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“Vintage Oberheim TVS-1A Two-Voice Analog Synthesizer in 100% Working Condition. Very well cared for with all original knobs with caps, all LEDs working, no sticky or dead keys, no dirty pots, no hum or crackling. There is one issue with the high “B” key being a bit higher than the row (please see pic). It does not affect function or playability. This TVS-1A will be meticulously packed with only new bubble-wrap in the first new box. Then, more new bubble-wrap inside the second new box. A 37″x30″x18″ double-walled box weighing in at 51 lbs. 4 oz. Includes two power cables, copy of the manual and schematics. Capable of deep analog saturation without losing clarity. The incredible sound one expects from vintage Oberheim SEM modules. In 1975, Oberheim created their first compact, programmable and polyphonic synthesizer by coupling two SEM modules to a 37-note keyboard and a simple analog sequencer. This was what became the Two Voice. Oberheim achieved a polyphonic sound not yet seen at the time by hard-wiring the two monophonic SEMs into the compact keyboard design. In 1976 Oberheim came out with another module, the Polyphonic Synthesizer Programmer. This could memorize the control voltages of many parameters for up to eight SEM modules. When these were added to the Two Voice in the form of the Mini-Sequencer, Oberheim finally had one of the earliest programmable and polyphonic instruments. Each voice has its own filter. The filter is unique and like no other, and apparently cannot be reproduced even by its own creator. The 8-step analog sequencer controls each voice/module independently allowing two independent sequences to be run simultaneously if desired. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Extensive future proofing performed in May 2018 (see specifics below).
This machine is now ready for another 40+ years of fantastic music making.

The Mini sequencer has so many cool functions that makes the TVS so much more than the sum of it’s parts.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“This is the original vintage 1975 synth, with an extremely low serial number, not the reissue. It’s unlikely you’ll find another currently on offer in the USA, and very unlikely you’ll ever find one in as good condition.

100% fully functioning. Recently serviced and calibrated in late March 2018 by Nick Montoya of Moog Music. This is one of the finest examples you’ll find.

The only cosmetic imperfection is a small, light scratch above the volume knob, and on the outside of the case, there’s are a couple of small tears. It looks almost new.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“I have Owned this for 15 years.. its loveley condition

I will miss it I know but I am no longer using it so it need a good home..”
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tvs-1 “INVENTORY #26848



FUNCTION – Two Voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer Keyboard

DESCRIPTION – This listing is for a 1975 OBERHEIM TVS-1 Two Voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer Keyboard.

Low serial number! #0053
All original signal path, no modifications
Includes Original Manual and power cord
Includes Original Oberheim product brochure
Includes Original Oberheim logo sticker!


ACCESSORIES – Includes the original owners manual, product brochure, sticker and power cable.

PHYSICAL CONDITION – Excellent. This is an exceptionally clean unit, for those who like their vintage synths as close to “Like New” as possible, this Obie may be it. There are only few very light abrasions that require close inspection on the work surface. Otherwise it is near perfect. The outer case tolex is lightly discolored in places, has a few small scuffs. The metal corners and handles have some light oxidation scratches and dings from being moved around. Overall the unit is in very solid shape and looks amazing. Rare find!

WORKING CONDITION – Excellent. Fully tested and all knobs and switches are working perfectly. All electronics are working exactly as they should. The power supply has been re-capped with high quality japanese capacitors. This results and a quieter and more stable power supply. All the keys have new bushings and so the keyboard action is like new on this. Carefully maintained by a consummate synth collector and sound effects professional here in Hollywood. ”
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tvs “1978, oberheim two voice synth with rare sequencer module.
cosmetically in excellent condition, surprising for it’s age.
functionally absolutely gorgeous, totally working in all aspects.
recently had a session in studio with a well known electronic musician/composer from LA,
and we had both this synth and the new two voice pro side by side.
we had a chance to carefully A/B them.
wow, the old SEM modules in this vintage two voice were profoundly richer.
so i can personally vouch for that reality, having used my own ears.
very, very musical synth.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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tvs-1 “Well I really hate to do it but my TVS is for sale. It works great and has been well kept over the years. The person I bought it from got it from a tech at Moog so nothing was left unattended service wise. There is one issue I noticed recently with the sequencer selector set to 4 steps, it does 8. Probably just a cleaning of the switch will resolve it. The rest of the synth works great and is this is truly one of those that you will never want to get rid of. Absolutely no returns on this vintage item, once it gets to you safely it it’s yours to keep so make sure you really want a TVS before you buy this. Make an offer.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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tvs-1 “A classic with Big Fat analog sounds. If you’ve been thinking about buying one of these instruments this is GREAT opportunity to purchase a very valuable piece at a reduced price.

