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MAPLIN 5600s” Sold as-is, please look at pictures and description carefully. Damanged, for parts or repair only.

As you can see from the pictures, this is a major project! This was a unit that was shipped to me without being packed or boxed up. The person just put the latching lid on the case, with a couple of straps and sent it that way. Obviously, THAT wasn’t a good idea! Arrived with parts of the outside case damaged, and then when it was opened up, yikes – major damage from pieces being knocked loose and crashing around within the case. There also appears to be some rust and water damage inside – you can see and smell mildew on the case, and some of the controls seem to be rusted into place. From the last picture, you can see what it looked like before it was shipped to my tech, and I was hoping that we could resurrect it without too much problem, as it’s one of my favorite synths. But, since it wasn’t packed at all, it suffered major damage, and we’ve decided to not do anything further with it, and just sell it AS-IS. It is currently packed and boxed up (as it should have been in the first place), as you can see from the outside pictures of the box. That is exactly how it will be shipped out, and the interior will look exactly as you see in the pictures (except for the last one!). To our knowledge, all the pieces and parts are there, so it could be cannibalized, or if you’re up to it, resurrected (pretty much from the dead, in this case!). Includes the high quality copies of both the operation / user’s and the assembly / service manuals, with schematics, parts lists, assembly instructions, etc.

If you’re a good tech or projecteer, this could be a good project, as this synthesizer goes for over $5000 when up and running!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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maplin 5600s“It’s a fully refurbished and very rare synthesizer monster in brand new cosmetically and electronically condition.

Semi modular design with a 30×30 pinmatrix section.
– 4 oscillator module with 6 waveform+sync
– 1 noise generator module adjustable from Pink to White noise
– 1 LFO+S&H module
– 5 Mixer module
– 1 Envelope generator module
– 2 Transient generator module
– 2 Switchable LP-HP Filter module
– 2 Switchable Amp+Ringmodulator module
– 1 Phase module
– 1 Reverb/Phase module
– 2 External input module
– 1 Foot pedal module
– 1 Foot switch module
– 1 Echo module
– 1 Stereo Output module
– 1 Joystick controller module
– Full size 48 key monophonic keyboard (digital controlled)
– 19 pin for pin matrix board

The sound of the instrument does unique and really fat, and the semi modular architecture give you endless possibilities of your creativity.

Including original service manual and patchbook. They are very rare items too! Built into own flight case with lid.

It’s a demo video linked below. (in this video is not my device shown, but you can see some possibilities of the Maplin synthesizer)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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maplin 3800 “Rare Maplin 3800 analogue synth. Good working condition. Serviced 2 months ago.

It has great sound capabilities because of the internal routing, the two VCOs (syncable), the noise generator, the S&H circuit (three different sources), three modulation sources, the ring modulator, the LFO, the VCF, the reverberation, the equalizer and the unique Transient circuit. The Transient Generator has 7 controls; Start Level (+ & -), Delay 1, Slope 1, Hold Level (+ & -), Hold Delay, Slope 2, and Final Level (+ & -). This means that you can, for example, control the Filter to close off and then open up and close off again in one envelope cycle. Like the Trapezoid circuit inside the EMS VCS3 synthesizer. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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maplin 3800“This item is being sold as not working and suitable for repair or spares.

The last time this made a sound, the same note played regardless of what key was pressed. On powering up now there is no sound at all.

Each section has its own circuit board and it is being sold together with the original manual which contains all the circuit designs and component data.

It is extremely heavy therefore it has to be collection only.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“I got this Maplin 5600s from a friend who go it from a man who was throwing it out. I thought it was worth mucking about with to try to fix, but looking at it, I think it’s beyond repair. I don’t think it would be that useful for spares either.

Sounds comes out the unit, but its mostly just distorted noise. The first two oscillators produce sound on most settings but are very temperamental. The transients seem to be doing something, but not what they should. Everything else is completely broken. To power it, it will either need a Cliffcon 3 way plug (not included), or need to be rewired to use a normal connection.” Link

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I built this synthesiser in the 80’s and I have finally decided to sell it as I do not have time or space to use it any more.
It is still working but not fully. It has not been fully tested for some time.
Minor repairs are required and I suspect some internal wiring might need modifying to get it fully working.
The Hard Case is in excellent condition.
As you can see, the Patchboard comes with 12 original Patch Pins.


4 x VCO’s (one in need of replacement Potentiometer)
5 x Mixers
2 x Filters
1 Envelope Control
2 x Transients
2 x Amplifiers
Sample and Hold
Reverb and Phase Control
Pink & White Noise Control
1 x Patchboard with 12 Patch Pins
1 x Joystick
Foot Pedal Controls but NO Foot Pedal.

