEC connector installed.
All electrolytic and tantalum capacitors were replaced.
All the 4000 series IC’s which are prone to failure were replaced.
The CPU section completely rebuild.
Calibrated.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

CS-70m, Yamaha @ 26 October 2012, Comments Off on Yamaha CS70M

“decent condition cosmetically the expected usual dents and dings,scrapes, scuffs here and there for a 30+ year old polysynth. This a great oppertunity to own this vintage poly analog synth for the low-low, as I have given up trying to recover my costs on this synth and I am selling to the highest bidder NO RESERVE! MY LOSS IS YOUR GAIN! This synth has been worked on a lot again OVER a 4 MONTH period—-new power supply 120v and caps, replacement LEDs, new battery, etc. were installed but this Yamaha still has a couple of issues, I can send a scanned copy of the techs repair work report if requested. This is not A FOR PARTS/COMPLETE OVERHAUL SYNTH IT DOES WORK ABOUT 90% PROPERLY BUT NOT 100% IN THE TECH’S OPINION, but I wanted to clarify both known issues here the 6th voice location 6B on the pc board only tunes a perfect 5th above the other 5 tuned voices , the other issue is the Auto tune entirely disables the 6th voice if you try to use it, and leaves you with only a 5 voice poly synth until you reset the power and the tech still cannot not resolve this issue, but he informed me that it could be resolved with more time and money spent, apparently these Yamahas CS series used some non standard propritary parts/chips exclusive to Yamaha that are nowdays way way HTF anymore? The synth sounds and plays great and the voice issues were not apparent to the end user , unless you specifically were looking for them as all 12 VCOs two per voice are working, as well as the VCFs, excellent LFO modulations, and the other ADSR enevelopes and of course the VCA on this Yamaha which has a huge loud old school analog sound, and also an onboard 4 track poly-sequencer, the pitch wheels work fine also. AGAIN ALL 6 VOICES DO WORK UNLESS YOU USE THE AUTO-TUNE WHICH AGAIN DISABLES THE 6TH VOICE ONLY COMPLETELY, BUT THERE ARE NO DEAD KEYS AT ALL, AND IT HAS AFTERTOUCH SENSITIVITY AS WELL, ALSO ALL LEDS WORK AS WELL, AND THERE ARE NO BROKEN KNOBS ,SLIDERS, OR ANY OTHER CONTROLS AT ALL. The memory presets are working perfect but I am not sure if the presets are the original 30 factory presets from Yamaha though, after all this synth has been around for 30 years now. The synth does come with a nice flight case with good foam still, although this flight case was originally made for and to fit a SC Prophet 10, so it is a big case with extra room in it so extra foam was added to fit this smaller CS70m snugly in the case, also the power cord and a copy of the manual/servicing notes.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

CS-70m, Yamaha @ 29 June 2012, Comments Off on Yamaha CS70M

I am selling this from my personal collection of synthesizers. This is as fine of a Yamaha CS70M as you could find. Cosmetically and electronically it is in great condition.

All functions work and it is electrically, physically sound. This synthesizer has always worked flawlessly.

This synthesizer has NOT been restored and it is in its pristine original condition.

First owner stored it forever in a closet, second owner was guitar player and owned it shortly. I have owned for a couple of years.

No gigging, smoking – as fine as you would hope for.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

CS-70m, Yamaha @ 27 April 2012, Comments Off on Yamaha CS70M

“Synthesizer Yamaha CS 70M

– schöner Gesamtzustand
– äußerlich keine drastischen Schäden
– technisch funktionsfähig bis auf seltenes Potiknacksen
– Zubehör: Schaltungsunterlagen inkl. Servicemanual, Anleitung, Speicherkarten, Soundtabellen, Netzkabel” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-70m, Yamaha @ 20 April 2012, Comments Off on Yamaha CS70m

“This wonderful Synthesizer is offered for sale as Untested , for repairs . The reason is – it is untested . It belonged to the Family and it was used last time in 90’s and since then it was stored away . I can only assume that something might need fixing due to it’s age so to be on a safe side I’m offering it as not working .

I honestly don’t know if something has to be repaired or not . Keyboard is with a couple who are 68 and 73 years old now so I can’t really ask them to go and rock with it ( test it ) ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-70m, Yamaha @ 30 March 2012, Comments Off on Yamaha CS70M

The synthesizer has been calibrated and plays in tune, and the filters track correctly. The envelope rates are still a little off from each other, but these synthesizers are about variation and not stability, so I let that slide.