Things to know:
The unit is FULLY functional but there are a few MINOR issues. Electronically all modules work as intended. The keyboard is in great shape but the upper octave Bf key is slightly sticky and has a different feel. For some reason the second octave C key is about a 1/16″ above the others. All keys release quickly but I think the key release is a bit loud….may be normal for this keyboard but I’ve read that the rubber dampening bushing harden with age. If so new ones are available. The sequencer clock slide switch center detent is not as positive as new but DOES work. As with any vintage piece the pots are smooth but could use a shot of cleaner/lube to restore pristine feel. Overall the Tolex is great with a few SMALL tears and scuffs.

Due to age this item is sold in as is condition and returns are not accepted BUT the unit is accurately described. If you have any question please feel to contact me before bidding.

Includes TVS-1, power cord, abridged user guide and all schematics (see photos).” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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tvs-1” This is an Oberheim Two Voice synthesizer in very rare all original condition and style as it’s an early model serial#28. It powers up and makes sound and the sequencer has life but no further testing was done. It remains powered off until it can be properly serviced and safely operated without potentially harming the rare components of this synth. This needs to be serviced/restored if you actually want to use it. I will pack the synth very carefully for a safe journey. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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2vc “For those who just don’t like the sound of “today’s” analog- this is a beauty. It’s an original Oberheim Two Voice, restored by the late great Kevin Lightner in 2011- 12. I have had this beauty since then and only one problem has surfaced. The key “b” above middle c does not trigger. It appears to work in the sequencer so I assume the problem is key. It worked fine initially but stopped working after about 6 months. I have always just worked around it and I have adjusted the price .Kevin sent me quite a few notes on the piece and they will be included in the sale. One thing is that this one contains a “clock out” , which could be useful today for modular fun but you have to turn the machine off while plugging in the patch cord or the clock out will short. It’s the 70s version of “known issue”. 🙂
Anyway this contains 2 vintage SEMs , a functioning sequencer and keyboard and all the other features of yesteryear. I can’t imagine that anyone looking for the vintage oberheim sound will be disappointed.
According to Kevin’s notes, all parts that had failed were replaced and as he said “most of the internal parts have been replaced. ” Those who know of his work know what that means!
I have included up close photos of the mod inputs and will include my correspondence with Kevin relevant to the mods. I have tested them all except clock out and it works. It synchs with midi with my Cirklon cv outs and has been an overall treat to play. It particularly seems to like analog flangers !
Physically, it is in great shape for its age but there may be a few minor flaws. I have tried to represent this fairly but my eyes are not what they used to be. Look closely YMMV. Tolex looks to be in fine shape, all things considered.
This will be very carefully packed and professionally shipped. These things are heavy and I will ship it double boxed and insured so I am charging a fixed rate that is undoubterly less that UPS will charge me. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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tvs-1“Oberheim 2 Voice TVS-1 Analog Synthesizer with Sequencer 75% working
One of the very last rare synthesizers from the South Florida Estate sale

AC Power cord has been found and unit has been tested

Power cord is included

The Synth is in very good physical condition as can be seen in the first picture

Keyboard feels good but a few bushings might need to be replaced

The left Voice module is receiving signals but does not output any sound

The right Voice module is functioning properly, filter is functioning properly

All the keys work, all the switches and knobs work (except for left voice module)

The sequencer works, all 8 steps

Even with one voice this thing sounds great

Functions that require the second voice module cant be tested” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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tvs“Absolutely brilliant synth.

