K5000S, Kawai @ 13 February 2018, Comments Off on Kawai K5000S

“This listing is for gently used Kawai K5000S (61 key) vintage additive synthesizer. It’s an awesome and very unique synth that is has its sounds based entirely on ADDITIVE engine. It can also be used a MIDI controller with many of the knobs and very cool programmable arpeggiator. There are many cool videos on youtube showing the potential of this awesome synth so if you’re not familiar with this synth, you should watch/listed to some of them and you won’t be disappointed.

The synth was tested to our best abilities and appears to function properly. There are some minor scratches here and there and normal wear and tear of a gently used synth but none of them affect the functionality of this incredible and unique synth. Please see the pictures for more details of synth’s physical condition.” Link

K5000S, Kawai @ 19 September 2017, Comments Off on Kawai K5000S

“Kawai K5000S Advanced Additive Synthesizer with macro controls, .My Kids lost some coins in it, I cant get them out, so you will hear a sound of moving coins. Other than that , working great” Link

K5000S, Kawai @ 12 September 2017, Comments Off on Kawai K5000S

“Nice used condition and fully & completely function.

No issues at all! Some scratches from use.” Link

K5000S, Kawai @ 08 November 2016, Comments Off on Kawai K5000W

k5w “My working used synthesizer for sale. With my 2nd kid just coming last week, there is no time to play/work with the unit. Works fine. Comes with a power cable and a speaker cord. ” Link

K5000S, Kawai @ 01 November 2016, Comments Off on Kawai K5000S

k5000s “Up for sale is a Kawai K5000S additive synth in good working condition. I’m the original owner and mainly use it as a MIDI controller — selling as i don’t really use the synthesis functionality and want something a bit smaller. I’m a guitar player, and this thing is largely wasted on me! Only issues I’m aware of are:

• The backlight is very dim, as seen in the pic. (Note that the display is clearly visible in a lit room.)

• The “G” key near the middle of the keyboard is a bit touchy. (You can still coax the full range of velocity sensitivity out of it, but it requires a bit less pressure to get it there compared to the other keys.)

I don’t have a way to test the floppy drive but assume it to be in good working condition.

Aesthetically is has some light scratches and a sizable gouge in the upper right corner. Were it not for that, it’s a pretty clean example. ” Link

K5000S, Kawai @ 23 February 2016, Comments Off on Kawai K5000S

k5000s “This auction is for Kawai K5000S Classic Additive Keyboard/Synthesizer. The unit was tested to the best of our ability and it works very nicely. All keys are clean and overall appearance of the synthesizer. Stored in a smoke free and pet free environment. Please see the pictures.” Link

K5000S, Kawai @ 17 March 2015, Comments Off on Kawai K5000S

k5000s“Up for sale is a K5000s in great condition. Incredibly deep synth that remains unparalleled. Due to size item is only available for pick up from Pyrmont, NSW. ” Link

K5000S, Kawai @ 17 February 2015, Comments Off on Kawai K5000S

k5000s“Good used condition, with scuffs and scratches from previous use. Some staining/dust on keys. Tested and working well. Auction includes owner’s manuals, sample discs, and power cord.” Link

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“You are bidding on a Kawai K5000S Digital Synthesiser w/Original Factory Box. This synthesiser is used and in great physical condition and works well. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

K5000S, Kawai @ 20 March 2012, Comments Off on Kawai K5000S Project Machine

“Unit powers on but all functions/features/components/ports were not tested.

UNIT WITH BROKEN LCD SCREEN.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.