Gleeman, Pentaphonic, Videos @ 25 August 2009, Comments Off on Gleeman Pentaphonic – Dirty Boy Bass Bully

Courtesy of bigcitymusic on YouTube

Gleeman, Pentaphonic @ 25 August 2009, Comments Off on Gleeman Pentiphonic

“Hello. Up for sale is a very rare Gleeman Pentiphonic synth. Supposedly there were only about 70 of these ever made. 50 were black and 20 clear. My wife inherited this one from her father when he passed and we have decided it’s time to pay off some bills. I hooked it up to a amp to it and it plays however I don’t understand all the gadgets. The only problem I saw was a few times the notes would continue playing (like it was stuck) after you stop pressing the key. When you power if off and back on it is fine. I am told the contacts need a good cleaning. There is quite a bit of info out on the web about these to research. This comes with the original case. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.