An excellent project for an enthusiast or to break down for spares” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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Maplin 5600S Analogue Vintage Synthesiser

Unfinished project, over 50% built, many parts included

Perfect project for an enthusiast

All the circuit boards are there, only 9 are not finished (part populated)

There are 10 Patch Pins (rare as hens teeth)

50 + ICs (more than enough to fill the empty sockets)

The foot switch and cables

The Original Demo Tape (unplayed)

and a few resistors capacitors fixings etc.

It has been stored warm and dry for many years.


Mains Cable

The Books and Manuals

‘The Complete construction’ details include full calibration procedure for each of the various boards, joystick etc.

Parts List (used)

Instructions on how to play

and a 1988 edition of the Maplin catalogue (for parts reference)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“You are bidding on a used but excellent condition Maplin 3800 analogue synthesizer, these are now incredibly rare. This machine has just come out of service with a full bill of health after being fully calibrated and checked over by one of the best synth engineers in the UK. Physical condition is excellent aside from a few marks from use. As pictured some of the knob caps are missing, they will be replaced by the time the auction ends with a similar alternative, please not the colour may differ slightly from the originals, its pretty cheap to replace them all if you want a more universal and matching finish.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“When I acquired the synth I was relieved to see that the front panel was in perfect condition. This is something that cannot be replaced. I was also delighted to see that the construction quality was superb (see photos). A very tidy interior with a high degree of soldering skill.

Naturally after being left for so long it had a number of electronic faults. These were simple to repair, mainly sticky pots and faulty ICs. I am a qualified electronics engineer so it was able to fix all of the faults. I also completely rebuilt the power supply PCB with new components and modified the ON/OFF switch to run from the secondary of the transformer. The original design has mains voltage going to this switch! I also replaced all of the capacitors on both VCF boards and the output amp board.

I then re-calibrated EVERY module according to the comprehensive construction manual (included in sale).

I have also replaced all of the exterior metal flight-case moldings. The case itself is in excellent condition. This work took about one month to complete.

The pins for the patch panel are not available so I made my own out of heavy duty copper mains cable.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Up for sale is this very rare to find MAPLIN 3800 Synthesizer!

It is a true analog monophonic synthesizer. The roots of the english MAPLIN models base on the ETI DIY Synthesizers from Australia.
This MAPLIN 3800 “Synthesiser” (look at the photos) was manufactured in England.

It has great sound capabilities because of the internal routing, the two VCOs (syncable), the noise generator, the S&H circuit (three different sources), three modulation sources, the ring modulator, the LFO, the VCF, the reverberation, the equalizer and the unique Transient circuit. The Transient is a kind of envelope that can be used to modulate several other components of the synthesizer. Like the Trapezoid circuit inside the EMS VCS3 and Synthi A synthesizers. The Transient circuit has got seven different pots for setting up and can also retrigger the synthesizer. Also there is a flexible kind of envelope for the VCA (ADDSR).

This offered synthesizer has got some issues: the two VCO input rotary switches for setting up the VCOs (the blue and the green very left ones) can not be turned without tongs! The switches have to be exchanged. The pot for setting up the noise color does not affect the noise color. The LED of the power supply is lose and needs to be fixed. Thats all. Technical everything works fine excepting the noise color pot. But noise is present and can be leveled from 0 to 100 percent. Even the VCO input rotary switches work normal excepting the strong torque they need to be switched. The installed knobs on them can’t hold this strong torque and so they turn without any effect.

Sounds great without any noise on the audio path.

At the back you find several connector sockets. As there are: Foot switches for Trigger and for Glide, external audio input (can be routed through the filter and be used to synchronise the Envelope and the Transient to other sound sources) Here for there is at the front panel the section “EXTERNAL I/P”. With this the external audio can be setup in sensitivity and trigger level. Also there is a separate output socket for the trigger and the retrigger, and for the audio output. At least there is a multi connector called “COMPUTER”. But i don’t know anything about it. I think it corresponds to the section “COMPUTER” at the front panel.

Unit works on 220 – 240 Volt. You will probably need an voltage converter to use this synthesizer or you replace the mains transformer inside.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Maplin ETI Spectrum Synthesizer

I am reluctantly selling my lovely Maplin Synth due to an unexpected repair bill for a car I have only just bought!!! 🙁

This has been in my loft for many years now. I have been meaning to get it up and running fully but just have never
found the time. Its not the sexiest build – they didn’t splash out on the front panel, but it kinda looks shabby chic cool!