As for overall condition, I have about 10 hours of use on the power supply components. Before that, the synthesizer laid dormant since 2005 when I acquired it. It was non functional years before that when the previous owner left it in at a music store in Ohio for repairs, which was as much as the store owner knew about it when I picked it up. The original components otherwise have low hours of use.

The case is in 80/100 condition. some of the fake wood is peeled off on one side. I was going to cover it in tolex like it’s CS-80 brother, but never got around to it. The front panel is rust,and scratch free. ALL slider caps and knobs are present. All keys sound. The power cord is a computer cord that I hastily but securely soldered in as it had the impossible to find 2 conductor IEC cord stock. The filter cutoff slider is functional but needs a wiggle at a certain spot where the carbon is worn.

The pitch wheel was cracked at one time, but was repaired none too well. The end result being the pitch wheel not being centered on its detent. The battery door is missing, but I can either (a) put tape on it or (b) fabricate a new door out of aluminum for you, your choice. The patch memory does work, as does the auto tune. I’m not sure about the goofy “memory stick” card reader, but the general consensus is that nobody uses it anymore.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-70m, Yamaha @ 27 January 2012, Comments Off on Yamaha CS70M

“Studio use only Yamaha cs-70m 6 dual voice programmable synthesizer with built in sequencer. Successor to the CS80, used by everyone in the early 80’s. Great cosmetically, everything works, all the leds light up. I have the manual and the magnetic sound strips. A very big, heavy, fragile machine do pick up only in London. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-70m, Yamaha @ 30 December 2011, Comments Off on Yamaha CS70M Custom Voice Library

“If you have a CS70 then you need these preset cards. Guaranteed to work. There are 29 cards, each with an “A” side and a “B” side. Some of them look to be factory voices, others custom assembled by a previous user of the synth. They are identified as follows: clavichord; brass ensemble; organ I; string ensemble; delayed harpsichord; bell electric piano; percussive synth; breathy flutes; organ II; jazz guitar; vocal ensemble; poly sample/hold synth; laser shots; ring modulation; laser filter sweep; brass/clav; EG mod + VCO; string ensemble; flute; VB3 lower; B3 upper; funky; string II; brass; pitch bend clav; clavinet; space cadets; string quartet 1; string quartet 2; S+H bass; sync. I; shock the monkey b.p. B flat blast; shock the monkey B flat blast (lo); talk to ya later fugue solo; as pete a. use unison (?); talk to ya later echo-brass; harpsichord delay; shock the monkey brass 16′; shock the monkey brass 8′; shock the monkey steel drums 1; shock the monkey steel drums 2; steppin’ out attack bass; steppin’ out bass release.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-70m, Yamaha @ 04 November 2011, Comments Off on Yamaha CS-70M

“Yamaha cs 70M 6 voice analog synth circa1981, this synth has been worked on a lot but still has a couple of issues, I can send a scanned copy of the techs notes if requested. The synth is in good condition for its age with a few scratches/scrapes and dents/dings here and there but not to bad at all given its age. There are no broken knobs or controls and all 61 keys do sound. Auto tune disables the 6th voice and then wants to tune it a 5th higher than the rest, and the tech could not resolve this issue, but he informed me that it most likely could be with more time and money spent , which I did not want to do, the synth sounds and plays great to me and and the voice issues were not apparent to the end user , unless you specifically were looking for them, as all 12 oscillators two per voice are working, and the memory is working perfect. The synth does come with a flight case and power cord and a copy of the manual/servicing notes. Some call these a poor man’s CS 80??? I don’t think so at all this is a big and beautiful sounding vintage analog synth totally and they are becoming very scarce anymore. You can get some great string sounds out of this cs-70M, and it has a poly-sequencer onboard as well. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-70m, Yamaha @ 17 June 2011, Comments Off on Yamaha CS70M Project Machine

“Vintage Yamaha CS70M analog synthesizer.

This example is in non functional condition but complete.

Does not power on, all voice boards in place, no missing PCB’s.

Currently i have no time to invest in this machine so i leave it to someone else.

Overall front panel looks good, side panels look a bit used. Its keyboard is straight..

My last CS70M sold last week within 1 day for more 3k+ so get your chance to make some profit.

