Yamaha TG55

“Vintage 1990 Yamaha TG55 MIDI Tone Generator Rack Mount Synthesizer – Tested

Vintage item.
Pulled from a working environment.

All MIDI inputs/outputs working, tested with a keyboard controller.
Analog audio outputs working.
All front control panel buttons working.
Both control knobs working.
Data/Waveform expansion ports untested.

Standard signs of use. May have cosmetic wear and/or scuffs.

Left rack ear bent slightly.
Scratches and marks on case.
Plug prong has some oxidation to metal, does not appear to affect performance.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha TG55

“Yamaha TG55 Tone Generator rackmount multitimbral synthesiser synth circa 1992 with manual and voice card

Yamaha TG55 Tone Generator synthesiser synth (1992) plus manual and voice expansion card

Multitimbral sample based synth all working properly as far as I can test
Voice layering for rich and complex audio
Stereo and individual output routing for individual voices
240V permanently attached mains flex with UK 3-pin plug.

I used it in the mid 90s to extend my sonic palette and develop my MIDI programming skills.
Unsurprisingly, the available sounds are classic early 90s fare, and as you’d expect from Yamaha, the sound quality is excellent.
I’ve owned it since 1994(ish) and it’s been well used so it shows wear typical for an older instrument. Condition can be seen in photos
The original mains flex was far too short so it was extended to 2m long.
The lot also includes the original user manual and one voice expansion card.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha TG55

“In good condition, some wear and tear, rack rash etc. works as it should, from non smoking synthesizer studio. The sounds are very useable, I have gigged with the other one I have. This is my second one or I would keep it. Great pads, bass, leads, strings, with a pretty flexible editor for filter, 2 resonant filters, envelopes etc.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha TG55

“Yamaha TG55 Tone Generator Sound Module Rackmount w/manual

Comes out of a batch of studio gear that was well maintained, mostly racked, non smoking etc.

This one works well and comes as you see in the photos. It is in nice condition with a small amount of wear. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Yamaha TG55

“It’s time to say goodbye to my first external sound module. Hard to believe it’s so vintage now (like me). This Yamaha TG55 Tone Generator Rackmount unit is in full working condition with all buttons and knobs intact. It even still has its 64k MCD64 Memory Card.

The TG55 was always used in a non-smoking home studio environment. It has a few minor scratches on the top and sides, nothing that affects functionality in any way.”
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Yamaha TG55

“YAMAHA TG-55 Vintage Sound Module. Exc overall shape. No data cards. I’ve owned several yamaha synth modules over the years. They all or most all had the most excellent sounds. This is no different in that way. It is a little different than my tx81z. I won’t get some DX7 sounds that it will, but will get some different tones that are a branch away from the DX7 sounds. Anyways, I had one of these for years. It got stolen mid 2019. I ran across one I was able to pick up. I had never written down serial, so this honestly might be the same one. You don’t see them around a lot. Too much info, right? So, I’m not really using this, and thinning things out, so offering it up. I have recently played this using my Roland JX-1 as a controller, and it is sounding and receiving signals as should. Great tones here. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Yamaha TG55

“This is the midi controlled tone generator as featured in the classic 1980/90s SY55 synthesizer. The SY tones are all over 90s music. Connect up to a modern midi source (5 pin din lead – I dont have one!) for authentic 90s tones.

Comes with a kettle lead, manual and will arrive the original box and packing. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Yamaha TG55

“Item: Yamaha rack model TG-55 – vintage digital synth. Good working condition.

The 1/4′ cable slides out of the mono jack with less resisitance than usual, so it’s had some use over the years, but again works great. Some tape residue and scratches as shown. The display shows a reflection in the photos but is without blemish.

It has patches in the “I” bank that do not have “I” multi’s but it’s an awesome set. All the “P” multi’s are there.

Seller description: This rack is less rare, but that makes it an excellent value, so we put it up for the lowest price on ebay.

This is the same model used by Paula Abdul and others and has iconic sounds. Sounds awesome really!” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Yamaha TG-55

“Up for Auction Today is..

YAMAHA TG-55 Tone Generator Synthesizer Module – MIDI

Fully functioning midi triggered unit, Great rack ears, Display ok, Small scratches (see pics)

-> small volume knob issue, spins 360, but does work.

Low starting bid, due to above mentioned.”
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Yamaha TG55

“Yamaha TG55 sound module, all functioning fine (for completeness there is a very small amount of noise from the main volume control at low levels)
Front panel is in good condition, but other panels showing some signs of age – see photos – nothing more than surface marks.”
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Yamaha TG55

“Legendary Yamaha TG-55 Ton Generator it is rack-mount version of SY-55 synthesizer, in very good working and cosmetic condition, all buttons knobs and LCD works fine no issues.
Fat and warm early digital sounds with SY quality!”
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