It does power up and makes an awesome analogue sound when you press some of the keys BUT there are
at least 3 wires disconnected on the boards inside. They have become detatched at some point during transport
from my parents house to mine and never dealt with. The back panel and the keyboard is not screwed in place.
I was going to try and make it rack mounted!

It did used to work well and create some of the most amazing fat sounds – this synth is unique! … and quite rare!

I reckon it wouldn’t take much to get it going again, it just needs some TLC and some re-connecting.
The very top end key is broken. It sticks up further than the rest. Maybe a spring or lever broken.
Here are the PDF of construction notes so it should be a doddle to trace where the wires go.

I wasn’t the person who built it, I just bought it from someone many moons ago, when at that time it
worked very well …” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Firstly, this is NOT a synthesiser. It’s a machine for travelling through time and space – sideways. Transport yourself to the far flung corners of the universe and beyond. For some of you, it may be a one way ticket…

As is often the case with these rare beasts, a lot of work initially needed doing. Jim at ‘Singing Cat Services’ has been a godsend, performing shamanic rewiring rituals, voodoo based calibration and much cat orientated strangeness.

Everything works apart from the headphone circuit – currently disconnected. All the other knobs/switches function. Each Osc has had a sync mod fitted, but Osc 4 is best used as an LFO (tuning issues). The front panel has a very slight (but jaunty) curve too it, and the woodwork reeks of 1976 (laminate – very slight peeling to one corner).

So, if you’re looking to recreate the BBC radiophonic workshop, or have just got too old to drop acid, this is the tool for you! ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Verkaufe meinen Maplin 5600 Synthesizer. Der Maplin 5600 sicherlich einer der interessantesten Synthesizer ĂŒberhaupt, die je gebaut wurden. Er ist eindeutig inspiriert durch die EMS Klassiker, geht aber in seinen Funktionen weit ĂŒber die EMS GerĂ€te hinaus. Der 5600 hat 4 Oscillatoren, Sync, Cross Modulation ĂŒber die Matrix, 2 Filter mit Resonanz, drei HĂŒllkurven, Hall, LFO etc. Der Signalfluss muss wie beim VCS 3 oder AKS frei auf der Matrix gepatched werden. Dabei kann man ein Signal mithilfe mehrerer Pins auf verschiedene Ziele routen.

Der Maplin kann durchaus voll und rund klingen aber auch sehr experimentell und eigenstÀndig. In dem letzten Punkt liegt seine StÀrke. Der Maplin kann Dinge, die kein anderes GerÀt auf der Welt kann.

Das GerĂ€t ist optisch wie man auf den Fotos auch gut sehen kann in einem wirklich sehr guten Zustand. Der technische Zustand ist in den Kernfunktionen gut aber insgesamt nicht bis ins letzte Detail perfekt. Wie bei allen GerĂ€ten dieser Zeit ist eine grĂŒndliche Reinigung sicherlich hilfreich, wenn man ein perfektes GerĂ€t haben will.

Zu den wesentlichen Punkten:

Bei den Oscillatoren sind die Oktavwahlschalter bei OSC 1 und 4 sehr schwergÀngig.
Beide Filter funktionieren, ebenso die drei HĂŒllkurven und VCAs
Hall funktioniert, Phaser Effekt ist eher schwach
Die Matrix funktioniert. Es lÀsst sich ohne weiteres auf der Matrix ein Standard-Signalfluss mit den kleinen Pins (wie beim VCS 3 oder AKS) patchen. Bei einigen Patchpoints auch durchaus mal den Pin etwas bewegen, um den Kontakt ohne Kratzen herzustellen. Es werden die auf den Fotos ersichtlichen Pins mitgeliefert.
Joystick funktioniert bei Pitch Bend. Ich hatte aber Probleme andere Funktionen zu patchen, das mag an der Matrix liegen.
Die Tastatur funktioniert grds. gut und triggert ordentlich. Die Tasten unter dem tiefsten C funktionieren nicht; kein ernsthaftes Problem, da die Tastatur recht groß ist.

Infolge der KomplexitÀt des GerÀtes und insbesondere der Matrix ist es allerdings unmöglich, alles durchzutesten. Es muss also einfach einkalkuliert werden, dass ggf. irgendetwas nicht perfekt funktioniert. Wer sich mit diesen GerÀten auskennt, weiss, was ich meine.

Der Maplin ist kein GerĂ€t fĂŒr AnfĂ€nger und Leute die schnelle Ergebnisse brauchen, sondern die ultimative Maschine fĂŒr fortgeschrittene Klangforscher.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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Very rare beast from the late 1970s / early 1980s. Sold by Maplin electronics as a kit as well as pre built. Condition is superb for its age, only a few light marks here and there. Wooden case is like new!
2 Osc + LFO aand some very unusual features i have never found on other synths

This is just fantastic for weird and wonderful tones and effects

Heres a link to a demo i have found.