Works 99%. Except one black key stopped making contact.

In my opinion, this is the best sounding monosynth ever made. Creamy warm organic sounds.

Restored with custom patch points. Ready to record.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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Oberheim Two Voice “Der hier angebotene Oberheim Two Voice ist ein amerikanisches Modell mit 110 Volt.
Es ist das ORIGINAL MIT SEQUENZER. Er stammt aus den 70ern.
Zustand ist recht gut, im Originalkoffer mit Deckel.
Wie man auf den Fotos sehen kann ist er auf saubere Art und Weise mit vielfältigen
Patchpunkten versehen worden, die ich allerdings nicht überprüfen kann, da ich keine dementsprechenden Steuermöglichkeiten habe.
FĂĽr Menschen mit Modularsystemen dĂĽrfte dies eine gute Erweiterung darstellen.

Intern spielt sich der Synthesizer ganz gut, die Potis sind für das beträchtliche Alter in gutem Zustand.
Die Tasten Dis und H in der unteren Oktave des Keyboards sind etwas schwergängiger als der Rest der Tasten, das H braucht etwas länger als der Rest zum Zurückkommen.
Alle Tasten funktionieren. (Beim Spielen habe ich selbst mit den Tasten kein Problem gehabt)
Der Sequenzer lässt sich ohne Einschränkung nutzen,
wenn man ein paar Stunden mit diesm Synth ĂĽbt, kann man unglaubliche Solos performen und abgefahrene Dinge tun,
die unglaublichen SpaĂź machen.

