Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002

“Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002 sampler with analog filters, good shape, has assorted wear and scratches (see pics), but operates fine. Has had the floppy drive replaced with a gotek usb drive floppy drive emulator, and includes a usb stick loaded with samples. Has 4.3b os, 246k memory, originally was 128k but I added an expansion board. Comes with an original copy of the manual that includes two sample floppies. Also included is a selection of replacement chips: one cem3379 vcf/vca, one I-624 custom voice ic, and one 256 ram chip. Two of the original knobs have been replaced with P600 style knobs, as I could never locate any of the correct ones, and the rack ears have the edges broken off, but still work fine.” Click here to visit listing on eBay