Each osc has its own controls and can be triggered from Keyboard & LFO MOD, MOD, Key, or switched off. 7 octave selection switch and low osc selection, free run osc, square wave shape, 5 x waveform selections. Osc output can then be routed to a choice of, No o/p,filter,envelope, direct to the output,VCA

External input with controls for triggerung envelopes from what i can see. LFO speed control, Sample/hold, Noise generator, glide, tune. Various VCA trigger modes, Filter section with frequency and resonance and also various trigger modes. Transient envelope, Envelope, 5 band graphic eq

Even has a built in spring reverb. I have to say this has far more features and routing than any mono synth i have ever had and im not exactly sure how to use it.

As far as working condition i would say its just about all good and working as far as i can tell. All keys trigger, both oscs are working and all there functions are ok. LFO is working as is the vca and vcf. Output is a bit noisey but this may just be down to age of parts

Selling as basicly working but may want a service and a good tune up to make perfect. This is a complicated bit of kit so not for the faint hearted. I can include all the circuits and build info that was issued with the synth

I have listed this as best i can to my limited knowledege. Although sold as basicly working there is NO returns as its 30 years old and a collectors item” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“ETI Maplin 4600 Analogue Synthesiser

Electronics Today International/Maplin Analogue Synthesiser circa 1975 that would have been originally purchased in kit form.

Here is a full description taken from another website (I can remove this if anyone takes exception):

4 x VCOs
2 x VCFs
2 x VC Variable state filters
1 x Reverb unit
2 x VC Mixers
1 x Noise/Sample & Hold module
1 x DRF
1 x Ring Modulator
2 x Dual ADSR modules
2 x Dual VCAs
1 x Dual Envelope Generator
1 x VC Envelope Generator
1 x D-A Convertor
1 PA

“The forerunner to the mighty 5600s, has the same 4 osc’s, but has 2 multi mode (lp,bp,hp) filters, these are 12db and lack resolution, but do have a unique character. The filter circuit can be modified to the specs of the powerful 24db resonant filters found in the 5600s without too much trouble. I’ve got one of each in my unit, the 4600 has a slightly smaller 22×22 patch matrix ala EMS pin board so modulation and patching options are mind boggling, it also has 5 mixers, 2 ring modulation amps, LFO, switchable noise 2 transient and envelope generators, 2 external inputs so outside sounds can be procesed, as well as its old spring reverb and a multiband EQ. It lacks the 5600s nice phaser though. All in all a truely massive synth, if well made easily gives the ARP 2600, EMS or smaller Moog mods a kick up the ossc, especially with one of the 2 filter mod to 24 db res type.”

Points to note:

* The synth is not in working order, but apparently did once work. Some of the wires have become detatched and all the connecters between the power supply and circuit boards are disconnected. I have minimal electronics experience so I thoroughly suggest it is totally checked over before switching on.
* The synth has been untouched for the last 20 years during which time has been kept in dry storage.
* There is no keyboard, though I am sure a suitable one is relatively easy to obtain. I also believe it could be triggered from a PC.
* One knob is missing.
* One collet nut and bolt are missing.
* Four knobs are without their coloured caps.
* See photographs for general and cosmetic condition.
* Sale includes construction manual with schematics in PDF format on a CD and also a printed hard copy.
* The synth will be package well and with care for shipping.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“An absolute MONSTER of a full pinpatch Quad Oscillator modular Analog Synthesizer, that has had a lot of TLC… One owner from new, Me! in a pet, smoke and kid free home. …. It has been maintained in excellent working order. At time of advertising all electronic components are 100% functional.

It’s rare for one of these to come up for sale on e-bay at all…. let alone in the near minty condition that this particular synth is in. Not to mention that I’ve never seen one this complete come up for sale at all. This auction also includes all original manuals and the very rare original Demo Cassette.

All the pictures on this auction are the actual synth you are bidding on. So you can see for yourself the absolutely excellent condition it is in.

Now on to the other stuff….. This item is advertised elsewhere…. So if there are no serious bids (and by serious I probably mean exceeding the reserve) by the middle of this coming weekend, then it is more than likely that I will take this down off e-bay and sell it elsewhere. So if you’re really interested in it, you need to get your bids in sooner rather than later or it will no longer be available.

There is a reserve on this item! …. this is a cherished possession and I’m not looking at letting it go for nothing. The last reasonable one to come up on e-bay, quite a while ago now, sold for in excess of three and half thousand. The reserve on this one is nowhere near that high. But it is still a reasonable amount.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.