Zum Sound:
Der Klang ist drastisch und energetisch, warm, fett, das Filter ist einzigartig! Dieser Sound hat so viel Energie in sich wie ein Kraftwerk.
Der Sound ist auch leise im Mix sehr durchsetzungsstark.
Wer den alten klassischen Oberheim Sound haben will, braucht das ORIGINAL!
Die von Tom Oberheim selbst geklonten Sem Module klingen einfach anders. Nicht schlecht, auch irgendwie ähnlich, aber eben nicht so.
(Wer kauft sich wohl einen alten 1970er Ford Mustang mit nem nem neuen Motor?)
Bis man mit dem Synth klarkommt ist eine Eingewöhnungszeit nötig.
Vieles ist anders als bei anderen Synthies. Die Env´s funktionieren anders, das Filter, die Art wie man ihn auf dem Keyboard spielen kann und im Fluge 3oktavige Pitches hinlegen kann,
die Module auf Sequenzer oder Keyboard zuweisen… das klingt nicht nach viel, aber es macht DEN UNTERSCHIED! Das macht Ihn so Besonders.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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tvs1“Own a VERY RARE piece of synthesizer history! One of the 1st synths capable of playing more that one note at a time, and expandable to play up to 8!
In 1974 Tom Oberheim developed the SEM, the Synthesizer Expansion Module, It was designed to be a voice expansion for the MiniMoog.
Later that year he put 2 SEM’s together, and added Keys, and Oberheims 1st complete synthesizer was born!
It also includes the Mini Sequencer expansion!
I have spent a lot of money having this painstakingly professionally restored, its 100% functional there are no dirty pots, sticky keys, all parameter changes are smooth and instant, it is perfectly tuned, and stays in tune.
I have all the manuals, schematics for each and every component, and a detailed parts list.
Besides a couple dings on the built in flight case, it is in near perfect condition, inside and out! And i think the dings in the case can be repaired cheap.
for something 40 years and 10 months old, i honestly don’t think you could even hope to get something in better condition unless it was never opened or used, and even then a lot of internal components would need to be replaced.
Also on the rear there are `some inputs and outputs, to control voice expansions among other things, but also a added feature has been built into this one, output 1, and 2. so you can sent each voice to wherever you want. this was also installed professionally, and uses unused ports, so not only does it work perfectly, it looks professional as well, and without doing anything to damage or take away value from this historic synth!
With the added Mini Sequencer you can use 1 voice solely for the sequencer, while you play the other, or vise versa, or send them both to the sequencer, or one to the famous oberheim sample and hold feature!
Of course this also has the famous Oberheim sound, deep, rich sound.
The Value of these has been rising rapidly in the last couple years, and as it is one of 1st polyphonic synths ever, and the 1st oberheim synth, with the Mini Sequencer expansion this is as close as most people will get to museum worthy gear.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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VS-1“This is a very clean TVS-1. It has been recapped and serviced, I had a clock input added for the sequencer. I like this synth allot and would sell any of my other synths first if I wasn’t making a huge life change soon.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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obie tvs1 “Oberheim TVS-1 Analog Synth Two Voice. Fully serviced, calibrated and soak tested by Tim Wallhead in London. now incredibly rare and highly sought after. This has been converted to 240 volt (low hum toroidal 240v ) for use in Europe . One VCO tune knob is a bit stiff and missing its cap, I may have a spare cap to replace it. Unit comprises 2 x SEM’s and 1 X Mini sequencer. I also have a replacement large Oberheim Decal for the rear of the unit supplied by Customsynth, the buyer can have this or leave the unit fully original No returns collection welcomed in Bath Somerset will ship worldwide happy bidding!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“For your consideration is the Oberheim Two-Voice.
The Two Voice has been gently used in my smoke free studio, and shows very little cosmetic wear(see pics).
Honestly, this synth is in nicer cosmetic condition than possibly any synth that I have owned from the 70’s.
The synth is fully tested and completely functional.
The Two Voice was professionally serviced this month and is completely tuned and scaled.
It sounds amazing, and plays great.
The sequencer is completely functional is so perfectly designed for this synth.
Included in the listing is the Oberheim TVS-1 as pictured.
Please keep in mind, that while the synth is currently in tune and in scale, if the synth isn’t picked up locally, and requires shipping, I can make no guarantee as to the precision of the tuning or scaling after experiencing the vibrations incurred in shipping.
That being said, I do have a very sturdy box ready to ship the Two Voice in to ensure a safe delivery.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“This listing is for a OBERHEIM TVS1 vintage analog synthesizer.

The unit is in very good cosmetic condition. All inputs, outputs, switches, knobs, keys, and parameters have been tested and work as they should. The item will be professionally packed and shipped.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Custom-modified Oberheim TVS-1 two-voice synthesizer, with one SEM replaced by a custom patch panel providing access to all SEM, Sequencer, and Keyboard patch points. Modifications done in the early 90’s by the late great Andy Topeka, keyboard tech for the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, myself, and many others. Modification highlights include a switch to convert the sequencer from 8×2 to 16×1 with blue LED indicator. A full list of mods follows below.

Serious bidder and serious inquiries only.

100% fully functional. The only things missing are the cover (does not exist) and the pot caps on the sequencer. Overall condition is good – very good, but if you’re looking for a museum piece this isn’t for you. Additional pictures to show condition available upon request.

Also Included:

• original schematics and manual
• power cord
• a selection of â…›” patch cords
• a copy of my original modification and patch panel schematic

As previously stated, this TVS is fully functional. But being a vintage synth, it is being sold as-is, no returns. I will pack it excruciatingly well to prevent damage in shipping.

I have been an ebay member since 1992 and I’ve maintained a 100% feedback rating. You will not be disappointed in the synth, the packing, or the communication you receive from me.

