ARP Little Brother

“looks fantastic: see photos, it shows a little bit of age and wear and use, but no flaws, very clean too
powers on
lights up
the sound is working but seems random, I am not a synth expert, hooked up this little brother to the ARP AXXE using the CV input, the AXXE made the lil’ bro make sound, but it seems to drift or have a mind of it’s own, neither this unit nor the AXXE have been serviced, so not sure if there is something to fix or maybe just age has made it this way.

SOLD AS IS: looks great, works but may need service to operate perfectly” Click here to visit listing on eBay

ARP Little Brother

“This Little Brother has just been refurbished by Synthchaser, including the following work:

New sliders installed
Power supply recapped (high quality, high temperature 105 deg C capacitors used for the filter capacitors)
All tantalum capacitors replaced (except on 4027 Oscillator submodule which was not touched)
All CMOS and op amp ICs replaced
New pitch bend knob
Tested with a vintage ARP Axxe

While it works great and looks reasonable, my perfectionist nature requires the disclosure of the following cosmetic flaws. The ARP Little Brother tag is missing from the front of the unit. There is a small hole drilled above the Reed switch (the other small hole is from the factory, and used to access a calibration trimmer). The Reed and Fuzz switches were replaced with NOS switches for proper operation, however only black switches were available. The Vibrato Delay switch cap is missing. The lamp on the power switch does not illuminate. There is a scratch on the panel by the vibrato delay.” Click here to search for synths on eBay