This item is SOLD AS IS, broken for parts or repair.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-70m, Yamaha @ 10 June 2011, Comments Off on Yamaha CS-70M

“Und hier ist Nr. 2 dran. Unser Yamaha CS70M. Wir hatten die Möglichkeit, den Vorgänger des CS70M für unser Tastronauten-Studio zu bekommen und müssen das leider durch den Verkauf einiger Stücke finanzieren.

Der CS70M klingt durch eine kleine Modifikation noch eine ganze Ecke besser, als er ohnehin schon klingt. Die Modifikation ist in wenigen Minuten reversibel. Es wurde dafür nichts gebohrt, keine zusätzlichen Schalter o.ä. eingebaut. Wenn ihr wollt, machen wir das für euch. Ich würde euch aber raten, die Modifikation (von außen unsichtbar!) beizubehalten. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-70m, Yamaha @ 18 February 2011, Comments Off on Yamaha CS70M Project Machine

“Purchased 10 years ago. Was working when I bought it for home use. It has been in storage for 8 years (that is how the key became broken). I believe that the Bridge Rectifier on the PSU has blown (shown in the photograph with a replacement). Unfortunately, no time or interest to fix it hence the sale. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-70m, Yamaha @ 17 December 2010, Comments Off on Yamaha CS70M

“Very Rare Vintage Dual Channel Polyphonic Synthesizer
Yamaha CS70M

+brand new fuses
+brand new power lead
+ All relating paperwork including owners/service manual + troubleshooting guide (pdf)
– very minor chips to woodwork
ive only seen 2 of these sold worldwide in the last year,

Sound is immaculate” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-70m, Yamaha @ 10 December 2010, Comments Off on Yamaha CS70m

“Biete hier einen von meinen Yamaha CS70m Synthesizern an.Viel dazu brauche ich wohl nicht dazu zu schreiben.Diese Rarität ist auf der ganzen Welt kaum noch zu finden.Wer die astronomischen Summen für einen CS-80 nicht ausgeben will,ist mit dem jüngeren Bruder auch bestens bedient.Mir persönlich ist der CS70m lieber,da die Tastatur im Gegensatz zum kaum spielbaren CS-80 hervorragend ist und der Klang-Eingriff und die Änderung der Parameter mit dem CS70m besser von statten geht.Der CS70m ist in einem sehr guten Zustand und fristete sein Dasein in meinem Studio und hat auf der Front keine sichtbaren Kratzer.An den Seitenteilen sind einige kleinere Blessuren im Rosenholz vorhanden,was sich leider bei dem Gewicht von 30kg nicht vermeiden lässt über die Jahre.Der CS70m funktioniert einwandfrei,ein passgenaues teueres Flightcase,die original Magnetstreifen im Lederetui,sowie das original Fusspedal,das z.b.VCA;VCF und VCO beeinflussen kann und bei dem der Gigant zum Erzeugen von unglaublichen Sounds herausgefordert wird,ist ebenfalls mit dabei.Am liebsten ist mir Abholung in der Nähe von Heidelberg.Ein Versand kann aber auf Gefahr hin für den Käufer,erfolgen.Zum Schluss das übliche:Keine Garantie oder Rücknahme für das gute Stück,da Privatmann.Viel Spaß.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

CS-70m, Yamaha @ 22 October 2010, Comments Off on Yamaha CS-70m

“up for auction is my yamaha cs70m.

she’s a very rare and beautiful sounding instrument. being sold in condition to sit down and immerse in her sonic goodness. everything works stable and in tune.

(see pics)

there were mods done to her:

1. Keycode Input (SK30 or SK50D connector) on the back was removed – done by org. owner
2. PGM lock (program write lock/unlock switch) was replaced w/ additional L/R outputs – never tested ’em but if i remember correctly these outputs bypass VCA or VCF of the synth. (sorry may be wrong here) – done by org. owner
3. MIDI interface by Kenton was added by a Pro from “A Sound Education”, a shop here in Chicagoland.

they also turned her inside out to check for any problems: “Feet I” slider was cleaned and re-soldered, program switches 11 & 14 in row 1 were replaced. midi was implemented and tested. no other issues were found.

the wooden panels are chipped/worn in few places, especially on the edges. the metal faceplate has no scratches or prints missing on it.

the case provided has a dent on lower lid and is low quality, so to speak, but will help ship her safe.

also included in this auction are: printed Owner’s Manual, printed Troubleshooting Guide, Kenton Midi Manual/Diagram, 2 large Diagrams of Analog and Digital blocks and a bill from her recent stay at “A Sound Education”. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.