Patch Panel #1
• (2) 1 in/1 out attenuators
• (2) 4-point mults
• (2) KCV outputs
• (2) Quantized AND Analog outputs, one from each row of the Sequencer
• Clock (Step) and Reset inputs for the Sequencer
• Keyboard Gate
• Sequencer Gate

Patch Panel #2
• (2) attenuators to the filter’s inputs, one from the KCV, the other connecting the VCF EG to the exponential response input to the VCF
• (2) VCO CV inputs (one for each VCO)
• VCF CV inputs
• Individual VCF outputs: LP, HP, BP, Notch
• VCA CV inputs
• LFO reset
• (2) EG gate and outputs

Additional Modifications:
• Noise from S/H hardwired to the #1 input of the EXT. pot on the filter
• Line Output switch with red LED on/off indicator, extremely useful for private programming via headphones without sending audio to line out
• Kill Switch for VCO #2 (to prevent any possibility of bleed when using only VCO#1)
• Decay Switch, sets EG#1’s decay to 0 (short to ground). This was originally intended to switch in a fixed-value resistor so that the decay time could be toggled between a specific (short) value and the pot, but this modification was never completed.
• Sequencer: switch provides either normal 2×8 operation or custom 1×16 operation, seamlessly scanning between Row 1 and Row 2. Blue LED indicator illuminates when Row #2 is being scanned.
• Original red LED’s indicating EG trigger replaced by blue LED’s

Additional Notes:
• power cord is a standard IEC type, power receptacle replaced with IEC connector
• original multi-pin connector still present on rear (though I am not sure if it’s connected to anything)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Up for auction is a Oberheim Two Voice Synthesizer with sequencer. It is very old and is used, so there are signs of ware. I had Midwest Music Menders in Chicago go over the instrument and everything works as it should. I really hate to see it go, but times are tough. The sound is phatt and the sequencer is a very cool thing to mess with. You will be hard pressed to find one like this. Just a note, because this instrument is around 39 years old, there are no returns and it is being sold as is. This auction is for a Two Voice Synthesizer, power cord and the lid.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“This one is in beautiful cosmetic condition (looks nearly new) and working 100%. It has just come back from being cosmetically restored and with some internal restoration. It has probably had more service and restoration done than any other here on Ebay. It is ready to be played and needs nothing! ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“ACCESSORIES – Includes 2 prong power cable.


WORKING CONDITION – Excellent. For this listing we had the unit serviced, cleaned and thoroughly tested by former Oberheim tech. Works 100%! ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“100% working condition. 7-8/10 physical condition (it’s no museum mint piece) Recently serviced and recapped (modules and psu). One module has gold plated machined sockets and new molex connectors. Plays like a champ and sounds amazing. I installed a white acrylic panel to replace the slot where the mini sequencer goes (mini sequencer not included). Comes with lid, and power cord and wiring harness for mini sequencer should you want to install one down the line. Due to its age it will be sold as is. But it is currently working 100%. This isn’t a museum piece. It might have imperfections but that doesn’t keep it from being the amazing sounding synth legend that it is. Keyboard bed plays like a dream. Bid with confidence. Tolex is in great shape. I will ship via ups ground with insurance and signature confirmation or usps priority mail insured w/ signature confirmation. Why am I selling? Just got a four voice.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“this is a very rare oberheim two voice fully serviced , even the tolex has been changed, the key bushings and it sounds amazing. it has the cv mod at the back and its 220 volt.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“HELLO! Up for auction is a rare Oberheim TVS Two Voice Synthesizer with the famous Oberheim Sequencer installed. I am the original owner. It has never been gigged it’s only been kept in my private studio and used on many songs, soundtracks, commercials. Late last year I had this vintage synth overhauled by my analog synth technician. I own over 20 rare vintage analog synths.. my tech has been servicing analog synths for decades. I did not just take it to a run of the mill repair guy. My tech recapped the power supply, installed new bushings in the keybed, replaced a pot and calibrated the oscillators. This OBIE TVS sounds amazing, it will not sound like a Moog, Arp, Sequential or ANYTHING else…. It is it’s own elegant and huge sound.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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” Up for sale is a vintage Oberheim 2 Voice TVS Frame with the output module, one fully functioning SEM, and the keyboard.
This Two Voice was parted out but everything here is fully functioning and was fully tested before parting the sequencer,
the second SEM, and the keyboard controller. Everything is in NEAR MINT shape and the whole rig has been fully recapped.
All the tantalum caps were removed from the SEM and all the regulators and caps on the power supply were redone.
The SEM has been FULLY Calibrated and the sound is so crushing I really really hate to sell this but push has come to shove.
The keyboard has been fully cleaned and there are no misfiring keys. It itself like everything else looks in absolutely mint condition.
You will be very hard pressed to find another clean specimen like this. I’m the second owner of the whole rig and it has been restored
by two technicians, one of which has been working on synths since the 80’s. The system can be used as is. Just plug in some CV and gate
sources and play the SEM. If you want to use the onboard keyboard you will need to source the keyboard controller or roll your own.
The frame itself houses three modification as well which are integrated into the wiring harness. They are as follows:

