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Casio FZ-1

“CASIO FZ-1 with matching CASIO volume pedal and re-printed manual

Fully operational – with the exception of the LCD backlight ( which is a $25 part on ebay )

Includes the Casio 1 Meg memory expander board (MB-10). This board doubles the sample memory of an FZ-1 sampler to the maximum of 2 Meg ( see photo )

Disk drive functions and formats ( see photo’s ) includes 3 blanks disks.

Cosmetics are not the greatest and it has dent ( no effect on what is inside ) on the top, so I called the condition good.

All keys , bender and mod wheel work

* Reminder, when you boot use the LCD button and slider to get best LCD resolution.

Inside is clean in general with a little rust on the inside case by the heat sink ( photo’s )

All the pre-set waveforms produce sound, it does not come with pre-sets.

Free local Pick-up” Click here to visit listing on eBay