Sequencer External Clock (for the sequencer module that is not included).
A Switch to send Sequence B to the filter modulation input of SEM A.
A Switch to turn off the noise from the sample and hold (reduces noise floor to zero).
The great thing about the Two Voice unlike the single SEMs is that you get an additional drive from the output module which sounds so big and warm
words do not do it justice.

Also included but not pictured is the wiring harness (well sort of pictured … it’s in the back inside the two voice frame), and the top of the case that closes
the Two Voice. Everything is in stellar shape including the Tolex and absolutely everything has been tested and functions better than new.

Please feel free to ask any and all questions. I’m happy to give any additional details. To recap, what’s included is:
One Fully Functioning Recapped SEM Module
One Fully Functioning and Recapped Output Module
One Fully Functioning and Cleaned Keyboard
One Fully Functioning and Recapped Two Voice Power Supply
Wiring Harness
Full Two Voice Frame
Top Tolex Cover For the Two Voice Frame
Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Original Oberheim TVS-1 Two voice analog synth. I am the 2nd owner and have had this since 1975. Recently checked operation and it works fine. Keyboard is perfect. Some rust on hinges but this is cosmetic only. Selling as is since old electronics can change over time. If you want a fat analog four oscillator bass sound this is the one to have. Rare sound from a rare synth. Has control voltage input for external sequence control. You could use a midi to cv interface to get radical bass lines or sequences.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim, TVS-1 @ 19 February 2013, Comments Off on Oberheim TVS-1

“OK HERE IT IS ! This is the Oberheim TVS-1 from the late 70’s. As you probably already know if you are looking at this, it is one of the most sought after synthesizers around today. This one is in really great shape when I compare it to the other units available online. This unit was just serviced last month by a Synthesizer Tech and everything has been gone through, it is working perfectly ! If you want to see this actual Synthesizer working e-mail me and I will send you the links to the tech playing this actual keyboard, he made me 2 videos to show people how great this is.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“This listing is for a Oberheim TVS-1 Two Voice SEM synthesizer.
The unit is in excellent cosmetic and 100% operational condition.
The item will be professionally packed and shipped.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim, TVS-1 @ 11 September 2012, Comments Off on Oberheim TVS-1

“Unfortunately this great old synth is no longer working. The last time I dragged it down from the loft it was generally working although I do remember that one of the modules was not working properly. Now it doesn’t power up any more. I’m not an electrical wizz, but have checked the obvious such as fuses etc, but still no luck. Have decided that I can’t keep getting it down from the loft every couple of years and find that something else has gone, so it has to go to a better home!

I have had this since the late eighties when I brought it from a colleague at the time who was literally going to skip-it! Digital synths were all of the rage at the time and no one wanted to know about these great machines. I used it for some time in a home studio and it worked fine in all of that time. Eventually, as I mentioned, it ended up in the loft where it has acquired some rust on the hinges and corners, but under the lid it’s condition is very good as you can see from the images.

The serial number for this synth is 0408 and I would guess it was originally used in the US as a rather hamm conversion has been carried out on the power inlet (not by me!) but it did work fine on UK 240V so I do not think that this is the issue with not powering up now.

This would certainly suit a vintage synthesiser enthusiast or someone good with a soldering iron. Or, in terms of parts, I’m pretty sure that one of the modules is working okay and the eight note sequencer was certainly working, and of course the keyboard itself. But because I cannot now test the synth, I cannot guarantee what is actually working and what is not. Aesthetically, as you can see from the images, the Oberheim label is somewhat dog-eared and there are a few scuffs on the case, but under the lid it really is in very good condition for its age” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim, TVS-1 @ 21 August 2012, Comments Off on Oberheim TVS-1

“I purchased two of these somewhere back around 1989 or 1990 from David Hampton who was working for Oberheim at the time. I was told they were the last two production units, serial numbers 0595 and 0596. They were new off the shelf. We gave number 595 to Justin Maxwell for doing our first website. This one has been in storage for the past 20+ years. It has a few scuffs on the tolex and a few very small pieces torn off. The hardware shows typical oxidation. The insides are immaculate, it’s been opened maybe three times, tuned on twice. I recently checked it out and all is functioning. It’s time to let somebody enjoy this beautiful piece and let it’s circuits sing. No sense having it sit in storage for any longer. I have one of our ObieRacks so I’m covered.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim, TVS-1 @ 28 February 2012, Comments Off on Oberheim TVS-1

“Oberheim Analog Used Vintage Synthesizer TVS-1
has 3 Octave keyboard
plus includes Pratt – Reid 5 Octave keyboard that can also make synthesizer have extended range. Must connect this keyboard into Oberheim.
Oberheim includes Tolex vinyl case with minor rips & tears. The case has smal tear inside and minor bubbling. Please examine pictures.
This item guaranteed to work. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Oberheim, TVS-1 @ 24 January 2012, Comments Off on Oberheim TVS-1 with Sequencer

“You don’t see one of these very often. A gorgeous Oberheim already loaded with it’s highly coveted sequencer.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Oberheim, TVS-1 @ 25 October 2011, Comments Off on Oberheim TVS-1

“This Oberheim 2-voice has been fully restored by Advanced Musical Electronics, a leading Los Angeles repair firm. Has 2 SEM’s plus the Mini-Sequencer. Plenty of info available on the www. Additional CV control added to back. In VG+ cosmetic condition as depicted with light scuffing/scratching to tolex; light tarnish on metal corners and handle. IMPORTANT: no lid.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Oberheim, TVS-1 @ 06 September 2011, Comments Off on Oberheim TVS-1

“Up for auction is an Oberheim Two Voice TVS-1 analog synthesizer with mini-sequencer. I’ve seen a two voice here once in a while, but never one with the mini-sequencer, which was an added option upon purchase. It has two SEMs (Sythesizer Expander Modules) which amounts to four oscillators, two per voice.

The serial number on this unit, as pictured, is 0070. It is indeed the 70th one ever made!

The unit has just been cleaned internally and serviced by Oberheim trained technicians who have worked on such units for decades. I have just tested every function and switch, and EVERYTHING was working properly upon the test, although I did have one minor annoyance — sometimes when I played a lowest C sharp it would temporarily throw off the tracking until I hit the lowest key on the keyboard again. This may be a simple contact issue in that area. While I can use my service people again, they tend to take a while to get to instruments and I’d like to sell this quickly as I need the $$ otherwise I’d keep it! Also, I did not test the CV jacks on the back of the unit. In any event, this instrument is over 30 years old and is offered AS IS.

Cosmetically, the unit is mostly like new on the inside as the photos show, and it comes with the original power cord. Note that in the assignments section on the sequencer there is a pencil thin 1/4” scratch in the shape of the letter “v”. Also, I did need to change the original power switch decades ago. The look of the outside of the instrument is a different matter. All of the hardware is rusted and the case and hinged cover have some scuff marks and discoloration.

For those unaware, the sequencer doesn’t record anything like the “sequencers” of today. It creates up to 8 step looped melodies using one or both voices at the same time. You can tune each note however you like (microtones are particularly interesting!) and you can even set it for adjustable sample and hold, speed up and slow down the clock or pull out the clock knob to set it for “random” clocking.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.